Observations of an Invisible Woman

A.B.C. : African Bartering Community

Barter: “to trade by exchange of commodities rather than by the use of money; to swap”




Bartering is as old as time. A few tomato seeds for a pail of fresh water.

What if we could cut out the middleman and trade DIRECTLY with each other?

Blacks in America are the largest consumers of all the racial groups combined. We buy EVERYTHING from someone else but make very little ourselves. After the prosperity of Black Wall Street, which was intentionally destroyed, the United States government devised a very diabolical plan.

The black dollar must leave our wallets every 15 minutes.

Soon, other immigrant races were given stipends and free grants to open up shop in our neighbourhoods. Cheap plastic goods, stale and rotted meats, liquor and tobacco stores, check cashing places and slum lords were made rich off of our despair.

Even though they too were considered minorities and a lesser class, they filled the government’s purpose magnificently:

The black dollar must leave our wallets every 15 minutes.

Our black owned farms that offered us fresh, wholesome foods went belly up due to soaring government taxes. They were then taken over by whites at cheaper prices so they could provide the white community with organic nutritious meals.

Wanna know something?

Today, in 2015, absolutely NOTHING has changed.


The two things I’ve learned about white supremacy are:

  1. Expecting your enemy to change is insanity
  2. Doing nothing to help your own situation is a greater form of insanity


We may not wish to hear this but we are to be partially blamed for our dire predicament.


Because we have the power to change things but lack the will.

Remember the door swings both ways…


  1. What is African Bartering Community?


A.B.C. is a worldwide, black organization designed to cut out the monetary middleman and barter (trade) strictly with other blacks for goods.


2. How does A.B.C. work?


A.B.C. works quite simply. A group of willing blacks must coordinate a gathering, like someone’s backyard, a flea market, a church social, etc, where goods are exchanged without money. Value must be determined individually and once agreed upon, a loving and equal exchange must take place.

Example #1: I need a pick up truck. My black neighbour needs a riding lawn mower. We swap goods without the use of money and shake hands to finalize the deal.


    3. Why is this a good practice? Isn’t money always needed?


Blacks are, unfortunately, the largest group of consumers in America.

(The black dollar must leave our wallets every 15 minutes.)

We buy more than what we really need to survive and purchase those goods from other races. By cutting out the middleman, we SAVE money for other things and build much-needed TRUST within our people.

Did you know that there are groups of people living within the U.S. that operate mostly (as much as possible) without the use of money for goods? My own next door neighbour swaps root vegetables for firewood and has been doing that for many years with SUCCESS! He trades with other whites in our farming community. The only people who are intentionally left out of this practice are the few black families that live here.

Money has always been around in some form, like cowry shells, since the beginning but it is possible to LESSEN our infatuation with money. Yes, I said infatuation. BLACK PEOPLE LOVE MONEY. And we love having lots of stuff. The more stuff we acquire, the greater sense of self worth we falsely obtain.

By lessening our dependence on the monetary middleman, we take back our power and our dignity. We build stronger communities based on trust, which we lack. We begin to rely on each other once again for survival thus making us stronger as a unified group.


      4. How do I join and why should I?


When George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin and we learned that Skittles funded his lawyer, that was a perfect opportunity for us to show our power and our self love by refraining from buying Skittles candies. The door swings both ways. We can refrain from supporting racist organizations simply by NOT giving them our money.

We can take back our pride by simply refusing to cooperate with any company that we feel is degrading to our people…worldwide. When Tommy Hilfiger stated that he “didn’t make his clothes for black people” that was our opportunity to cut him out of the black community FOREVER and give our support to the struggling black clothing companies around the globe. Instead we got angry and insisted that we had the right to wear his clothing.

What were the results?

Tommy became richer and more famous (or infamous) and the black dollar left our pockets.

(The black dollar must leave our wallets every 15 minutes)

Who’s to blame?

We are.

We are so desperate to be loved we do not care even if it’s from someone who hates us.


Joining A.B.C. takes a few things that the black community must work on for we are weak in these areas.

The first thing is organization.

We have been lulled into a hazy sleep and are disoriented when it comes to organizing. The simplest way to begin is in your own neighbourhood. Start small. Pass on this post to as many blacks as possible and begin conversing on how to set it up. Your conversation should include the following things:

  1. A meeting place
  2. An determined and focused organizer
  3. Goods to be exchanged


Again, places can include someone’s yard, their basement or an open flea market. Exchange phone numbers and emails to the person you wish to trade with. Decide what you’ll be trading and remember that once the trade has taken place it is FINAL and no negative feelings are to be shown.

You are trying to re-build trust and love, not start a fight or argument.



Finally, there’s much discussion about the wave of immigrants, especially Coloured immigrants, coming to America and opening stores in our neighbourhoods. You know why they are doing well? Because we give them our money! They are simply doing what whites have done for centuries; taking advantage of the most oppressed race and making money (exploiting) off of them.

I’ve been saying for years that black people’s need to be loved and included by anyone who sorta-kinda looks like us will be our downfall. The other races have consistently demonstrated that they don’t give a damn about us and are happy that we are sliding further and further down the economic ladder.

That gives them more opportunity to get closer to their colonial masters.

They use us as a stepping stone for economic stability and benefit from our fight for equal rights to better themselves. Then when they “make it”, they spit in our faces.

Who’s fault is it?



For we are a hard-headed, disgruntled, disoriented, intra-competitive and envious group bent set on inclusion.

The time has come for us to stop trying to “hold hands” with the browish-tanish-yellowish-golden “others” and begin doing for self. No one can make us do better. It must come from desire within oneself.


Please pass on this post to others and begin your own African Bartering Community. Start today. Call your neighbour/ friend/ cousin and begin conversing. You might find out that they’ve been wanting to do the same thing but didn’t know how to begin!


Since the holiday season is upon us, I’ll do a post on black owned businesses for those that wish to support the black community with monetary means.






