Observations of an Invisible Woman

Backlash on The Horizon




  • 1.a strong and adverse reaction by a large number of people, especially to a social or political development:”a public backlash against racism”
  • 2.recoil arising between parts of a mechanism.

Now that Biden-Harris, or perhaps just Harris in the near future, is in the white house, I ponder with much consternation what is on the horizon for black women. I warned us to shut the fuck up when posting and blogging about how we are now “running who gets chosen at the polls.” I warned that the dominant society has been on panic mode since Obama set foot in the white house. I warned that white males and their puppet masters, the white female, WILL NOT take losing quietly. I also warned that non-black, non-whites are watching silently what our moves are and if we are making headway.

After all, if we are no longer the scourge of society, someone else with a dark hue must take our place.

Biden has plans to let more illegals in the country. Do you have any idea what this will mean for you? As more and more people of other nationalities enter the workforce, who are HIGHLY SKILLED in all areas of trade and technology, the black race is pushed further and further at the bottom. What do you think the very Brahmin, Kamala, has in store for the one group of people her caste deems animalistic? What do you think about Bill Gates buying up over 27,000 acres of prime farm land will mean for us? Surely, he is not thinking that he should create veggie markets for those poor Negroes.

You need to watch The First Purge and take some notes.


I’ve been yelling, screaming and throwing tantrums for about 10 years telling you that “it” is coming. The reason why you cannot see “it” is because you are still comfortable in your boiling pot of water. You still have access to money, clothes, cigarettes, liquor, sex and Netflix. These simple comforts are being used to keep us asleep, keep you docile and keep you compliant.

Behind the scenes, many black women centered bloggers and Youtubers have told me that they have grown tired of your blatant unwillingness to adhere to caution and they will be quietly exiting Stage Left this year. The remaining Youtubers that are in it for (only) a paycheck will bombard you with tales of “high value men” and “how to find the right blush for your skin tone.”

All of this will be happening while occult practices take place right before your eyes. I wasn’t exaggerating when I told you that the entire planet feeds off of Melanin Energy. But it seems that you enable them and you LIKE IT.

I am going on a long break to get my own family in order. This year will be very traumatic for the black race in more ways than one. Good luck and please don’t ever say that no one warned you.

Dear Diary #12

Today was a pensive day for me.

I received a text message from a white man that I’m fairly close to. We met at work and kept in touch over the past 2 years. I was running errands when this text came through:

“Happy New Year! I hope all is well with you and yours. I have a something to tell you. I got married on New Year’s Day!”

I stood still for a moment and reflected on this man and our friendship.

He was tall and a bit over weight. His hair was thinning in the front and his belly bulged over his too tight trousers. He never appealed to me sexually as I do not particularly like Caucasians as a whole. But, he had a lightning quick, dry, almost dark humour that I enjoyed. I remember laughing at his jokes and stories. This man worked and worked and worked himself to the bone building as much wealth as he possibly can.

One day, during a brief recess, he admitted to me why he had “a formula” in life. I listened intently. He explained that he knew he wasn’t good looking. He wasn’t blessed like his older, more attractive brother. His skin was pale, almost sickly looking and his overall physique was nothing to stare at. I glanced at him and said nothing.

He went on to tell me that a man needs to prove his worth before he can take a bride. He had no money, no house, no stable plan to build a family, no plans to homeschool his children and before he could ever marry a woman, he’d need to lay down the groundwork. That was the real reason why he was killing himself to become “somebody”.

I slowly nodded as I listened. I watched this man, whom I was intellectually attracted to, tell me how men function. How men work. How men deal with life. How men deal with women. Then I had flashbacks of my own life, especially my youth, dealing with black males.

One by one, from all over the Diaspora, black male after black male, told me how he and I would “have some pretty babies together” without once mentioning the institution of marriage. Then I thought about:

  1. The black man who become enraged at me in public because he took me to a “nice” steakhouse restaurant, the kind where they have a Dress Code, and I didn’t wish to invite him back to my place afterwards.
  2. The black man told told me to my face that I’m ok to play with but he’d rather have white girls.
  3. The black man to asked to pay for his meal when the check came because “things are tight right now.”
  4. The black man who lied to me about being married with children just so he could have some playful fun with a young, black, hippie yuppie from NY.
  5. The black man who once wrote me a two page list of all the things he required in a woman but his duties as a man were never on there.
  6. The black man who became almost violent with me because I refused to date him.
  7. And lastly, the black males who write to me to call me every dirty name in the English language because I’m finally speaking out against the bullshit.

