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Movies Always Tell The Truth

Required Cinema For Melaninites 6


Have you ever seen a movie that had:

A talking lamp/ car/ non hueman object

A robot

A slimy creature

A silly creature that you couldn’t even stand to look at? Like him:

Well, this South African Yuruguan director tell us EXACTLY how the world feels about “those who are unwanted.” When I first watched this movie, I said: “Just call the creatures Niggers and call it a day.”

Every character in EVERY white, (fake) Jooish movie that is a buffoon, immoral, slimy, stupid, ignorant and just so dumb they cannot survive without a “saviour” is modeled after black people.

District 9 is no exception.

Watch with your third eye open and learn:

How the government traps them

How they are exploited and mocked

How quickly Yurugu will turn against their own kind when they no longer fit the mold.

And as always, please DO NOT spend your money on this film. Watch it for FREE.

(P.S. did you catch the hidden message in the phone number above?)

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