Observations of an Invisible Woman

Required Cinema for Melaninites 5

“Your enemies always come with a smiling face.” —— Line from ‘Goodfellas’

Even today this movie excels.

A true miniseries, this awesome film needs to be watched at least twice when you have the time. Pay special attention to the character of Daniel Bernstein. We have many like him in our society. In fact, that’s the number one reason why the Black Movement remains stagnant.

I have the complete miniseries including the second half called The Final Battle.

Why is this movie so relevant?

Because it tell the raw truth that many REFUSE to accept.

Ever wonder why nutritious food is so expensive and cheap food costs so little?

Ever wonder why the water in California is drying up?

Is your electric bill suddenly too high for you to pay?

What happens to people to know too much?

And why is the world’s population getting fatter and fatter? And poorer and poorer?

It’s all here in V.

Please watch this and take strict notes as they give away many secrets.


Smoke and Mirrors

Last night, I had a dream and that dream lead me to write this post.

Have you ever wondered why we have never seen a so-called Slave Ship?

For a race of people who love His Story so much that they are willing to have multiple Reenactments to savour the “good ole days”, why haven’t we had a Slave Ship on display in one of their many, many museums?

When I traveled to the South, I traveled to Charleston where I saw multiple whites taking pictures and videotaping trees where blacks were hung, (alleged) slave houses:


…and weapons that were used to “keep us in our place.” From research, we know that the weapons they used on us came from the minds of the people who used those same weapons on their OWN people.

Whites snapped picture after picture with their young offspring and friends and grinned at how marvelous it is to be here for “his story.”


Where are the slave ships?

Why haven’t we seen them in person?

Touched one?

Where are they being kept?



Doesn’t that seem odd that the one artifact from his story that would make them beam with pride is no where to be found???

What if there is NO slave ship?

What if we were lead to believe something that doesn’t exist to entrap our minds?

Once we begin to fully understand white supremacy, we’ll know that NOTHING they say pertaining to us can be trusted.

Haven’t you ever wondered this?


The Greatest Deception: The Hypnotic Spell of Leviathan

This image above is the real reason why blacks are unable to come together.

Last night, my brother and I had a great conversation about our race, what’s to come in the near future and why are still struggling 500 years later.

“When you hate yourself and self-kind, your mirror image becomes the enemy and when your mirror image is your enemy, you can convince any group of people to self destruct.”

That was the statement made by him.

It bothered me all night because I remember this very well:

Missionaries who came to the islands and tried to convince a group of Ras Tafari that their “Spirituality” was incorrect. Why do we cling to religion even after we KNOW how it was created:

Because it’s a SPELL. And we’re under a deep, penetrating, Anti-Life Force, Anti-Black Female, Anti Loving God/ Goddess, Anti-Nature, Reversed Light SPELL. This is who we worship unknowingly:

And that’s the real reason why we WILL NOT go against them no matter how they mistreat, mock, stab, rape, kill, dismember, maim and thieve us. Would you still feel so admirably about them if the God you bow down to looked like this:

Or even more shockingly, like this:

How would you feel now?

Black Family,

The Spell of Satan must be reversed and cast away in order for us to live and thrive. We must begin to look at ourselves in the mirror and see the God/ Goddess within. We must learn to love the kinkiness of our hair, the thickness of our lips, the sun burnt colour of our own flesh and resist the Reversed Light of Death called whiteness.

Let me ask you something.

What colour is cancer?

What colour are parasites?

Why do scientists use white lab rats and white mice to conduct their experiments?


  1. White
  2. White
  3. Because the genealogy of the albino rat mimics their own population.

They need to find out if their poisonous new drugs will affect THEIR population adversely because they know they are not apart of the normal, Hueman Melanin family. They tell us in plain sight but we are unaware of this because we do not understand:

A. How far they are willing to go to survive their up and coming genocide

B. How desperate they’ve become to hide their true origins as we become more awakened

C.  Because deception and lies are their food

D. Because we Melaninites simply REFUSE to study military and behavioural science


We are too stricken with The Superbowl, which is a dirty, sexual symbol, how much money Kanye West made last year and if Kim Kardashian will show us another picture of her genitals. Our time is filled with desiring Flat Screen TV’s, making money to buy stuff to impress people we don’t even like and how to have as much sex as possible before we die.

All these things are put into our lives on purpose as a tool of DISTRACTION so we won’t focus on how to better ourselves Spiritually and fight and eliminate this Demon.

Which path will you choose?

Real Spiritual Death and a false life as a slave…

Or freedom?

The choice is up to you.

Required Cinema for Melaninites 4

Hmmm…what to say about The Purge.

Well, it’s exactly what you would expect from white, Jewish Hollywood. A film about purging the unwanted elements from a “nice, good, innocent, white” society. Unemployment is less than 1% and just about all crime is nonexistent…except for that one night called The Purge.

A few key notes:

If all is well with the bad elements of society just about gone, why need a purge in the first place? Pay attention to the “expert” that gives an answer as to why the purge is NECESSARY.

Pay attention to the new rules of the Founding Fathers.

And finally, the twist. The real bad guys aren’t who you think they are.

Watch with your third eye open. Take notes and have group discussions.

Required Cinema for Melaninites 3

Something many of you have long suspected. Stephen King gives us:

A fantastic film about an incubus.

Genesis 6:4

“There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men {The Nephilim which is an incubus} which were of old, men of renown.”

Ever wonder why any dealings with Yurugu, no matter how subdued and pleasant, always leaves us confused, sick, terrified, dazed and incapacitated? Ever have a departmental meeting and leave not fully understanding what was said? Ever have them come up to you on the street and the need to flee from them came over you? I used to come home from school utterly exhausted and needed sleep for hours just to recover from their constant banter and their unsettling energy. Sleepless nights and nightmares soon followed before I decided that home schooling would be the best bet for me in the future.

One day I looked into the eyes of my co-worker and saw her missing soul. Somehow, she sensed that I knew and stayed away from me from then on.

Something that has always boggled my mind was their incessant need to rape us. After all, why rape a group of people you deem so inferior and ugly? Then after much reading and studying, I realized why our rape was so important to them. They need us to feed them.

This is why whenever we discuss separation, the very thing they campaign for, they go mad with indignation. They fly off the handle and accuse us of being racists. Melanin energy is the most potent form of energy on the planet. It goes hand in hand with the sun. The more Melano-energy you output, the more powerful you become. That is why they sex us.

