Observations of an Invisible Woman

What 2020 Taught Me

  1. America, for all of its wealth, refuses to feed, clothe, employ and house its people. They would rather invest TRILLIONS into the military system than make sure we have clean drinking water.
  2. Trump’s Presidency is a reminder that whiteness and Alpha Maleness is more important than humanity.
  3. Black men love and voted for Trump not because they agree with his policies, but because they wish to live vicariously through an Alpha White Man. You’ll always be a nigger to them so whatever…
  4. Black Women need to shut the fuck up more and learn to keep their motives and their moves silent. Try duct tape. It’s .99 at the Dollar General.
  5. America is a Third World nation posing as First World one. But only to other Americans. Everyone outside of the U.S. sees your fuckery so keep on with your delusion.
  6. Blacks will be targeted first for the vaccines and best believe the military is ready for you.
  7. Black men’s reputation as a Master Cocksmith is fading. Rapidly. Oh well…
  8. You know that white friend that you have that’s so “progressive” and “woke”? When the shit hits the fan, they’ll throw your black ass under the bus to save their Clan and themselves.
  9. The fact that popular Youtubers with Uber-Large platforms aren’t talking about corona, the vaccines, prepping and survival tells me a lot.
  10. Black people are just about ready for a mass extermination project. Agenda 2021 coming soon. And yes, it’s always about you.
  11. White women’s façade as “morally superior” was obliterated as Karens worldwide showed why white supremacy was, is and always will be a Female Lead Racial Cult. Thank you, white women!!! Keep up the good work.
  12. Black Women showed, through ratchetness, open defiance, can’t-shut-the-fuck-up-even-if-someone-paid- them, and an overall “I don’t give a shit, don’t tell me what to do” attitude, why the black race is currently on the bottom of the barrel. By the way, your children are fucked. Keep on popping them out.
  13. White people are so desperate to up their rapidly decreasing numbers, even black Africans from Africa are being labeled as “white” on census papers. FYI: Since most of you are Christian, read the book of Obadiah. You cannot escape your karma.
  14. Bi-racials will skyrocket in the next 20 years, thank you black man, and officially “take over” black spaces. Like the NBA for instance. Don’t cry over it. You refuse to learn from history so fucking dealing it.
  15. I finally accept why black people were enslaved.

Did I tell you that I’m a member of a (mostly) white survivalist group? (There are a few pale Asians scattered amongst them)

These folks got it going on. Guns, ammo, articles on how to make a homemade cast, herbs that kill parasites, etc…And they have groups that meet to “bug out” together in case of an emergency. I stay quiet, something black people can never seem to do, and watch, listen and learn. I must say I’m deeply impressed with their organizational skills, something black people can learn if they can shut the fuck up and stop posturing for five minutes, and how invested they are in their own survival.

I hope we can one day put our vast skillset to use but I won’t hold my breath. As we speed towards 2021, I have clear visions of armed militia in the streets, job applications that included “Date of 1st Series of Vaccinations”, Social Credit Scores that will allow you to buy and sell your house, and driver’s licenses that tell your private medical business.

I hope you’re ready for it because it’s coming. What makes me sad is how so many of our black leaders died begging us to wake up but I guess what’s on T.V. is too important.

Keep Giving Them a Reason

Sometimes I wonder if we WANT the larger, dominate society to exterminate us. There is no excuse for this behaviour.

Keep it up.

Extermination is closer than you think.

Bye Bye America

When most people think of America they think of old clichés like “land of the free home of the brave.” My favourite one is: “America is the greatest nation on Earth.”

To me, America is deeply flawed, ridden with hypocrisy and ripe with hatred. It is this energy that the Universe is now returning. Panic buying is in full swing and empty shelves look quite odd in these big box stores.

The United States is no longer the world reserve currency and many countries have eagerly discarded the dollar like a used Kleenex. This is how Venezuela lost her power and fell to her knees. Next came rioting, looting, home invasions, murder and starvation.

Are these events planned?


The Great Reset is in full swing to bring in The New World Order.

My concern is for my people. The white race has screamed from the mountain top that they are far superior than us so they can fend for themselves quite nicely, I’m sure.

The question is, what will you do, black women, when they make the vaccine mandatory or you can’t collect your vouchers or your food stamps? You have children to feed and no one to help you.

Please consider this as we speed into Agenda 21.

I’ve known this day in America would come. It was prophesied millennia ago by our foremothers who were Seers. They warned of the crumbling of this stolen empire fertilized with blood.

Please begin getting your affairs in order before it’s too late.

