Observations of an Invisible Woman

Why The Hotep Movement is Dying

I can remember when being Pro-Black was “a thing.” It was not only a conscious movement, like only buying from black owned companies, but it was an entire thought process. We were banded together because we had shared experiences and wanted to reconnect with ourselves.

But over the decades, something began to occur. It became quite obvious that the Pro-Black movement really meant Pro Black Male. It was his struggles that mattered, that counted and all we spoke of. The issues pertaining to black women were pushed to the back burner and made to feel insignificant. This continued for roughly five decades.

Then something began to happen.

We saw black male after black male not only parade other races of women on their arms. but they proudly and arrogantly threw them in our faces. They were better than us. Prettier. They were worthy of love, affection, compliments and provision.

All of a sudden, the black woman, who had given the black male her all, was persona non grata. There is something quite miraculous about arrogance. Arrogance never sees the fall coming.

Instead of groveling and begging like she was expected to do, the black woman of a certain caliber, she knows who she is, simply packed up her shit and left. She found love either outside of her race or with self. Now the black community is left with Left Overs.

I’ve stated this a multitude of times,

You cannot have a functioning Tribe without a functioning, well cared for, fertile and capable Womb. It simply cannot happen. Bad seeds give birth to sour fruit.

The Hotep Movement, which is 100% male based, is dying out.

But why? And why now?

Because the black woman is done. She’s had enough. She’s gone down that empty road and learned that it leads to empty promises, out of wedlock children, generational poverty, back breaking hard work, illnesses and disease and heartbreak.

She is done.

And once the Womb leaves, the Tribe is finished.

Oh yes…but what about those that stay and “tough it out”?

They will get caught up in the new paradigm of a changing world that doesn’t include them.

Oh well…


My partner “C” has sent out emails to everyone that wants to join the new platform. It is NOT free. The cost is ten dollars per month to join. The cost will help to promote the documentary and fees that are attached to movie making. And a portion of the proceeds will go to a reputable charity for women and girls.

We will be uploading new content this week. Hope to see you there.

Please Check…

To all the Ladies that wanted more information, please check whatever email address you are using to log onto my blog. We’ve responded with info on what we’re working on and the new page/ channel designed just for black women.


I’m going to be working with a young lady who is building a channel for black women by black women. She contacted me recently and after speaking privately, we decided the timing feels right.

Are there any black women on here who wish to be contacted privately? Details will be explained via email. Please DO NOT put your private emails on here. A simple, “I do” will suffice.

Thank you in advance.

Bill Burr

Some white men are tired too…


Dear DOAN…

“Hi @DOAN….a bit off topic…do you believe in the idea of group/collective karma? This is an old video a woman made on Youtube around the whole controversy with those two black men that were arrested at Starbucks a couple years ago for not doing anything. She is contending that what happened to them was karma as a result of how many black males publicly degrade black women, abuse, etc and how other black men don’t hold them accountable.”

This comment came from a commenter, Sophia, earlier. I wanted to expand my post to shed some light on what EXACTLY is going on in the black male community.

Yes, Karma, which is a female Spirit, is real. She simply gives what she gets. But with a vengeance. Karma has a female twin called Wisdom. Knowledge is external. Wisdom is internal so they are not the same thing. Wisdom predates Karma.

The black male is reaping generations of Divine Karma for his crimes against his mirror image ( man, woman and child) and his allegiance to other groups of people that are not his own. Many males date, sex and marry out. This is nothing new. But…they still have respect for the womb that gave them life. The black male is the only man who must defile his mirror image in order to uphold the image of another Tribe. This is called Treason.

Because of this, Generational Curses have befallen the black race. What are some examples of the Curses?

Gun violence

Police shootings


Preventable Diseases


Poor access to good food


Mass Incarceration

Loss of Land/ Property


I could go on but you get the idea

When other Tribes see that you have no love of self, no love of your mirror image and thusly, no love of your mirror image, it’s Divine Karma that they exact the punishment on you that you have given to your Tribe.

Unfortunately, there will be no corrective measure taken. My advice is to leave the diseased clan to perish and save yourself. Or you’ll go down with the ship.