To feed.

While watching this film remember that it’s not for entertainment but education. Watch with your third eye open.

The Desperate Prevention of the Rise of the Black Messiah

It has always been about the black woman.

The rancid, pulse pounding, sweaty, tossing and turning Fear of Mother Earth.

Why do you think Evil has created every obstacle to keep her isolated, downtrodden, desperate, ignorant, uneducated, powerless, barren and ever wanting for love and affection? Why do you think ALL attempts are being made at keeping the black man as far away from her as possible?

You ONLY attack someone to such a degree because you fear them.

White supremacy knows that we, black women, are the Last Stand to their regime. That’s why stealth attacks are coming in all different directions.

Like subliminal programming:

And psychological warfare from our own people who serve white supremacy:

And a direct hit that causes brain damage…if you live. Like lead poisoning:

Or land theft:

Or my favourite, Spiritual Warfare:

You MUST attack the black woman at EVERY opportunity, in EVERY way, AT ALL TIMES, day and night CONSTANTLY til she breaks down and gives in. Then the planet will be fully theirs. Do you understand now why we are under such ferocious attack yet cannot fully articulate what is happening?

Ever try to explain yourself to someone and words fail you?

“I don’t see what the problem is. You have a job, a nice house, a car, nice clothes, Obama is president and you’re still complaining.”

Do these words sound familiar?

It is because what you feel goes deeper than words. You feel it in the air when you step outside. You feel it when you look into someone’s eyes and realize there’s no soul looking back you. You sense it when you step foot into your workplace and feel the negative vibrations of your co-workers. And finally, you see it in your dreams.

It’s magnetic. A force. A sensation only you can feel for you are Earth personified.

Why is Evil after us?

Because without Mother Nature, the world is finished.

Have you ever wondered why every black movement has failed despite strong beginnings? It’s because there’s not enough POSITIVE FEMALE WOMB energy in power. You CANNOT have success in our liberation without the help, leadership and guidance of the black woman.

Every race of people that wants to survive knows this on some level.

That is the sole reason why whites elevate the very woman they despise above all others because it solidifies their self worth. White supremacy hates the white woman. In fact, the white female is NOT their rightful partner.

This is their rightful partner:

They only use the white woman to continue their genetic seed for the sole purpose of the continuation of white supremacy.

This post was written as a response to a letter I received from a longtime subscriber who simply wanted to know “why?” Now that we know and understand the “whys”, perhaps the next question should be:

“Where do we go from here?”

You can begin by doing the one thing that will stop Demons in their tracks:

Love Thyself.

Required Cinema for Melaninites 2

Every once in awhile, a movie comes along that sums up pretty much everything that’s going on in the world. I must admit, the first time I saw They Live, I was too young to fully comprehend what John Carpenter was trying to tell us. All I focused on were the terrific fight scenes.

As my understanding grew and my Spiritual strength became more formidable, I began to watch this film more and more. Last week marked the 20th time I watched this masterpiece. From the opening sequence where Nada tries to look for a job to the terror of realizing that the entire world is living in a carefully manufactured prison, this movie chronicles everything we’ve talked about on this blog.

Can you guess who “They” are? Who or what do you think John was referring to?

In my humble opinion, everyone should watch this movie and have group discussions.

And as always, please do not spend money on white Hollywood buying this film. Free downloads are available or you can go to the local library to rent this spectacular movie.

Required Cinema for Melaninites

I’ve always been attracted to horror/ Science Faction since I was a small girl. When other children were watching cartoons, I was drawn to fantasy. When I got older and realized that the world we live in is naught but a carefully manufactured slave plantation, all the films I saw in my younger days began to make sense.

The Cabin in the Woods is a fantastic film about how Mega-Rituals are being carried out in FULL, clear, real time view and we, their unwitting accomplices, partake in them and make the Beast stronger. This is why nothing on T.V. can be trusted. Especially when it comes from bought and paid for slave Negroes.

I implore you to find alternative ways to see this movie and refrain from giving white, Jewish Hollywood one penny of your money. The library has many movies that you can rent for FREE.

Whilst watching this film you’ll need:


A pencil

Reference Books to cross check true facts

This film is NOT about entertainment but education. Please do not allow yourself to become engrossed in the pretty actors with nice bodies. Watch it with your third eye open.

Black Family, Are You Getting Prepared?


This is no game.

They are coming.

What will you do?

America’s Newest Nigger

I’m sure by now you’ve heard and read countless excerpts about “those people” migrating from the Sand Dunne’s of Syria, Arabia, Lebanon, Egypt etc, to stealthily infiltrate, rape, take over and demolish those poor innocent white Europeans.

I’m sure by now you’ve heard white, extremely well-paid, American males scream their utter terror of this invasion that will reek havoc on their country.

And I’m sure by now you’ve heard at least one white female tell a sobbing, hiccup-laced tale of how she, her mom, sister and best childhood friend have all been simultaneously violated by a large, ultra hairy, liquor-drenched man shouting about Allah.

Readers, this is the face of your newest Nigger:

Do I feel sympathy for these Berber-Turkish Arabs?


After all, they did teach Yurugu all that he needed to know about how to enslave us. No wonder Dr. Wright classified them as white people.

This post is written for Coloured People who are not classified as black but aren’t white either.

You know exactly who you are:

Why am I writing a post to you?

Because for some reason, you’ve have distanced yourselves from the Hueman Struggle, also known as the Black Struggle. You took the easy way out. “I’m not black!!!” You ducked and dodged and ran and hid while we were hit, punched, stabbed, shot, sprayed, raped, lynched, tasered, ripped apart, poisoned and stepped on.

While we cried out for support and help, you spat at us claiming how one group had nothing to do with the other. While we marched and protested, you sat and waited to see the outcome so you can benefit from our back breaking, blood soaked fight. And I won’t even mention the way you target and exploit the black community when you enter the country and set up shop in our neighbourhoods.

We lost countless lives…

Where were you?

Why didn’t you help?

Offer support?

Ask us if we’re ok?

Join us and eradicated this pale poison once and for all so ALL huemans can be free?

Because you’re “not black.”


