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Required Cinema For Melaninites #11

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So many bloggers have touched on this topic so I won’t try to reinvent the wheel.

I’ve said this so many times to the point where I even tire myself out:

Until black people wake up to the harsh fact that we are at war with the ENTIRE world, yes, the whole world hates us and will try their best, even to the point of blowing up this planet, to keep us subjugated, enslaved and used for Spiritual FOOD, WE will NEVER be prepared for what’s coming or know how to begin to fight back.

Melanin is crystalized sunlight and can be used for a variety of purposes, GOOD and EVIL, depending on the conjurer. Black females are “Mitochondrial Eve”, the only hueman being with ALL genetic codes of ALL huemans on this planet.

DO YOU REALLY THINK THESE DEMONS DON’T KNOW THIS? They know and understand this better than we do. That’s why when they wish to make new vaccines targeting a specific race of people, they use the blood of a BLACK FEMALE to do it.

Black Men, please do a better job of protecting us because we need you.

Black Women, please do a better job of looking after your children because they need you.

And now, some movies for thought:



Liam Neeson tears apart Paris for his missing white, virginal daughter in “Taken”.






Three young, sex-starved boys get more than they bargained for in “Hostel.”






Martin Sheen gets involved with a powerful cult.



ALL of these are very real and take place on a daily basis RIGHT IN FRONT OF US.


Please read my prior posts on Black Survival and think about one crucial point:

Blacks are not ALLOWED to move into Arab neighbourhoods.

Blacks are not ALLOWED to move into Jooish neighbourhoods.

Blacks are not ALLOWED to move into Chinese neighbourhoods.

But EVERYONE can come into our neighbourhoods, set up shops, make rules, scour the place and essentially take over. Then when our children are missing we act shocked.

When are we going to accept responsibility for our own failures?

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