Sometimes I sit quietly and ponder what happened to the Original Man .

He loves to call himself a Mighty King but never realizes that he lacks a Kingdom.

Today, whilst running errands, a haggard white female called one of her biracial, brown children a nigger.

What the black man wants is to nest prettily in another man’s Domain and live off of his labour and his sweat. A young woman that wrote me called them:


If Cinderella were a guy... - YouTube

That way, when something goes terribly wrong, and it will as ALL Kingdoms have deep issues and idiosyncrasies, he can bear zero responsibility and have the comfort of knowing that a capable man will “handle it.”

I texted him back:

“Congratulations “X”! If anyone deserves this, it’s you! Give the blushing bride a kiss from me.”

I meant every word.

There are times when I feel 100% sure that the Creator will get us through this…this…rough patch. After all, we are reaping the Generational Curses of refusing to do what is right in our very own communities. Then I sober up and look at who we are.

I look at who’s doing all the fighting.

I look at who’s trying to make real change.

I look at who’s running the households and working a full time job.

And I begin to think again.

Black Women Married to Known White Supremacists

Over the weekend, a reader sent me this. I investigated slightly and found a few youtubers talking about this very subject. As I ponder the fate of black women, I wonder what would push us to go down this road.

I’ve read numerous comments about she “didn’t know his views” and “maybe their home life is different.” What are your thoughts on this subject? And is the reason why this is making waves is because it’s a black woman with a white male?

Sound off below.

It Begins…

 (Photo by Drew Angerer/Getty Image)

This post isn’t about whether or not it’s real or planned. I have my suspicions but I’ll keep it to myself.

This is to warn black women that “it” is getting closer and closer. I firmly believe that one day, America wilIl look like all the dystopian movies I enjoy so much. Black women, since no one is telling you to prep, I’ll take the initiave,

You must begin prepping N O W.

America will be under lockdown at some point and you’ll be vulnerable. You have zero help, zero protection and zero industry. If you are able, you need to download a permit from your local courthouse and get a Goddamn weapon.

Those who wait due to neglect will be in serious trouble.

Movies Always Tell The Truth

Black People, Pay Attention

His entire video is awesome, but pay attention to the 20 minute mark. At this point, if the people you are following aren’t talking about this, publicly or privately, you need to question WHY. It’s a new year and a new chance to begin making conscious decisions about your existence in this evil Matrix and how you are going to survive the up and coming war.

For those of you that wish to believe that “they” are our friends, continue with your delusions. You’ll be shown soon enough.

The Raw Truth About Interracial Dating: Real Life Stories #1

I received a personal letter from a longtime reader who encouraged me to begin documenting these (anonymous) letters in a series. She felt that fellow black women-centered blogs and vlogs were only telling one side of the story and wanted a more honest approach.

Thank you for the suggestion, “X”!

Here we go….two tales, two women, both black, something to learn from both.

“Dear DOAN,

Please keep me anonymous.

I found your blog via the 2020 Is Just A Dress Rehearsal entry. Then I fell down the rabbit hole of your posts. It’s been interesting. I think I was always ‘awake’. I am the child of what we call ‘centennial’—almost bicentennial farmers (my family has farmed and owned the same acreage of land in the south for over 100 years).

A lot of the things you discuss are topics I’ve discussed with my friends and family. I am also a prepper and etc.

I am a black woman married to a white man. It’s wonderful. I don’t care about the horrific deeds of our collective ancestors. Men (as a collective division of humanity) have brutalized women since the beginning of time.

The law has slowly come around to protecting (some) women.

The numbers of white families who owned slaves and large-scale plantations was small and very similar to the current distribution of wealth in the Americas. If people researched prisoners of war, slavery, indenture, colonialism, serfdom, etc., they’d understand that the wealthy have brutalized the poor from the beginning of time. And after learning, they could decide to hate all men or judge people by their current (and living) bloodline.

I am happily raising a family with a man who adores me. I had three opportunities to marry African descended men. I am glad I steered clear. Out of all of my married black female peers, I am the only one who has minimal complaints about marriage. My black female peers frankly suffer in their marriages to African descended men.

