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Cognitive Dissonance 101: A Case Study in Functioning Insanity

Please listen to and STUDY this video. Rewind many times and take notes. It’s imperative that we understand what we’re dealing with. A few great videos to listen to are:

David Duke

Richard Spencer

Jared Taylor


I listen to them often and take notes. Many notes. Have you ever wondered why they know our every move and can manipulate our thoughts? Ever wonder why they create situations and KNOW how we’ll respond?

Because they read ALL of our comments. Listen to ALL of our music. Intermingle with us under the guise of “inclusiveness” and “one love.” Ever wonder why when they see a group of us talking amongst ourselves they find some reason to interrupt?

“Excuse me, where can I pick up the number 7 train?”

“I’m sorry to interrupt you guys but I just had to tell you that I love your coat! Where did you get it?”


The study of black psychology and reaction is very real and is being conducted at this very moment. That is why when we become close-mouthed and standoffish, it rattles their nerves and they unleash their anger and punishment. An ex-nurse turned bakery store owner told me she was written up for “not being a team-player.”


The Khazarian Nation has been instrumental since the dawn of time in the art warfare by proxy. Never implement yourself. Never actually pull the trigger. Get some poor, brainwashed, desperate, down and out schmuck with a sick wife and no health insurance to do it for you:



And one last thing before I close out:

From these people’s logic, white people all over the world don’t deserve to be  on this planet.



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