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10 Things 9/11 Taught Me

1. Brown people will be blamed for anything even if it’s not true:

2. There are no words to describe the evil  that is George Bush.

3. Brown people in AmeriKlan who thought that they were “better” than blacks got their wake up call.

4. A group of black men would have NEVER been able to pull that off.

5. Even in a crisis, racism takes precedence over empathy and logic.

6. For the white race to function, someone must always be “a nigger.”

7. We haven’t learned a damn thing since 9/11.

8. White AmeriKlans are in denial that their own country hates them.

9. War is great for Wall Street.

10. It’s OK for white people, just whites ONLY, to cry, wail and scream to everyone who will listen, to write books, make documentaries and movies, to have marches and “Truth Movements” and give countless interviews over the injustices and horror that they lived through…and expect sympathy, understanding and reparations.

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