I didn’t get lucky. I learned from my prior relationships and found a man that had the qualities I wanted in a mate. I seriously vetted him (actually better than I’d vetted my prior relationships). I also can’t stand stupidity, so… anyway, it bothers me to read that an anonymous woman would concern themselves with what other anonymous men on YouTube would think of her. There are so many things we need to be doing right now to prepare for clusterf*** that the world is becoming, and women are still engaging in useless conversation with people on YouTube?

And to consider white men OVER privileged? Black men, don’t get me started, are the most over privileged men on this planet. They think they are entitled to a black (actually white, Latina, Arab, etc.) woman’s bodies, loyalty, respect, devotion, political engagement, (and for my friends, finances) etc.

It bothers me that a woman would allow themselves to be fetishized by ANY male.

Women need to keep their eyes open and vet (regardless of race).

If I’d found a man like my husband in black/brown/yellow skin, I’d have married him.

Please keep me anonymous.



Second letter:

“I had to think awhile about sharing my story. It’s important to warn other women about the kind of man they might meet. Back then I was so overconfident and thought I was in control of the situation. Please keep this anonymous as I’m still hiding with my children.

I met him when my oldest was almost two years old. He seemed like a nice man, nerdy and odd but ok. He met my family, we waited for sex and he was a traditional, marriage minded man. A perk was that he was very well to do, educated and believed in generational wealth.

This part is hard to talk about. One night, I invited him over. We began to get sexual, but I tried to stop things. Something came over me and said don’t let him touch you. He kept going, raping me, something he admitted to eventually.

From there, his true side showed itself. I tried to tickle him once, so he attempted to snap my arm. Another time he slapped me at an appointment to meet the nutritionist during my pregnancy. That’s the other thing. I became pregnant during the rape, with a child that looks just like him. 
When I stupidly said I’d have an abortion, he threatened to kill my oldest. When I finally couldn’t handle it, he sent several white cops to my house. The n word was used a few times before I left. We lasted a short amount of time before I fled with our lives.

Why did I stay after being sexually assaulted? I was raped as a child and as a woman. Because I let him in, and no one would help me, it felt like I had to stay. Even during more sexual assaults, being hit, treated like trash, I stayed. Why did I leave?

He became aggressive towards my oldest child. I knew it wasn’t to long before he would hit them too. That would happen over my dead body. My child gave me the courage to leave and stay gone.

Leaving meant harassment, white cops and calls to my loved ones. He didn’t stop until I was too pregnant to get an abortion. I gave birth alone, with preeclampsia and delivered a sickly premature child. Bonding was hard but we’re close now. I can’t tell my child this.

My partner was motivated by race. I later found out that another black woman left the state because of him. He sexually humiliated another woman in front of his friends. Why did he do this, a white man that claimed to love black women? He wanted to breed the blackness out of us, and take us from black men. He hated black men.

I never met his family. A few years ago, a family member died. When he tried to reach me through a friend, I kept my child away. My child was sickly as a baby. They never wanted to meet him when he was close to death. I’m was still angry about that.

We’ve lived in a lot of DV shelters, moved states and live underground in a way. My kids were accustomed to a better standard of living. We live very poorly and I cry because they don’t have the kind of lifestyle we used to have. He’s stalked me, gotten me thrown out of homes and been a pain in the ass. He’s also armed, trained and itching to use it.”


Thank you, Ladies for the heartfelt letters. I hope you all can take something from their stories and apply it to your own lives.

To answer why more black women aren’t prepping and opening up prepping channels and networks but choose to engage in useless conversation on Youtube. I have the answer: Because people will gravitate towards what is important to them. For many of us the hot topic is “high value” men or whatever the fuck that is. Next it’ll be another catch phrase like, ” top tier significant other” or ” elite stratosphere“. While we focus on lipstick shade and what type of Yak the other woman is wearing, other races are locking this down, making plans about forming their own militia for safety and having hunting parties for food.

We are uneducated fools and this is why we’re on the bottom.


A letter from a long time reader:

“Dear DOAN,

I’ve been reading your last few posts and thinking about this new phenomenon of white men suddenly wanting to be considered as potential romantic partners for us. I am a black American woman who’s never been married or have any children. I’ve stayed quiet but listened to the women on Youtube urging us to date out and find new men to consider.

For me it’s simple. I would happily consider any race of men except white. It doesn’t matter if he’s an American or from Europe. That’s a no for me. And I’ll tell you why. I can’t feel good about being with a white male and having his children after all that was done to us. This man represents everything that hurt my entire bloodline and now I’m suppose to forget about it and just give in.