Required Reading for Black Women

Black Male Privilege Checklist

         Leadership & Politics

  1. I don’t have to choose my race over my sex in political matters.
  2. When I read African American History textbooks, I will learn mainly about black men.
  3. When I learn about the Civil Rights Movement & the Black Power Movements, most of the leaders that I will learn about will be black men.
  4. I can rely on the fact that in the near 100-year history of national civil rights organizations such as the NAACP and the Urban League, virtually all of the executive directors have been male.
  5. I will be taken more seriously as a political leader than black women.
  6. Despite the substantial role that black women played in the Civil Rights Movement and Black Power Movement, currently there is no black female that is considered a “race leader”.
  7. I can live my life without ever having read black feminist authors, or knowing about black women’s history, or black women’s issues.
  8. I can be a part of a black liberation organization like the Black Panther Party where an “out” rapist Eldridge Cleaver can assume leadership position.
  9. I will make more money than black women at equal levels of education and occupation.
  10. Most of the national “opinion framers” in Black America including talk show hosts and politicians are men.Beauty 
  11. I have the ability to define black women’s beauty by European standards in terms of skin tone, hair, and body size. In comparison, black women rarely define me by European standards of beauty in terms of skin tone, hair, or body size.
  12. I do not have to worry about the daily hassles of having my hair conforming to any standard image of beauty the way black women do.
  13. I do not have to worry about the daily hassles of being terrorized by the fear of gaining weight. In fact, in many instances bigger is better for my sex.
  14. My looks will not be the central standard by which my worth is valued by members of the opposite sex.Sex & Sexuality
  15. I can purchase pornography that typically shows men defile women by the common practice of the “money shot.”
  16. I can believe that causing pain during sex is connected with a woman’s pleasure without ever asking her.
  17. I have the privilege of not wanting to be a virgin, but preferring that my wife or significant other be a virgin.
  18. When it comes to sex if I say “No”, chances are that it will not be mistaken for “Yes”.
  19. If I am raped, no one will assume that “I should have known better” or suggest that my being raped had something to do with how I was dressed.
  20. I can use sexist language like bonin’, laying the pipe, hittin-it, and banging that convey images of sexual acts based on dominance and performance.
  21. I can live in a world where polygamy is still an option for men in the United States as well as around the world.
  22. In general, I prefer being involved with younger women socially and sexually
  23. In general, the more sexual partners that I have the more stature I receive among my peers.
  24. I have easy access to pornography that involves virtually any category of sex where men degrade women, often young women.
  25. I have the privilege of being a part of a sex where “purity balls” apply to girls but not to boys.
  26. When I consume pornography, I can gain pleasure from images and sounds of men causing women pain.Popular Culture
  27. I come from a tradition of humor that is based largely on insulting and disrespecting women; especially mothers.
  28. I have the privilege of not having black women, dress up and play funny characters- often overweight- that are supposed to look like me for the entire nation to laugh.
  29. When I go to the movies, I know that most of the leads in black films are men. I also know that all of the action heroes in black film are men.
  30. I can easily imagine that most of the artists in Hip Hop are members of my sex.
  31. I can easily imagine that most of the women that appear in Hip Hop videos are there solely to please men
  32. Most of lyrics I listen to in hip-hop perpetuate the ideas of males dominating women, sexually and socially.
  33. I have the privilege of consuming and popularizing the word pimp, which is based on the exploitation of women with virtually no opposition from other men.
  34. I can hear and use language bitches and hoes that demean women, with virtually no opposition from men.
  35. I can wear a shirt that others and I commonly refer to as a “wife beater” and never have the language challenged.
  36. Many of my favorite movies include images of strength that do not include members of the opposite sex and often are based on violence.
  37. Many of my favorite genres of films, such as martial arts, are based on violence.
  38. I have the privilege of popularizing or consuming the idea of a thug, which is based on the violence and victimization of others with virtually no opposition from other men.Attitudes/Ideology
  39. I have the privilege to define black women as having “an attitude” without referencing the range of attitudes that black women have.
  40. I have the privilege of defining black women’s attitudes without defining my attitudes as a black man.
  41. I can believe that the success of the black family is dependent on returning men to their historical place within the family, rather than in promoting policies that strengthen black women’s independence, or that provide social benefits to black children.
  42. I have the privilege of believing that a woman cannot raise a son to be a man.
  43. I have the privilege of believing that a woman must submit to her man.
  44. I have the privilege of believing that before slavery gender relationships between black men and women were perfect.
  45. I have the privilege of believing that feminism is anti-black.
  46. I have the privilege of believing that the failure of the black family is due to the black matriarchy.
  47. I have the privilege of believing that household responsibilities are women’s roles.
  48. I have the privilege of believing that black women are different sexually than other women and judging them negatively based on this belief.Sports
  49. I will make significantly more money as a professional athlete than members of the opposite sex will.
  50. In school, girls are cheerleaders for male athletes, but there is no such role for males to cheerlead for women athletes.
  51. My financial success or popularity as a professional athlete will not be associated with my looks.
  52. I can talk about sports or spend large portions of the day playing video games while women are most likely involved with household or childcare duties.
  53. I can spend endless hours watching sports TV and have it considered natural.
  54. I can touch, hug, or be emotionally expressive with other men while watching sports without observers perceiving this behavior as sexual.
  55. I know that most sports analysts are male.
  56. If I am a coach, I can motivate, punish, or embarrass a player by saying that the player plays like a girl.
  57. Most sports talk show hosts that are members of my race are men.
  58. I can rest assured that most of the coaches -even in predominately-female sports within my race are male.
  59. I am able to play sports outside without my shirt on and it not be considered a problem.
  60. I am essentially able to do anything inside or outside without my shirt on, whereas women are always required to cover up.Diaspora/Global
  61. I have the privilege of being a part of a sex where the mutilation and disfigurement of a girl’s genitalia is used to deny her sexual sensations or to protect her virginity for males.
  62. I have the privilege of not having rape be used as a primary tactic or tool to terrorize my sex during war and times of conflict.
  63. I have the privilege of not being able to name one female leader in Africa or Asia, past or present, that I pay homage to the way I do male leaders in Africa and/or Asia.
  64. I have the ability to travel around the world and have access to women in developing countries both sexually and socially.
  65. I have the privilege of being a part of the sex that starts wars and that wields control of almost all the existing weapons of war and mass destruction.College
  66. In college, I will have the opportunity to date outside of the race at a much higher rate than black women will.
  67. I have the privilege of having the phrase “sewing my wild oats” apply to my sex as if it were natural.
  68. I know that the further I go in education the more success I will have with women.
  69. In college, black male professors will be involved in interracial marriages at much higher rates than members of the opposite sex will.
  70. By the time I enter college, and even through college, I have the privilege of not having to worry whether I will be able to marry a black woman.
  71. In college, I will experience a level of status and prestige that is not offered to black women even though black women may outnumber me and out perform me academically.
  72. If I go to an HBCU, I will have incredible opportunities to exploit black womenCommunication/Language
  73. What is defined as “News” in Black America is defined by men.
  74. I can choose to be emotionally withdrawn and not communicate in a relationships and it be considered unfortunate but normal.
  75. I can dismissively refer to another persons grievances as ^*ing.
  76. I have the privilege of not knowing what words and concepts like patriarchy, phallocentric, complicity, colluding, and obfuscation mean.Relationships
  77. I have the privilege of marrying outside of the race at a much higher rate than black women marry.
  78. My “strength” as a man is never connected with the failure of the black family, whereas the strength of black women is routinely associated with the failure of the black family.
  79. If I am considering a divorce, I know that I have substantially more marriage, and cohabitation options than my spouse.
  80. Chances are I will be defined as a “good man” by things I do not do as much as what I do. If I don’t beat, cheat, or lie, then I am a considered a “good man”. In comparison, women are rarely defined as “good women” based on what they do not do.
  81. I have the privilege of not having to assume most of the household or child-care responsibilities.
  82. I have the privilege of having not been raised with domestic responsibilities of cooking, cleaning, and washing that takes up disproportionately more time as adults.Church & Religious Traditions
  83. In the Black Church, the majority of the pastoral leadership is male.
  84. In the Black Church Tradition, most of the theology has a male point of view. For example, most will assume that the man is the head of household.Physical Safety
  85. I do not have to worry about being considered a traitor to my race if I call the police on a member of the opposite sex.
  86. I have the privilege of knowing men who are physically or sexually abusive to women and yet I still call them friends.
  87. I can video tape women in public- often without their consent – with male complicity.
  88. I can be courteous to a person of the opposite sex that I do not know and say “Hello” or “Hi” and not fear that it will be taken as a come-on or fear being stalked because of it.
  89. I can use physical violence or the threat of physical violence to get what I want when other tactics fail in a relationship.
  90. If I get into a physical altercation with a person of the opposite sex, I will most likely be able to impose my will physically on that person
  91. I can go to parades or other public events and not worry about being physically and sexually molested by persons of the opposite sex.
  92. I can touch and physically grope women’s bodies in public- often without their consent- with male complicity.
  93. In general, I have the freedom to travel in the night without fear.
  94. I am able to be out in public without fear of being sexually harassed by individuals or groups of the opposite sex.

Source:  http://jewelwoods.com/node/9


Key Notes:

  1. It’s mostly (violent) sexual in nature
  2. It’s all the woman’s fault
  3. Never once did the article mention building and providing for their community

This article needs to be passed to every black woman possible and discussed PRIVATELY. I personally love it when people tell me the truth.

Masculinity Redefined



When I was growing up, the men in my family all had skills. They built homes, laid down steel foundations, they cooked, worked 2 and 3 jobs and provided, as best as they could, for their families. Was life hard?


Being black and male wasn’t easy. But they did what they could. I remember my uncle looking for work in another state to keep food on his family’s table. I remember my brother, being young, running home from school to toil on the neighbour’s farm.

All around me were men. Not males. MEN. I felt safe. Secure. I used to jump rope all around the block and never gave one thought to anything bad happening. I kept my femininity all throughout my entire life and it attracted men of all sorts that enjoyed it. As I grew and traveled, I became aware of how different the black community was in comparison to other communities.

Women of other communities were carefree. They jogged at night. Roller bladed through parks with their dogs. Met friends for coffee and went to spa’s to get their hair, nails and eyebrows done. Some had housekeeper’s that came once a week and the very well off had Farm-to-Table Chefs that prepared “organic” meals. I met one white female from the Upper East Side that had a Jamaican nanny that did most of the work raising her child.

