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AmeriKlan Gangster

If you knew just how dirty Wall Street was, you’d call the cops. But don’t bother…they own them too.

Wall Street funds:

1. Prisons ( designed for black men…let’s keep it real )

2. CIA ( along with the DEA, they fund terrorism and help the drug lords like Reagan and Bush to bring drugs into your neighbourhoods. Note : Nancy Reagan’s ‘Just Say No!’ was a great deflection and cover-up )

3. FBI ( undercover cops who shoot innocent black people…and get off )

4. DEA ( works with the CIA )

5. ICE (immigration and customs. Now that slavery is over, they must have another source of cheap labour)

6. FDA ( poisonous foods, toxic “vaccines”  and the most addictive over-the-counter drug ever made: White Sugar )

7. Department of Agriculture ( injects cows with hormones which we eat and get cancer )

8. Congress A.K.A. The Illuminati

9. Unemployment/Department of Labour ( yes, you read correctly )

10. Fannie Mae/ Freddy Mac/ HUD/ FHA/Section 8 (Think why most Section 8 areas are drug ridden/run-down)

11. Medicare/Medicare

12. Big Pharma( J&J alone made 62 BILLION dollars off of you last year)

13. Board of Education (which is in cahoots with the prison systems. Please research the link between education and the prison systems, especially involving black males)

14. Colleges and Universities…except privately owned ones, which they want destroyed…for a reason

15. Churches ( black churches prey on your desperation and fear yet ask you to give them money each Sunday to get into heaven )

16. Big Auto

17. All Banks…except privately owned ones ( to keep you in debt )

18. American Associates of Physicians/Nurses (who work with Big Pharma)

19. Hospitals ( your sickness is their biggest investment )

20. Firehouses

21. Telephone systems/Big Bell ( which tracks and monitors all phone conversations )

22. The Internet ( Big Brother is always watching. In fact, the more truth I spill, I suspect that the powers that be will begin to monitor me as a “terrorist” but ask me if I give a damn. You can’t stop truth! )

23. Big Tobacco (who works with Alcohol and Food to kill you)

24. Alcohol/Spirits/Breweries ( whiskey was introduced to the Indians for a reason. The rest is history )

25. Designer Clothing Companies (with grants that propel “gangster culture”. As far as I know only FUBU, a private and independent company started by Mr. John, designed his own label for his people WITHOUT grants)

26. WIC/ SNAP/Food Stamps ( you cannot get help if there is a man in the house )

27. The Courts (who gets stipends from the prison systems)

28. Insurance Companies, like B/C & B/S or what I call, Bull Crap / Bull Shit

29. CDC (Ask yourself where AIDS really came from…hint: population control. Same with Swine/ Bird Flu and the mysterious “Flesh-eating” disease)

30. Big Food, aka, McDonalds, Burger King, Wendys…(who work with the Dept. of Agriculture and Big Pharma)

31. The MEDIA that shows blacks as criminalistic drug addicts bent set on raping your white daughter.

Take a breath…and think this over.

Now, black people, let me ask you a burning question. Given the history of white supremacy in this country, ARE WE FREE?

Would you like to see the person/persons that are most involved in your continual demise?

Don’t know him?


He is Jacob Rothschild. The “owner” of all we see, hear, touch, taste and, for most of us, think.

In the up and coming weeks, I will be posting more about our society and how we, as blacks, are being manipulated.

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