Now, after a carefully planned and staged attack, you have become the next American Nigger. Hated, hunted, propagandized, studied and targeted. Article after article will be written about how you hid bombs in your shirts and, out of nowhere, decided to blow up an “innocent” group of church-going whites out for a Sunday picnic.

You’ll fear going out because you don’t know if you’ll come back in one piece.

You’ll consider shaving your beards to blend in and hopefully pass for a Southern Italian.

You’ll change your names from Mohammad to Michael and hope no one finds out.

And finally, when none of that works, you’ll wonder, stupefied, how you got where you are today.

Niggers are not born, they are created by the worst Niggers of them all:


And finally, for those darker Caucasians who integrated into whiteness and now hate ALL dark peoples:

When whiteness becomes even more threatened and there’s no more Brown People to target, who do you think your “brethren” will target next?

Required Reading for Melaninites


I got this as a gift from a good blogger buddy of mine. When I saw how thick it was, I knew I was in for a long reading session. Every night, right before bed, this book along with a hot cup of tea, was my constant companion. Chapters flew by and with each turned page, my eyes became more and more opened.


Why are we in this position?

Why are we the most hated group in the world even amongst our own Coloured People?

What do whites want with us?

Why can they leave us alone?

And finally, is the bible real and if so, where did all this prophesy come from?


It’s all here in this mind blowing book.

For those of you that cry “We’re all the same!” This book explains that, no, we are not.

Along with the teachings of the late Dr. Welsing, I learn a great deal about myself and why Black people are the most hunted, hated, feared, admired, envied, disrespected and now dysfunctional people on earth.

To purchase, click her website below:



When White Privilege is No Longer Enough: A Simple Message to White People

What can I possibly say to you that hasn’t already been said?

I won’t waste my time with a long drawn out post because we both know that:

A. You won’t listen

B. You don’t care

C. It’s too late to change anything


I know you read my blog. Some of you even write me letters. I speak to you almost daily (you are ALWAYS the instigator). I watch you. I study you. I listen to your conversations when you think I’m not paying attention. I can now hear your thoughts.

( Your Chemtrails, you know…the plane that flies over my farming town… made me sick for awhile with terrible headaches. Then, one night, I had a severe nosebleed. After I recovered, my telepathy got stronger. Your plan backfired. My one good friend went to the ER with the poison milk you feed her in the low-income area she lives in. Now, she told me she can “see” a person’s aura…but I digress)

You’re scared.

And you should be.

Your race has completely obliterated everything that Nature stands for and now, finally, you are getting payback for your crimes against huemanity.

2016 will begin like this for you…

  1. Food prices will spike but you get less food stamps (yes, I’m aware you use them more than black people)
  2. Gas will go up
  3. You’ll get laid off from the low paying job you have
  4. Interest rates will spike
  5. You’ll lose your homes at rapid speed
  6. Your diminished credit score will inhibit you from renting an apartment
  7. Your wife/ husband will become sick and you won’t be able to pay the bills
  8. Your car will give out
  9. Your beloved dog will die
  10. Your spouse will die and the life insurance you have won’t cover all of it
  11. Your son/daughter will become addicted to drugs/ pills
  12. You’ll need medication for anxiety/ depression but won’t be able to afford it
  13. Hamburger Helper, Vienna Sausages, Ramen Noodles and water will be your steadfast diet
  14. You’ll develop diabetes
  15. You’ll have a heart attack and need a coronary bypass graft
  16. Your insurance won’t cover the cost
  17. You’ll watch as over 10,000 immigrants enter the U.S. and take jobs away from you
  18. You won’t be able to find ANY job
  19. The army will reject your son/ daughter for being too fat and covered with tattoos
  20. You’ll sell all your furniture/ clothes on Craigslist just to make ends meet
  21. Black people will begin to REJECT your false friendship
  22. Your European cousins will want nothing to do with you
  23. Your small businesses will fail
  24. Another false flag will hit you like no other
  25. Martial Law will take effect
  26. The same white government that protected you will take away your beloved guns
  27. Desperation will set in as you realize your skin colour no longer matters
  28. Fear will set in as you realize you are all alone


Then you’ll begin to commit suicide.


Sounds dire, doesn’t it?


But this tiny fragment of what’s to come is just the tip of the iceberg for you. Your pain and suffering has not yet begun.

So what is to become of the most illustrious, intelligent, logical race on earth?













Wanna know what I’ve learned about you?



You’ll do it all over again if you could.


A Message to the Black Man and Black Woman

The year is ending.

In 2016, we’ll face old challenges cleverly disguised as new ones. No matter how much we cry and protest, our Black Liberation must come from the WANT to be free from the stranglehold of white demonic domination.

White supremacy or what I simply refer to as Luciferianism, operates on a fear-based premise (terrorism). What you fear, you’ll be less apt to fight. Know that the power of The Beast can only come from our Stolen Power as they feed off of our Melanin. Their power is false, a sham, an act, like the Wizard Behind the Curtain as they cannot attract and hold The Real Loving Light. Only Melanin-Rich individuals are given the blessing from the Loving God and the Loving Goddess to hold and keep the Light.

The war we will face will finally manifest itself fully in the flesh as their time on Earth is quickly running out. But…do not be deceived. The real war is Spiritual in nature and NOT physical. This is the real reason why whites are fearful of death. Right now, in some laboratory, they are making human-kind clones with artificial intelligence “just in case” they do not survive. Have you ever wondered why technology is a supreme fascination for them? Lacking the Spiritual Force, also called Ether (EU Melanin), they will perish forever and become extinct. Remember my post on Darkness Matters?


Before pic: Albino Male:

before melanotan



After our Melanin is injected…


after melanotan


Albinism is a skin disease and the ONLY cure is Melanin! Please watch the Will Smith movie: I am Legend. The Pale Race was essentially telling you what he will become in the near future if he doesn’t find a way to get and KEEP melanin. Hence the insatiable need for them to ask for blood.

Ever wonder where ALL that blood disappears to?


Trickery, lies and deceit are the poisonous foods Satan uses to keep us in Spiritual bondage. Therefore, please read this next sentence carefully:


This is why the real and true name for TV is: Tell-Lies-Visionally.

You see the lie with your eyes and are forced by trickery, pretty images, attractive people, lots of money, big houses, big jewelry, glitter, paid testimonies by demons (yes demons) and lustful, longing pleasures to THINK this is how life should really be. In reality, it is the exact opposite! The further away you get from their carefully constructed reality, the better chance you have at survival.