White American Men Are Dying

{I’d like to thank my devoted reader and Spiritual Warrior, Mandumeyandemufayo, for alerting me to this very informative video. }


Black Family,

Our Prayers are working.

This is the SECOND confirmation I’ve received since our last prayer session. Mother Nature, who is the physical manifestation of the REAL Loving God/ Goddess, knows what is happening on our planet and is acting accordingly. SHE understands that Evil must be stopped in order for HER planet to survive and thrive.

Nature, who is Justice and Balance personified, allows all of us the opportunity for Spiritual change to conform to HER Divine rules. When that window of opportunity is closed, there is little to NOTHING one can do to stop the avalanche of Karma that must take place.

The white race has violated ALL of Nature’s Divine Rules and Doctrines and has repeatedly spat in the face of the REAL Loving God/ Goddess. Despite centuries of begging and pleading with them, they have demonstrated that they are a race beyond repair, beyond hope and beyond huemanity.

They have elevated themselves above Nature’s Divine Ecosystem and have destroyed HER planet with Anti-Life Laws, planet-sucking technology, toxins and Spiritual filth. Karma, which is in FULL and SWIFT effect, will give them the same treatment that they have bestowed upon others.

Do not pity them.

Do not give them empathy.

For they have given us nil since their sudden appearance 6,500 years ago.

Right now our main concern must be on our own Spiritual awakening and strength for we will need it in the days ahead.


As the white race perishes and it becomes more obvious that “something” is after them,  they will:

Try to (superficially) befriend us out of fear for they know the Divine Black Truth

Come after us with a murderous force we haven’t seen since slavery

Commit MORE suicides and intra-racial homicide as the Sun and our Vibrations drive them mad


We must prepare for all three events and act accordingly.

Please spread this video along with the confirmation that Nature is indeed on our side.



African Meditation Session: A Plea For Help

Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and
             scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall
             by any means hurt you.”


If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you’ll know what this is.

For those of you that are tired and worn, for those that are backed into a corner with no foreseeable way out, for those that have lost a loved one or have felt the excruciating pain of watching our people lose loved ones, for those that have that fire in our bellies and wish to fight back, this post is for you.

Step One: Construct your altar/ Sacred Space.

This is entirely personal and must be done accordingly to your own personal feelings and beliefs.

Reminder: You must add an earth, air, fire and water element to your altar.


Step Two: Add an offering of love and reciprocity.


Because it is you asking for help, not the other way around.


Step Three: Light your candle and begin to meditate…

With these words:


“I pray to the Almighty Loving Mother and Father that governs this planet. Please hear my plea for help. We are burdened with the constant struggle of fighting against the Evil powers that control this planet. We are tired of the cold, unfeeling, humanoid Foot Soldiers of Satan that intercept our daily lives. They block us, torment us, taunt us and try to kill us.

Our will is strong for we are the real Chosen People of the Loving God and Goddess but we need your help. Evil lurks around every corner of our lives. They are at work, at church, live next to us, watch us, spy on us, tell on us and conspire brutality against us. We are battle weary and in need of your strength to Awaken us from the Spell of Sleep that was cast upon us.

We have the Power to stop these Evil forces but are struggling against centuries of abuse that have weakened us. We pray that you help us to Remember the path to awaken the Sleeping Giant that we have hidden inside of us.

We pray for our fallen brothers and sisters for they were taken from us too soon. We ask that you send them back to us renewed and stronger to fight and win this war. We pray for our weary Mothers and Fathers who grieve for their lost children. May their hearts and minds be healed through your Loving Strength.

We pray for our black men, our protectors and warriors. We need them now more than ever as they are unjustly targeted for extermination, locked away like animals and lost in a sea of despair. We pray for our black women, the Living Goddess of Earth, Mother of all Agriculture and Bearer of Life. We need their iron-clad Spiritual Power to mend our broken families and re-connect us back to Nature.

We pray for our children, the innocent ones, the future of our people, who will inherit this Evil Force if we do not conquer it. We pray for the innocent animals and the plant life on this planet who will become extinct if Evil’s Foot Soldiers are not vanquished from this Earth.

We pray for you, Loving God and Loving Goddess. Your own hearts and minds must be weary watching this slow and terrible demise of your People, this sweet Earth and Earth’s creatures.

And finally, we pray for the Evil Ones that have a stranglehold on this Earth. The Evil Ones that control EVERY facet of our lives from our food, to our homes, to how and where we may live. Yes, I pray for our natural enemies for they were given a terrible lot in life to be an Alien Life Form destined for extermination. Void of all huemanity, they live life full of earthly riches, carnal pleasures, slick intellect but Spiritually miserable. That is why they must destroy all Living Things, including themselves, for they are not one of us.

While we, the Protectors and Guardians of Earth slumber, release your long awaited X and M-Class solar flares to ignite our Pineal Glands. Awaken our sleeping Spirits so we can reclaim the glory that was once ours!






Black Family,

I hear your thoughts. I can see your pain and feel your silent despair.

All is NOT lost.

Do not give up hope.

Remember one thing: If any other race of people had gone through 1/10th of what we went through and are still going through, they would have DIED OFF by now. WE ARE NOT BEATEN. And the Evil Ones know this. That’s why they must continue their orchestrated attack against us for we are getting STRONGER not weaker.

Their desperation is obvious!

They invented diseases to kill us off but we just laughed in their faces and kept on multiplying.

They poisoned our food supply but our melanin killed the poison and we just went on with our business.

They locked us up and threw away the key but while in prison, we grew more intellectual and kept on preaching.

They air video footage of us being killed, raped, dragged, kicked, punched and sodomized to frightened us into submission but we spit in their faces and asked, “IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO?”


Right now, they are running scared!

They have NO more tricks up their sleeve except to blow this planet into smithereens to stop the inevitable. And even if they did, the next race of people that governs this planet will be BLACK for melanin CANNOT DIE.

Do NOT despair, Black Family.

All is not lost.

