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Heeeeeeeeere’s Rush!

Rush Limbaugh, a pill popping (how’s that Oxycontin working for ya, Rush?), womanizing, hate-spewing, obese, wealthy talk show shock jock is well known and feared as the unofficial leader of the RepubliKlan Party. Rush has the best of both worlds in AmeriKlan. He’s rich, white, male, heterosexual( as far as we know ), deeply conservative ( by his words, not his actions ) and he has the most powerful job in AmeriKlan, propaganda! His talk show taps into the fears of racist, whites everywhere by telling them that “the others” are taking over. Ahhhhhh…….nothing like the media, boys and girls!

Rushy will come on the air in that brash voice and bad-tempered demeanor and send chills up AmeriKlan’s spine by confirming that our president is a communist, a socialist, a Muslim ( who cares what religion he is? Oh, I forgot! Only Christians matter ), not born in AmeriKlan, hates the white race, hates black people, hence the Uppity Negro Syndrome, wants to kill off every white person in the world, has ties to Mr. Ayers, has ties to al qaeda, has ties to the Black Panther Party, wants blacks on top to enslave whites as punishment and you know what?  Motherfucker gets paid BIG BUCKS to say it!!!!!!! God Bless AmeriKlan!!!!

Only in AmeriKlan can a white man give hate speeches EVERY DAMN DAY and people nod and say, “Yes, it’s true! I know for a fact….You tube has a video that confirmed it.” Rush, who is no better than any other hate group, his paid handsomely to continue The Plan. Cajole, tease, threaten, intimidate and whisper the absolute worst qualities about ALL black people whilst preaching the innocence, piety and humbleness of ALL whites. Remember that little Sandra Fluke gem? And his relentless attacks on Michelle Obama? Who cares? Women mean nothing to white RepubliKlans, especially black ones like Mrs. Obama. If you don’t believe me, watch this:

Tell me something? Let’s play Devil’s Advocate for a minute. If Rushy was a black man who said all those things on the air, what do you think his fate would be? Feel free to comment on your thoughts, boys and girls. The sad thing is, whites have convinced themselves that they are the victims in this country. They have it reeeeeeeeeeeal bad. Money and power equals supremacy but who’s noticing? They’re the ones suffering, right? It’s not like they devised the most evil, diabolical plan to enslave an entire race for profit and nearly killed off an entire race of indigenous people and took their land….Oh wait…..my bad.

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