I’m still hopeful that a decent black or brown man will be available and we can build a life together and have melaninated children. The men on these channels call women like me racist for not wanting them. Are they serious? This is the very thing that turns me off about this over privileged race of men who think that just because they want us publicly now we should give in. How convenient that they chose to forget about there ancestor horrific deeds and the devastating after effects. I know quite a few black Americans that feel this way but they stay quiet out of fear. Thank you for providing a safe space for us to say these things.

I love your new direction by the way. Thank you for finally addressing these topics!

Signed “X”

Thank you for writing to me.

How do you ladies feel about this? You can be anonymous if you wish. Simply say, “Please keep me anonymous” when you post.

What Black Women Are Really Saying About Being With White Men

I’m incredibly fortunate to have a platform where black women feel that they can trust me to keep their innermost secrets. I spoken to them privately via email and on the private platform about what’s really happening behind the scenes. Since most black woman centered platforms are urgently pushing us to “date out now black women!” and we feel that sense of panic, many of us are taking the plunge.

But what’s really going on?

In this article, I will reveal anonymous letters written to me and comments made via email about this push to date (specifically) white men and what being with them is really like. Please note that I DO NOT support any movement whatsoever regarding black women UNLESS we can somehow be the beneficiaries of it.

Let’s begin.

“Dear DOAN,

I was a part of the popular X ( name removed for privacy) group on Youtube. I took classes and followed her on teachable. I am a dark skinned BW with 4c hair and regular black features. At firstt it was very exciting to be with these group of women who wish to level up and leave dusty black males behind. When I began to enter into interracial relationships with white males I found that they specifically wanted me for sex.

I was quite taken aback to learn that the rumors are indeed true with being fetishized. At first this caused me a great deal of conflicted emotions. I wanted to date out but wasn’t getting the quality white men I thought i would get. After much disappointment, I decided to be voluntarily single and just focus on my nursing degree. I’m not giving up entirely but I feel that only the best parts of dating whites is being presented to us and not the reality of it.

A long time fan


“Dear Negress

This is bothering my spirit so I wanted to comment. Why all of a sudden are white men being thrust into the faces of black women? There are other races out there, right? I feel that there’s a hidden agenda why everywhere you look white men are in our faces and this false narrative of white men being better partners is heavily pushed. Also white men are all over YT making videos about us. I find this unsettling given our history together. Any thoughts?”

” ….all I ‘m saying is to date whom you wish but get prepared to meet racial backlash. I was dating a white male and his family was the most racist I’ve ever met. It’s the families that sometimes cause the issues…”

I could go on but this post would be entirely too long.

Many women have confided in me that they still love black men and want children that look like them. These women are terrified to come forward and admit that still desiring a man who is their mirror image will cause a social media storm and they will be ostracized. If you’re in the private group, you already know how I feel about what is being pushed.

Here is the bottom line:

EVERYONE on this planet needs and is desperate for the energy of the Original Woman. We are the givers of life and the sustainers of all things. When we take away our energy, things shrivel up and die. When we claim that something is sexy, cool and worth looking into, the world follows and investigates. Our power is immense and everyone knows it but us.

So, having said all of that, you, black women, rule this planet. And you are allowing everyone to siphon your energy for FREE. They get fat, you get thin and wispy and frail and eventually die.

When will you realize your worth and stop the bullshit?

My advice to these women that wrote to me is simple. If you choose to date out, vet him extremely carefully. Refrain from any intimate relations and watch him closely. Sex tends to cloud your judgment.

Listen to his actions not his words.

From there, your Spirit will guide you into making the right choices. If that voice inside you whispers “something’s not right”, do not argue. Leave immediately and save yourself. 2021 will be very, very rough for the permanent underclass. Begin self preservation now.

Dear Black Women…

I was sent this by three women.

My short response?

Let Becky’s daddy, brothers and uncles handle it.