These women looked happy, They looked fit. Some even had plastic surgery to correct “flaws”.

Then I looked at the black female community throughout the Diaspora. 

We looked fat. Unkempt. Hostile. Angry. Depressed. Our hair was a Goddamn mess with missing hairlines and ridiculous looking wigs and weaves. Long eagle-like fingernails with too much fake jewelry adorned our hands. Our clothes were ill fitting and out of proportion for our bodies, and let us not forget the HORDES of bastard children that clung to us.

The once mighty black woman who birthed an entire nation was raggedy and disheveled. We are now poor and getting poorer by the generations. We have almost ZERO collective wealth and the strain of raising children by ourselves in a black hating world have taken a toll on our mental health. We are now insane.

The black woman is now a train wreck to be used and abused then discarded like a snot-filled Kleenex. But, as my mind works, I sit down to ponder why. What has happened to us? Why are we the scourge of the entire universe? What is the missing piece of the puzzle that we cannot, or won’t, connect?


That brings me to my point.


What is Femininity?


Femininity is a softness. It’s a relaxation. It’s a gracefulness. It’s unhurried. It is a knowing feeling that if you fall, you will be caught. It is a sweet, genuine surrender to the unknown. This is what makes Masculinity thrive. The two cannot exist without the other.

Now, being Feminine has nothing to do with fatness or shortness. It’s not about being pretty with the right shade of lipstick. A female bodybuilder can be feminine. It is a characteristic that is CREATED for you from birth by the men in your tribe so you, the female, can flourish.


So then, what is Masculinity?


Masculinity is the exact opposite.

It has naught to do with physical strength. It has naught to do with penis size. It’s not about how many women you can sex. It’s not about your income. It’s not about having swag. Or about being able to dance. It’s not about getting girls pregnant. Or wearing the latest designer shoes that your community didn’t manufacture. It’s not about being labeled handsome. Sexy. Hunky. Fuckable.


Masculinity is about being able to foster a safe environment for the most important people in your life. It’s about being able to give your woman, your children and your community all the provisions so they can lead the next generation.


I sometimes think about that young girl at McDonald’s who was assaulted by that white man who nearly dragged her over the counter. I secretly cried when I watched that video. I felt her every emotion. I also know why he felt that he could do that in a black establishment as opposed to a Mexican one. I think about things that like a lot nowadays.



The time has come for black women throughout the Diaspora to begin making changes in their lives. I feel a radical sense of urgency that time is short. I hope you can feel it too for your sake. Remember what the esteemed Dr. Baruti said in one lecture:

“There is no written law anywhere in the Universe that states that the black race MUST survive.”

Please sit and resonate with this quote. And before I close out:

Donald Trump will get reelected in about 8 weeks and Judge Ginsberg is no longer with us. I do hope you understand what is coming.





Think Twice Before You Give Birth


i was sent this so many times in the past few days, I lost count.

Ladies, please think twice before you allow your future children to come into this world unprepared and unprotected.

A Grassroots Documentary

First, a letter from a commenter:


Dear DOAN,

I read your article and have been in your shoes in a different location, with another black man, and other blond white child.

I started seeing this phenomena in the Northwest of the US, and now it is rampant in every state.

It is quite odd to witness and put me in an altered state of reality when I first saw it. But now, it is quite common place to see. I ignore it and move on.

We witnessed a sickness amongst black men. It’s a pathology and a PANDEMIC. There is nothing black women can do but live our best lives and remove ourselves from black men in every way, shape and form.

What struck me, when I witnessed the disease, was the complete joy, elation, and carefree attitude the black man had at being with a white child. It was off the Richter scale creepy. His whole existence depended on being the best for little master.

And that same blond white boy will grow up to harass, kill, lie. and incarcerate black men. Oh, well.

Black women, live your best lives and do not pay attention to the pandemic amongst black men. There is no cure, but KARMA.





Second. a letter from a filmmaker:


Hello! I hope this is the appropriate way to contact you. My team and I have been thinking about the sad state of affairs in the black community and the rise of the Untouchable Black Male. This has been happening for some time but the recent demise of George Floyd has intensified things.


We feel that the black woman doesn’t have a voice. In fact, other people have been telling her story since the beginning. We’d like to put the power of a voice back into the hands of the black woman and allow her to tell her own story.


We are a team of amateur filmmakers who created a grassroots documentary called ” A 40 Dollar Love Letter to Black Men.” Please see the official trailers to get an idea of the message we are trying to portray. Can you please help us to spread the word and get this message out there? A portion of the proceeds will go to a charity for women and girls. Thank you very much!


Truth Teller Films”




It would seem that a certain level of consciousness is rising and the Universe will hear and respond accordingly.


I took a look at this film and was intrigued to learn more. Upon purchase, they will give you instructions on how to contribute your own personal story to keep the series going.


Here are the Trailers:


  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5u6mvG0jh_w
  2. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zq2HPHpgZjs&t=11s


And here’s where it can be purchased:


Part 1:  https://bentbox.co/video?JNNnbvSB

Part 2: https://bentbox.co/video?jQmE7KOv





The Black Man is O-V-E-R

Today, I ventured  out of the house. I needed my favourite cereal and decided to take a quick ride to the supermarket. As I walked the aisles, focused on finding the right late night snack, I stumbled upon a sight that would rest heavily on me for the entire day.


I saw a dark complected black male with a white, young, blonde, male child. I peeked at them while pretending to read the ingredients for Honey Nut Cheerios. The black male hoisted the child on to his shoulders and began helping him to “sound out” the words on the box. He laughed heartily and swooped the child in his arms for a kiss on the cheek.

The child clung to him and they proceeded to shop together like any loving father and child.

But this boy wasn’t his.

He is helping to raise another man’s son.

He is helping to teach another man’s son to read.

He is assisting a white woman in the difficult task of raising a child in these perilous times.


I walked away in deep thought and they followed me to the juice aisle. The boy wanted to know what was on the juice box and he patiently told him.


As I watched them together, my mouth went sour and my blood began to boil. Now, don’t get me wrong, this has NOTHING to do with the baby. It has everything to do with this black male. 


As he picked him up and read the juice box to him, my mind had a flash:


  1. My sister raising my nephew by herself because her HUSBAND walked out with zero child support.
  2. My best friend crying at her kitchen table when she found out she was pregnant and her boyfriend disappeared.
  3. My nurse practitioner telling me she raised all three of her children by herself while putting herself through nursing school because her HUSBAND, “Didn’t want this life anymore.”
  4. The black women on my old block, all single mothers, all on welfare, all desperate, all poverty stricken, all defeated.


Then I saw this man.

This black man.

This dark skinned, black man who was raising ANOTHER man’s child as his own and loving every, single moment of it. He grinned from ear to ear, delighting in the blondness of a child that didn’t look anything remotely close to him.


I walked away from the juice section forgetting my cranberry juice and went to stand in the canned foods section alone. I needed a minute. I needed to calm down. I needed to collect my thoughts and compose myself.


I paid for my Cheerios, peaches and raw nuts and left.


As I sat in my car, I thought about how the black male has used the black woman for millennia. I thought about how we fought side by side against white invaders both on and off the plantation. I thought about how we struggled together in raw poverty only to have this shit.