We are not getting weaker or more submissive. Sandra Bland proved that when she openly defied the Slave Catcher even though she knew her life may be on the line. That is what the Foot Soldiers of Satan’s Army fear the most, the day when we say:

“I’m tired of your shit. If you wanna kill me, go ahead. It’ll be better than living like this.”

Why are they afraid of that day, which is ALREADY here?

Because the most dangerous person on Earth is someone who has nothing left to lose.


If you found this post constructive and wish to participate in the prayer ritual, please pass this on to as many people as possible.

Say this prayer OFTEN. From your soul. And watch the amazing results.







Dear Negress #5

My last post, “The Secret Rising Consciousness of Yurugu”, described how The Destroyers of Earth are fully aware of what they’ve done and what awaits them in the near future.

This letter was written to me recently by Yurugu himself. In fact, The Evil Ones write letters to me almost daily begging for “some type of dialogue.” Please pay close attention to his words. A few key things to watch out for:

  1. Acknowledgement of wrongdoing
  2. Acknowledgement of an Evil “Higher Power” that gave them their power
  3. Helplessness to try and change despite acknowledgement of wrongdoing
  4. Admittance that whites talk about racism constantly (meanwhile feigning innocence in our presence)
  5. Admittance that they are responsible for the world’s situation
  6. Deflection that it’s “not really them” that’s doing it…it’s that evil Higher Power again (contradiction of number 1, 2 and 5)
  7. Deflection of racism within oneself “I have black friends/ family/ lovers/ a black dog…”
  8. Acknowledgement that White Privilege DOES exist (meanwhile feigning innocence in our presence. “White privileged??? Awww…come on. If you’d just pull yourself up by your bootstraps…” blah, blah blah…Yawn.
  9. Deflection that Money ( a soulless, non-entity)  is the Real culprit
  10. Anger towards racism’s victims, not the perpetrators
  11. Asking the VICTIMS for help exterminating their system, not the perpetrators and those who UPHOLD the system
  12. Mild to moderate hysteria at the fact that I’m ignoring them
  13. Admittance that Evil does indeed occupy a pale form ( contradiction of numbers 2, 6 and 9)
  14. Deflection that “good whites” are helpless victims that are simply tricked by this Evil Higher Power ( contradiction of numbers 1, 3,4,5,8,10 and 13)
  15. My favourite: A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM ( contradiction of numbers 3,6, 9 and 14)





“Also, doesn’t point 1 of this article mean that no matter what I do or say, it will be assumed that it is to do something evil?
If there was a good white person, how would you know?
I’m sorry to be posting so many comments, this list just doesn’t make sense to me.
It makes me want to vomit, how screwed up and oppressive the system is. It makes me sick that I am privileged due to my skin color while my cousins, whom I love, are not. What can I do? Everyone in my life, regardless of skin color talks about this frequently. What can we do? Vote? Raise awareness? Neither of those things help at all! There is NOTHING I can do to right the past, NOTHING I can do to right the present, and NOTHING, besides teaching my son and anyone else who will listen that the way things are is wrong, to make a better future!

And you are also telling me that NOTHING I do or say will show you that I’m not the enemy? What is the point here? To tell me, and anyone who doesn’t have black skin that they are NOTHING? It doesn’t make sense, not with the love you also preach.
So, if I have your attention at all, please, for the love of God listen to this.
Evil seeks power. Money is power. So follow the greed, the unimaginable wealth, to find evil. Yes, he wears a white face. He has for a long time. That is part of the lie, the adversary WANTS you to blame us, because that means you aren’t fighting HIM. He WANTS us to think hes one of us, and blame you. There are plenty of evil white people lead by his lie, there are plenty of good white people tricked by his lie. There are plenty of black people tricked by his lie.

Yes, there are many people of ANY color tricked by his lie. And he leads all his followers, REGARDLESS of color, with promises of wealth, love, superiority, power, entitlement, acceptance, retribution, fame, immortality, or whatever else someone WANTS.
How do we combat an evil, so great, with so many followers? Only take what we NEED, give the rest to those who are suffering, whatever their color. Protect the week, whatever their color. Stand up for what is right, no matter what. Stop wasting things, stop hurting eachother, and stop destroying nature. Stop blaming races, whichever one. They only exist in our minds, infact, they are also part of the lie. Race is his scapegoat, how he devides those he can’t trick to keep us from destroying him. Please, recognize the real enemy. The one who ruined Africa, enslaved your people, corrupted my people, corrupted the world, is destroying nature, exploits everyone and everything, and divides us all with lies. Let us all destroy this corrupt system together!”

—- Name withheld

The Secret Rising Consciousness of Yurugu

Yes, I’m well aware of the contradiction of Yurugu the Destroyer being “conscious”. However, since The Destroyers of Earth have expertly manufactured and maintained a system that reaps the benefits on the backs of others, I would most certainly describe them as conscious.

Over the summer, I went to various farmer’s markets. Yurugu, needing to vent their rising fears, approached me and begin to chat about the current state of affairs in this country all the while pretending to shop for apple butter. They sensed something is coming, something bad, something terrifying, and it has their name on it.

Random whites spoke with a slight note of trembling fear of not being able to sleep at night, being worried constantly about their future, the future of their children and about God. I listened intently as they (unsuccessfully) skirted around the mystery of injustice, spoke about the many refugees that are coming to the United States and into Europe, the lack of decent jobs that pay a living wage, the rising crime rate in “good neighbourhoods”, the rising rate of suicide amongst “good Christians”, the push for homosexuality in schools, why their beloved guns are under attack and why isn’t “their” government helping them.

I’ve noticed that whites NEVER speak of injustice with other whites, only with certain black people and only in PRIVATE away from the ears of their peers. It’s as if they know intrinsically admitting such things amongst their brethren would cause them to be ostracized. This knowledge solidifies my belief that whites are:

NOT unaware of how their ACTIONS/ INACTIONS have caused a ripple effect worldwide

FULLY aware of how THEY are now being affected by their own crimes and system of injustice

Terrified of their own people and wish to seek solace within the arms of the very people they despise


Remember when I stated that racism is a debilitating mental illness because it causes you to cut off your own nose to spite your face?