And they will…

What 2020 Taught Me

  1. America, for all of its wealth, refuses to feed, clothe, employ and house its people. They would rather invest TRILLIONS into the military system than make sure we have clean drinking water.
  2. Trump’s Presidency is a reminder that whiteness and Alpha Maleness is more important than humanity.
  3. Black men love and voted for Trump not because they agree with his policies, but because they wish to live vicariously through an Alpha White Man. You’ll always be a nigger to them so whatever…
  4. Black Women need to shut the fuck up more and learn to keep their motives and their moves silent. Try duct tape. It’s .99 at the Dollar General.
  5. America is a Third World nation posing as First World one. But only to other Americans. Everyone outside of the U.S. sees your fuckery so keep on with your delusion.
  6. Blacks will be targeted first for the vaccines and best believe the military is ready for you.
  7. Black men’s reputation as a Master Cocksmith is fading. Rapidly. Oh well…
  8. You know that white friend that you have that’s so “progressive” and “woke”? When the shit hits the fan, they’ll throw your black ass under the bus to save their Clan and themselves.
  9. The fact that popular Youtubers with Uber-Large platforms aren’t talking about corona, the vaccines, prepping and survival tells me a lot.
  10. Black people are just about ready for a mass extermination project. Agenda 2021 coming soon. And yes, it’s always about you.
  11. White women’s façade as “morally superior” was obliterated as Karens worldwide showed why white supremacy was, is and always will be a Female Lead Racial Cult. Thank you, white women!!! Keep up the good work.
  12. Black Women showed, through ratchetness, open defiance, can’t-shut-the-fuck-up-even-if-someone-paid- them, and an overall “I don’t give a shit, don’t tell me what to do” attitude, why the black race is currently on the bottom of the barrel. By the way, your children are fucked. Keep on popping them out.
  13. White people are so desperate to up their rapidly decreasing numbers, even black Africans from Africa are being labeled as “white” on census papers. FYI: Since most of you are Christian, read the book of Obadiah. You cannot escape your karma.
  14. Bi-racials will skyrocket in the next 20 years, thank you black man, and officially “take over” black spaces. Like the NBA for instance. Don’t cry over it. You refuse to learn from history so fucking dealing it.
  15. I finally accept why black people were enslaved.

Did I tell you that I’m a member of a (mostly) white survivalist group? (There are a few pale Asians scattered amongst them)

These folks got it going on. Guns, ammo, articles on how to make a homemade cast, herbs that kill parasites, etc…And they have groups that meet to “bug out” together in case of an emergency. I stay quiet, something black people can never seem to do, and watch, listen and learn. I must say I’m deeply impressed with their organizational skills, something black people can learn if they can shut the fuck up and stop posturing for five minutes, and how invested they are in their own survival.

I hope we can one day put our vast skillset to use but I won’t hold my breath. As we speed towards 2021, I have clear visions of armed militia in the streets, job applications that included “Date of 1st Series of Vaccinations”, Social Credit Scores that will allow you to buy and sell your house, and driver’s licenses that tell your private medical business.

I hope you’re ready for it because it’s coming. What makes me sad is how so many of our black leaders died begging us to wake up but I guess what’s on T.V. is too important.

Keep Giving Them a Reason

Sometimes I wonder if we WANT the larger, dominate society to exterminate us. There is no excuse for this behaviour.

Keep it up.

Extermination is closer than you think.

Bye Bye America

When most people think of America they think of old clichés like “land of the free home of the brave.” My favourite one is: “America is the greatest nation on Earth.”

To me, America is deeply flawed, ridden with hypocrisy and ripe with hatred. It is this energy that the Universe is now returning. Panic buying is in full swing and empty shelves look quite odd in these big box stores.

The United States is no longer the world reserve currency and many countries have eagerly discarded the dollar like a used Kleenex. This is how Venezuela lost her power and fell to her knees. Next came rioting, looting, home invasions, murder and starvation.

Are these events planned?


The Great Reset is in full swing to bring in The New World Order.

My concern is for my people. The white race has screamed from the mountain top that they are far superior than us so they can fend for themselves quite nicely, I’m sure.

The question is, what will you do, black women, when they make the vaccine mandatory or you can’t collect your vouchers or your food stamps? You have children to feed and no one to help you.

Please consider this as we speed into Agenda 21.

I’ve known this day in America would come. It was prophesied millennia ago by our foremothers who were Seers. They warned of the crumbling of this stolen empire fertilized with blood.

Please begin getting your affairs in order before it’s too late.

The Truth About Men No Woman Wants to Hear

A private letter:

‘Dear Diary,

I am a secret online sex worker and recently wrote a short memoir about my life. Will you help me to promote it? I promise you you’ll be shocked by what I have to say. Men aren’t what they appear to be. Here is a free excerpt you can use.

