Observations of an Invisible Woman

Required Cinema For Melaninites #9


( They’re not laughing with us. They’re laughing at us.)



I seldom watch movies with a lot of hype but Get Out is well worth it.

I had to watch this three times to catch ALL of it and found myself rewinding certain parts to figure out the deeper symbolism. I won’t spoil it for you but if this isn’t the ultimate whistle-blowing, in your face, tell it like it really is movie about the ways of white folks, ESPECIALLY how white females are the catalyst for the demise of black males, then I don’t know what is.

Ignoring his better judgement, Chris, our protagonist, finds himself in a very strange situation.

One person knew from the beginning though.

His best buddy who provided comical relief.. so naturally he wasn’t taken seriously.

Black people beware…I believe that Peele was telling us what goes on behind closed doors. Just like this fella tried to tell us:




And this one:




And this one:



You get the idea.


I could easily write a mini novella on this film and dissect each frame but instead, I’ll leave you with some wisdom from Mr. Neely Fuller:








MGTOW: A White Anti-Female Movement Designed to Tear Apart the Black Family


So a friend alerted me to this GROWING movement called: MGTOW.

Men Going Their Own Way.

If you’re wise to the ways of white supremacy, you’ll know that ANY movement that whites start will have a negative effect of the black diaspora. When I learned and research MGTOW, I quickly understood that it was a bunch a white, angry, disenfranchised, bitter males who cast blame on white women for all the ills of white society while conveniently choosing to forget that they are the ones in control of all aspects of this society.

From not being home by 5pm to cook dinner, to not keeping their children clean and disciplined to not sufficiently satisfying their sexual needs, white females were and ARE the root cause of all of white male’s ills. The part I was waiting for is how this would translate over to the black community.

Then I saw this video from the owner of the site:


(Thank you, “X”!)


It is my belief that the MGTOW Movement was created to EVENTUALLY sway black males into leaving black females to become:

  1. Homosexual (self genocide)
  2. Ineffective and Passive and therefore
  3. No threat to white society since there is no need to spawn with black women and PROTECT them


There is always a hidden agenda when Yurugu does ANYTHING since his own survival is always at stake.

My question is, how many black men will jump on this bandwagon and commit suicide?

Or will they see the game being played before them?




Emergency Message For the Black Family

Dear Black Family,

Please do not give your blood to your doctor anymore. Refrain from taking blood tests and allowing them to pump vial after vial of blood from your body. They are storing your blood and using it to build sophisticated chemicals and medicines that target specific African RNA/ DNA.

What does that mean exactly?

Black people are NOT a monolithic group despite what they want you to believe.

If you’re from Sierra Leone, your ancestry I mean ( as an example) and your particular blood type has proteins that come from that region of Africa, your enemy can isolate that protein to make weapons to target and kill you. So let’s say that you live in NYC, in the Bronx, in a heavily populated black neighbourhood, they can spray chemicals in the air, or release man-made flying insects that can target ALL blacks from that region of West Africa.

Once released, these chemicals can cause:

  1. Dizziness/ Difficulty with Concentration
  2. Hyper-aggression
  3. Suicidal thoughts/ Depression
  4. Extreme lethargy
  5. Flu-like symptoms
  6. Joint pain
  7. Diabetes
  8. High blood pressure
  10. DEATH


But they NEED your blood to make these weapons!

This is one of the reasons why when you go to the doctor, he’ll always ask for more blood, more blood, more blood!!! His most common excuses?


“We need to see how your kidneys are functioning.”

“We need to test for cancer, diabetes, infection, blah, blah, blah…”


And certain blood types are more “beneficial” to them that others. Especially, blacks that DO NOT have the RH factor in their DNA. That means that you test:

A-, B-, O-, AB-


Make up any excuse you can find, preferably religious reasons, and refrain from giving away your blood.


Please pass on this potential life saving article.







African Meditation Session: The Purge Takes Effect



It’s been awhile since I felt compelled to write anything.

During my much needed hiatus, I’ve been meditating on many things. My dream lead me to write this post. A great many of you have expressed sadness, anxiety and outright fear at the current situation of our planet, especially since the selection of Trump as our president. I can tell you with absolute certainty that our people are being rounded up by a division of the police called I.C.E. and are being held in “detention centers” before they are allegedly shipped off to their prospective countries.

Families are being torn apart, children are left in the hands of The State and we, once again, Black Peoples, are defenseless and hapless against this plague called white terrorism.

Donald Trump is more than just their president.

He represents what ALL whites want the most.

Complete and total forceful, violent domination of those that are considered “the others.”

The fact that 55% of white females voted for a white rapist should tell us, by now, that white women are:

  1. Not on our side
  2. Have never been on our side
  3. Will continue to help her white man carry out his diabolical plans even though it means cruel subjugation and sexual violence for her, her daughter, her mother and her sister.


