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Happy New Year, my family!

2012 was most tumultuous, was it not? So many changes for us, so many ups and downs but we are still here. God has been watching over us as we “awaken” from this plantation life. Some of us still struggle daily with the notion that we are enchained but are growing more and more connected to our Spirit as we grow stronger.

For 2013, I will reveal my innermost secret:

I was starting to give up hope for black solidarity. My own “friends” have shown me over the past year that waking up is not a priority. Instead of promoting black unity and black understanding as we are a mentally sick race, they have proven their undying devotion to the system that hates and uses them. I’ve sadly began to move away from one of my most trusted friends as I learned how her true love is for her plantation master.

This realization hit me like a ton of bricks. And sent me into a tailspin of sadness and hopelessness. Am I the only one who can see?

Am I destined to be the only black person who knows that the “problem with no name” indeed has a name?

Jah, in His wisdom, gave me the inspiration one sunny day while planting my vegetables to spill my guts, heart and soul to anyone who would listen and now…here we all are. A small but powerful group of Africans who are dedicated to dismantling the slave system that has held us captive for centuries. This blog has given me hope that we can and shall be victorious. The fight that we are engaged in is not physical but Spiritual in nature…and we, the Original Peoples of the planet will overcome the Beast!

 We are the strongest race on the face of this Earth!

No one, and I mean no one, could endure what we’ve endured and survived for this long. That, my family, is a testament to our strength and connection with the Most High. I hope the new year will bless all of you and give you:


Financial Independence





Spiritual Connectivity

I love you all.

—- Truthbetold

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