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Movies Always Tell The Truth

Why Are Whites Dying Off?


Sometimes, Yurugu gets tired of his own lies and just tells the truth. I found the fact that The Alien chose to tell the truth to a white female, the Life Bearer of Destruction on this planet, very telling.



Required Cinema For Melaninites #9


( They’re not laughing with us. They’re laughing at us.)



I seldom watch movies with a lot of hype but Get Out is well worth it.

I had to watch this three times to catch ALL of it and found myself rewinding certain parts to figure out the deeper symbolism. I won’t spoil it for you but if this isn’t the ultimate whistle-blowing, in your face, tell it like it really is movie about the ways of white folks, ESPECIALLY how white females are the catalyst for the demise of black males, then I don’t know what is.

Ignoring his better judgement, Chris, our protagonist, finds himself in a very strange situation.

One person knew from the beginning though.

His best buddy who provided comical relief.. so naturally he wasn’t taken seriously.

Black people beware…I believe that Peele was telling us what goes on behind closed doors. Just like this fella tried to tell us:




And this one:




And this one:



You get the idea.


I could easily write a mini novella on this film and dissect each frame but instead, I’ll leave you with some wisdom from Mr. Neely Fuller:







Required Cinema For Melaninites 7

So damn good, I watched it twice.

In my honest opinion, the best Orwellian movie ever made. Yes, there have been many but Snow Piercer takes the cake. From the dark, gritty, dirty opening scenes where we are introduced to the main characters , to the explanations of how the train functions and the final scene that sums everything up, this movie excels.

I was, however, caught off guard by one character. Then I remembered that EVERY attempt at our liberation that has been thwarted was caused by someone FROM THE INSIDE.

The last 20 minutes gives an EXCELLENT account on how the rich, white, Luciferian elites stay powerful and why we have been conditioned over 500 years to develop LEARNED HELPLESSNESS and HOPELESSNESS through fear and intimidation tactics. While you watch this film, take account of how many black figures, male and female, have been closely monitored, framed, imprisoned and killed by “accidents”  and “illnesses”, like him:




for simply REFUSING to believe they are inferior. My favourite character is Tilda Swinton.



Why? She is unapologetic and highly enthusiastic  about being a foot solider of pain and suffering for her Master. She represents EVERY political figure we have in the world regardless of race.

Watch for free by visiting your local library or online.

Take notes…they tell us everything.


Required Cinema for Melaninites 5

“Your enemies always come with a smiling face.” —— Line from ‘Goodfellas’

Even today this movie excels.

A true miniseries, this awesome film needs to be watched at least twice when you have the time. Pay special attention to the character of Daniel Bernstein. We have many like him in our society. In fact, that’s the number one reason why the Black Movement remains stagnant.

I have the complete miniseries including the second half called The Final Battle.

Why is this movie so relevant?

Because it tell the raw truth that many REFUSE to accept.

Ever wonder why nutritious food is so expensive and cheap food costs so little?

Ever wonder why the water in California is drying up?

Is your electric bill suddenly too high for you to pay?

What happens to people to know too much?

And why is the world’s population getting fatter and fatter? And poorer and poorer?

It’s all here in V.

Please watch this and take strict notes as they give away many secrets.


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