The Truth About Men No Woman Wants to Hear

A private letter:

‘Dear Diary,

I am a secret online sex worker and recently wrote a short memoir about my life. Will you help me to promote it? I promise you you’ll be shocked by what I have to say. Men aren’t what they appear to be. Here is a free excerpt you can use.

Thank you kindly!”


Let me start off my saying that this short novella isn’t for the faint of heart.


In fact, I read it twice just to fully understand the level of perversion that exists within the male mind. She has a fascinating chapter on black males that I never knew existed in the sex world.

Here is where it can be purchased:


Here’s the thing I never knew.

ALL men cheat. Yes, it’s true. Sorry, Ladies. I know I’m crushing dreams and visions of a Cinderella-like wedding day complete with fairy dust, but if you’re paired with a human who has a penis, he’s likely cheating on you in some way, shape or form. In fact, they love the danger of it. The gleeful wickedness of it all. It makes their dicks get rock hard at the thought that their beloved Susan, who’s a good Christian from Idaho, might walk into the room and catch them with an Ebony Cam Whore. They know right from wrong, you see. But they just do not care.

Dear Black Women…

…new lock downs are coming soon and word on the street is, there’s going to be stricter rules. I’ve been talking to a few people behind the scenes and they’ve been telling me some things that are frightful.

Entitlement programs will be cut in 2021.

That includes WIC, subsidized rent, heat, electricity and Food Stamps. The Moratorium is ending swiftly, if it hasn’t already, and other “perks” that only a struggling single mother knows about will also be ending under Biden-Harris.

I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with the Vaccine Mandate and the new I.D. / Driver’s Licenses that will be issued nationwide next year but you should. Make it your business to know what is happening because you have no one coming to rescue you. Also, due to the rioting and propaganda, blacks will not be allowed in certain minority neighbourhoods if the shit hits the fan. Mexicans and whites are putting the word out quietly amongst themselves and getting prepared to defend their homes, shops, community pharmacies and whatever they deem fit.

You need to think about all of this. And I do mean think real hard.

On another note…

Truth Teller Films would like to thank those that participated in her eye- opening Docu-series and would like to give something back! She’s going to be donating 50% of the proceeds to a black woman who needs help. After researching Charities, she decided to give it DIRECTLY to our female community. “C” has decided to begin a small initiative called: For Sisters By Sisters. FSBS will be a small grassroots organization where we help each other out with economics. Since we are on our own, the only person we have to count on is us.

She had hoped that more women would’ve participated and supported her project but the results were slim. Therefore, the amount to be donated will be 100.00 USD. Here are her rules to make sure that a black woman is indeed the recipient:

  1. You MUST submit a short video of YOURSELF so she can see that you a black woman. THIS RULE IS NON NEGOTIABLE.
  2. Please let her know how you intend to use her funds. Example: I need to buy diapers, canned goods, a Metro Card for the NYC subway, etc.
  3. Cash app is preferred. But…she is willing to work with you on other electronic methods.
  4. You DO NOT have to be in America. This is for the entire Diaspora of black women. ( Yes! I love this aspect so much! )
  5. DEADLINE: Dec 31, 2020

I, along with fellow Youtubers, contributed to her cause and hope you will too.

She wanted me to let you know that she doesn’t keep any personal information about you so your video will be erased when a woman is chosen. This initiative will begin again hopefully if more women submit videos and support her cause.

Here is where you can submit your short video as proof: truthtellerfilms13 (at) g mail (dot) c o m.

Here is where you can buy her Docu-Series:

Part one: https://bentbox.co/video?JNNnbvSB

Part Two: https://bentbox.co/video?jQmE7KOv

And finally, a word from me:

Many of you are still holding out hope that things will change and get better. It won’t. Things are going to get WORSE for the black woman in America. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. You must begin making SILENT MOVES to rid yourself of excess waste or get caught in the line of fire.

You have no one coming to save you. You must begin saving yourself.

Dear Black Women, Do Shut Up

This post will ruffle feathers. Feel free to unsubscribe.

I’ve been silently watching the black female collective take credit for putting Biden and Harris, who are both listed as Caucasians on their birth certificates, in the white house.

I sat back and read comments about how proud they were of their “political prowess” and how they were making “major moves” and people should watch out for them in future elections.

Something that strikes me as rather odd is how we can jump to vote for two people who haven’t stated clearly what their “Black Agenda” is. Let me tell you something, black women: Every group on this planet has their own agenda. They throw it in politician’s faces and let them know, ” You will not get our vote unless you benefit us in some way.”