The black man is o-v-e-r.


I’m not sure if HE knows it but we know it. He’s done. Finished. Finito. Bye-bye.

Once you develop another tribe and blatantly ignore your own, it’s just a matter of time before Karma sees your ungratefulness and takes you out. After all, if you don’t care, why should She?


Maybe, after all that has happened, it’s not such a bad thing.


The one question that lingers in my mind as I type this is:


Does he realize how ridiculous he looks fawning over a bloodline and later on, a Patriarchy,  that doesn’t belong to him?



How to “Fix” the Problem




A private letter from a reader:


“Dear Sis Truth,

I’ve been a long time follower for a few years and I’ve noticed the change in your message. I have a real serious question. How do we fix this issue between the BM and the BW? Is it too late for us? And if it is, weill we no longer exist?”


My Response:


Dear “X”


This gender war has been going on long before our time and will continue as long as the black male, the Original Father of all Hueman Beings, continues to uphold, praise, love and worship the image of another man’s daughter over the image of his own Mother.


The Spirits are growing more and more enraged and The Great Backlash is coming. The Great Mother’s Vengeance will be a sight to be witnessed. My advice to you may seem a bit simple:

Focus on yourself, stop begging and pleading and pandering and step out of the way. Don’t march, cry and donate money to any black male cause. Don’t buy any merchandise from them. Don’t care when 2021-2030 arrives and the Great Culling is in full effect. Stop giving birth to their children. Become as UNINVOLVED as possible. Save your energy and mental prowess for yourself.

Until the Black Woman, the Creator of all hueman life has been properly restored to her original status, no peace will be on this planet.

Hope this helps.



America on Fire


I’ll admit it.

I have anxiety.

And for good reason.

I feel that something BIG is about to happen.


I watched a Youtube video this morning by a white gentleman who talked about prepping for disaster. He talked about how America, the greatest nation on earth, is under turmoil and what good Americans can do to protect themselves.

As I listened to him speak passionately about how awesome this country is, I reflect on many things. The mass evictions that are now taking place. The mass homelessness that will occur come August 1st. Food lines, albeit in cars, that are 10 miles long desperately waiting for a cold spaghetti dinner. And the multitude of whites that are Caught on Film beating, killing, harassing and verbally abusing black people for simply existing.


All for the world to see. 


In my own mind, I wonder why these good Americans honestly didn’t see this coming?

The collapse, I mean.

The hunger.

The desperation.

The fear of being homeless with young children.

And the impending Race War that’s right beneath the surface that everyone can feel.


It must be wonderful living your life in a permanent haze, a shiny bubble where houses are made from gingerbread with a candy cane coating. How delicious it must feel to wake up and not see the clear and present danger looming right above your head. Ever wonder why they never ask random black people to lend their voices on the current state of America?


The raw truth is this:


America isn’t over. 

America never got started in the first place. 


You cannot build a nation on bloodshed and lies and expect it to flourish and prosper.

Somewhere in the backdrop, the truth is always gnawing at you. Why are we in this state right now of high anger and tension and fear?


Because America has carefully cultivated a country based on unfairness and now the Spirits have come to collect.

Because America has carefully organized a cult of people that chose to do continuous wrong and now the Spirits have come to collect.

Because America has never made proper Spiritual penance for the evils of the past and present and now the Spirits have come to collect.


This isn’t hard to fathom. In fact, I wondered what took so long.





Dear White Man…


(The person I feel sorry for the most is the dog)

Amy Cooper, White Woman Who Called Cops on Black Man in Central ...

After receiving a barrage of letters, I decided to come out of my rest to speak on this never ending issue involving racism in America.


I write this letter not to Black People, but to the White Man, the Dominant One, the Ruler of this Realm, the Judge, Jury and Executioner.  This letter is not a letter of admonishment. I’ve done plenty of that over the years. This letter is to warn you of the monster that you’ve created.


In your quest for Power, you’ve uplifted your Womb, and rightfully so, to the extent that she is now an unstoppable machine that will only serve to your detriment. With her phony tears and her righteous indignation, this woman, your woman, will be the catalyst for the next Major Racial Event that will spark the potential downfall of your carefully crafted empire.


It is because of your doing, your ready-made excuses for her bad behaviour, your willingness to look the other way when you know she is in the wrong that will propagate your demise. Black Rage is GROWING steadily. Asian Rage is growing steadily. I’ve even see videos on Youtube where brown skinned, non-blacks are tired of the shit. Do you honestly believe that you can fend off 95% of the world’s population? 


Every time your woman indulges in her antics, ( perhaps she should take up knitting?). it makes YOU look bad. After all, what good is a Patriarchy that cannot control its womb? What good does it serve you when it soils your reputation in the eyes of the world? This is a question that the black woman is now asking herself privately after realizing her black man isn’t worth a Goddamn!


In the very, very, very near future, your woman will be the catalyst for the Revolution. She will be the Racist Spark that ignites the Nation into bloodshed. Her fakery and trickonomics will rupture like an over ripe pimple and YOU will be the face of it all. What the planet will witness is you pulling the trigger. Not the female voice that made the phone call from the confines of her 3 bedroom, suburban home.


The white woman at the top of my page is like EVERY other white female I’ve met in my life.






Mentally ill


Self Serving


They all look alike to me now.


I hope you’ll read this letter and understand that in war, they are no winners. In war, everyone suffers. In war, you lose a piece of your soul.


Mark my words…




c o m i n g.






Proverbs: 3:1

(Thank you to the follower that sent me this)



Dear Black Women,

Sometimes the Universe allows people to tell you the raw truth about how they really feel about you.

Sometimes the Universe allows people to broadcast, to the ENTIRE world, what they are secretly thinking about you.

Sometimes the Universe allows things to come into your life to teach you a much needed lesson.

Sometimes the Universe allows this to happen to give you a way out.


The question is: Are you paying attention?


Let me tell you what I’m paying attention to…

The SILENCE from the black male “conscious” community.


Carry on.



Revelations 2:1



2020 is almost here.


As I reflect on 2019, many things come to mind.  A few of them are the dozens of private letters I have received from black women on their struggles, their losses, their wins and their revelations. The most powerful women on the face of the Earth is at a crossroads again.


At the risk of sounding melodramatic, the fate of the black race, and incidentally the human race itself, lies in your hands. I’ve taken some time to read heartfelt comments from various sources. I’ve had phone calls with friends of mine, tired and worn out, looking for a different route. I’ve watched silently as women who look like me struggle with the most important decision of their lives.


Where do we go from here? 


Our eyes were FORCED open by the very men in our communities and families.  My own family member commented on a particular disdain for his Mother yet called to borrow money to fund his non-black woman’s lifestyle. An affluent black male insulted my appearance in public in favour for his white wife, but then went on to explain the importance of black women supporting his company.


He did this with a serious face and meant every single word while his white wife stared at me.


This reminds me of a woman’s private email:


“Black men really do believe that they own us. They have a right to us. We are not deserving of being fought for like every other woman on this planet. We’re just supposed to be there for them with money, sex, a place to live, encouragement, conversation, meals and all the help they need. But it’s never returned. And if we ask for it, like any sensible woman should, we’re Gold diggers and we’re in cahoots with the evil white man. The harsh truth is, they hate us and it’s time we realized it and accepted it.”