The fact that poor, ailing, jobless, white males voted for this elitist tells us:

  1. That ALL whites, especially the poor, see themselves as being “in the same league” as their richer white counterparts
  2. That ALL whites will NEVER wise up and admit that their own worst enemy looks like them
  3. That ALL whites would rather perish off of the face of the earth than to have equality for all.




When you have been harming, maiming, raping, killing, dismembering, poisoning and sterilizing black people for the better part of 500 years, it MUST dawn on you at some point in your life that your victims may one day put down their bibles and seek revenge.

It is this deep, seated, visceral fear that will lead the white species to round us up, ALL of us, and try to put an end to their fear once and for all.

Right now, as I pass them on the sidewalk, in a store, I can feel their deep fear mixed with regret.

“I didn’t vote for him!”

“He’s not my president!”

“Don’t blame me, I had nothing to do with this!”

But you did.

Refusing to do what is right is choosing to do what is wrong.

Whites have the power to change things tomorrow morning if they really, really wanted to.

They make the laws, enforce them and decide who gets punished and for what duration of time. This is their planet and whether or not we wish to admit it, currently, they are (anti) GOD-like figures that have the power to erase us as easy as:

  1. Poisoning our water supply
  2. New mandatory vaccines
  3. A dirty bomb
  4. Shooting us in the streets like a common dog for jaywalking


They hire and fire us at will.

Eliminate our healthcare coverage so we can’t get life saving medicines.

And laugh openly and easily at our intense suffering and pain:


I thought extra hard about things for the last couple of months to the point of insomnia.

Black Family,

You MUST get out of your slave training and join me in a universal meditation session NOW.

I am telling you that the day when the Pale Beast will knock on your door with guns, capture you, your wife, your mother, your baby brother, your nephew and YOU is coming. Biden has guillotines waiting for us:




And vaccines are being made DAILY by Bill Gates that will emulate smallpox.

Sound Familiar?



Let me tell you the harsh, raw truth that you wish to deny.

White people want to kill you.

They hate you.

They want you GONE.

And they won’t stop, EVER, til you are dead.

Do you understand?

They want to KILL you.

Wipe you off the face of this earth.

Annihilate you.

Destroy you.

Why do you think they are building mass prisons? With gas chambers?

To first enslave you and make money off of you, then discard you like trash.

No amount of begging and pleading with them will make them change because they lack the GOD-particle inside of them that appeals to EMPATHY. They have NO feelings for us and your tears mean nothing!

There are two species on this earth:




One of us will emerge victorious after the war.

If we win, and we shall, not only will they ( and their “cousins”) be exterminated, but justice, truth, balance, righteousness and reciprocity will return to earth.

If they win, evil will prevail til earth becomes a wasteland and everything will DIE:



Only a sick, idiotic, depraved, non-hueman, alien life form sprays chemicals in the air to kill off the one animal that is necessary for their own survival.

Yet, they do it.



In their psychopathic need to kill blacks, they will destroy themselves as well.

Which brings me to the crux of this post.

Those of you that are tired and heavy laden, join me THIS FRIDAY night for a meditation ritual.

I shall be channeling my Spiritual Forefather and fellow Islander, Toussaint L’ouverture



And conjure the Spirit of Amun-RA and ask for help exterminating these bastards once and for all!

A word to our brown “cousins”…the ones that pretend that they are exempt from white rage and look their noses down on us and spit in our darker faces. You know exactly who you are.

The time has come for you to make a choice.

Who will you fight with?

The race that has done nothing to you or the one that continues to exploit you?

The white man/ white woman despises you too.

Never forget that.

To him, you’re nothing but a nigger. A sand nigger. A spic nigger. A curry eating nigger. A slanty-eyed nigger. To him, you’re in the same category as us:

Not fully hueman.

Don’t let the fact that his focus is on blacks fool you.

Your turn is HERE with the Muslim ban…it just hasn’t reached full force yet.

Choose wisely because after this, there’s no going back.


And finally, a word to the Pale Monstrosity known as the White Demon Seed.

Let me begin by saying that I despise you with a passion that I never knew existed.

How many chances have you had to make recompense? How many times have you had the opportunity to do the right thing yet you continue to do wrong?

You are the epitome of all that is evil, bad, different, spoiled, wrong, uncivilized on this planet. The only real nigger is you. You could have made different choices and joined the hueman experience but you chose to do wrong because it is in your nature to be an evil son of a bitch.

Long after you’ve gone, books will be written about you to teach our offspring about a man-like plague that once inhabited this earth, tore it asunder, raped it, then disappeared.

How does it feel knowing that oppression and evil will be your legend FOREVER?

If you were smart, and you can guess what’s coming for you, you’d begin committing suicide as fast as you can.














Dr. Umar Johnson Speaks of What’s to Come


The year is ending Black Family.

First and foremost, I wish to say that I love you all. Yes, all of you. Even though we may disagree on various topics, you are Kindred Melanin Spirit and I only want the best for you.

Second, I hope you’ve been taking my advice to heart and have been planning to the best of your (financial) ability to plan and prepare for 2017. With Trump in office and ALL of his cabinet members being apart of the KKK, things will heat up for black people very soon.