Thank you kindly!”


Let me start off my saying that this short novella isn’t for the faint of heart.


In fact, I read it twice just to fully understand the level of perversion that exists within the male mind. She has a fascinating chapter on black males that I never knew existed in the sex world.

Here is where it can be purchased:


Here’s the thing I never knew.

ALL men cheat. Yes, it’s true. Sorry, Ladies. I know I’m crushing dreams and visions of a Cinderella-like wedding day complete with fairy dust, but if you’re paired with a human who has a penis, he’s likely cheating on you in some way, shape or form. In fact, they love the danger of it. The gleeful wickedness of it all. It makes their dicks get rock hard at the thought that their beloved Susan, who’s a good Christian from Idaho, might walk into the room and catch them with an Ebony Cam Whore. They know right from wrong, you see. But they just do not care.

Dear Black Women…

…new lock downs are coming soon and word on the street is, there’s going to be stricter rules. I’ve been talking to a few people behind the scenes and they’ve been telling me some things that are frightful.

Entitlement programs will be cut in 2021.

That includes WIC, subsidized rent, heat, electricity and Food Stamps. The Moratorium is ending swiftly, if it hasn’t already, and other “perks” that only a struggling single mother knows about will also be ending under Biden-Harris.

I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with the Vaccine Mandate and the new I.D. / Driver’s Licenses that will be issued nationwide next year but you should. Make it your business to know what is happening because you have no one coming to rescue you. Also, due to the rioting and propaganda, blacks will not be allowed in certain minority neighbourhoods if the shit hits the fan. Mexicans and whites are putting the word out quietly amongst themselves and getting prepared to defend their homes, shops, community pharmacies and whatever they deem fit.

You need to think about all of this. And I do mean think real hard.

On another note…

Truth Teller Films would like to thank those that participated in her eye- opening Docu-series and would like to give something back! She’s going to be donating 50% of the proceeds to a black woman who needs help. After researching Charities, she decided to give it DIRECTLY to our female community. “C” has decided to begin a small initiative called: For Sisters By Sisters. FSBS will be a small grassroots organization where we help each other out with economics. Since we are on our own, the only person we have to count on is us.

She had hoped that more women would’ve participated and supported her project but the results were slim. Therefore, the amount to be donated will be 100.00 USD. Here are her rules to make sure that a black woman is indeed the recipient:

  1. You MUST submit a short video of YOURSELF so she can see that you a black woman. THIS RULE IS NON NEGOTIABLE.
  2. Please let her know how you intend to use her funds. Example: I need to buy diapers, canned goods, a Metro Card for the NYC subway, etc.
  3. Cash app is preferred. But…she is willing to work with you on other electronic methods.
  4. You DO NOT have to be in America. This is for the entire Diaspora of black women. ( Yes! I love this aspect so much! )
  5. DEADLINE: Dec 31, 2020

I, along with fellow Youtubers, contributed to her cause and hope you will too.

She wanted me to let you know that she doesn’t keep any personal information about you so your video will be erased when a woman is chosen. This initiative will begin again hopefully if more women submit videos and support her cause.

Here is where you can submit your short video as proof: truthtellerfilms13 (at) g mail (dot) c o m.

Here is where you can buy her Docu-Series:

Part one: https://bentbox.co/video?JNNnbvSB

Part Two: https://bentbox.co/video?jQmE7KOv

And finally, a word from me:

Many of you are still holding out hope that things will change and get better. It won’t. Things are going to get WORSE for the black woman in America. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. You must begin making SILENT MOVES to rid yourself of excess waste or get caught in the line of fire.

You have no one coming to save you. You must begin saving yourself.

Dear Black Women, Do Shut Up

This post will ruffle feathers. Feel free to unsubscribe.

I’ve been silently watching the black female collective take credit for putting Biden and Harris, who are both listed as Caucasians on their birth certificates, in the white house.

I sat back and read comments about how proud they were of their “political prowess” and how they were making “major moves” and people should watch out for them in future elections.

Something that strikes me as rather odd is how we can jump to vote for two people who haven’t stated clearly what their “Black Agenda” is. Let me tell you something, black women: Every group on this planet has their own agenda. They throw it in politician’s faces and let them know, ” You will not get our vote unless you benefit us in some way.”

How is EITHER party benefitting black women?

They are not.