In 2020, it is my hope that the black woman will recognize her full potential and begin making life altering choices. Why? Because beginning in March-April of 2020, Trump will be cutting food stamps and changing rules as to who can apply. Section 8 vouchers will be removed from the books in certain heavily populated black areas. WIC will cease for low income mothers. Reduced lunches and free lunches will no longer be available. Teachers are leaving the profession due to violent black children and schools are shutting down due to lack of funding. My very good friend and blogger told me that black boys are having sex in stairwells, prostituting young girls of all races for weed and hitting their teachers. THEY ARE IN ELEMENTARY SCHOOL!


All these factors spell utter disaster for the black woman who is left alone to raise her illegitimate children BY HERSELF, who is working two part time jobs at 8.25 per hour and cannot afford to pay rent BY HERSELF, who is left with 60,000 college loans and has Debt Collectors calling her phone every day demanding to know when their money will be sent, who is caring for her sick aunt and can’t afford to buy her diabetes medicine.


The black man, despite his rhetoric, left the black woman the moment he figured out that she was holding him back.  He knew that he would be better able to assimilate into white society and saw his ticket out in her:


Image result for white woman


And made absolutely no apologies for his decision.


And neither should you, Black Woman.


Rough times are ahead. As I travel, I see the raw evidence in the downtown Portland area. Homelessness is skyrocketing, rent is out of control, the drug crisis is unmatched and it has become a war zone to survive. Survival is a funny thing with humans. It’s a natural instinct or at least it should be. Our natural instinct to live has been quelled over the past 400 years. It has been deliberately manipulated to work against our favour.


The time for you, black woman, to decide if you want to live and thrive is now.


Don’t get caught up in this game of “Reel them back in when it suits us only to throw them away when it doesn’t.” The future is looking very unkind for a certain type of black woman.


Decide which type you want to be.




Revelations 1:1

“Dear DOAN,


Ever since your posts, I’ve been looking at the things that have always been right in front of me. I feel silly now at how clear it has always been. I came across this and wanted to share it with you and your readers. All I have to say is, there is a serious shift happening and it’s going to be very interesting what becomes of this new awakening in the very near future. ”


— A Long Time Follower




All things on the planet are of a Transactional Nature.

When you plant seeds into the earth, you tend to it, water it and fertilize it because you want a Transaction to happen. What is the Transaction?

You need to eat. 

You use a resource because you need something from it.


All living things do this out of a need for survival.


This open “give and take” is something that even Patriarchy, in all of its misogyny, understands. Let me make this clear. ALL men seek to control the Womb. The biggest secret fear that men have is that we’ll kill them. They know that once we decide to move onward WITHOUT them, it’s over. Please look at Asian males for proof of this. The intelligent ones come to us with a gentle nature and make bargains hoping we’ll say the magic word, “Yes.”

The arrogant and not so bright ones believe that THEY are the prize.

They truly do not understand that the power is within the Life Bearer.

So they make moves and counter moves that go AGAINST themselves thinking that the rest of us won’t notice.


A commenter posted recently on Leviticus that siphoning money from the Black Woman  is the ultimate goal. I agree and would like to add one thing:

It’s not just money they wish to siphon.

It’s Maternal Energy in all forms.

When you no longer adhere to the Principles of Nature, which is a Give and Take, you become something else. Take a gander what that is.

Black Women, please guard yourselves.

They, in all forms, including those that share your race and gender, have you in their sights.




“Dear Truth,

Ever since your last 3 posts, I’ve been seeing a startling change in the black male community. Maybe it’s because you mentioned it so now I’m paying more attention, I don’t know. But black males are now in my face, with their white women by their side, saying hello, trying to hold conversation, trying to talk to me in the supermarket, holding doors open for me, and complimenting me on my attire.

On Youtube, I keep seeing random videos of black males DEFENDING black womanhood, black beauty standards FROM disrespectful black men who call us names and such. All of a sudden, black men are loving us, complimenting us and talking about how black love is needed.

I have a question for you.

Where was all of this ten years ago? Where was all of this 50 years ago when black men publicly announced that white women were better? Where was all of this defending when black men told the entire world that our vaginas stink and that’s the real reason they had no other choice but to jump ship? Where was all of this open discussion to find out what’s really wrong in the black community?”

——- A private letter from a long time reader




I never knew how much  “Exodus” would impact the Black Community.

I was sent videos from loyal, black women readers who told me, ” You’re on Youtube being dissected.” Black women analyzed why I was doing this, if I was finally waking up and if I was involved with a white man but was “hiding it.”

As if I, a grown woman who has lived, loved, lost and built a life for myself, needed to hide anything from complete strangers…but I digress.

Black males flatly denying that my letters were real. “She’s making shit up, y’all. Black bitches ain’t goin’ nowhere…” I read their thoughts on my betrayal, my alleged bedwenchry, my anti-black male-ism, my lesbianism and my insanity.

All that is fine.  I take zero offence to any of it. I stated that my posts would be misinterpreted. And they were.


And now, this post will be heavily scrutinized and dissected as well.


As the Woman, as the Womb Carrier, the Black Woman bears a heavy responsibility to carry the race on her shoulders. That means that YOU are the Controllers, YOU are the Navigators and YOU are the real Law Makers.

I’ve watched silently as staunch black male support from black women began to quietly fade. The screaming at police brutality gently faded, the screeching at systemic white racism went dark and silence beckoned. To my ultimate surprise, a very popular Youtube Personality wrote to me privately to tell me how much she regrets building an entire platform on Black Love when, after much confirmation and heartbreak, she now realizes that Black Love is a farce.


“Did he ever care about us?”, she questioned.


My simple and non-judgemental response:  He’s just like any other man in a Male Dominated Society. His primary concern is his own Self Preservation.


In the future, when the white female has replaced the black one as the New Face of Single Mothers with Black Children, when her pristine status has been soiled, when her bastard, biracial, degenerate, unkempt children are running amok in society, when people finally begin to cluck their thick tongues and realize that the Common Denominator in the Destruction of the black woman, the white woman, the Asian woman, the Hispanic woman,  is the black male, white society will act accordingly.



The black man, and the black woman who INSISTS on staying with him, will have their reproductive rights taken away.


What good is a society filled with beggars, thieves, rapists and uneducated degenerates?

How will they contribute anything of value in a New World?

Who will pay to feed them? To house them? To give them medicine? All of this will be coming out of YOUR pockets. Those of us who made careful choices will have to pay for those who are careless. I can see you shaking your heads and saying:

This will never happen.

Let me politely remind you that China is the World Leader at population manipulation.

Let me politely remind you that AIDS intentionally and effectively killed millions of blacks in Africa.

Let me politely remind you that SARS murdered millions of Asians throughout Asia.


America can and will control the black body if and when necessary.


The time for the black woman to act is now. Disregard the shaming tactics of broke men who have absolutely nothing to offer you. Who call you a “Queen” but want you to pay for the light bill. Who compliment you on your “pretty melanin” but need to borrow twenty dollars for gas. Who tell you that the system is evil but looks the other way when women who look like you are being kidnapped and raped and sold into sex trafficking at the gas station ten miles from your house.


They write long, drawn out articles on how Hypergamy is a manipulative tool women created to “trap” men for resources while conveniently forgetting that the very system of Patriarchy INSISTS that hypergamy is necessary.