I stand by my statement.

All the whites that have come up to me this past summer to tell me how disappointed they were in their government, in their manufactured school system, at their local grocer for jacking up meat prices, at their local congressman for not helping them more seem to cleverly forget one important thing:

In their system of injustice, a system that has been built and nurtured and made fat on hate, a system that was created for the sole purpose of making whites “superior” to all other peoples, a system that they KNOW is unfair but are happy for they reap the benefits, why are they now surprised to learn that that system has turned against them?


Whites, who arrogantly believed that they’ve outsmarted Nature, will have no other choice but to face the depths of their crimes against this planet and HER inhabitants. Nature may be slow but she never misses HER mark.

And whites are marked for extermination…and they know it.

No, this picture of an underwater community was not taken from Hurricane Katrina, a MANUFACTURED storm so whites can “land grab”, it was taken from the recent flooding in Texas that happened a week ago. Funny how Nature NEVER forgets what was done and happily gives it right back.

In the future, there are a few things we should be on the lookout for within the Yurugu community:

  1. Yurugu, in their desperation, will try (and fail) to convince us that race doesn’t matter and we all need to stick together in these perilous times
  2. More of them will try to solicit us for friendship/ sex/ marriage
  3. Expect them to invite us to their churches as a (phony) gesture of Christianhood
  4. Expect them to invite us to their homes as a (phony) gesture of brotherhood/ sisterhood
  5. Expect them to randomly bring up slavery/ prejudice and talk about how unfair/ unjust it was and how something like that must “never happen again”
  6. Expect more of them to convert to Christianity and give random lectures about “God” and salvation


When all these methods FAIL for we are on a path to greater consciousness, Yurugu will TURN and DEVOLVE into a monstrosity that will frighten even them. Whites are NOT going down without a fight and we should fully expect to deal with their full fledged rage. Before they surrender their guns to their government, Yurugu will come after us FIRST.

We must begin to get prepared for what is lurking around the corner.

If you feel this post is constructive, please pass it on to others.



Hueman Accessories: The Secret Reason for Our Kidnapping and Disappearance



I’d like to thank my very good buddy in the U.K. (name withheld)  for alerting me to this GROWING trend that is affecting the black community.


Your child, wife or husband goes out to get some milk.

After a few hours they still haven’t returned.

You, panicked, call the police and pray for them to return safely.

Where are they?


Introducing The Human Leather Company, U.K.


They “Specialize” in creating distinct products for a VERY SPECIAL clientele.  But please don’t try to place your order just yet, folks. They’re FULLY booked with orders and can’t handle any more volume.

Amazing how cruelness runs in their DNA, no? King Leopold used to cut off our breasts, vaginas and penises and make purses.

You can read the rest of the webpage by clicking on the aboved link.


Black Family,

This new revelation has done a few things for me.

  1. It solidifies my belief that whites are simply the most evil, cruel, animalistic race ever created.
  2. It solidifies my theory that all those missing persons that went “to the library/ for milk/ to get some cigarettes were kidnapped for ritualistic and/or  monetary means.
  3. It CONFIRMS that we are being closely watched at ALL TIMES and FOLLOWED.


Since Melanin is proven to be highly sought after for its regenerative purposes, can you surmise which skin is the most VALUED and PURCHASED? When we will begin to understand that these “people” are not our friends, do not like us and wish us real harm?

When we end up holding money as someone’s wallet?

Or maybe as those shoes in the picture above?

Remember my post on 10 things all black people need to TRY and remain safe? I’d like to add one more thing to that list due to a recent incident I had:



It may seem odd but a portable urinal, one for each member of the family, may save your life. Just wash with a little bleach (or vinegar), soap and water after each use. And don’t forget a roll of toilet paper, sanitary napkins and a small container of baby wipes in a zippered bag.

If you must leave your home after dark, after all, some of do work graveyard shift or pick up a family member that does, please remember to:

  1. Look behind you as you walk (Stop talking on your cell phone!!!!!)
  2. Carry your keys IN YOUR HAND so you don’t have to fish it out of your purse
  3. Check the backseat of your car BEFORE you enter your car
  4. LOCK the car door after you and your passengers are in


If you find this post informative, please pass it on to others.

It may save a few lives.

What Will You Do?

“According to the Dogon people of Mali, in West Africa, Amma, the Creator, ordained that all created beings should be living manifestations of the fundamental universal principle of complementarily or ‘twinness.’ This principle manifests itself as the wholeness which is created when female and male pairs join in all things. Such pairing establishes equilibrium, cooperation, balance, and harmony. Amma therefore equipped each being with twin souls — both female and male — at birth.

But one of these primordial placentas the male soul did not wait for the full gestation period to be born. This male being was known as Yurugu (Ogo), who arrogantly wished to compete with Amma and to create a world better than that which Amma had created. With his fragmented placenta he created Earth; but it could only be imperfect, since he was incomplete, that is, born prematurely, without his female twin-soul.

Realizing that he was flawed and therefore deficient, Yurugu returned to Amma seeking his complementary female self. But Amma had given his female soul away. Yurugu forever incomplete, was doomed to perpetually search for the completeness that could never be his. The Earth, he had defiled in the act of self-creation, was now inhabited by single-souled, impure and incomplete beings like himself. Yurugu’s descendants, all eternally deficient, originated in an incestuous act, since he had procreated with his own placenta, the representation of his mother.”

Excerpt taken from Yurugu by Dr. Marimba Ani


What will you do when…

The dollar finally crashes?

The lights no longer come on?

Our enemies run to us begging for help?

You see predator drones in the sky aiming at you?

Where will you find food?

Or water?

Or medical supplies?


Have you begun a small garden?