Never believe anything that comes out of their mouths as they are the Children of Lies:

“I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and [I know] the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews (liars), and are not, but [are] the synagogue of Satan.” Rev 2:9


Satan’s Puppet, the Khazar Kissinger…Obama’s Real Boss.


The man who gave Bill Gates the go-ahead to fund this man:


…to create the AIDS virus.

ALL Satan’s Khazarian Children. Demons in hueman-like flesh.

When I spoke to Neely Fuller, the best advice he’s ever given me, and he gave me A LOT, is this:

“Don’t listen to what white people say, look at what they do. Then you’ll know what they really stand for.”

Well, I’ve been watching what they do and I know what they stand for.

By giving the entire world the Gift of Death, they’ve taught us just how sweet and precious life can be. By poisoning our food, water, clothing and air supply, they’ve taught us just how sweet a ripe, juicy, unspoiled apple really tastes.

By writing laws to enslave, punish, torture, beat, rape, maim and kill us with impunity, we now know how wonderful it is to walk in the warm of the Sun of God, how sweet life can be when surrounded by loved ones, and how magnificent life can when our third EYE is open to their conniving chess games. Only then can be beat them by preparing for their war tactics.

Required Reading: The 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene. YOU MUST READ THIS BOOK!!!

Have you ever wondered why the same group of people who invented Race-ism, who elevated themselves as the default of Huemanity now are desperate to claim that Race doesn’t matter? Isn’t it now funny that they promote interracial sex?


Negro whore prostituting herself with a Khazarian Demon in really expensive clothes, a nice apartment and a great paying job. Thank you, Shonda.


Does it strike you as odd that they now APPEAR to want to fight for our liberation?



This clever maneuver is called Controlled Opposition. It is a Khazar (false-Jew) invention designed to have absolute power over all things and all people. It is designed to confuse the masses. This is why whenever we attempted to create anything for ourselves, they infiltrate our groups and slowly and stealthily take it over. This is done to keep a keen eye on us. What are examples of Controlled Opposition?

Democrat Vs. Republican

Left Vs. Right

Pro Woman Vs. Anti Woman

Gun Advocate Vs. Non Gun Advocate

Muslim Vs. Jew

etc, etc…

Underneath the lies and theater, they are ALL the same evil, conniving, plotting, war-thirsty Pale Race our ancestors warned us about.

Their goal is NOT changed since they were “created.” Destroy the majority of us and keep the broken as slaves to serve them.

“Non-Jews were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in the world-only to serve the People of Israel.”

The CIA, a Jewish Organization, funds over 3 BILLION dollars annually to “terrorist” groups. What does that mean? It means that the people you see on TV that look “shady”, another clever word for “dark”, are paid actors and puppets designed to CONFUSE you. Osama Bin Laden was a ruse. Anyone who does mild research on this JEW will discover this.

The war on Islam is cleverly disguised as the War on Dark Skinned Peoples. When they can no longer tell who is a Muslim and who is not, they’ll simply kill ALL Dark Peoples. One more devastating attack is coming that will send us back into the Stone Ages.

Whatever comes in the near future is already here so listen closely and Reread this paragraph:

Whites are not EVER going to be able to live in close proximity to us, or on this planet for that matter, and be kind, friendly and caring. Why?

For the exact same reason why the lion and the hyena cannot.

They are mortal enemies and can never really be true friends. Any relationship you think you have with anyone white will be a unilateral relationship. They will stick with you for what you can do for them, then when your duty is finished and you are worn out and broken with naught left to give, they will simply pitch you out into the streets and turn their backs on you.

Did you catch that?

That means the white man/ woman lying naked in your bed isn’t going to be there for you when their own genetic survival is at stake. You will be seen as a THREAT to be exterminated. You may wish to reevaluate the real reason why you’re in an interracial relationship in the first place. Black Men who engage in fornication with the white female are practicing a form of homosexuality as Yurugu and his Daughter are 100% male spirited. Being the anti-life aspect of Nature, he has no female (life-giving) counterpart. Any group of people without a female counterpart is in serious danger of becoming one of two things:


Or Homosexual (which leads to extinction).

Look at any black male celebrity who exclusively dates whites. Then ask yourself how many times his sexuality has been in question.


Another angle of this carefully manufactured plot is the watering down of the black race and the exclusion of the black female. Both are old but tried and true tactics of warfare. Why do we keep on falling for it? Because:

We do not understand European Military Strategy

We do not CARE to understand European Military Strategy

We are asleep and mind controlled by the TV

We are drugged into a drunken stupor by their poison foods and water

Some of us have simply given up and no longer wish to fight


This post is for those that are still warriors at heart and wish to fight, even to our own death, for the liberation of ALL Dark Peoples. The time is near us now. At this moment, you should NOT be trying to awaken the coyly sleeping black mass. As I’ve stated in the past, allow them to perish and focus on yourself and on building strong foundations with the ones who are willing and able to fight.

Are you getting ready?

What will you do when the drones, which are now being sold on the internet under the guise of “fun”, come into your neighbourhood?

What about clean drinking water?

Can you grow and cook food on your own?

Can you identify which herbs cure/ help to heal illness?

Are you fat and out of shape?

Is the television the most important meal of the day?


Depending on your answers, you have a bit of work to do, don’t you?


I love you, my Beautiful Black Family and wish you the best of luck in the future.








This Holiday Season, Support Black-Owned Businesses

Today is December 1st and the shopping season is well underway. For many of us, shopping judiciously for that one cute gift will be the norm. This holiday season as corporate America begs us for our money with extended deals, cheap plastic goods, electronics that break after three uses and useless labels from wealthy celebrities, we must choose wisely where and with whom to give our money.

Black Wall Street was intentionally destroyed due to the simple fact that we shopped with each other and grew immensely wealthy. Envious whites and an evil government plotted how to take our wealth away and transfer it into the hands of whites. Til this day, we’ve NEVER recovered. Why? Because:

The black dollar must leave our wallets every fifteen minutes.