How is EITHER party benefitting black women?

They are not.

I’m saddened by what I see happening and what will happen in the near future. If these two do not perform well and things spiral out of control, who do you think the masses will blame? The ones who shouted the loudest.

I’m also quietly reading about the growing number of whites, especially white men (and some black males! ) who are enraged that their man was ousted by voter fraud. What do you think the fallout will be?

Black women, you need to learn how to make moves QUIETLY and stop putting yourselves in the crosshairs. Remember, the white female can bob and weave between whiteness and femininity when it benefits her because she is under the protection of her men,


Take a seat and be quiet for once.

Form stealth groups of like-minded, black women and discuss your moves there. I hope you realize that EVERYONE is watching you now even closer than ever. First, with the black lives matter movement where your men threw you under the bus, then with dismantling the police, and now this.

Good luck.

2020 Is Just a Dress Rehearsal

As we close out of this tumultuous year, I can feel the tension mounting. I don’t get involved in voting or any political tomfoolery anymore since I realized that it doesn’t matter who wins. “They” have a plan for us all and we’re just a source of entertainment for them.

I say this with no melodrama or theater:

2021 will be much worse.

The middle class will become poorer and the already poor will be terminated. I see bio-warfare becoming a normal part of daily life. Racial tensions will escalate and expect to see more police and civilian shootings.

Where does that leave the already vulnerable black woman?

On her own.

Black women, please do not fall into the traps being set! Take control of your finances, your wombs and your houses. I’m going to recommend that ALL of you take weapons training classes and get your permit to carry a concealed weapon.

Unless you are in a stable relationship with a protective man/ family, you will be on your own to fight what is surely coming down the pipeline. I’ll go into further detail on the private platform about prepping and what I recommend.

Good luck, Ladies and stay vigilant.

Slavery 4.0

First it was to the Arab.

Then it was to the Anglo.

Next it was to the 13th Amendment.

And finally, it will be to him:

What do all these groups of people have in common?

They were invited.

In the next 50 to 100 years, the black race will be fully entrenched in bondage. The black male refuses to learn his lessons from the past so Karma will be set in place for him, his women and his offspring.

Right now in Africa, the Chinese are fully engulfed in colonizing ALL of the Motherland and raping her natural elements for the benefits of their own race. How did they get there? The black man invited them in, gave them full citizenship, gave them access to their raw materials and gave them full access to their black women. All for wealth and a tiny amount of superficial political power.

I have no doubt that soon that takeover will happen right here in America. So where does that leave the black woman? It leaves her to fend for herself once again. It matters not what choice she makes. She will be blamed for the destruction of her race.

Fingers will point to “the woman hath ye gave me” and she will be made the whipping girl for black men’s ire. So, I say all of that to say this:

Black women, 2021 will be a terrible, harsh, rough year. The years following will be almost legendary. You MUST begin making moves NOW to secure yourself economically so you’ll have the faintest chance of survival. That means taking a page out of the black male’s playbook and putting yourself first. How?

By voting for the candidate that puts your interest first

By choosing not to support any black male’s endeavors no matter how good it may sound. Need I mention Umar Johnson?

By choosing to let go of black female relatives that push you to stay and tough it out

By choosing to stop having out of wedlock children by them

This last step will be the step that seals your fate.

In the Next Few Weeks…

…on the new platform, we’ll delve deeper:

  1. On the real reason so many white females are hunting down black males. (scheduled to go live this week)
  2. On my raw and honest stance on interracial relationships (FINALLY!!!), why the white male wants to “go home” and why many black women are “taking the deal.”
  3. On why divested black women should consider leaving America
  4. About the future for the black race in America
  5. Into a sex worker’s tell all book on men. She dedicated a chapter on black male clients.

See you there!

New Content on the New Platform is Available Now

Hi Ladies!

I finally recorded new content on the new platform. I entitled it: The Swirl Movement is Destined to Fail.

I delve into the harsh truth about this “movement” and why it will fail if we’re not careful. I am not politically correct (as I’m sure you all probably know by now) nor do I have Youtube sponsors so I am free to talk about anything I wish without censorship. I’ve spoken to a few Youtubers who are desperate to move away from Youtube and warned me of the dangers of putting out this type of content. That’s why this new platform is private.

We are new and growing each week so please bear with us. I’m actually excited and happy to move away from being watched like a hawk. To those of you that inquired about who, what, when, where and why, please CHECK your emails!!!

This platform isn’t free, “C” works hard to provide you with documentaries so small costs are attached.