How will you stay warm?

Or clean?

Or protect your family?

Still think Yurugu is just a myth?

Or a figment of my very active imagination?

Our ancestors have PREDICTED this for centuries.

They have also predicted the fall of Yurugu.

Don’t think for one second that they do not sense it for they are trying HARDER than ever to be “friendly” with us.

To mate and have offspring (tying into our genes)  with us. This is NOT about love for blackness but for the survival of their kind. The Pale Fox is very crafty indeed and we need to be smarter. They know their end is coming soon and are terrified. But make no mistake about it. Yurugu WILL NOT go down quietly. They absolutely will blow this planet into smithereens if their power structure comes to an end.

What will you do?

Or are you too busy with…





Shopping for the next designer fad?


The choice is yours…



Mark My Words…

the next steps in our demise will be:



Followed By:




You heard it here first.

The Unraveling of White America

For those of you that’s wondering “why”, this post is for you.

As America becomes browner, which is inevitable, and the planet heats up, which is prophesied, whites will begin to experience three things:

1. A pulse-pounding, gut-wrenching, bone-chilling, can’t-sleep-without-my-Ambien-Prozac-cocktail-fear.

2. An acceptance that Nature will have HER way and join us in the fight for justice.

3. An utter and total apathy for all things hueman-related as long as the TV works and they can still buy beer.

Was I shocked to see this unfold?


I’ve been in this country now long enough to know that NOTHING America does or says in regards to black people is shocking.

What I am somewhat surprised to see is how our Melanin Power is forcing change to slowly occur. These “officers” that are killing our people are slowly but surely being held accountable for their crimes. Did you know that Texas, the same state that this incident occurred,  just had a massive flood that obliterated a middle-upper class white neighbourhood?

Those of you that practice Metaphysics know that there are no accidents on this planet.

Which brings me to the crux of this post…

When you are accustomed to being the default of humanity, the most revered, the most complimented, the most accepted worldwide and basically told that you are the sole reason for Earth revolving on its axis, just how do you cope when the demographics all around you is changing from a milky white to a brownish, mocha-ish, cappuccino shade of golden yellow?

What do you do when movies depicting “minority” characters bomb because we, the REAL majority, are refusing to see them due to the fact that they are played by white actors?

What do you do when blackish and brownish people are now enjoying economic stability and can move right next door to you in your gated community?

You flip the fuck out.

What good is it to be white in America when blacks have the same luxuries as you?

The only way whites measure themselves is by comparing themselves to black people.

What does that mean for your particular race when your children are CHOOSING to date and marry out of their race?

What does it mean for your race as new immigrants, who are also white, push you out of jobs because they’re better educated and have a stronger work ethic?

Where does that leave you?

This is the silent question that haunts white Americans.

It is this question that drives them to call the police to report a “suspicious” person that looks like they are “up to no good.”

My Dear Melanin Family, as the planet makes HER changes and the sun emits more X-Class rays, white America will continue down a very rocky path. Some will approach you with a timid smile eager to make friends partly out of fear for their future. Some will ignore you as they hurry to catch the liquor store before it closes and sadly, some will grow more violent, mentally disturbed and eager to spill your blood.

You cannot change what is about to come.

You can only prepare for it by strengthening your Spirit Force daily with sunlight, clean food and daily meditation.

May God be with you all.




African Meditation Session: Summer Solstice

What is your desire?

What is it that you wish to obtain that seems out of reach?

Join us in another Melanin-fused Meditation Session and let your desires manifest themselves.

Have you been wanting or needing something?

Is it resources?

Inner peace?

Or just to be consumed by love?

Now is the time to ask and you shall receive.


1. Cleanse your body with a nice herbal bath/ shower.

2. Construct your Spiritual Altar. Since the weather is beautiful now, consider doing this outside with Mother Nature. The best way to fulfill your desires is to be one with your God.

3. Light a candle.

4. Give the Spirits an offering: A pretty flower, a nice smooth rock, a piece of fruit or something that will let them know how much you treasure them.

5. Speak your thoughts ALOUD!


Then banish it from your mind.

Wait for confirmation. It will come in various ways but you must recognize it.

Pass this on and watch the planet bend to our will.


Jade Helm

Still think they’re just playing with us?




I’ve seen them with my own eyes roaming around in my area…and I live on farmland.

Black Family, are you getting prepared?

The Revolution Isn’t Coming, It’s Already Here


“…because a sociopath is a “person” who is UNABLE to empathize or CARE about the harm they do to other human beings and will look his or her VICTIM in the eyes and tell them they are NOT being VICTIMIZED even while victimizing them.

As far as I know there is NO CURE for SOCIOPATHS.”

——- Trojan Pam




So last night, right before I made some peppermint tea and was about to settle in with a good mystery novel, my phone rang.

“Have you watched the news lately?” I recognized the thick Creole accent and smiled. It was my older ladyfriend from the Caribbean.

“No but it’s all over the internet,” I said.

“What do these bastards want from us? You know, I’ve never met a more chronically dissatisfied group of people in my life! They have all the money and power, houses and cars, they write all the laws…but they’re still unhappy and begrudgefull! This should tell us one thing…”

“What thing is that?”

“How very important black people are to them”, was her solemn response.

If only she knew just how important.

Did you know that Yurugu makes SPF-Clothing?


ZnO Bali Tunic Outfit

—Pic taken from Coolibar. (Thank you, Fourth Angel’s Bowl!)


Here is their “mission statement”:


“Coolibar’s mission is to develop superior sun protective products that allow (white) people to enjoy life in the sun.”

This makes me smile.


And chuckle a bit.

Ok…a lot.

Hmmmm…let’s see now…

To enjoy ‘life in the sun’, which is what normal, functioning huemans do, you must first make clothing to protect yourself from the one thing that is life-sustaining to all living things.