Black Family,

Please support struggling black businesses! Here’s an interesting article that you’ll enjoy from Official Black Wall Street:


Black Friday is traditionally the busiest shopping day of the year, serving as the official kick-off to the holiday shopping season. With racial tensions high, black consumers nationwide used the weekend to protest the unfair treatment of African Americans with their money. After a weekend of shouting #NotOneDime and urging consumers to shop with Black-owned businesses instead, studies show that sales on Black Friday and Thanksgiving fell by $1.2 billion this year.

According to TIME, Black Friday sales decreased from $11.6 billion in 2014 to $10.4 billion in 2015, while sales on Thanksgiving day also dropped by $200 million.

Reports about the slump in Black Friday sales from mainstream media attribute the change in consumer spending to other factors like the increase in online shopping or a strengthening economy, according to the CEO of the National Retail Federation. Yet with $1.1 trillion in buying power, it is futile not to include the efforts of the ongoing boycott by African Americans as a direct affect on those numbers. And it’s no surprise that this isn’t acknowledged in any reports by the mainstream media. To admit that Black dollars have a major impact on our economy would shift the power dynamics drastically.

We have already seen the impact of our money with movements from the Montgomery Bus boycott to the University of Missouri boycott. This is another reminder that “Black Dollars Matter.” Let’s keep the momentum going and remember to buy black all year long. Regardless of whether the media would like to acknowledge our impact or not, the proof is in the numbers.


End of Excerpt


There you have it!

They NEED us a lot more that we need them! Do not be fooled into thinking that we don’t matter!!! Let’s put our 1.1 TRILLION dollars into each others’ pockets this year and empower the black diaspora.  Below are just a few of some awesome black sites that need your support:


  1. http://www.blacketsy.com/
  2. http://officialblackwallstreet.com/
  3. http://racismws.com/buy-a-book/
  4. http://www.afrobella.com/2014/11/26/101-independent-black-owned-businesses-support-blackout-friday/


There are millions more but these sites will put you in the right direction.


Why am I constantly pleading with you to empower yourselves?

Because 2016 is but a heartbeat away and Evil is plotting for us. As blacks become more vocal about our mistreatment and intentionally REFRAIN from spending with white corporate America, whites will become angrier, more envious, indignant and vengeful.

A bit off topic but not really…

I was flipping the channels recently and caught a commercial that was very interesting. In 2016, there will be a new TV show called “The People vs. O.J. Simpson”. If white supremacy has taught me anything, its taught me that white people NEVER do anything that costs time and money randomly.


This new show will fan the flames of racial hatred against black males as whites are made to relive a stunning tale of a white, wealthy woman being brutally murdered by a black male savage who walked away scot-free.

This is in conjunction of 100,000+ brown refugees coming into this country with the help of their own government and “taking away their jobs.”

And…and…the foolish and very Staged Black Lives Matter movement that is secretly being funded by white Jews. The mere fact that we shout and protest and lay on the streets and block traffic while begging our colonial masters to treat us better is indicative of our CONFUSION.

How do we prove that we love ourselves?

By stop wanting sex, attention, favours, etc from our enemies and deal strictly with each other.

Pass on this post and support us. Love us. And Love Yourself.

A.B.C. : African Bartering Community

Barter: “to trade by exchange of commodities rather than by the use of money; to swap”




Bartering is as old as time. A few tomato seeds for a pail of fresh water.

What if we could cut out the middleman and trade DIRECTLY with each other?

Blacks in America are the largest consumers of all the racial groups combined. We buy EVERYTHING from someone else but make very little ourselves. After the prosperity of Black Wall Street, which was intentionally destroyed, the United States government devised a very diabolical plan.

The black dollar must leave our wallets every 15 minutes.

Soon, other immigrant races were given stipends and free grants to open up shop in our neighbourhoods. Cheap plastic goods, stale and rotted meats, liquor and tobacco stores, check cashing places and slum lords were made rich off of our despair.

Even though they too were considered minorities and a lesser class, they filled the government’s purpose magnificently:

The black dollar must leave our wallets every 15 minutes.

Our black owned farms that offered us fresh, wholesome foods went belly up due to soaring government taxes. They were then taken over by whites at cheaper prices so they could provide the white community with organic nutritious meals.

Wanna know something?

Today, in 2015, absolutely NOTHING has changed.


The two things I’ve learned about white supremacy are:

  1. Expecting your enemy to change is insanity
  2. Doing nothing to help your own situation is a greater form of insanity


We may not wish to hear this but we are to be partially blamed for our dire predicament.


Because we have the power to change things but lack the will.

Remember the door swings both ways…


  1. What is African Bartering Community?


A.B.C. is a worldwide, black organization designed to cut out the monetary middleman and barter (trade) strictly with other blacks for goods.


2. How does A.B.C. work?


A.B.C. works quite simply. A group of willing blacks must coordinate a gathering, like someone’s backyard, a flea market, a church social, etc, where goods are exchanged without money. Value must be determined individually and once agreed upon, a loving and equal exchange must take place.

Example #1: I need a pick up truck. My black neighbour needs a riding lawn mower. We swap goods without the use of money and shake hands to finalize the deal.


    3. Why is this a good practice? Isn’t money always needed?


Blacks are, unfortunately, the largest group of consumers in America.

(The black dollar must leave our wallets every 15 minutes.)

We buy more than what we really need to survive and purchase those goods from other races. By cutting out the middleman, we SAVE money for other things and build much-needed TRUST within our people.

Did you know that there are groups of people living within the U.S. that operate mostly (as much as possible) without the use of money for goods? My own next door neighbour swaps root vegetables for firewood and has been doing that for many years with SUCCESS! He trades with other whites in our farming community. The only people who are intentionally left out of this practice are the few black families that live here.

Money has always been around in some form, like cowry shells, since the beginning but it is possible to LESSEN our infatuation with money. Yes, I said infatuation. BLACK PEOPLE LOVE MONEY. And we love having lots of stuff. The more stuff we acquire, the greater sense of self worth we falsely obtain.

By lessening our dependence on the monetary middleman, we take back our power and our dignity. We build stronger communities based on trust, which we lack. We begin to rely on each other once again for survival thus making us stronger as a unified group.


      4. How do I join and why should I?


When George Zimmerman killed Trayvon Martin and we learned that Skittles funded his lawyer, that was a perfect opportunity for us to show our power and our self love by refraining from buying Skittles candies. The door swings both ways. We can refrain from supporting racist organizations simply by NOT giving them our money.