I read their articles on how women are gold diggers, etc. How we are users, etc. How we have an unfair value system, etc. Funny how the men who write these articles have naught to offer ANY woman.


The new Laws of the The Black Woman who wishes to survive this frightening Age of Donald Trump, Anti-Abortion Laws, the cessation of Food Stamps, WIC and Section Eight Vouchers should include the following:


  1. Absolutely no pregnancy without the confines of a legally binding marriage contract
  2. University Education/ Online Certification/ Trade School Diplomas are a MUST
  3. Live on your own before you get married to grow accustomed to Self Care
  4. All men, no matter what race, MUST be carefully vetted 
  5. Safer Sexual practices at all times
  6. Mind Care at all times.  
  7. Omit ALL toxic people from your life, including family
  8. Learn to effectively communicate without anger and raw emotion. The entire world is watching you and judging you if they want you in their communities
  9. Learn a viable skill that will enable you to make money on your own WITHOUT an employer or asking your husband for cash
  10. Put your own constructive self interests FIRST. The interest of your child( ren ) SECOND. The man in your life LAST


The man who understands what a man’s role is will not argue with this.


The black women who are already on their way will simply nod and smile at these Laws.

The rest will spit fire at me, call me dirty names, show this to their black male partners and have a long discussion on why I am wrong, crazy, elitist, a secret agent, kidnapped by aliens and replaced by a clone.


Both are fine.


And before I close out Leviticus, I’m going to make a frightful prediction so you, Black Woman, the most educated person in America, better pay attention:


When the black male realizes that the best and brightest of his race are leaving…like for real, and we’re secretly trying to recruit others to leave him. When he sees that his attempts of being nice to us and jabbering about Black Love are falling on deaf ears. When he openly discredits the white female in front of us all he gets is a blank stare. When he sees us on dates with men of other races looking pretty, carefree, laughing, flirting, getting married, honeymooning in France and living a full life WITHOUT him, he’ll come after us in ways that will make you forget all about white supremacy.


I would advise all black women to begin taking gun safety courses. 

















Exodus 3: The Insidious Plan Backfires

” In a Patriarchal Society, the legacy of a man is measured by the status of his woman.”

                                                                              —- Diary of a Negress 





Feel free to use the aboved quote but remember to give me the credit for it.


What if I were to tell you  it was planned this way?

The whole world is in on the joke. The whole world, that is, except black women.

In order to have eternal life, the most powerful source of life must be Spiritually, Physically, Emotionally, Sexually and Verbally siphoned.




A letter from a black female reader:


“Your last two posts really struck a cord in me. I felt like you were telling my own personal story. I was apart of Black Lives Matter. I was physically there protesting along with black men. I was there yelling and screaming for their rights and their livelihoods. Til I saw that the majority of these men raging against the white machine had white girlfriends and wives. ”



Never in my life did I expect to receive such an overwhelming response from EVERYONE.


It seems that telling The Original Woman’s Story struck a chord in us all. I’ve had white women, yes…white women, the one female with the MOST protection and privilege in this known universe, asking me if I could write a post specifically for them, telling their stories about how hard it really is to live up to white men’s impossible standards.


I’ve had letters from white males, who are now specifically dating black women, asking me, of all people,  to help convince black women that they are NOT monsters and genuinely  wish to meet, greet, date and hopefully marry them.


“It’s not just the fantastic sex,” said one white male. “I genuinely prefer black women. They are the most down to earth, loyal, sexy women I know. Their uniqueness makes them special. White women put on airs. Black women are comfortable in their own skin.”



“Yeah…I know what we started”, said another white man in a private letter to me. “But as I’ve gotten older, what society thinks means less and less. I’m now in my fifties. I have nothing to prove to anyone anymore. I own my own company, own several houses and have traveled all over the world. For me, at this stage in my life, black women are just a better fit. They’re more adaptable, more appreciative, look younger than white women even though they may be older and are more sexually giving.

White women treat me like a wallet to be exploited. Black women are happy just being in my company, talking, hanging out, going to a movie, a play, cooking dinner together and just being themselves. I hope more black women will eventually open themselves up to us and not believe the stereotype that all white men are racists.”




I got letters from black men of two persuasions:


The first calling me every horrible name known to man, including the N-Word, the very word he protests whites calling him. 


“No one wants you, you nappy headed N****r. All these men want from you is sex. ”


And the second, who is in deep panic and needs advice on how to “fix this issue.”



“We’re both to blame, Sis. Black women don’t make it easy either but if we can’t fix this problem, we’re not gonna exist anymore…”, said one longtime black male reader to me.



And finally, the overwhelming response from black women, young and young-ish, who trust me with their secrets, who trust me to tell their stories anonymously and who are asking for help on what to do next.


“The time is ripe for us,” said one black female Youtuber. ” Before we believed the lies that no one wanted us with our wide noses, big lips, nappy hair and shapely bodies. We let black men convince us that he needs us to help him get free from this system, then he’ll do the right thing by us. We believed him despite all the evidence, historical and present,  because we wanted to. We were scared of this white boogey man who raped our fore-mothers.

We saw the police shootings. We read the books. We watched the movies and it confirmed what we were told. But noone thought to help us with our own men who were doing the exact same thing.”



A letter from a former black power female who now runs a popular Youtube channel:


“Please keep me anonymous. I have much to lose if I change my tune now. I’m a black woman who used to only date black men. I stood up for them when no one would. I’d report on their deaths, their issues, their arrests and make a big deal on how this system is mistreating them. As I’ve gotten older, my needs and wants changed.

I’m in my thirties now and desire a stable life with a man will provide for me so we can build a family. I used to feel it’s my duty to help a man find a job, write his resume, fill out his job application and give him free room and board when he was down on his luck.

I thought that’s what a ‘strong black woman’ is supposed to do.

Now I see the bigger picture.

Black men have NO desire to be free from this system. It’s all smoke and mirrors. They use it as an excuse not to try. It’s always someone else’s fault that they can’t do well, can’t find work, can’t conduct themselves in public, can’t pay their child support payments, can’t pay their car notes and can’t be successful in life. When i see immigrants come over here who can’t speak a lick of English set up a fully thriving community with shops in as little as 5 years, I know for a fact that black men can do better.

I got tired of the same excuses over and over and over again.

I’m with a white man now. He’s Norwegian. He’s very kind and open minded. He admits that he’s never been with a black woman before but felt drawn to me. He loves my natural hair, my thick curves and my colorful taste in clothing. I can just be a woman around him and not feel judged if I make a mistake or get depressed and sulky.

He places no higher standard for me because I’m black. He just treats me like he would treat any other woman. And that’s why I’m with him. That and all the kinky sex.”



A long time reader wrote to me privately just a few days ago:

“Hope this finds you well, and thank you for even discussing this.

It is much needed and long overdue.

Back in the day, I was a staunch proponent of black love only for black women. Then, my ex (who is a black man) walked out on me. He eventually explained that it was because I was now too educated and that he wanted someone different.  I intended to commit to another black man, but it just never worked out that way. They always seemed to show their disdain for black women, and their unwillingness to commit to anything worthwhile with me just took its toll and before I knew it, non black men started to pay a bit more attention to me, something many black men said would never happen.

