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Required Cinema for Melaninites

I’ve always been attracted to horror/ Science Faction since I was a small girl. When other children were watching cartoons, I was drawn to fantasy. When I got older and realized that the world we live in is naught but a carefully manufactured slave plantation, all the films I saw in my younger days began to make sense.

The Cabin in the Woods is a fantastic film about how Mega-Rituals are being carried out in FULL, clear, real time view and we, their unwitting accomplices, partake in them and make the Beast stronger. This is why nothing on T.V. can be trusted. Especially when it comes from bought and paid for slave Negroes.

I implore you to find alternative ways to see this movie and refrain from giving white, Jewish Hollywood one penny of your money. The library has many movies that you can rent for FREE.

Whilst watching this film you’ll need:


A pencil

Reference Books to cross check true facts

This film is NOT about entertainment but education. Please do not allow yourself to become engrossed in the pretty actors with nice bodies. Watch it with your third eye open.

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