Hope to see you there.

Why The Hotep Movement is Dying

I can remember when being Pro-Black was “a thing.” It was not only a conscious movement, like only buying from black owned companies, but it was an entire thought process. We were banded together because we had shared experiences and wanted to reconnect with ourselves.

But over the decades, something began to occur. It became quite obvious that the Pro-Black movement really meant Pro Black Male. It was his struggles that mattered, that counted and all we spoke of. The issues pertaining to black women were pushed to the back burner and made to feel insignificant. This continued for roughly five decades.

Then something began to happen.

We saw black male after black male not only parade other races of women on their arms. but they proudly and arrogantly threw them in our faces. They were better than us. Prettier. They were worthy of love, affection, compliments and provision.

All of a sudden, the black woman, who had given the black male her all, was persona non grata. There is something quite miraculous about arrogance. Arrogance never sees the fall coming.

Instead of groveling and begging like she was expected to do, the black woman of a certain caliber, she knows who she is, simply packed up her shit and left. She found love either outside of her race or with self. Now the black community is left with Left Overs.

I’ve stated this a multitude of times,

You cannot have a functioning Tribe without a functioning, well cared for, fertile and capable Womb. It simply cannot happen. Bad seeds give birth to sour fruit.

The Hotep Movement, which is 100% male based, is dying out.

But why? And why now?

Because the black woman is done. She’s had enough. She’s gone down that empty road and learned that it leads to empty promises, out of wedlock children, generational poverty, back breaking hard work, illnesses and disease and heartbreak.

She is done.

And once the Womb leaves, the Tribe is finished.

Oh yes…but what about those that stay and “tough it out”?

They will get caught up in the new paradigm of a changing world that doesn’t include them.

Oh well…


My partner “C” has sent out emails to everyone that wants to join the new platform. It is NOT free. The cost is ten dollars per month to join. The cost will help to promote the documentary and fees that are attached to movie making. And a portion of the proceeds will go to a reputable charity for women and girls.

We will be uploading new content this week. Hope to see you there.

Please Check…

To all the Ladies that wanted more information, please check whatever email address you are using to log onto my blog. We’ve responded with info on what we’re working on and the new page/ channel designed just for black women.


I’m going to be working with a young lady who is building a channel for black women by black women. She contacted me recently and after speaking privately, we decided the timing feels right.

Are there any black women on here who wish to be contacted privately? Details will be explained via email. Please DO NOT put your private emails on here. A simple, “I do” will suffice.

Thank you in advance.

Bill Burr

Some white men are tired too…


Dear DOAN…

“Hi @DOAN….a bit off topic…do you believe in the idea of group/collective karma? This is an old video a woman made on Youtube around the whole controversy with those two black men that were arrested at Starbucks a couple years ago for not doing anything. She is contending that what happened to them was karma as a result of how many black males publicly degrade black women, abuse, etc and how other black men don’t hold them accountable.”

This comment came from a commenter, Sophia, earlier. I wanted to expand my post to shed some light on what EXACTLY is going on in the black male community.

Yes, Karma, which is a female Spirit, is real. She simply gives what she gets. But with a vengeance. Karma has a female twin called Wisdom. Knowledge is external. Wisdom is internal so they are not the same thing. Wisdom predates Karma.

The black male is reaping generations of Divine Karma for his crimes against his mirror image ( man, woman and child) and his allegiance to other groups of people that are not his own. Many males date, sex and marry out. This is nothing new. But…they still have respect for the womb that gave them life. The black male is the only man who must defile his mirror image in order to uphold the image of another Tribe. This is called Treason.

Because of this, Generational Curses have befallen the black race. What are some examples of the Curses?

Gun violence

Police shootings


Preventable Diseases


Poor access to good food


Mass Incarceration

Loss of Land/ Property


I could go on but you get the idea

When other Tribes see that you have no love of self, no love of your mirror image and thusly, no love of your mirror image, it’s Divine Karma that they exact the punishment on you that you have given to your Tribe.

Unfortunately, there will be no corrective measure taken. My advice is to leave the diseased clan to perish and save yourself. Or you’ll go down with the ship.