We can take back our pride by simply refusing to cooperate with any company that we feel is degrading to our people…worldwide. When Tommy Hilfiger stated that he “didn’t make his clothes for black people” that was our opportunity to cut him out of the black community FOREVER and give our support to the struggling black clothing companies around the globe. Instead we got angry and insisted that we had the right to wear his clothing.

What were the results?

Tommy became richer and more famous (or infamous) and the black dollar left our pockets.

(The black dollar must leave our wallets every 15 minutes)

Who’s to blame?

We are.

We are so desperate to be loved we do not care even if it’s from someone who hates us.


Joining A.B.C. takes a few things that the black community must work on for we are weak in these areas.

The first thing is organization.

We have been lulled into a hazy sleep and are disoriented when it comes to organizing. The simplest way to begin is in your own neighbourhood. Start small. Pass on this post to as many blacks as possible and begin conversing on how to set it up. Your conversation should include the following things:

  1. A meeting place
  2. An determined and focused organizer
  3. Goods to be exchanged


Again, places can include someone’s yard, their basement or an open flea market. Exchange phone numbers and emails to the person you wish to trade with. Decide what you’ll be trading and remember that once the trade has taken place it is FINAL and no negative feelings are to be shown.

You are trying to re-build trust and love, not start a fight or argument.



Finally, there’s much discussion about the wave of immigrants, especially Coloured immigrants, coming to America and opening stores in our neighbourhoods. You know why they are doing well? Because we give them our money! They are simply doing what whites have done for centuries; taking advantage of the most oppressed race and making money (exploiting) off of them.

I’ve been saying for years that black people’s need to be loved and included by anyone who sorta-kinda looks like us will be our downfall. The other races have consistently demonstrated that they don’t give a damn about us and are happy that we are sliding further and further down the economic ladder.

That gives them more opportunity to get closer to their colonial masters.

They use us as a stepping stone for economic stability and benefit from our fight for equal rights to better themselves. Then when they “make it”, they spit in our faces.

Who’s fault is it?



For we are a hard-headed, disgruntled, disoriented, intra-competitive and envious group bent set on inclusion.

The time has come for us to stop trying to “hold hands” with the browish-tanish-yellowish-golden “others” and begin doing for self. No one can make us do better. It must come from desire within oneself.


Please pass on this post to others and begin your own African Bartering Community. Start today. Call your neighbour/ friend/ cousin and begin conversing. You might find out that they’ve been wanting to do the same thing but didn’t know how to begin!


Since the holiday season is upon us, I’ll do a post on black owned businesses for those that wish to support the black community with monetary means.






White American Men Are Dying

{I’d like to thank my devoted reader and Spiritual Warrior, Mandumeyandemufayo, for alerting me to this very informative video. }


Black Family,

Our Prayers are working.

This is the SECOND confirmation I’ve received since our last prayer session. Mother Nature, who is the physical manifestation of the REAL Loving God/ Goddess, knows what is happening on our planet and is acting accordingly. SHE understands that Evil must be stopped in order for HER planet to survive and thrive.

Nature, who is Justice and Balance personified, allows all of us the opportunity for Spiritual change to conform to HER Divine rules. When that window of opportunity is closed, there is little to NOTHING one can do to stop the avalanche of Karma that must take place.

The white race has violated ALL of Nature’s Divine Rules and Doctrines and has repeatedly spat in the face of the REAL Loving God/ Goddess. Despite centuries of begging and pleading with them, they have demonstrated that they are a race beyond repair, beyond hope and beyond huemanity.

They have elevated themselves above Nature’s Divine Ecosystem and have destroyed HER planet with Anti-Life Laws, planet-sucking technology, toxins and Spiritual filth. Karma, which is in FULL and SWIFT effect, will give them the same treatment that they have bestowed upon others.

Do not pity them.

Do not give them empathy.

For they have given us nil since their sudden appearance 6,500 years ago.

Right now our main concern must be on our own Spiritual awakening and strength for we will need it in the days ahead.


As the white race perishes and it becomes more obvious that “something” is after them,  they will:

Try to (superficially) befriend us out of fear for they know the Divine Black Truth

Come after us with a murderous force we haven’t seen since slavery

Commit MORE suicides and intra-racial homicide as the Sun and our Vibrations drive them mad


We must prepare for all three events and act accordingly.

Please spread this video along with the confirmation that Nature is indeed on our side.



African Meditation Session: A Plea For Help

Luke 10:19 “Behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and
             scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall
             by any means hurt you.”


If you’ve been following this blog for any length of time, you’ll know what this is.

For those of you that are tired and worn, for those that are backed into a corner with no foreseeable way out, for those that have lost a loved one or have felt the excruciating pain of watching our people lose loved ones, for those that have that fire in our bellies and wish to fight back, this post is for you.

Step One: Construct your altar/ Sacred Space.

This is entirely personal and must be done accordingly to your own personal feelings and beliefs.

Reminder: You must add an earth, air, fire and water element to your altar.


Step Two: Add an offering of love and reciprocity.


Because it is you asking for help, not the other way around.


Step Three: Light your candle and begin to meditate…

With these words:


“I pray to the Almighty Loving Mother and Father that governs this planet. Please hear my plea for help. We are burdened with the constant struggle of fighting against the Evil powers that control this planet. We are tired of the cold, unfeeling, humanoid Foot Soldiers of Satan that intercept our daily lives. They block us, torment us, taunt us and try to kill us.

Our will is strong for we are the real Chosen People of the Loving God and Goddess but we need your help. Evil lurks around every corner of our lives. They are at work, at church, live next to us, watch us, spy on us, tell on us and conspire brutality against us. We are battle weary and in need of your strength to Awaken us from the Spell of Sleep that was cast upon us.

We have the Power to stop these Evil forces but are struggling against centuries of abuse that have weakened us. We pray that you help us to Remember the path to awaken the Sleeping Giant that we have hidden inside of us.

We pray for our fallen brothers and sisters for they were taken from us too soon. We ask that you send them back to us renewed and stronger to fight and win this war. We pray for our weary Mothers and Fathers who grieve for their lost children. May their hearts and minds be healed through your Loving Strength.

We pray for our black men, our protectors and warriors. We need them now more than ever as they are unjustly targeted for extermination, locked away like animals and lost in a sea of despair. We pray for our black women, the Living Goddess of Earth, Mother of all Agriculture and Bearer of Life. We need their iron-clad Spiritual Power to mend our broken families and re-connect us back to Nature.