I’d would advise you to get your weapon and learn how to use it. For those of you that travel to work, have a chaperone-buddy system where your friend/ family member is always with you in the car. Remember to keep your cell phone CHARGED and ready at all times and always get your gas in broad daylight, never after work and never at night.

Ladies, keep your spare tire ready and filled with air and learn how to change your own tire! It’s not hard but does require some muscle to loosen the nuts and bolts and re-tighten them. Keep this along with your flashlight, matches, flares, blanket and a serrated knife with your car.

Black Men, yes…I know how strong and capable you are but you still need protecting as well. Remember my post on surviving the police? Did you get the hidden car camera? Well, it may save your life. That and a tiny tape recorder.

Have extra batteries on hand.

As we succumb to the winter season and Mother Nature is at rest, now is the time to think and PLAN.

What is it that you really want out of this life?

If peace is on your list, know this:

You will NEVER have peace as long as the system of white supremacy is in place.

It will not happen.


Accept it.

White People are the human-kind foot soldiers for their father.

They were given power, wealth and (false) privilege in exchange for helping a sinister, demonic force overthrow the Guardians of Earth. This is coming to an end very quickly as more and more blacks awaken to our true identity and thusly realize we’ve been duped and put “asleep”.  As the planet heats up, they will go insane and it will be an “anything goes” mentality.





{ There is a deeper reason why Rue’s death sparked the resistance. But of course, they don’t want you to know this.}


I’m going on a hiatus to meditate and fast and conduct my rituals for our people. I asked for answers 2 months ago and waited very patiently. Last night, I was lead to this:



Spells are being casted on us DAILY in the form of brainwashing. They are (mostly) inaudible but some of us that are very sensitive can hear “beeping” and “buzzing” noises coming from the sky and can feel electrical currents moving about.

For those of you that wish to join in, please do. We need all the help we can get, and soon, as EVIL is getting more emboldened as the days go by.


You cannot reason with a psychopath. You cannot beg it to stop. Hugs won’t work. And neither will sexing it.

The only way to stop a killer from killing is to kill it.

For those you that are warriors, Spiritual, Economic, Educational, Nutritional and PHYSICAL Warriors, please continue to do what is necessary for our people.

Best Always








Mark of the Beast


Watching this well put together video, the mark of the beast is so cool!

Imagine you’re late for work or pressed for time.

Just walk in, snatch a bag of organic spinach off the shelf and walk out!

For those of you that think me insane, for those of you that wonder why I keep reiterating that yurugu is a monster that must be destroyed, this “new” technology is just the beginning of your slow demise.

I know many of you, you know who you are, will jump at this exciting new app and waste no time showing off to your friends and family how great it is to walk out of a store without paying cash. A cashless society is one of the many ways yurugu will control your food, gas, water, clothing, medicine and virtually every way of life that you can think of.


You figure out a way to Do For Self.

I’d advise you to begin your garden, learn to cook from scratch, learn to sew and make your own clothing, learn the power of herbal healing, figure out a way to keep warm in the winter WITHOUT electricity and get, as much as possible, off the grid.

You were warned….

I’ve written extensively about Dropping Out of the System, Finding Water, Buying Cheap Land, Growing a Garden no matter where you live and so on. And to drive home my point…

Up here, a group of young white folks, all in their early twenties and early thirties, pooled their money together and purchased a tiny home on a decent-sized piece of land. They are in the midst of ripping up carpet, cutting up firewood, painting the rooms and configuring where to build their garden next spring.

All constructive work done to ensure their survival.


What are black people doing?


A Simple Way to Eliminate the Remaining 5 Percent of Demons


For those of you that have meditated with me in the past, this post is for you.


Did you know that melanin can emit “sunrays” from your body?

Melanin is nothing but a solid form of sunlight. We, Melanin Peoples, have the ability to absorb AND emit the sun AT WILL in any way we wish. When I became aware of my power, I consumed book after book on how to channel my SunPower to my advantage. My crops grew, birds and butterflies began to fly over my head and my dreams became more vivid. The more aware I became, the more powerful I felt. Coupled with my intense fasting and meditation rituals, I learned that I can make things happen.

If you’re serious about this planetary issue called White Supremacy and you fully understand what’s at stake, you’ll understand why this must be done.

First: You must drink water, water and more water. And it must be clean water.

Second: A 24 hour fast must be done. For those of you that need to eat due to illness like diabetes, a small bowl of oatmeal, cornmeal or buckwheat will suffice but NO SOLID FOODS. Or you can make a smoothie.

Third: You must meditate on your goal so your intent is there. You must think about this intent. Picture it. Picture the outcome in your mind.

Fourth: With the intent still clear in your mind, go outside and stand under the sun. This needs to be done when the sun is highest and most potent in the around 11 am – 3 pm. Stand DIRECTLY under the sun and allow the sun to penetrate you. Picture it absorbing into your skin, your hair, your feet, your hands and your eyes.