You know, whenever life gets me down and I begin to feel defeated by our condition, I meditate on answers from On High. My friend’s phone call stayed with me all night and all morning. I will admit that I peeked in to see what all the propaganda…I mean fuss is all about and was not surprised to hear testimonies of this dead, black man’s “possible criminal background.”

I was also not shocked to see “Baltimore” in flames. That is, if the pictures weren’t photoshopped.  What does surprise me, however, is the level of silent communication between the Originals of Earth. With one look, my next door neighbour told me she knew that this latest murder was fabricated, then blown up, then villanized, and is now awaiting our ’emotional and violent response’ so Martial Law can be ordered by the dark-skinned white man in the white house.

You know what this affirms?

That black people, all over the planet, are slowing awakening from the imposed Spell of Sleep. It affirms:

That we are NOT broken

That we are NOT defeated

That we are NOT duped

And that we will be victorious.

We have to be.


Because if we die, the planet dies.

And they, the Evil Ones, know it.


In my mind, the revolution is already here.

It’s more powerful and profound than it ever was. Why? Because it takes place not with the fist or the gun, but in our minds. When we can PREDICT the next step the enemy will take, that’s a silent revolution. When we can speak to each other without uttering one word, that’s a silent revolution. And when the enemy is running so damn terrified that he must make videos begging his own people to “please stop what you are doing…you’re only making things worse for us in the end”, that’s a silent revolution.

Of course, it will not be televised.

Nor will the subtle movement of the sun emitting its powerful X-Class and M-Class rays towards Earth. But the fact that the founders of Coolibar had NO other choice but to make clothing to protect them from the inevitable, tells me that the revolution is here.

And it’s on our side.

And in the end, when it’s all over and said and done, we will be victorious.

After all, it can end no other way.



Required Reading for Melaninites


I first became privy to this book a few years ago.

In college, a buddy of mine introduced me to The Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion. It was, to say the least, interesting reading. Synagogue, by Andrew Hitchcock, chronicles how the Jew “ish” (Ish meaning pertaining to a certain thing) peoples were “created”, how they acquired their money, how they took over country after country by subterfuge, their role in the Slave Trade, their role in government, their role in the Drug Trade and everything leading up to 9/11.

Why am I promoting this book for us?

Because it’s necessary for us to fully overstand who and what we’re dealing with.


Coming Soon…

First they test their tactics on Black People. After all, we are expendable. Then, it’s everyone else.

By the way, if you think Blacks forgot what happened during Hurricane Katrina, you are surely mistaken. The Sleeping Giant is about to re-awaken. I hope you’re all ready.


Masters of the Universe


One night, after an herbal bath and a meditation session, I had a very vivid dream. I saw myself float out of my body and begin to engage in conversation with a woman who looks like my Grandmother. We spoke in very hushed tones as if not to disturb anyone.

Then she slowly pointed at something hiding in the corner. At first I couldn’t see what she alluded to. I squinted at the dark desperately craning my neck trying to see what was there. Then “it” came into sharp focus. I spied a slender, scaly, lizard-like creature with “flaps” under its arms. It flew gracefully making elegant dips and dives, its tail swaying back and forth.

I watched it for a long time, fascinated and entranced by this mysterious creature before I felt my bedroom vibrate. Suddenly, my eyes focused and there I was lying on my bed again with my eyes wide open. I realized I was awake. I was always awake. It wasn’t a dream…it was a vision.

As usual, I awaited confirmation and received it a few days ago. Of course, by now you know that there are no accidents or coincidences on this planet.



Thank you to my blogger buddy for sending me this video!



Melanin Family,

For those of you that are awake and very aware that there’s a plot on Earth to destroy it and take its inhabitants with it, you’ll see with your third eye that I kid you not. For the rest of you, I await random emails proclaiming my insanity. “Show us the proof of this ridiculous statement.” For the rest of you, now is the time to turn to whatever Deity you call upon and beg for strength. Beg for clarity. Beg for Power magnified because we’re gonna need it. Last night, I spoke to a friend of mine who reiterated that whatever help we’re going to receive will come from “off world.” Perhaps if we, as Magnetic Energy Peoples, concentrated our power and asked our Deity for help, we’ll get it. It’s as simple as that.


To Yurugu and His Relatives, (you know who you are)

I now understand why you do the horrible things that you do with zero conscience. I also understand your desperation and fear. On one hand, you were chosen to be The Destroyers because you are the weakest race on this planet. Your manipulation was easy and very predictable. On the other hand, you allowed yourselves to be blinded by lies and outright deception due to your nonexistent self love and greed. It is this paradigm that enslaves you. It is this paradigm that will exterminate you.

I want you to know that Obama was YOUR LAST TEST.

Let me repeat that again.

Obama was your last test.

You were given one final chance to correct the wrongs, to prove that you are indeed capable of changing for the better, to make amends with us and join the hueman family as best as you could and maybe, just maybe, things could have turned out differently for SOME of you. But you failed.


And now, it’s too late.

Your tiny crevice of redemption has officially slammed shut and there’s no going back.

From now on, not one smile, not one “Have a nice day”, not one gesture, not one superficial humanistic movement you start, not one thing you do will reverse this curse that has been placed on you. Whatever you get in the very near future, and please do believe that it’s coming, you FULLY deserve and more. Perhaps the only thing that you might have to look forward to is a small gesture of mercy from The Great Spirit. And from us. And you’re gonna need it.


I know you’ll read this post and roll your eyes and snort in disgust and talk amongst yourselves about how Truthbetold is indeed an insane nigger. But somewhere deep down, deep within that secret place you keep well hidden, this resonates with you because you know it’s true.

I almost feel sorry for you…



And finally, how many of you have experienced this dream/ vision? Have you always known this? I will allow moderated comments for this post only.

Required Reading for Melanites


Why this one?

Because we need to know how the enemy thinks, feels and OPERATES.

Hint: EVERY one of these “Laws” are conniving, deceitful, underhanded and ignoble. In essence, it’s Edom in all his vainglorious, de-melaninated glory. It’s available on pdf on the internet so there’s no need to spend money. Print it out and study it well. I’ve read this Yurugusonian Manifesto 3 times and learn something new each time.