Required Reading for Black Women

Black Male Privilege Checklist

         Leadership & Politics

  1. I don’t have to choose my race over my sex in political matters.
  2. When I read African American History textbooks, I will learn mainly about black men.
  3. When I learn about the Civil Rights Movement & the Black Power Movements, most of the leaders that I will learn about will be black men.
  4. I can rely on the fact that in the near 100-year history of national civil rights organizations such as the NAACP and the Urban League, virtually all of the executive directors have been male.
  5. I will be taken more seriously as a political leader than black women.
  6. Despite the substantial role that black women played in the Civil Rights Movement and Black Power Movement, currently there is no black female that is considered a “race leader”.
  7. I can live my life without ever having read black feminist authors, or knowing about black women’s history, or black women’s issues.
  8. I can be a part of a black liberation organization like the Black Panther Party where an “out” rapist Eldridge Cleaver can assume leadership position.
  9. I will make more money than black women at equal levels of education and occupation.
  10. Most of the national “opinion framers” in Black America including talk show hosts and politicians are men.Beauty 
  11. I have the ability to define black women’s beauty by European standards in terms of skin tone, hair, and body size. In comparison, black women rarely define me by European standards of beauty in terms of skin tone, hair, or body size.
  12. I do not have to worry about the daily hassles of having my hair conforming to any standard image of beauty the way black women do.
  13. I do not have to worry about the daily hassles of being terrorized by the fear of gaining weight. In fact, in many instances bigger is better for my sex.
  14. My looks will not be the central standard by which my worth is valued by members of the opposite sex.Sex & Sexuality
  15. I can purchase pornography that typically shows men defile women by the common practice of the “money shot.”
  16. I can believe that causing pain during sex is connected with a woman’s pleasure without ever asking her.
  17. I have the privilege of not wanting to be a virgin, but preferring that my wife or significant other be a virgin.
  18. When it comes to sex if I say “No”, chances are that it will not be mistaken for “Yes”.
  19. If I am raped, no one will assume that “I should have known better” or suggest that my being raped had something to do with how I was dressed.
  20. I can use sexist language like bonin’, laying the pipe, hittin-it, and banging that convey images of sexual acts based on dominance and performance.
  21. I can live in a world where polygamy is still an option for men in the United States as well as around the world.
  22. In general, I prefer being involved with younger women socially and sexually
  23. In general, the more sexual partners that I have the more stature I receive among my peers.
  24. I have easy access to pornography that involves virtually any category of sex where men degrade women, often young women.
  25. I have the privilege of being a part of a sex where “purity balls” apply to girls but not to boys.
  26. When I consume pornography, I can gain pleasure from images and sounds of men causing women pain.Popular Culture
  27. I come from a tradition of humor that is based largely on insulting and disrespecting women; especially mothers.
  28. I have the privilege of not having black women, dress up and play funny characters- often overweight- that are supposed to look like me for the entire nation to laugh.
  29. When I go to the movies, I know that most of the leads in black films are men. I also know that all of the action heroes in black film are men.
  30. I can easily imagine that most of the artists in Hip Hop are members of my sex.
  31. I can easily imagine that most of the women that appear in Hip Hop videos are there solely to please men
  32. Most of lyrics I listen to in hip-hop perpetuate the ideas of males dominating women, sexually and socially.
  33. I have the privilege of consuming and popularizing the word pimp, which is based on the exploitation of women with virtually no opposition from other men.
  34. I can hear and use language bitches and hoes that demean women, with virtually no opposition from men.
  35. I can wear a shirt that others and I commonly refer to as a “wife beater” and never have the language challenged.
  36. Many of my favorite movies include images of strength that do not include members of the opposite sex and often are based on violence.
  37. Many of my favorite genres of films, such as martial arts, are based on violence.
  38. I have the privilege of popularizing or consuming the idea of a thug, which is based on the violence and victimization of others with virtually no opposition from other men.Attitudes/Ideology
  39. I have the privilege to define black women as having “an attitude” without referencing the range of attitudes that black women have.
  40. I have the privilege of defining black women’s attitudes without defining my attitudes as a black man.
  41. I can believe that the success of the black family is dependent on returning men to their historical place within the family, rather than in promoting policies that strengthen black women’s independence, or that provide social benefits to black children.
  42. I have the privilege of believing that a woman cannot raise a son to be a man.
  43. I have the privilege of believing that a woman must submit to her man.
  44. I have the privilege of believing that before slavery gender relationships between black men and women were perfect.
  45. I have the privilege of believing that feminism is anti-black.
  46. I have the privilege of believing that the failure of the black family is due to the black matriarchy.
  47. I have the privilege of believing that household responsibilities are women’s roles.