Fifth: When you feel you are ready, go amongst your enemy and walk. Be amongst them while thinking WITH INTENT:

“I am emitting the sun’s rays.”  “I am projecting the sun’s rays.”

Think this over and over and over.

You may focus your eyes on any one person in particular or a group of people.  At the marketplace, I picture myself emitting my SunPower to everyone that is not Melanin Rich.

You do not need to say anything to anybody.

Just think it.

You will have results in very little time.

I did this to a former racist co-worker that tormented me almost to the point of homicide. A nice tumor grew in his neck and he was out of work for damn near 5 weeks much to my satisfaction.

This, Black Family, is how you fight The Beast.

Not with protesting.

Not with begging.

For that is useless to a group of soulless un-Peoples.

You fight by eliminating them the fuck off this planet.

Show them the same kind of mercy that they have shown you, your family and our ancestors.


Please pass this on and SHARE this post to everyone that wishes to fight back.



The B.B. King Motivation

When I close my eyes, all I see is Negress.”



Did I ever tell you that I was obsessed with B.B. King?

I used to have fantasies about meeting him in person and asking him to run away with me. Of course, he said yes.

I remember in my twenties, B.B. announced that he was going to be at Madison Square Garden in NYC. I was thrilled. Tickets were 250.00 for front row seats and I was determined to get them. I had a part time job to help pay for school and needed extra money. So I began to think of ways to earn more money. I baked cookies, brownies, pecan pies and homemade candies and sold them at school for 3.00 a slice.

Each time I heard the announcement on the radio about B.B. coming in 2 weeks, my heart fluttered and a big grin spread across my face. I worked and worked at a job that I hated taking more and more overtime, as much as possible, to earn more money to see my idol.

When the big day came, I went to TicketMaster on 42nd street and purchased my ticket.

Being in that theater, listening to B.B. wail about how some woman left him for his best friend was like standing in the middle of heaven. It was all that I had hoped for.

As I grew, my childhood actions began to come back to me as I saw more and more of the Matrix called White Supremacy.

Even at my young age, 22 to be exact, I understood that seeing my favourite singer required sacrifice.

What were those sacrifices?

Toiling at a job that I hated.

Baking 3, 4, 5 times a day in a hot kitchen to sell my chocolate chip cookies.

NOT buying any fashions, lipstick, pretty silver jewelry from the African street vendors.

ALL to achieve my goal of raising 250.00 to see B.B. cry about some cheating, two-timing whore.

What is the crux of this post?

The real reason why my people are still in this sad state of affairs is because we lack real motivation to get the fuck out.

I guarantee if the motivation was there, like free money, free sex, free beer and an all you can eat chinese buffet, we’d opt to leave white supremacy a long time ago. But we stay. Why? Because life OUTSIDE this prison is so damn scary, fending for yourself and all, you choose to stay and beg Massa not to beat you too hard today.

Most of us don’t mind getting beaten up.

Just not too much, too hard, too often.

If black people really wanted to be free, you’d do what you needed to do to accomplish it.

And you wouldn’t make excuses either.

Yesterday, I decided that I needed a new winter nightgown. I refuse to buy from the chinese who, once you come into their stores, began to speak in their language. I refuse to give my money to those money hungry pedophiles joos who are the real bosses of the united snakes. And I refuse to give arabs my cash so what did I do?

I went into my shed.

Got out a bunch of fabric scraps.

Sewed them together.

And made my own damn nightgown.


What was my motivation?


That and raw, bitter hatred for The Beast.

Black People,

You need to find your own B.B. King Motivation.









10 More Reasons Why White People Have Sex With Dogs — A Cynical Look At The White Race

*Hat Tip: Andrew Hue

via 10 More Reasons Why White People Have Sex With Dogs — A Cynical Look At The White Race


Sometimes yurugu can explain themselves better than we can.

A Big Thank You to the Black Family

“I’m so mad right now!”



I sat at my altar and asked for some very specific things.

For me, for my family and for my people.

I said to myself: Be patient…wait for conformation…it will come.

And here it is:


{Janet Adamy, Wall Street Journal, November 29, 2016}

More white people are dying than being born in about one-third of the states, a new peak in a trend that is reshaping the social, political and economic landscape of the U.S.

Research released Tuesday by the University of New Hampshire found that the number of states where white deaths outpace births has climbed rapidly over the last decade, rising to 17 in 2014 from just four in 2004.

These states extend beyond rural areas known for their withering populations to include those with large metropolitan areas, such as California, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, as well as otherwise growing Sunbelt destinations like Nevada and Arizona.

The figures exclude residents moving from state to state and the arrival of immigrants. In a handful of these 17 states, the white population still rose in recent years because whites moved in, said Kenneth Johnson, a senior demographer and sociology professor at the University of New Hampshire who co-wrote the research.

And in all but Maine and West Virginia, these states are still seeing more births than deaths overall thanks to growing Latino, black and Asian populations.

White women are having fewer babies, and drugs, alcohol and suicide have helped push up the mortality rate among middle-aged whites.