We pray for our children, the innocent ones, the future of our people, who will inherit this Evil Force if we do not conquer it. We pray for the innocent animals and the plant life on this planet who will become extinct if Evil’s Foot Soldiers are not vanquished from this Earth.

We pray for you, Loving God and Loving Goddess. Your own hearts and minds must be weary watching this slow and terrible demise of your People, this sweet Earth and Earth’s creatures.

And finally, we pray for the Evil Ones that have a stranglehold on this Earth. The Evil Ones that control EVERY facet of our lives from our food, to our homes, to how and where we may live. Yes, I pray for our natural enemies for they were given a terrible lot in life to be an Alien Life Form destined for extermination. Void of all huemanity, they live life full of earthly riches, carnal pleasures, slick intellect but Spiritually miserable. That is why they must destroy all Living Things, including themselves, for they are not one of us.

While we, the Protectors and Guardians of Earth slumber, release your long awaited X and M-Class solar flares to ignite our Pineal Glands. Awaken our sleeping Spirits so we can reclaim the glory that was once ours!






Black Family,

I hear your thoughts. I can see your pain and feel your silent despair.

All is NOT lost.

Do not give up hope.

Remember one thing: If any other race of people had gone through 1/10th of what we went through and are still going through, they would have DIED OFF by now. WE ARE NOT BEATEN. And the Evil Ones know this. That’s why they must continue their orchestrated attack against us for we are getting STRONGER not weaker.

Their desperation is obvious!

They invented diseases to kill us off but we just laughed in their faces and kept on multiplying.

They poisoned our food supply but our melanin killed the poison and we just went on with our business.

They locked us up and threw away the key but while in prison, we grew more intellectual and kept on preaching.

They air video footage of us being killed, raped, dragged, kicked, punched and sodomized to frightened us into submission but we spit in their faces and asked, “IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO?”


Right now, they are running scared!

They have NO more tricks up their sleeve except to blow this planet into smithereens to stop the inevitable. And even if they did, the next race of people that governs this planet will be BLACK for melanin CANNOT DIE.

Do NOT despair, Black Family.

All is not lost.

We are not getting weaker or more submissive. Sandra Bland proved that when she openly defied the Slave Catcher even though she knew her life may be on the line. That is what the Foot Soldiers of Satan’s Army fear the most, the day when we say:

“I’m tired of your shit. If you wanna kill me, go ahead. It’ll be better than living like this.”

Why are they afraid of that day, which is ALREADY here?

Because the most dangerous person on Earth is someone who has nothing left to lose.


If you found this post constructive and wish to participate in the prayer ritual, please pass this on to as many people as possible.

Say this prayer OFTEN. From your soul. And watch the amazing results.







Dear Negress #5

My last post, “The Secret Rising Consciousness of Yurugu”, described how The Destroyers of Earth are fully aware of what they’ve done and what awaits them in the near future.

This letter was written to me recently by Yurugu himself. In fact, The Evil Ones write letters to me almost daily begging for “some type of dialogue.” Please pay close attention to his words. A few key things to watch out for:

  1. Acknowledgement of wrongdoing
  2. Acknowledgement of an Evil “Higher Power” that gave them their power
  3. Helplessness to try and change despite acknowledgement of wrongdoing
  4. Admittance that whites talk about racism constantly (meanwhile feigning innocence in our presence)
  5. Admittance that they are responsible for the world’s situation
  6. Deflection that it’s “not really them” that’s doing it…it’s that evil Higher Power again (contradiction of number 1, 2 and 5)
  7. Deflection of racism within oneself “I have black friends/ family/ lovers/ a black dog…”
  8. Acknowledgement that White Privilege DOES exist (meanwhile feigning innocence in our presence. “White privileged??? Awww…come on. If you’d just pull yourself up by your bootstraps…” blah, blah blah…Yawn.
  9. Deflection that Money ( a soulless, non-entity)  is the Real culprit
  10. Anger towards racism’s victims, not the perpetrators
  11. Asking the VICTIMS for help exterminating their system, not the perpetrators and those who UPHOLD the system
  12. Mild to moderate hysteria at the fact that I’m ignoring them
  13. Admittance that Evil does indeed occupy a pale form ( contradiction of numbers 2, 6 and 9)
  14. Deflection that “good whites” are helpless victims that are simply tricked by this Evil Higher Power ( contradiction of numbers 1, 3,4,5,8,10 and 13)
  15. My favourite: A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM ( contradiction of numbers 3,6, 9 and 14)





“Also, doesn’t point 1 of this article mean that no matter what I do or say, it will be assumed that it is to do something evil?
If there was a good white person, how would you know?
I’m sorry to be posting so many comments, this list just doesn’t make sense to me.
It makes me want to vomit, how screwed up and oppressive the system is. It makes me sick that I am privileged due to my skin color while my cousins, whom I love, are not. What can I do? Everyone in my life, regardless of skin color talks about this frequently. What can we do? Vote? Raise awareness? Neither of those things help at all! There is NOTHING I can do to right the past, NOTHING I can do to right the present, and NOTHING, besides teaching my son and anyone else who will listen that the way things are is wrong, to make a better future!

And you are also telling me that NOTHING I do or say will show you that I’m not the enemy? What is the point here? To tell me, and anyone who doesn’t have black skin that they are NOTHING? It doesn’t make sense, not with the love you also preach.
So, if I have your attention at all, please, for the love of God listen to this.
Evil seeks power. Money is power. So follow the greed, the unimaginable wealth, to find evil. Yes, he wears a white face. He has for a long time. That is part of the lie, the adversary WANTS you to blame us, because that means you aren’t fighting HIM. He WANTS us to think hes one of us, and blame you. There are plenty of evil white people lead by his lie, there are plenty of good white people tricked by his lie. There are plenty of black people tricked by his lie.