  48. I have the privilege of believing that black women are different sexually than other women and judging them negatively based on this belief.Sports
  49. I will make significantly more money as a professional athlete than members of the opposite sex will.
  50. In school, girls are cheerleaders for male athletes, but there is no such role for males to cheerlead for women athletes.
  51. My financial success or popularity as a professional athlete will not be associated with my looks.
  52. I can talk about sports or spend large portions of the day playing video games while women are most likely involved with household or childcare duties.
  53. I can spend endless hours watching sports TV and have it considered natural.
  54. I can touch, hug, or be emotionally expressive with other men while watching sports without observers perceiving this behavior as sexual.
  55. I know that most sports analysts are male.
  56. If I am a coach, I can motivate, punish, or embarrass a player by saying that the player plays like a girl.
  57. Most sports talk show hosts that are members of my race are men.
  58. I can rest assured that most of the coaches -even in predominately-female sports within my race are male.
  59. I am able to play sports outside without my shirt on and it not be considered a problem.
  60. I am essentially able to do anything inside or outside without my shirt on, whereas women are always required to cover up.Diaspora/Global
  61. I have the privilege of being a part of a sex where the mutilation and disfigurement of a girl’s genitalia is used to deny her sexual sensations or to protect her virginity for males.
  62. I have the privilege of not having rape be used as a primary tactic or tool to terrorize my sex during war and times of conflict.
  63. I have the privilege of not being able to name one female leader in Africa or Asia, past or present, that I pay homage to the way I do male leaders in Africa and/or Asia.
  64. I have the ability to travel around the world and have access to women in developing countries both sexually and socially.
  65. I have the privilege of being a part of the sex that starts wars and that wields control of almost all the existing weapons of war and mass destruction.College
  66. In college, I will have the opportunity to date outside of the race at a much higher rate than black women will.
  67. I have the privilege of having the phrase “sewing my wild oats” apply to my sex as if it were natural.
  68. I know that the further I go in education the more success I will have with women.
  69. In college, black male professors will be involved in interracial marriages at much higher rates than members of the opposite sex will.
  70. By the time I enter college, and even through college, I have the privilege of not having to worry whether I will be able to marry a black woman.
  71. In college, I will experience a level of status and prestige that is not offered to black women even though black women may outnumber me and out perform me academically.
  72. If I go to an HBCU, I will have incredible opportunities to exploit black womenCommunication/Language
  73. What is defined as “News” in Black America is defined by men.
  74. I can choose to be emotionally withdrawn and not communicate in a relationships and it be considered unfortunate but normal.
  75. I can dismissively refer to another persons grievances as ^*ing.
  76. I have the privilege of not knowing what words and concepts like patriarchy, phallocentric, complicity, colluding, and obfuscation mean.Relationships
  77. I have the privilege of marrying outside of the race at a much higher rate than black women marry.
  78. My “strength” as a man is never connected with the failure of the black family, whereas the strength of black women is routinely associated with the failure of the black family.
  79. If I am considering a divorce, I know that I have substantially more marriage, and cohabitation options than my spouse.
  80. Chances are I will be defined as a “good man” by things I do not do as much as what I do. If I don’t beat, cheat, or lie, then I am a considered a “good man”. In comparison, women are rarely defined as “good women” based on what they do not do.
  81. I have the privilege of not having to assume most of the household or child-care responsibilities.
  82. I have the privilege of having not been raised with domestic responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, and washing that takes up disproportionately more time as adults.Church & Religious Traditions
  83. In the Black Church, the majority of the pastoral leadership is male.
  84. In the Black Church Tradition, most of the theology has a male point of view. For example, most will assume that the man is the head of household.Physical Safety
  85. I do not have to worry about being considered a traitor to my race if I call the police on a member of the opposite sex.
  86. I have the privilege of knowing men who are physically or sexually abusive to women and yet I still call them friends.
  87. I can video tape women in public- often without their consent – with male complicity.
  88. I can be courteous to a person of the opposite sex that I do not know and say “Hello” or “Hi” and not fear that it will be taken as a come-on or fear being stalked because of it.
  89. I can use physical violence or the threat of physical violence to get what I want when other tactics fail in a relationship.
  90. If I get into a physical altercation with a person of the opposite sex, I will most likely be able to impose my will physically on that person
  91. I can go to parades or other public events and not worry about being physically and sexually molested by persons of the opposite sex.
  92. I can touch and physically grope women’s bodies in public- often without their consent- with male complicity.
  93. In general, I have the freedom to travel in the night without fear.
  94. I am able to be out in public without fear of being sexually harassed by individuals or groups of the opposite sex.