The research, believed to be the first to measure the natural population decline of whites by state, used data from the National Center for Health Statistics to examine white births and deaths from 1999 to 2014.


 States like Florida, with its stable of retirees, have watched white deaths outpace births since the end of the last century.  Others, such as Mississippi and New Hampshire, began to see their white populations shrink only in the past few years.

The biggest driver behind the shift is a sharp drop in the number of white women in their childbearing years. Between 2000 and 2014, the number of white women age 15 to 44 declined by 4.7 million, in part because the U.S. fertility rate dipped during the 1970s.


Drugs are playing a smaller though still significant role, Mr. Johnson said. Previous research found that deaths from drug and alcohol abuse—including an unfolding opioid epidemic—as well as suicides are hitting middle-age whites disproportionately harder than minority groups. Some of these people are dying before they have the chance to become a parent, further thinning the white population, Mr. Johnson said.

The U.S. Surgeon General warned in a report earlier this month that alcohol and drug misuse is having a grave impact on Americans’ health and the U.S. economy. The report cited an analysis from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing that alcohol and drug misuse accounted for a roughly four-month decline in life expectancy among white Americans, adding that no other cause of death had a larger negative impact in this population.

Another big factor in this broader demographic shift is that much of the aging baby boomer population is white, which further drives up mortality among this group. The so-called natural increase in the U.S. white population—the number of births minus deaths—fell from 393,000 in 1999 to 82,000 in 2014, a drop of 79%.






Can I get an Amen?


I’d like to thank every Melanite who meditated with me during those tumultuous times and caused this “shift” to take place. What I find most amusing is the reaction and explanations for this “shift” from The Pale Fox, Esau.


“It’s feminism that’s killing us…”

“It’s ’cause those Mexicans are taking our jobs.”

“It’s black people’s attitude that spilled over from the Bronx…

“Little green martians did it…”


No, motherfucker.

It ain’t no martian.

It’s Nature that’s killing your ass.

SHE, along with us, don’t want you here so awaaay you go.


Did you really think you’d be able to get away with 500+ years of brutality against The Most High’s People?

Did you really think your money would save you?

Let’s see you run from the Inevitable.

IF I were you, and I’m very glad I’m not, I’d do everything in my power starting NOW to try and make up for what you’ve done.


Now, Black Family…

How’s about we meditate on finishing the remaining 5% the fuck off?



Neely Fuller Breaks It Down







Remember that ALL whites benefit from this unjust system their ancestors created.

Why is that very same system still in place?

Because they wish it to be.

When John Walsh’s son, Adam, was killed by an alleged “kidnapper” (cough, cough) (….yeaaaah sure, John…whatever you say), whites created Code ADAM so they could find a white missing/ misplaced child. This code is in place in every hospital I’ve ever known. The same goes for Megan’s Law (white pedophiles) and Amber Alert (white kidnappers). ALL created to preserve white life.

Why is racism still in place?

Because they wish it to be.

Why is our suffering still in place?

Because WE do not yet fully understand the system of white supremacy.

No white person on the face of the earth is innocent of racism.


No white person, regardless of what they say to you, wants to end racism.


And when a white child becomes a young white adolescent, they will have evolved into a FULL FLEDGED RACIST by their convoluted, poisoned genetics and their own societal conditioning.

This applies to ALL whites worldwide.

Especially the ones that appear to be nice to you for they are usually the most deceitful and diabolical ones you must watch out for.






The Fast Approaching War


This video was given to me by my blogger buddy.

I agree with the Yurugu speaker that a “shift” is occurring.

But it’s not a political shift for those are chosen and planned for centuries. It’s a Spiritual Shift that has been long prophesied by the Ancestors. Trump is a puppet that is being controlled by the real Ruler of the United States:



And his boss:



Black Family,

Evil does exist. It’s real. It comes to us in the form of flesh but the center of it all, the core is demonic. There is a reason why everything white in Nature is considered wrong, ill-gotten, defective and left for abandonment.


{In the wild, albino creatures are treated with trepidation and anxiety for the normal melaninated ones know intrinsically that they are incorrect}


I’ve read countless books on this subject called Spiritual Warfare and why the white race was chosen to be our Spiritual Negative. Polarity must exist in Nature’s domain like the winter season (death) gives way for the summer (life) to bring forth new beginnings. All things in Nature operate on HER timeline. All things have a season in which they bloom, grow, flourish and are most plentiful.

However, when SHE determines that a certain fruit is to die or a tree is to wither and fade away back into the earth, there is naught you can do as HER will must be done. Yurugu is fighting for his life.

{ Notice how they must don fake apparel/ makeup to blend in with Nature whilst we just blend in naturally? When have you ever seen a tiger cover themselves up in fake clothing? }


“Hi honey! I’m home! Whew…what a rough day at the office!”


He knows his time on this planet is O-V-E-R. In fact, I highly suspect that they knew it was over when they (finally) announced their negative birth rates and began to pay their citizens in Russia to have babies!


“A drowning man will hold on to a straw.”


