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Hair Envy Part 2.

Look at this:

And this:

And, even though her real hair looks like this:

On film, she must look like this:

Since I do not watch much TV, if at all, my friend was kind enough to send me this:

African hair, both threatening and terrifying to whites, must be tamed, controlled and made to look more like “them” if you wish to be famous or even employed. I can’t even count the numerous times my potential employers have peeked at my natural, curly, low cut Afro and blinked. I wear my hair 100% natural all the time. And when it was long, I looked like her:

Can you imagine the discomfort I created showing up to a predominately white hospital looking like that? One white woman, after much staring, actually asked me how do I wash it. With Head and Shoulders!!!!

Since blacks, in the eyes of white AmeriKlan, are considered savages, our hair is but an extension of our animalistic nature. By wearing false hair,( sold to us by Koreans…not even our OWN people ) made to look closer to white hair, it eases the tension (minimally) whites feel when in our presence.

{Side note: Since blacks are brainwashed to hate themselves by the Power of White Propaganda:

the U.S. Government gives Koreans and other Asians loans and grants to sell us our own products so the black dollar will leave our pockets every 10-15 minutes. Make no mistake about it, it was planned. This enriches their culture and leaves the black culture even poorer. This ingenious and diabolical strategy was done after the bombing of Tulsa, OK when the black dollar circulated for at LEAST 15 times within the black community. No wonder we were millionaires! The government, under the Wilson Administration, understood how important it was to dissuade blacks from supporting their own stores run by their own people. That’s why today, most black products, like hair creme, clothing, accessories etc, is run primarily by NON-BLACKS.}

This is not a criticism of my sisters who wear wigs / weaves / have processed hair…but a study on our hair and how it relates to whites and our culture. Tell me something and of course be honest; If Michelle Obama sported this look:

How do you think the AmeriKlan public would react?

When Madam CJ Walker:

Invented this tool:

Do you think she did it out of the “ease and management” of our kinky/coarse/curly hair? Or was there a Eurocentric motive behind it? And why is this product apart of a multi-BILLION dollar industry?

Do you think hair is important as a representation of black culture? How? Do you agree with weaves? Why or why not? Do you have natural hair? If yes, why go natural and not relaxed? And even if you disagree with my post, do you believe that whites find our hair in its natural state “terrifying?”

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