Source:  http://jewelwoods.com/node/9


Key Notes:

  1. It’s mostly (violent) sexual in nature
  2. It’s all the woman’s fault
  3. Never once did the article mention building and providing for their community

This article needs to be passed to every black woman possible and discussed PRIVATELY. I personally love it when people tell me the truth.

Masculinity Redefined



When I was growing up, the men in my family all had skills. They built homes, laid down steel foundations, they cooked, worked 2 and 3 jobs and provided, as best as they could, for their families. Was life hard?


Being black and male wasn’t easy. But they did what they could. I remember my uncle looking for work in another state to keep food on his family’s table. I remember my brother, being young, running home from school to toil on the neighbour’s farm.

All around me were men. Not males. MEN. I felt safe. Secure. I used to jump rope all around the block and never gave one thought to anything bad happening. I kept my femininity all throughout my entire life and it attracted men of all sorts that enjoyed it. As I grew and traveled, I became aware of how different the black community was in comparison to other communities.

Women of other communities were carefree. They jogged at night. Roller bladed through parks with their dogs. Met friends for coffee and went to spa’s to get their hair, nails and eyebrows done. Some had housekeeper’s that came once a week and the very well off had Farm-to-Table Chefs that prepared “organic” meals. I met one white female from the Upper East Side that had a Jamaican nanny that did most of the work raising her child.

These women looked happy, They looked fit. Some even had plastic surgery to correct “flaws”.

Then I looked at the black female community throughout the Diaspora. 

We looked fat. Unkempt. Hostile. Angry. Depressed. Our hair was a Goddamn mess with missing hairlines and ridiculous looking wigs and weaves. Long eagle-like fingernails with too much fake jewelry adorned our hands. Our clothes were ill fitting and out of proportion for our bodies, and let us not forget the HORDES of bastard children that clung to us.

The once mighty black woman who birthed an entire nation was raggedy and disheveled. We are now poor and getting poorer by the generations. We have almost ZERO collective wealth and the strain of raising children by ourselves in a black hating world have taken a toll on our mental health. We are now insane.

The black woman is now a train wreck to be used and abused then discarded like a snot-filled Kleenex. But, as my mind works, I sit down to ponder why. What has happened to us? Why are we the scourge of the entire universe? What is the missing piece of the puzzle that we cannot, or won’t, connect?


That brings me to my point.


What is Femininity?


Femininity is a softness. It’s a relaxation. It’s a gracefulness. It’s unhurried. It is a knowing feeling that if you fall, you will be caught. It is a sweet, genuine surrender to the unknown. This is what makes Masculinity thrive. The two cannot exist without the other.

Now, being Feminine has nothing to do with fatness or shortness. It’s not about being pretty with the right shade of lipstick. A female bodybuilder can be feminine. It is a characteristic that is CREATED for you from birth by the men in your tribe so you, the female, can flourish.


So then, what is Masculinity?


Masculinity is the exact opposite.

It has naught to do with physical strength. It has naught to do with penis size. It’s not about how many women you can sex. It’s not about your income. It’s not about having swag. Or about being able to dance. It’s not about getting girls pregnant. Or wearing the latest designer shoes that your community didn’t manufacture. It’s not about being labeled handsome. Sexy. Hunky. Fuckable.


Masculinity is about being able to foster a safe environment for the most important people in your life. It’s about being able to give your woman, your children and your community all the provisions so they can lead the next generation.


I sometimes think about that young girl at McDonald’s who was assaulted by that white man who nearly dragged her over the counter. I secretly cried when I watched that video. I felt her every emotion. I also know why he felt that he could do that in a black establishment as opposed to a Mexican one. I think about things that like a lot nowadays.



The time has come for black women throughout the Diaspora to begin making changes in their lives. I feel a radical sense of urgency that time is short. I hope you can feel it too for your sake. Remember what the esteemed Dr. Baruti said in one lecture:

“There is no written law anywhere in the Universe that states that the black race MUST survive.”

Please sit and resonate with this quote. And before I close out:

Donald Trump will get reelected in about 8 weeks and Judge Ginsberg is no longer with us. I do hope you understand what is coming.





Think Twice Before You Give Birth


i was sent this so many times in the past few days, I lost count.

Ladies, please think twice before you allow your future children to come into this world unprepared and unprotected.

A Grassroots Documentary

First, a letter from a commenter:


Dear DOAN,

I read your article and have been in your shoes in a different location, with another black man, and other blond white child.

I started seeing this phenomena in the Northwest of the US, and now it is rampant in every state.

It is quite odd to witness and put me in an altered state of reality when I first saw it. But now, it is quite common place to see. I ignore it and move on.