Cloning won’t work.

Robotics/ Androids/ Steve Austin, 6 Million Dollar Man antics won’t work.

Melanin injections won’t work.

Breeding with blacks won’t work.

So what now?

What do you do when you have nothing left to lose?

You take as many people down with you as you can.

Preferably that strongest.


The war on blacks is manifested as a brute physical force war but in actuality, it’s our soul that they are after for they possess none. The SOUL-SUN force in us is what connects us to The Most High Being and protects us, guides us and will lead this planet and all creatures to freedom. It is the one thing that will defeat them and they are in PANIC mode for they know their time is over.

The more we love ourselves, the more we show love and adoration for each other, the more we disconnect from them (especially sexually), the more we REJECT their sick value system called Mammon, the more we choose life, the more we see them as Rejects of Nature, they faster they will die off.


Here is the “mysterious” Missing Link that Yurugu doesn’t want to tell us. But they LOVE to give us little hints…




{ A subtle push for beastiality as well}



( ALL the same characters with different names and storylines.  Hugh Jackman ( a play on words for Jackal = Dog = Wolf) is the more modern, sexier version of The Wolf. That is why his screen name is Wolverine. Do not be fooled, Black Family)



Know that the faster they see themselves die off, the more they panic.

The more they panic, the more aggressive they will become.

The more aggressive they become, the more apt they will be to kill us.


This is The (physical) War that is coming.

My visions tell me that some, and I do mean a tiny few, white people will fight AGAINST their own people in our favour because they know what’s really at stake. The “other brown people” who rejected us due to their own self hatred will begin to align themselves with us IN APPEARANCE ONLY for they know once we go, they are next in line.

Do not take their meager attempts at “solidarity” to heart.

They are all looking out for their own best interests…which is to keep us in the front lines of white rage.


Black Family,

We can and will defeat this enemy.

But it must begin with black self love. Then it will seep into loving each other for that is the real Secret Weapon that the Pale Fox is desperate to keep from us. When we are at each others throats, they feed on our REVERSE light, reverse Sun energy, and grow powerful. When we love ourselves and each other, they grow weak, desperate and die.

Do you understand the basics of this war?

I hope so.

Because they do.

Why do you think they send agents into our neighbourhoods to study our behaviour?

Ever wonder why they are always in our faces trying to talk to us? To question us? To get to know us?

It’s not by coincidence.

It by design.

A design that is meant to keep us in bondage, and them in power, forever.

Disconnect yourself from them psychologically, sexually and emotionally.

And watch them die off.

As they rightfully should.






Black Love is a Revolutionary Act

Support Black Businesses This Holiday Season

When will we stop this insanity?

Black Family,

I’ve been stressing this fact for over 3 years incessantly.

In order for our people to survive this New World Order, we must build for ourselves by ourselves.

All other races do it. In fact, they have seminars on how to exploit the black dollar, how to exploit the black emotion and how to make you think black businesses are inferior to them.


In fact, as we speak, the Asians are buying up acres after acres of broken down homes and derelict farms in Detroit for as little as TEN DOLLARS. Raw land, once occupied by blacks, is being sold to the Joos in Philly for ONE DOLLAR. 

Black Friday, a hellish tradition, continues today but not with the selling of our people. It continues with the selling of our minds and our emotions for profit. After the splash of cold water we received on November the 8th, if we continue this madness, we DESERVE our fate as 4th class citizens on a global scale.

Let’s share, collectively, our 2 TRILLION dollars with each other and begin our high and arduous climb from the bottom of the economic ladder to the top of our own society. I cannot stress how dire our situation will get if we do not collectively pool our resources together. You cannot do this alone. Or with one other person. You need GROUP POWER.

Buy black.

Support black businesses!

Cognitive Dissonance



I laughed all the way through.

You know, black family, I never knew who this fella was til this morning. I’ve been listening to him all day and I just love him. His rampant insanity. His pure smugness. His unwavering beliefs that whites are the real victims.

If you wish to learn more about your enemy, as Sun Tzu advises, watch a take notes.


But on a serious note, all of this madness is leading up to another Civil War.

Followed by WW3.


The White Representative



I’d like to thank Mr. Taylor for speaking raw truth about his own people.

Trump does represent whites, all of them.

Trump does speak for whites, all of them.

Trump does act for whites, all of them.

And Trump does think for whites, all of them.


Notice how utterly quiet whites have been about their cover being blown? Skittish even?

No need to be quiet, Yurugu.

Some of us have always known who and what you are.

I say, Please be yourself.

And let Nature do the rest.


Dear TruthBeTold Part 6

“I’ve been reading your posts for a good while now and have a question. You keep on talking about how we need to build things and start companies but every time we do something, whites take it away. They hold all key positions in banks so we can’t get loans and own all the top realty companies so we can’t get mortgages.

Once they know you have anything, you’re targeted.

How can we build, like you say, when it’s all going to be taken from us?”


signed   “X”, my silent reader



Dear X

First, we have to realize something.