As of now, I’m in a relationship with a white guy. I never expected this to happen. He treats me with way more respect than my ex, Afrocentric/African-centered partner ever did. Every day is not all rainbows and unicorns, but for the most part, the relationship is a harmonious one. To my white partner, I am a woman first and the expectation seems that I be that at all times. And in being a woman, I am allowed the freedom to explore, keep a messy home, wear short dresses, make-up, cry, sulk and laugh for no apparent reason. All these things are just normal to my white partner, but they were points of contention with my ex black partner.

I don’t know what lies ahead for the collective of black women as it relates to this issue, I just hope that we start to realize that many non black men are not opposed to being in long-term relationships with us and that there are no hard, fast rules to follow when it comes to this like many black women centric YouTube circles would have you believe. You don’t have to be a size 2, you don’t have to be natural or dark-skinned or any of that. You just have to be an open and loving black woman. Even if I don’t marry my partner now, I am convinced that whomever I do marry likely won’t be a black man. You can publish this if you like. I just wanted to share my story.

And it is quite telling that black men can sex, marry and procreate with any woman on the planet and protect his right to do so, however, he feels he has the right to impose a life of celibacy on black women.”




Another letter from a black woman from the West Indies:

“How explicit can I get with you? I once casually dated a man who told me at the end of the date, that he was gonna put me in the hospital. He bragged that he was gonna “tear me up” and “break my back”. I’m standing there thinking to myself: How is this a turn on? Was that supposed to get my p***y all wet? I’m supposed to run home and play with myself with the imagery of this very large, hairy, black man severing my spinal cord? If you think men in the states are bad, come down here…”

( Her letter was edited to keep this post from becoming a porno. In fact, many of the women who wrote to me told me explicit details of how the black men they dated bragged about their sexual skills and how white and non black men said virtually nothing about their prowess…but proved it when the time came. )



“…he kept me up half the night making love. I had to call out from work the next day to recuperate..”, said one black woman in her fifties of her hispanic lover.




Let me make this very clear:


ALL men of ALL races seek to control the Womb. Why? Because he who controls life becomes a God. 


In the near future, here are some things that will happen pertaining to the black female:



One: The Black Woman of a certain type will become the most desired, sought-after female on this planet, especially in terms of fertility. As the most desired woman, it will be her womb that men will fight for and men will seek to protect if they desire eternal life. It will be her imagery that will be OPENLY and ADMITTEDLY copied by ALL races of women. And ALL women will vie for her dark complexion.



Two: The white female will fade into the background. Decades of white feminism will finally catch up to her and she’ll be left alone to her own devices. Her self imposed victimhood will disappear and her “innocence” will be lost. Melanin Pills will become the new version of Skin Bleaching Cream as she scrambles to emulate the image she once spat upon.




Three: Women of Colour, they know who they are, will suddenly claim their blackness and proudly announce their Afrikan fore-mothers.




Four: The men who hold the most resources and have the ability to offer the most protection will be first in line for her hand.




Five: Beauty and Fashion magazines will plaster images of dark women of a certain archetype and the media will reflect those changes.




Six: Gentrification will take place according to the societal level of the black female and her chosen mate. It is she who will lead the housing market.




Seven: The children born of her union, her Mitochondrial DNA,  with chosen mate will rise up and become the face of envy. Their progeny will become the new race of “black” people to lead.



Sound far fetched?

Not really.

Research history and you’ll see that it has happened before.




And finally, for those that will intentionally misinterpret this post and twist it into something sinister. No matter how much you try and spin this, I am not pushing black women into the arms of white/ non black men.


You did a fine job of that alllllllllllll by yourselves.


There is one thing, however, that stills baffles me.  And for the life of me, I still can’t understand it.

Black men have unlimited access to all body types, shapes, skin complexions, hair textures, facial features, eye colours, heights, decorums, professions, personalities and educational levels of black women. We are not a monolithic group of people.

I’ve met black women who are delicate, strong, weak, air headed, quirky, argumentative, shy, quiet, feisty, Spiritual, atheist, kinky, virginal, neat freaks, messy and everything in between.

With allllllllllll that choice, with alllllllllll that we have to offer, why trash it? Why step on it? Why kill it? Why beat it? Why defile it? Why spit on it. And then turn around and blame it for your failings?


Have you any idea what you’ve done?


You do know that you are responsible for the intense curiosity that other men are showing us, correct? You should’ve kept quiet and came to us PRIVATELY and allowed us to work on our issues BEHIND CLOSED DOORS. But you didn’t. You screamed as loud as you could and caused the one thing you didn’t mean to cause:




You should’ve known that the white man is an intensely inquisitive man.


He wants to know everything about everything. That’s why he’s in charge. You caused him to take a second look at your woman with her coily hair, her round ass, her nicely shaped lips, her even, ageless complexion, her unique beauty, her opinionated stance on things she feels passionate about, her passionate lovemaking, her loyalty, her ability to cook flavourful meals, her ability to fight and be a warrior when need be…  and decided he likes what he sees and now he wants it for himself.




And now it backfired.



Remember this even if you choose to remember nothing else:



Once you remove the Womb from a Tribe, the Tribe dies






I have a quick question for the hardened, rough and tough talking, prison bird, gun slinging, street thug that have no issues kicking an elderly grandma on the train:


. Where were you when this was happening?


Image result for austin shuffield meme





Where were you when she was grabbed and almost pulled over the counter at work?




Image result for mcdonald's fight over straw





Don’t worry…


I’ll wait.



Exodus 2: The Underlying Reason for The Movement

Related image


So I apparently hit a nerve again.

The truth has a tendency to do that.

I took a break to focus on myself, to heal, to meditate, to relax, to listen to some Teddy Pendergrass and to focus on the changing atmosphere in Trump’s America. Hard times are coming and many of us are woefully unprepared.

I’ve gotten a slew of letters from blacks, whites, men and women, asking me for dialogue and what made me, of all people, come to this point in my life where I’m finally writing about this…



I have this uncanny ability to make people be at total ease. They tell me things about themselves. Their lives, their failures, their pain and their struggles. Over the past few years, I’ve sat and read and listened to black women say the same things over and over again like clockwork.


“It was my uncle that touched me…”

“My mother knew but did nothing to help…”

” My brother’s friend…”

“If only I hadn’t accepted his invitation to come over after school…”


I’ve read stories about the murders of women, who looked just like me, who were thrown in dumpsters behind their apartments, women who were burned with hot tea thrown in their faces by an irate lover, girlfriends that were beaten while pregnant and women who were attacked in dancehall clubs for simply saying to a black male, ” No thanks.”

I’ve listened to one black woman, IN PERSON, tell me over dinner that one night, her live-in boyfriend hit her so hard about the face that she developed tinnitus and is now on medication.

“He told me I’m an ugly bitch,” she says. “I’m the reason for his stress.”

I looked at this cinnamon-coloured, well-coiffed creature with her gentle English accent, her tiny button nose and full lips. Her short Afro and doe eyes made her look almost Elfin. Peter Jackson could have cast her in his movie and it would’ve seemed perfectly natural.

I wondered what kind of man would call her unattractive.

She continued with tales of how he is unable to hold on to any kind of work, sleeps late, always asks her for money and gets enraged when she recommends he go to an Employment Center to find work. She looks stressed, unhappy, deflated and older despite her youthful appearance. I listened to her, sipped my Riesling and allowed her to talk uninterrupted.