I’ve even recalled events where I’ve been TRICKED by them using these very plots. Once you morph into the mind of The Children of Set, naught that they do will EVER shock you again. In fact, you’ll learn to expect it and PREPARE for it.

Spring is in the air and this will make a great night time book aaaaand  a fantastic study group book. Yes, my lovelies…study groups where we come up with plans to combat these Demons, defeat them and take back our planet from their Father.

The Rise of Amun-Ra



The ozone layer, our protection from the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun, is not showing the fast healthy return to its previous state that was thought back in 1999. The more it depletes and the longer it takes to regain its previous state, the more possibility that skin cancer is going to keep increasing not decreasing.

Researchers continue to warn everyone from sunbathers to skiers, children to adults and everyone in between to take care when they are outside. Wear the proper protective clothing; use a good sunscreen with a sun protection factor of at least fifteen.

The ozone layer is supposed to protect us, but it cant do its job until it can repair itself and that may take another fifty years. It had been thought that pollution was the main culprit in the destruction of the protective ozone layer but now they think its because of climate changes. Scientists believe that the high altitude areas may have lost up to fifty percent of the ozone layers coverage. That puts skiers at an even higher risk for sun exposed skin cancer than sunbathers.

UV Rays

Since the continued thinning of the ozone layer allows more of the suns ultraviolet light through this poses a problem to humans and their obsession with the sun. Studies have shown that for every one percent that the ozone layer thins the cases of skin cancer rise three percent. This is a dangerous prospect. Scientists are worried about the human skin.

The ozone layer has long been a project for repair. It was believed this would happen gradually but steadily as certain major pollutants were removed from daily usage. This includes CFCs and a variety of other chemicals. Scientists are convinced that the ozone layer had, n many places, been depleted by an average of thirty percent and they are more unsure now of what to do to improve that.

Protection a Must

But with this depletion comes increased awareness of how bad this is for men, women and children who are outside a lot. The ozone layer is supposed to be like a cover to protect humans, and animals alike, form the ravages of ultraviolet light. But with the damage done our protective covering is damaged enough that it cannot do its job. That means that more than ever before its essential that we protect ourselves when outside. That means wearing hats, long sleeves, when we can, sunglasses and wearing sunscreen.

Although there is hope that the ozone layer is starting to slowly come back to its original condition scientists know that this will take time. They still strongly believe it will happen. The concern is that in the meantime the skin cancer rate will double by the year 2100.

Oddly Australia is showing the effects of the ozone layer problem with increased cases of skin cancer already. During the Australian summer the country winds up closer to the sun that Europe; that means more exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun by almost fifteen percent.

Recopied from “the fourth angels bowl.” Thank you, sir!


Dear Melanin Family throughout the Diaspora,

Our meditation sessions are working.

Please continue.

Tomorrow, there will be a Blood Moon.

How’s about we breathe in The Power and exhale our manifestations?

Pass this on if you agree.


Have You Been Getting Prepared?



I had yet another dream last week. The Spirit told me…

“Water will be scarce.”

Are you getting prepared, Family? Or are you watching TV, having sex and eating McDonalds? Because if it’s the latter, you’re in some serious trouble. You cannot live without water for more than 3 days. For those of you that have a backyard/ some acreage, you have zero excuses and should begin storing water now. You should also have a filtration and cleaning system handy. For those of you that are apartment-bound…well…that’s a bit more difficult. Car washes have water barrels:



They come in 25, 50, 100 and 250 gallon sizes. If possible, get the biggest size and store it in your closet, kitchen or a space in your room. Make sure you get a siphon pump too:



And have lots of purification tablets/ iodine handy. Remember my post on Water? Revisit it and PRINT it out.

My site is under heavy attack and probably will not be available to you in the future. Remember what happened in Boston when water was short? Remember what happened on the East Coast when Hurricane Sandy blew through town? These PLANNED events were Beta Experiments to carefully study our responses to “stress stimulus.” I’m 100% positive that footage of us tearing down doors and each other to get food, medicine and water was watched over and over and over…


To plan the Big Event.

To further control the population.

And guess what?

Blacks are the most vulnerable because we have no organization, no community, no funds, no survival skills and NO PLAN to survive an attack. Am I scaring you?


You should be scared.

‘Cause this is no goddamn joke. Remember the CIA-planned, HAARP-induced Hurricane Katrina?

Start planning now, Family. As in the minute you finish reading this post. Turn off the damn TV and put your clothes on and get supplies NOW. And please stop writing to me about your “lack of money” to “get it together. ” Last year, we spent one trillion dollars on false hair, designer clothes and electronics from China and Japan.

And if you haven’t been meditating to strengthen your Melanin Power and reconnect with The Ancestors, you need to start NOW. You’re gonna need them to help you get through this.

And if you think the Maafa was some shit, you ain’t seen nuthin’ yet.

African Meditation Session: Blood Moon Rising on April 4th

In light of recent happenings, I was commanded to use this Meditation Session for these guys:




On April 4th, another Blood Moon will occur.

I ask all of you, my Melanin Family, to take a stand and fight for justice. Use the power given to you by the Sun of God to rid the planet of the foot soldiers hired by Demons to kill, rape, oppress and terrorize us. For those of you that are not aware, the origin of the “police” is here:



Irish Slave Catchers (Italians joined in later on), once indentured servants themselves and considered NON-WHITE, were “rewarded” with a few more crumbs from their Master’s table for catching/ killing/ maiming runaway slaves. As you can see, this practice of hunting us runs deep within their albino blood.

They enjoyed this so much and were quite excellent at it, that they were given the special title of “Officer.” What we see now in modern times is naught but a more deceptive, legal, sly, covert, government MANDATED practice of lynching black men, women and children and GETTING AWAY WITH IT.