We witnessed a sickness amongst black men. It’s a pathology and a PANDEMIC. There is nothing black women can do but live our best lives and remove ourselves from black men in every way, shape and form.

What struck me, when I witnessed the disease, was the complete joy, elation, and carefree attitude the black man had at being with a white child. It was off the Richter scale creepy. His whole existence depended on being the best for little master.

And that same blond white boy will grow up to harass, kill, lie. and incarcerate black men. Oh, well.

Black women, live your best lives and do not pay attention to the pandemic amongst black men. There is no cure, but KARMA.





Second. a letter from a filmmaker:


Hello! I hope this is the appropriate way to contact you. My team and I have been thinking about the sad state of affairs in the black community and the rise of the Untouchable Black Male. This has been happening for some time but the recent demise of George Floyd has intensified things.


We feel that the black woman doesn’t have a voice. In fact, other people have been telling her story since the beginning. We’d like to put the power of a voice back into the hands of the black woman and allow her to tell her own story.


We are a team of amateur filmmakers who created a grassroots documentary called ” A 40 Dollar Love Letter to Black Men.” Please see the official trailers to get an idea of the message we are trying to portray. Can you please help us to spread the word and get this message out there? A portion of the proceeds will go to a charity for women and girls. Thank you very much!


Truth Teller Films”




It would seem that a certain level of consciousness is rising and the Universe will hear and respond accordingly.


I took a look at this film and was intrigued to learn more. Upon purchase, they will give you instructions on how to contribute your own personal story to keep the series going.


Here are the Trailers:


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5u6mvG0jh_w
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zq2HPHpgZjs&t=11s


And here’s where it can be purchased:


Part 1:  https://bentbox.co/video?JNNnbvSB

Part 2: https://bentbox.co/video?jQmE7KOv





The Black Man is O-V-E-R

Today, I ventured  out of the house. I needed my favourite cereal and decided to take a quick ride to the supermarket. As I walked the aisles, focused on finding the right late night snack, I stumbled upon a sight that would rest heavily on me for the entire day.


I saw a dark complected black male with a white, young, blonde, male child. I peeked at them while pretending to read the ingredients for Honey Nut Cheerios. The black male hoisted the child on to his shoulders and began helping him to “sound out” the words on the box. He laughed heartily and swooped the child in his arms for a kiss on the cheek.

The child clung to him and they proceeded to shop together like any loving father and child.

But this boy wasn’t his.

He is helping to raise another man’s son.

He is helping to teach another man’s son to read.

He is assisting a white woman in the difficult task of raising a child in these perilous times.


I walked away in deep thought and they followed me to the juice aisle. The boy wanted to know what was on the juice box and he patiently told him.


As I watched them together, my mouth went sour and my blood began to boil. Now, don’t get me wrong, this has NOTHING to do with the baby. It has everything to do with this black male. 


As he picked him up and read the juice box to him, my mind had a flash:


  1. My sister raising my nephew by herself because her HUSBAND walked out with zero child support.
  2. My best friend crying at her kitchen table when she found out she was pregnant and her boyfriend disappeared.
  3. My nurse practitioner telling me she raised all three of her children by herself while putting herself through nursing school because her HUSBAND, “Didn’t want this life anymore.”
  4. The black women on my old block, all single mothers, all on welfare, all desperate, all poverty stricken, all defeated.


Then I saw this man.

This black man.

This dark skinned, black man who was raising ANOTHER man’s child as his own and loving every, single moment of it. He grinned from ear to ear, delighting in the blondness of a child that didn’t look anything remotely close to him.


I walked away from the juice section forgetting my cranberry juice and went to stand in the canned foods section alone. I needed a minute. I needed to calm down. I needed to collect my thoughts and compose myself.


I paid for my Cheerios, peaches and raw nuts and left.


As I sat in my car, I thought about how the black male has used the black woman for millennia. I thought about how we fought side by side against white invaders both on and off the plantation. I thought about how we struggled together in raw poverty only to have this shit.


The black man is o-v-e-r.


I’m not sure if HE knows it but we know it. He’s done. Finished. Finito. Bye-bye.

Once you develop another tribe and blatantly ignore your own, it’s just a matter of time before Karma sees your ungratefulness and takes you out. After all, if you don’t care, why should She?


Maybe, after all that has happened, it’s not such a bad thing.


The one question that lingers in my mind as I type this is:


Does he realize how ridiculous he looks fawning over a bloodline and later on, a Patriarchy,  that doesn’t belong to him?



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