I’m saddened by what I see happening and what will happen in the near future. If these two do not perform well and things spiral out of control, who do you think the masses will blame? The ones who shouted the loudest.

I’m also quietly reading about the growing number of whites, especially white men (and some black males! ) who are enraged that their man was ousted by voter fraud. What do you think the fallout will be?

Black women, you need to learn how to make moves QUIETLY and stop putting yourselves in the crosshairs. Remember, the white female can bob and weave between whiteness and femininity when it benefits her because she is under the protection of her men,


Take a seat and be quiet for once.

Form stealth groups of like-minded, black women and discuss your moves there. I hope you realize that EVERYONE is watching you now even closer than ever. First, with the black lives matter movement where your men threw you under the bus, then with dismantling the police, and now this.

Good luck.

2020 Is Just a Dress Rehearsal

As we close out of this tumultuous year, I can feel the tension mounting. I don’t get involved in voting or any political tomfoolery anymore since I realized that it doesn’t matter who wins. “They” have a plan for us all and we’re just a source of entertainment for them.

I say this with no melodrama or theater:

2021 will be much worse.

The middle class will become poorer and the already poor will be terminated. I see bio-warfare becoming a normal part of daily life. Racial tensions will escalate and expect to see more police and civilian shootings.

Where does that leave the already vulnerable black woman?

On her own.

Black women, please do not fall into the traps being set! Take control of your finances, your wombs and your houses. I’m going to recommend that ALL of you take weapons training classes and get your permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Unless you are in a stable relationship with a protective man/ family, you will be on your own to fight what is surely coming down the pipeline. I’ll go into further detail on the private platform about prepping and what I recommend.

Good luck, Ladies and stay vigilant.

Slavery 4.0

First it was to the Arab.

Then it was to the Anglo.

Next it was to the 13th Amendment.

And finally, it will be to him:

What do all these groups of people have in common?

They were invited.

In the next 50 to 100 years, the black race will be fully entrenched in bondage. The black male refuses to learn his lessons from the past so Karma will be set in place for him, his women and his offspring.

Right now in Africa, the Chinese are fully engulfed in colonizing ALL of the Motherland and raping her natural elements for the benefits of their own race. How did they get there? The black man invited them in, gave them full citizenship, gave them access to their raw materials and gave them full access to their black women. All for wealth and a tiny amount of superficial political power.

I have no doubt that soon that takeover will happen right here in America. So where does that leave the black woman? It leaves her to fend for herself once again. It matters not what choice she makes. She will be blamed for the destruction of her race.

Fingers will point to “the woman hath ye gave me” and she will be made the whipping girl for black men’s ire. So, I say all of that to say this:

Black women, 2021 will be a terrible, harsh, rough year. The years following will be almost legendary. You MUST begin making moves NOW to secure yourself economically so you’ll have the faintest chance of survival. That means taking a page out of the black male’s playbook and putting yourself first. How?

By voting for the candidate that puts your interest first

By choosing not to support any black male’s endeavors no matter how good it may sound. Need I mention Umar Johnson?

By choosing to let go of black female relatives that push you to stay and tough it out

By choosing to stop having out of wedlock children by them

This last step will be the step that seals your fate.

In the Next Few Weeks…

…on the new platform, we’ll delve deeper:

  1. On the real reason so many white females are hunting down black males. (scheduled to go live this week)
  2. On my raw and honest stance on interracial relationships (FINALLY!!!), why the white male wants to “go home” and why many black women are “taking the deal.”
  3. On why divested black women should consider leaving America
  4. About the future for the black race in America
  5. Into a sex worker’s tell all book on men. She dedicated a chapter on black male clients.

See you there!

New Content on the New Platform is Available Now

Hi Ladies!

I finally recorded new content on the new platform. I entitled it: The Swirl Movement is Destined to Fail.

I delve into the harsh truth about this “movement” and why it will fail if we’re not careful. I am not politically correct (as I’m sure you all probably know by now) nor do I have Youtube sponsors so I am free to talk about anything I wish without censorship. I’ve spoken to a few Youtubers who are desperate to move away from Youtube and warned me of the dangers of putting out this type of content. That’s why this new platform is private.

We are new and growing each week so please bear with us. I’m actually excited and happy to move away from being watched like a hawk. To those of you that inquired about who, what, when, where and why, please CHECK your emails!!!

This platform isn’t free, “C” works hard to provide you with documentaries so small costs are attached.

Hope to see you there.

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