My Melanin Family, instead of watching countless videos of our men and women getting punched, kicked, raped, thrashed and killed by PAID and TRAINED assassins, join me in a deep and powerful meditation session on April 4th and take our power back!

If you agree with this post, pass it on to as many people as possible and strengthen our power a thousandfold.


And finally, to Yurugu, who watches with mirth and sexual arousal at our bloody encounters with these mercenaries, don’t worry my dears…your time is just around the corner.



Fall of the House of Caucasia



“Such is the moral construction of the world that no national crime passes unpunished in the long run… Were present oppressors to reflect on the same truth, they would spare to their own countries the penalties on their present wrongs which will be inflicted on them in future times. The seeds of hatred and revenge which they [sow] with a large hand will not fail to produce their fruits in time. Like their brother robbers on the highway, they suppose the escape of the moment a final escape and deem infamy and future risk countervailed by present gain.”
– Thomas Jefferson, American Founding Father and U.S. president (1743-1826), letter to Francois de Marbois, 1817
I love that quote from Mr. Thomas Jefferson.
Slave owner.
Freemason extraordinaire.


Last week, I went to the store.
I was heavily armed with Mr. Fuller’s codification tools. Headphones (no music was playing), my crystals that repel negative energy and inspire truth and lastly cash (I try to limit by debit card purchases as my vision indicated that I am being tightly watched).
As I searched the greenery looking for a nice head of kale, I felt a presence behind me. I knew instantly that it was Yurugu. I pretended I knew nothing and continued to search for the thickest, heaviest leaves. She came beside me and looked at me hoping that I’d turn and face her.
I didn’t.
Then, despite my headphones, she started talking.
“Expensive, isn’t it?”
I wanted to tell her to get lost but the Spirit commanded me to remain still and hear her out.
“These days, it’s getting harder and harder just to put food on the table” she continued.
“Yes. It’s tough out there”, was my only comment.
My agreement seemed to please her so she continued.
“You know, back when I was a kid, $20.00 could buy an entire bag of groceries. Now you can barely buy meat, bread and eggs with it…”
As she rattled on, I sensed that something was coming from her so I waited patiently for it. She continued about Obama expressing her displeasure that she voted for a man “from the streets” who was ” a regular guy like the rest of us” whom she thought was different from the rest due to his “struggles in life” and how life had gotten so bad so quickly for “decent Americans.”
She expressed wonderment at how “middle class folks like herself” now had to go on food stamps, which they cut by 35%,  and she laid awake at night wondering what was going to happen to her grandchildren. I stood still saying nothing but nodding every so often still waiting for “it” to come.
Then it happened.
“Maybe it’s a type of punishment from God.”
This was the moment I sensed was coming. Knowing the white mindset extremely well, I played the ignorant, doe-eyed, in-need-of-teaching Negro.
“Punishment? For what? You seem like a perfectly decent person.”
Her big, sad eyes roamed my face stopping briefly at my Kente head covering then looked away. She quivered slightly then continued.
“This country wasn’t very nice….to people. My…my husband is Italian and he told me stories of growing up in Brooklyn back then. Things were different then…not like they are now…you know.”
(Of course I know)
“Maybe we can all learn that we need each other and we need to work together and put our differences aside. After all, we’re all children of God.”
I nodded slowly pretending to absorb her “profound” revelation.
She searched my face wanting me to say something to ease that part of her white mind that was slowly destroying her…
As the white race slowly comes to a very painful realization that their actions have caused a ripple of after effects that they are now suffering from, they will undoubtedly run back to us for solace. After all, who else has the power to ease their pain? As their numbers dwindle (they are now 5-7% of the GLOBAL population) the fear of extinction will propel them to make startling decisions.
In the beginning when rage was only only companion, I never sought to fully understand the mechanism  that drove an entire race to destroy. Now after much learning, meditation and (some) healing, I almost understand their logic. Missing the key component to Godliness (melanin), they act antithetical to Nature. It may shock you to hear me say this but it’s not ENTIRELY their fault.
Would you hold malice for a scorpion that stings you if you get too close?
It is this understanding of their psyche that has enabled me to move forward and heal as best as I could. What does shock me, however, is their understanding of it. Whites KNOW that they are defective, wrong, different, separate and completely unable to assimilate to Nature who is the God Principle manifested. That is why whenever they come to an understanding of what they’ve done, they immediately become hyper-religious fanatics. They also know that something is in the works for them.
Perhaps they know not the name of this mysterious phenomena. But they FEEL it. And they are terrified of it. So much so, that now, slowly and coyly, they are making their way back to the Originators and Guardians of Earth. Holding doors open for us, saying “Good morning” when they pass us on the street, giving us a bit of money here and there, speaking out against racism, WHICH THEY CAUSED, with their hashtags “Black Lives Matter”, “End Racism Now” and so forth.
All that is perfectly fine and dandy.
However, when Nature has decided that your window of opportunity to correct the wrongs you have made against HER is officially closed, there is little to nothing you can do to rectify it.
Something that they will NEVER express to us, or themselves for that matter, is how much they fret our revenge. Not due to the fact that WE are evil, but due to the fact that THEY are evil. Do we have the capacity to do to them what they have done and CONTINUE to do to us? It is this fear that drives them to horde guns, bullets, grenades, food and constantly re-write laws that benefit them and them alone.
Whiteness is destined to be destroyed.
And they know it.
Do not be fooled by the illusion of multiculturalism and post racial nonsense. Of course race matters! If it did not matter, they would not have gone around the ENTIRE world promoting themselves as the default of humankind. Now their (stolen) house is slowly being torn down and they feel, at last, powerless to stop it.
 So I finally spoke.
“You know, I was raised with a very simple philosophy. ‘As ye sow, so shall ye reap.’ If you’ve tried to do the right thing, logically speaking you should have nothing to fear.”
She looked at me but said nothing.
I shrugged slightly and picked up my big bundle of greens and walked slowly away never looking back at her.

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