Whites are going to do EVERYTHING in their power to keep us in an inferior position.


That’s the reason why they were placed here on this realm and they will never, ever change.


Second, your points are valid.

But let me point out one thing.

Whites, Arabs, Asians and all other groups, including those that have just entered this country, do one thing that blacks REFUSE to do.


We wish to attach ourselves to everyone else but those that look like us. Yes, I’m aware that slavery obliterated our self love. Yes, I’m quite aware that it stills continues today. But how long must we finger point to someone else except the man or woman in the mirror?

Last year, our collective income, in America alone, totaled over 2 TRILLION dollars. How much of that was spent on each other? How much of that “buying power” was spent, collectively, buying communal land and opening up farmer’s markets like the Hispanics are doing?

How much of that “buying power” was spent, collectively, on helping each other to grow and build businesses like the Pakistanis, Mexicans and Polish are doing?

How much of that “buying power” was spent, collectively, on helping each other to build our own hospitals like the Joos are doing?

We love to moan about “those other folks are doing this and doing that” but we are too lazy and too complacent and too apathetic to fully commit ourselves to doing the same. Regarding bank loans, CASH TALKS. Up here, the Puerto Ricans bought, as a tiny group, about 25 of them, a small piece of dirt land. They intend to turn it into a mini Spanish market filled with homemade foods from their country.

My next door neighbour just bought a house with relatively good bones in poor cosmetic condition. IN CASH. Where did the money come from? His mom, sister, brother, cousins, etc. Day and night they toil to clean up the flimsy roof and trash littered in the yard. You can bet when they are done, it’ll be beautiful and they’ll have a good high-priced rental property.

Why do blacks fail?

Honest answer?

Because we’re too scared to succeed. And too damn happy with our slavery.

Life outside the plantation is much scarier, for SOME OF US, than getting beaten, raped and killed while on the plantation.

We have the power to make serious changes, if we choose to.

But first, we do need to acknowledge that we are very much to blame for our own suffering.

I’d advise you to read this:



Hopefully, I’ve answered your question.

Good luck,



By the way, another reason why we fail is because black people talk too damn much. We love to tell other people what we’re planning to do…not realizing you may be talking to the enemy. Keep our mouths shut and we’ll be better off.

Dr. Amos Wilson Explains What is Going On

The Great Spirit led me to this.

Even though this video is decades old, it still applies today perhaps more than ever.  He explains why whites will never, ever change and only we have the real responsibility to change things for ourselves.

Black Family,

The Christmas Season is upon us.

Spend your dollars with our people and empower yourselves. Now is your chance to prove that you are fully awake and AWARE of the deception called white supremacy.


Please share this post and circulate your dollars with the black community.

How Blacks Can Use Trump’s Presidency to Their Advantage


Donald Trump is in.

Let me begin by saying, yet again, that white people did us a giant favour. They showed us, beyond a shadow of a doubt that they despise us with a blinding passion, will never accept us and wish us to be back in chains on the plantation. They EXPOSED themselves to the world as being the most vile, evil, wicked, racist, dastardly two-legged creatures on the face of the earth.


What comes next, you may ask?

Well, let me say that I like knowing who my enemy is. I like knowing who hates me and who I should beware of. This puts me on my guard as it should. Now that the entire world sees whites as the subhueman creatures that they truly are, I firmly believe that this spectacle marks the beginning of the end for the Pale Creature our ancestors know as Yurugu.

What we need to do now is quite simple.

Now that the Bubble Called Denial has been burst, AGAIN, we have a real opportunity to come together as a race and move forward as a people and here’s how:

A. We need to organize ALL BLACK groups and put forth a system where we can call and rely on each other for basic essentials. Food, water, fuel, watching each others children and so forth.

B. We need to rely on our Black Men for protection now more than ever! Since whites, both male and female, feel emboldened by Trump’s victory, the most vulnerable groups of people in America will be black females and black children.

a. Black women…you need to get your gun. PERIOD. Get your gun and learn how to use it to defend yourself. Also pepper spray and a taser will help. I like this one:


I also highly recommend using Bear Pepper Spray:

It’s more powerful that regular pepper spray and will stop an assailant dead cold. Aim directly for the eyes.


A good serrated hunting knife will slit someone’s throat open that threatens to harm you or your family. Aim for the jugular or slice their brachial artery.


They’ll bleed to death in roughly 4 minutes. Keep in your car, attached to your belt loop or close by just in case you get attacked while pumping gas.




As for a small gun that you can hide easily:

A .22 snub nose revolver hides in your coat, your pocketbook, under your bed or anywhere you need discretion. Aim for the face, neck, heart and genitals.


Being from the islands, I favour this particular weapon:

I use this to cut down brambles, bushes, tough weeds and such in my yard. The men in my family like the ones with a hook:

I’m sure you can use your imagination what this machete can do.


Am I telling you to start trouble?




But you need to be ready to defend yourself if need be especially those of you that travel alone, get off from work late, walk home, take the bus or live by yourselves.