I remember watching on TV when black men were fighting for Civil Rights.

They marched, yelled, signed petitions, fought police officers, fought off the dogs and demanded equal rights. All they craved was fairness and equality they said. Black women were right there next to them in solidarity and full support getting blasted by the hoses and bitten right alongside them.

But something happened over the decades that black women never saw coming. 

As black men won more rights, as they moved deeper into white society, as they gained more access to wealth, education and political power, they moved farther and farther away from the very women that helped them to achieve their goals.

Black women, as a collective, myself included, thought that once black males finally won the right to be apart of “Polite Society”, won the right to be “free” from bondage, they would take us with them. That they would show the world that yes, I’m fighting for Black Love, Black Power, the Black Family, the Black Child and ultimately, Black Survival.

But…the joke was on us.

As black men gained political traction, it was the fair-skinned, curly haired, ambiguous, light eyed, “My great, great uncle twice removed was 1/10th black” woman that stood by his side.

As they gained higher learning, earned degrees and trade school diplomas, it was the Spicy Latina with the thick, long, black hair, wide hips and saucy attitude that stood by his side.

As they gained more money and doors opened for them in better neighbourhoods, it was the fully white, blonde-haired, blue eyed, narrow hipped, thin lipped woman that enjoyed the monetary fruits of his labour. Til today, I can spot with ease white women with black husbands jogging at night in neighbourhoods where black women were once too afraid to walk alone.

Despite our best efforts to warn him that in a Patriarchal Society, a man MUST uplift the image of his mother. Otherwise, no matter how labourious his efforts, he will fail and become the laughingstock of other males. No matter how intense his speeches on Equality and his efforts for Reparations, not one person will take him seriously if he cannot provide for his women and children.


Despite our best efforts, despite our pleas, despite our warnings and temper tantrums, we failed.




When black women asked to stay at home and school our children to avoid the bone-crushing racism of the white female dominated Public Education System, he refused and called us lazy.

When we asked him to put down the picket signs, forget about being a social justice warrior and build with other black males to achieve Black Economics and thusly Political Power, he refused and called us Gold Diggers.

When we required him to marry us so our children would be legitimate and to avoid the stain of single motherhood, he refused and said we were trying to trap him.

When we asked him to love us in our natural state, he refused and called us ugly.

And finally, when we asked him why he doesn’t do what Mother Nature expects of ALL male creatures to do for their females, which is to provide, to build and then to protect his empire from predatory invaders, he looked at us and said:


“The white man won’t let me.”




“Aren’t we tired yet?”, one angry black woman asked me in a private letter last Christmas. “They told us our hair was too nappy, so we raced to the salon to straighten it. Then it was the fact that it wouldn’t grow as fast as other women’s hair. So we raced to the Asians for weaves and clip-ons. Then it was the issue that we’re too dark. So we bleached ourselves to the point that our skin stripped and we got cancer.

Then it was our butts aren’t big enough. So now we’re having butt surgery. Then it was the fact that we’re not kinky enough like white girls. So now we’re throwing our p***y in cameras and showing them how sexually ratchet we can be. Then it was that we’re too educated and we make them feel dumb. So we said “fuck school, I’ll just hang out with you all day.”

“And you know what? It’s STILL not good enough. The goal post is always changing! And all we do is jump from one foot to the other fucking foot and it’s never enough! How come no other woman is expected to break her back for a man? Isn’t the female supposed to be the Prize to be won? Isn’t that what nature wanted? The womb is the prize. The vagina is the prize, isn’t it? Men are supposed to prove that they are worthy of it BEFORE we give it to them.

I’m with an Asian man now. He’s a Filipino and very family oriented. At first, if was so different being with this brown-skinned, short man. He spoke with a different accent, ate different foods and had a different culture. But you know what? He’s a family man.  They have meals together, talk over political issues and they have accepted me as their own. We’re talking about marriage when he finishes his Nursing Degree and gets a good paying job. I know my future children will look different from me. They’ll still be brown with “negroid features”. Just a different variation of brown with slanted eyes…and I’m fine with that. ”


This letter came from a pro-black, fist in the air, “the white man is the Devil”, black woman.


Her final statement to me:


“If you want a better chance of getting married and having a real family structure, black women had better start thinking about dating out of their race.”



An esteemed blogger wrote to me privately:


“Watch…in the next few years, we’re gonna see black men all over the TV, the radio, in movies and magazines promoting and celebrating black love and how beautiful black women are, especially those with natural hair and dark skin. But it won’t work. What’s done is done…”



A private letter from a white man:

“I’m baffled by the utter disrespect. I mean, white women are no prizes to be honest. They’re selfish, lazy, entitled and very childlike. They treat us like walking ATM machines. But I would never blast them the way black men do you. That’s just wrong. When I wanted out, I filed for divorce and moved on to another woman. Now I’m in a happy place. Also, what does that say about your self-esteem that you continue to take it? I hope that you’re not going to curse me out but I just had to say something.”




In the future, after Trump’s Presidency is long over, after the economy has fallen and the movie, The Hunger Games has taken place, black people will look at themselves and ask, “What the hell happened to us.”

How is it that we’ve been in this country for so damn long and have nothing to show for it?

How is it possible that immigrants who speak NO ENGLISH have surpassed us and left us in last place?

How is it possible that the black child continues to inherit dust?

And finally, what role did I play in our own destruction?


The purpose of life is to grow, to learn, to heal and  to understand.


My anger at the White System has (almost) faded and now my understanding is at a completely different level. When the Great Mother changes her system and we REFUSE to adapt, she allows us an opportunity to see things her way. To conform to her will. She does this because she loves us with all her heart.

But when that window of time closes and we still refuse to adapt, she simply begins to take you out.

There’s a name for that:

Natural Selection.

It is very real.

It is very potent.

And it’s happening right before our very eyes.


Say what you will about me.

Call me dirty names.

Spread lies about what you think you know about me…

That I’m an agent. A spy. A black man hater. A lesbian. A nappy headed immigrant that needs to go home.

I honestly do not give a fuck. I write for me. I write for my soul and my Spirit and my mind and my heart. And no one tells my story except for me.

All I truly desire for my beautiful people is to be free from this Matrix and to thrive.

But remember that I warned you:


Once the WOMB is gone from a Tribe, the Tribe dies.




This post will be heavily moderated. I may allow comments and I may not. I may write again and I may not.

If you don’t like it, then fuck off. 











This is How it’s Done

I got angry emails from black men regarding my last post. I was questioned about:


My “true” loyalty

My motives for writing the post

Why I was purposefully avoiding their questions


Black My Story, a long time reader and educated blogger buddy, claimed rightfully:

We have no authentic examples for black masculinity. 

Perhaps this is the reason why so many black women tend to gravitate towards the “thug” archetype.


This video is for the black males who wrote to me privately to cuss me out and tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about because the white man “won’t let them be men” in a system of white domination.





This Black Man didn’t need permission.

He knew that little black girls would feel inferior and unattractive playing with a toy that didn’t resemble them. He knew that the indoctrination began at childhood and did something about it.

For his women.

For his girls.

For the girls that would one day grow up and be wives and girlfriends and mothers and grandmothers. He is now on a campaign to remove ALL white dolls from black spaces. 


Thank you, sir.




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