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Black Like Me

Since my need to conquer white supremacy has me thinking about all sides of this insanity, I will give you the opposite side of my post, White Like Me.

Since pale skin is deemed desirable and white women are the standard of beauty, why does any white person wish to have darker skin? Why tan? Why risk skin cancer to look like a clone of the very thing you deem inferior? Isn’t darker bad? Isn’t darker ugly? Isn’t darker “niggerish?”

Some common connotations associated with white:








Sounds good, right?

Now let’s examine black:






Bad luck


Sounds bad, right?

Ok. Fine. It is what it is. I’m not the one that created the dictionary.

So…now that we understand how whites use the most important weapon ever made, language, to convey psychological warfare, why would they want to look darker? And why make products that look like this?

Not only is the product promoting blackness, it is promoting blackness 20x! Now that’s black!

My supposition:

1. Whiteness, in its pale glory, is secretly unhappy to be pale. Pale skin denotes sickness, sadness and sterility. Being devoid of colour is considered unattractive and flavourless. Hence the need to obtain colour as a way of expressing happiness, spirit, well-being and health.

2. Whites are envious of blacks. Melanin has given us resistance from disease and sickness. We do not age or wrinkle easily. With our God given protection from UV rays, mixed with our plethora of skin shades from “peach” to chocolate, we are quite a striking bunch of peoples. When I hear white women comment on Michelle Obama’s “well toned arms”, I know secretly that is her exposed skin that arouses them.

3. Whiteness, in its supremacy, can draw from anything it wants, apply it to themselves whilst scoffing at the very thing they find grotesque.

4. People, no matter who, are never happy with what God has given them.

5. They can tan and grow darker while still maintaining their white privilege. So for them, it’s the best of both worlds.

Any thoughts on why this? Do you disagree/agree? Why or why not?

Blackaholics Anonymous

Hi. My name is Chad and I’m addicted to black people.”

Hi Chad!”

I secretly envy them. Watch “black” movies, try to walk like them, dress like them, act like them…and it’s ruining my life!”

Do you know someone like Chad? A well-to-do white ( or working-class ) person who fits this description? I do. I work with a “Chad” and between snickering at him, looking at him with utter amazement and wondering what happened, I decided to explore why Chad left the cushy world of argyles and fisherman’s sweaters for chains, backwards hats and a dialect that even the most “street” black person finds amusing.

I went to public school. That means I saw all kinds of kids from all backgrounds. But the ones that stuck out most in my mind was the white child who wanted to fit in with the black kids. He wanted this so desperately, he grew dreadlocks, began to listen to 2 live crew, got an earring( the most potent form of rebellion back in the day ), cut class and started smoking. He also began to desire black women. And not just any black woman but the darkest black woman he could find. I began to wonder where this was coming from….

In college, the same phenomenon occurred; especially with the lust for dark-skinned women. Then it dawned on me. Whites have convinced themselves, through their own white supremacy, that they have no culture, no indigenous food, no “real music” ( Johnny Cash and Elvis don’t count since they were heavily influenced by black singers ), no dance ( Polka apparently isn’t popular with youngsters ) and thusly, no identity. They wanted to be apart of something “cool”, fresh, new, exciting and taboo. And in white supremacist AmeriKlan, what could be more exciting, taboo and popular than the culture of blacks? Forbidden fruit is always sweetest. I tried to understand how this affinity for black culture came about. After all, aren’t we inferior beings? We’re always told that we are the lowest form of humans on earth and how no self-respecting white person could ever desire to be black. So what gives?

Black mystery has always been apart of the white conscience. We are deemed suave, great dancers, sensual( this is both good and bad ) athletic but also unintelligent, slow, inept and downtrodden. Why would an alleged race of “superior” people want to aspire to be like us? Because white society, the rulers, can pick apart all the good within any culture, apply it to themselves for their betterment whilst pointing out why that very culture is beneath them. Case in point? Look at this:

And this:

Both are white women with  typical “black” features. We were given these assets, yes, I made a pun, from God. On us, it’s deemed disgusting, unkempt, unattractive….On them, it’s a “phenomenon”…white women EVERYWHERE want the “Kim Look“. Uhhhhhh….excuse me? What is the “Kim Look” exactly? Curvaceousness? Didn’t black women write the book on curves?

And that’s why when a certain movie star had this look, AmeriKlan went crazy:


People, after observing this out in the open, (and remember, I am invisible so people say and do certain things right in front of me) I decided that white society depends on blacks for more than just touchdowns. We are a necessary part of their own self discovery. For Example: without Buddy Guy, B.B. King and Muddy Waters…Eric Clapton, Rod Stewart and Stevie Ray Vaughan wouldn’t be the superstars they are today. And that’s only show business. Imagine if we tapped into food, art, dance, literature, dialect and clothing? I’d be typing for days…

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