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Devil in A Blue Dress

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Jim Crow, AmeriKlan’s apartheid, was in my estimation, founded by the need to separate the white woman from the black man. I’ve written many posts on my mistrust for the white female and her invisible role in our destruction. The white male, historically, has no love for the white female. His attention was always geared towards the young, white male and his black, female slave. The white female, to her white man, is but an ornament and an insurance policy to breed him white children to carry on his bloodline.

Since I am “invisible”, I observe the white female in her need for love, power and acceptance in a mysogynistic domain. It is my belief that the white female is the most dangerous person on earth. She uses her sexuality and non-threatening stature as a powerful weapon to accomplish her deeds whilst pretending to be innocent of all evil acts.

Omar Thornton, with his girlfriend, before his murder-suicide.

Listen to how she “doesn’t know what she did wrong” and is TOTALLY unapologetic.

The white female, never having to own up to her own racism, is fiercely protected by the very system that oppresses her. Deeply insecure and breathtakingly manipulative, she subtly instigates murders, lynchings, rapes, castrations…and walks away unfazed, unharmed and completely secure in her entitlement. That’s why she is perhaps more dangerous and more racist than any white male in existence.

Emmett Till’s untimely death is just ONE of the many examples of the slithery, white feminine mind in relation to black male sexuality. The white female, missing a piece of herself, will seek racial comfort and validation in the bed of the black male. In every instance that I’ve heard from EVERY black man, it is always the white woman who approaches him. Feelings of guilt, confusion and betrayal to her race will show themselves in racial slurs hurled at her lover. Her intense hatred for her strongest and most threatening competitor: The black woman, will reveal itself when least expected:

The white female, unknown to many historians, will lure a black female slave into her home so her husband can rape and sodomize her. Desperate to protect her, the white male will accept all blame so her role in the system will remain intact. I’ve had so many horrendous experiences with the white woman and her mindset, I can simply look into her eyes and see her thoughts and future actions without her uttering a word.

Since most blacks focus on the white male as the epitome of “superiority”, we overlook the fact that the white male was birth, raised, groomed and taught by the white female. Behind every white, racist man, lies the woman responsible for the man. That is why, for me, the white female is the one to be most wary of.

Party of Three

My friend X, who lives in Wisconsin, called me to tell me that while in the ladies room, she eavesdropped on a conversation that she wishes she’d never heard. A white woman was planning to attend a Mandingo Party on Saturday. Having seen the controversial film, I knew that black men must be the prime “guest.” What she told me next floored me.

The husband watches.”

I was silent for  a while. Then asked, “Why?”

Even she could not give a full answer.

From the moment the white slavemaster laid eyes on our black flesh, he was entranced. This enchantment, albeit hostile, continues today. I have my own suspicions as to why a white woman would attend such a gathering with her husband’s watchful gaze looming over them, but what’s your take on this European “activity?”

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