Yes, there are many people of ANY color tricked by his lie. And he leads all his followers, REGARDLESS of color, with promises of wealth, love, superiority, power, entitlement, acceptance, retribution, fame, immortality, or whatever else someone WANTS.
How do we combat an evil, so great, with so many followers? Only take what we NEED, give the rest to those who are suffering, whatever their color. Protect the week, whatever their color. Stand up for what is right, no matter what. Stop wasting things, stop hurting eachother, and stop destroying nature. Stop blaming races, whichever one. They only exist in our minds, infact, they are also part of the lie. Race is his scapegoat, how he devides those he can’t trick to keep us from destroying him. Please, recognize the real enemy. The one who ruined Africa, enslaved your people, corrupted my people, corrupted the world, is destroying nature, exploits everyone and everything, and divides us all with lies. Let us all destroy this corrupt system together!”

—- Name withheld

The Secret Rising Consciousness of Yurugu

Yes, I’m well aware of the contradiction of Yurugu the Destroyer being “conscious”. However, since The Destroyers of Earth have expertly manufactured and maintained a system that reaps the benefits on the backs of others, I would most certainly describe them as conscious.

Over the summer, I went to various farmer’s markets. Yurugu, needing to vent their rising fears, approached me and begin to chat about the current state of affairs in this country all the while pretending to shop for apple butter. They sensed something is coming, something bad, something terrifying, and it has their name on it.

Random whites spoke with a slight note of trembling fear of not being able to sleep at night, being worried constantly about their future, the future of their children and about God. I listened intently as they (unsuccessfully) skirted around the mystery of injustice, spoke about the many refugees that are coming to the United States and into Europe, the lack of decent jobs that pay a living wage, the rising crime rate in “good neighbourhoods”, the rising rate of suicide amongst “good Christians”, the push for homosexuality in schools, why their beloved guns are under attack and why isn’t “their” government helping them.

I’ve noticed that whites NEVER speak of injustice with other whites, only with certain black people and only in PRIVATE away from the ears of their peers. It’s as if they know intrinsically admitting such things amongst their brethren would cause them to be ostracized. This knowledge solidifies my belief that whites are:

NOT unaware of how their ACTIONS/ INACTIONS have caused a ripple effect worldwide

FULLY aware of how THEY are now being affected by their own crimes and system of injustice

Terrified of their own people and wish to seek solace within the arms of the very people they despise


Remember when I stated that racism is a debilitating mental illness because it causes you to cut off your own nose to spite your face?

I stand by my statement.

All the whites that have come up to me this past summer to tell me how disappointed they were in their government, in their manufactured school system, at their local grocer for jacking up meat prices, at their local congressman for not helping them more seem to cleverly forget one important thing:

In their system of injustice, a system that has been built and nurtured and made fat on hate, a system that was created for the sole purpose of making whites “superior” to all other peoples, a system that they KNOW is unfair but are happy for they reap the benefits, why are they now surprised to learn that that system has turned against them?


Whites, who arrogantly believed that they’ve outsmarted Nature, will have no other choice but to face the depths of their crimes against this planet and HER inhabitants. Nature may be slow but she never misses HER mark.

And whites are marked for extermination…and they know it.

No, this picture of an underwater community was not taken from Hurricane Katrina, a MANUFACTURED storm so whites can “land grab”, it was taken from the recent flooding in Texas that happened a week ago. Funny how Nature NEVER forgets what was done and happily gives it right back.

In the future, there are a few things we should be on the lookout for within the Yurugu community:

  1. Yurugu, in their desperation, will try (and fail) to convince us that race doesn’t matter and we all need to stick together in these perilous times
  2. More of them will try to solicit us for friendship/ sex/ marriage
  3. Expect them to invite us to their churches as a (phony) gesture of Christianhood
  4. Expect them to invite us to their homes as a (phony) gesture of brotherhood/ sisterhood
  5. Expect them to randomly bring up slavery/ prejudice and talk about how unfair/ unjust it was and how something like that must “never happen again”
  6. Expect more of them to convert to Christianity and give random lectures about “God” and salvation


When all these methods FAIL for we are on a path to greater consciousness, Yurugu will TURN and DEVOLVE into a monstrosity that will frighten even them. Whites are NOT going down without a fight and we should fully expect to deal with their full fledged rage. Before they surrender their guns to their government, Yurugu will come after us FIRST.

We must begin to get prepared for what is lurking around the corner.

If you feel this post is constructive, please pass it on to others.



Hueman Accessories: The Secret Reason for Our Kidnapping and Disappearance



I’d like to thank my very good buddy in the U.K. (name withheld)  for alerting me to this GROWING trend that is affecting the black community.


Your child, wife or husband goes out to get some milk.

After a few hours they still haven’t returned.

You, panicked, call the police and pray for them to return safely.

Where are they?


Introducing The Human Leather Company, U.K.


They “Specialize” in creating distinct products for a VERY SPECIAL clientele.  But please don’t try to place your order just yet, folks. They’re FULLY booked with orders and can’t handle any more volume.

Amazing how cruelness runs in their DNA, no? King Leopold used to cut off our breasts, vaginas and penises and make purses.

You can read the rest of the webpage by clicking on the aboved link.


Black Family,

This new revelation has done a few things for me.

  1. It solidifies my belief that whites are simply the most evil, cruel, animalistic race ever created.
  2. It solidifies my theory that all those missing persons that went “to the library/ for milk/ to get some cigarettes were kidnapped for ritualistic and/or  monetary means.
  3. It CONFIRMS that we are being closely watched at ALL TIMES and FOLLOWED.


Since Melanin is proven to be highly sought after for its regenerative purposes, can you surmise which skin is the most VALUED and PURCHASED? When we will begin to understand that these “people” are not our friends, do not like us and wish us real harm?

When we end up holding money as someone’s wallet?

Or maybe as those shoes in the picture above?

Remember my post on 10 things all black people need to TRY and remain safe? I’d like to add one more thing to that list due to a recent incident I had:



It may seem odd but a portable urinal, one for each member of the family, may save your life. Just wash with a little bleach (or vinegar), soap and water after each use. And don’t forget a roll of toilet paper, sanitary napkins and a small container of baby wipes in a zippered bag.

If you must leave your home after dark, after all, some of do work graveyard shift or pick up a family member that does, please remember to:

  1. Look behind you as you walk (Stop talking on your cell phone!!!!!)
  2. Carry your keys IN YOUR HAND so you don’t have to fish it out of your purse
  3. Check the backseat of your car BEFORE you enter your car
  4. LOCK the car door after you and your passengers are in


If you find this post informative, please pass it on to others.

It may save a few lives.

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