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Open Discussion #9

This arrived in my mailbox.

HI invisible women. Let me put this clear to you. Racist both white and black racist people are usually dumb. Im surprised that everything you said in your post is absolute bullshit. I was like , will she say one thing that makes sense and is correct. Guess what you disappointed me because everything you said is complete crap and there is no truth to it at all. We should work on fixinf problems with rascism and not spreading them like you. But guess what. White woman are the most beautiful woman on earth and I bet you feel that way to so you take your frustration out on the internet. Most black people are waaaaay to stupid to accomplish anything out of value but you have some smart black people. YOU WISH TO BE WHITE AND IT`s obvious. I almost feel sorry for you but I dont. You said that white people are trying to be black, guess what. That happens one in a million while the opposite is one in one hundred people. SO

FUCK YOU cunt!

if you were amrt at all you would LOOK AT WHAT THE JEWS does. But ohhh too bad YOU`RE STUPID!

Dear white people,

Ever since I opened my little shop, you’ve been craaaaazy, ain’t ya? Keep the insults coming. You are motivating me to succeed more than I can ever tell you. At this rate, I’ll open 2 shops just to piss you off. By the way, please continue to show my black family who you truly are. In the words of The Hon. Elijah Muhammad:

“I don’t have to convince you the white man is the Devil. He will convince you of that himself.”

Book Recommendations

Can someone give me a short list of excellent books to read?—–Alegna

Since there are perhaps thousands of books that are designed to help heal the black conscious and spread awareness, it’s hard to pick just one. Do any of you have a favourite?

Mine are :

Brainwashed: Challenging the myth of Black Inferiority by Tom Burrell. And The Psychopathic Racial Personality by Dr. Bobby Wright.

Brainwashed: Challenging the Myth of Black InferiorityProduct Details

Brainwashed punched me in the gut. And made me mad as hell. My family asked me to calm down now…”you’re waking the neighbours”. But when I read and reread it, I was nodding along and totally diggin’ it. Psychopathic gave me answers as to why whites have zero empathy for our suffering and continue to perpetuate white supremacy. I have a small but great collection of books designed to help me understand the black and white framework. I read and reread them often to remind myself that I am not alone in this fight. This winter when the heavy snow falls, I’ll be curled up by the fireplace drinking tea and hopefully having a greater chance of black survival thanks to these great black minds.

Please help this young sister and list as many books as possible you feel have helped you to understand this system of oppression.

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