Black Men,

Now is not the time for excuses. We are under attack and need you. Will you pretend that things aren’t as bad as they seem and simply choose to ignore what is happening ALL ACROSS THIS COUNTRY or defend your female mirror image?

If the black woman dies, you die.

Remember that.


C. I’ve been saying this so much I feel like a broken record: Support black businesses. Your enemy has told you in plain English, ” I hate you but I want your money.” Will you still continue to support them? Or will you spend wisely with your own? Why are other groups NOT getting killed by cops? Because they are self reliant to some degree and we are 100% dependent on EVERYONE else for our basic living needs. What is the outcome of this?


This is the real reason why whites, and everyone else for the matter, is always attacking us. They know of our vulnerability. But never fear. We have the power to change this IF we choose to and Trump  is giving us the prime opportunity to do just that.


Finally, I’d like to speak directly to the white audience that I know read my blog.


Your own white man played you for a fool.

You’ve been had.

Been took.

He’ll NEVER be able to deliver on his promises of bringing jobs back to your community. Why? Because all greedy people care about is acquiring more stuff. Donald Trump doesn’t give a fuck about you, about your mangy, lice infested kids or your fat wife. He could care less that you eat Vienna Sausages and Coors Light for breakfast, lunch and dinner. He doesn’t give a flying fuck that the sheriff just put a final notice on your front door. And he certainly doesn’t care that you can’t pay for your heart medicine.

He hates you.

Do you hear me?

He hates you.

He thinks you are a worthless, uneducated, toothless, sister-fucking, cousin-marrying, piece of trailer park shit. That’s why he campaigned heavily FOR YOU ’cause he knew you weren’t smart enough to figure out his rouse.

He purposely, intentionally spoke to the very core of you which is racism personified and you fell for it hook, line and sinker. He made promises to you that he knew he could NEVER uphold because NO president in history makes ANY laws.

Clearly you are not a very high IQ race or you would’ve figured it out by now.

What will happen next will affect you and yours in a way that you never saw coming.

You know all those government programs that you accuse black people of using? If they get cut, which they will, not only will we suffer, YOU’LL SUFFER MORE SINCE YOU ARE THE MAJORITY OF ITS USERS.

Wave bye, bye to your cushy, pseudo innocence.

Now, EVERYONE knows who you are and what you stand for.

I’ll let you in on a little secret.

Now is the time for you to GO OUT OF YOUR WAY to make any kind of amends with black people, especially financially,  since you owe us a debt that can never be fully repaid. I know you’re as dumb a rock so let me help you figure this out with a little help from one of your own:




Listen to your own kind, Pale Fox.

He knows.



The Caucasoid’s Self Induced Problem: How Trump Exposed White America’s Racism

Picture it:

Your demographic is quickly diminishing.

Your level of income is quickly decreasing.

You go to bed hungry and have no job prospects.

How do you cope in a manufactured reality that no longer tolerates you?


You go against your own best interest and vote for a man who ran a campaign based on raw, bitter, angry, vile hatred. You vote for a man who told you if you vote for him, he’ll make it OK for you to be as racist as possible and get away with it.


I think this backlash is a good thing:

  1. Black people will now have no choice but to open their eyes that white people DESPISE them
  2. White people CANNOT pretend any longer that they are “innocent” of racism





Whites love to pretend that this is a post-racial nation in the age of Obama.

Whites love to pretend that America wasn’t founded on raw, bitter hatred of blacks.

Whites love to pretend that they don’t really “understand” what black people have been complaining about for the last 500 years.


After the man that they voted for won and they now have no choice but to view the visceral opposing reaction of their chosen one, they are now going to pretend:

  1. That they did not vote for him
  2. That they are willing to “work hard to unify people not divide them”


What black people WILL NOT understand is that NO white person on this planet wants to end racism. Racism is apart of their DNA. Racism is apart of their language concept. Racism is in their blood. Racism is in their entire blood-filled history. Racism is apart of the world they created for their betterment and finally, racism is the only benefit to being white.

Why would you give up the one thing that defines and benefits you?

What whites fear most from this selected outcome isn’t backlash.


Like any crawling, slithering, slimy pestilence, whites fear being exposed for the sick, demented, psychopathic, subhueman creatures that they are. Why? Because then they can no longer feign INNOCENCE.


Last night, after my phone blew up, I went to bed feeling an odd sense of satisfaction. Trump has opened Pandora’s Box and once opened, it cannot be closed again. What black people need to do now is acquire a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

If guns make you uncomfortable, get comfortable with being uncomfortable because you’re NEVER going to be comfortable in a system of white supremacy.

Whites will die first before they choose peace.


White Grand Wizard and Sick Demon in Subhueman Flesh

Whites will die first before they choose Nature.


White will die first before they choose huemanity.




For one reason and one reason only.

You cannot take a person’s Nature away from them simply by changing their environment.


The white race has chosen death over life and they are hell bent on taking us with them.

Will you join them?

Or will you fight back?

I say:

Fuck America and Fuck White people.

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