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The Secret Spell Behind Words and Why Blacks Must Choose Words Carefully

A white “supervisor”

I spoke to a white ex coworker of mine once and she stated her goal was to become the department supervisor. I remember my former “boss” introducing himself as “the manager” of the department and giving me his beeper number in case I needed anything. Over the years, speaking to various scholars including Dr. Yaffa Bey, I began to pick up on certain words and the vibration they carry. Especially those in positions of power.

Look at the aboved picture.

What you are looking at is the real definition of a supervisor.

Let’s dissect the words:

Super= High/ Above

Visor (Visual) = To see/ Relating to Eyesight

So a “super visor” is someone who “Sees from High Above.”

Manager= To rule/ To be in charge of/ To lead and to direct

So a Manger is “someone who controls others.”

There is a great and insidious force behind the “English” tongue that we have yet to fully understand. This Luciferian language was created to keep us and those in lesser standings in eternal bondage. Every time we use their words WITHOUT fully understanding their meaning and INTENT, we cast spells on ourselves thusly reinforcing their power over us. This is why blacks who sport natural hair are seen by society as having hair that is “unmanageable” :

ALL words have vibrations.

When you love someone, you tell them, “I love you” and they can literally feel the warmth emanating from your soul. This nourishes them and you and solidifies the bond between you. In a fit of rage tell someone harsh words and watch them physically “shrink away” and recoil from your vibration. They stay away from you and whatever bond you once had is now broken or seriously damaged.

Words play a HUGE role in our enslavement and who else to decide what those words will mean than the ones RESPONSIBLE for the American/ British Dictionary:

Wise words from a hypocritical, Luciferian, Freemasonic, Baby’s Blood Drinking, Crypto-Joo

Upon studying words and silently observing how we speak to each other and the vibrations that we give off knowingly and UNknowingly, it is no wonder why we are in the state that we’re in? We attack each other daily on a Spiritual plane and then wonder why the black race cannot get along. Blacks should NEVER call each other dirty words, especially

Bitch= A female Dog.  If a “bitch” is a female dog and she begat you, then by logic and definition, you too are a dog.

Whore/ Ho/ Wench= A young female prostitute.  Ask yourself if your mother, sister, daughter, aunt, best friend or grandmother would enjoy this title before you spew it to another black woman.

Dawg/ Dog= A carnivorous, domestic animal, usually of low nature.  Black Men, is this you? A lowly, four legged creature with a snout that barks?

Have you ever wondered why almost ALL the words for the greatest physical act of love are words of violence in a Eurocentric World?


Bang ( a noise a gun makes)





Screw (what my uncle does to nails when building homes)


Slay (to kill!)



Ride (something you do to a horse, camel or donkey)

Ram (male billy goat)

The list goes on and on…

And we wonder why the dynamic between the black man and black woman is broken/ near broken? How can we feel safe in any relationship if we’re “screwing” each other over?

I decided to do this post because I’m frustrated beyond words at the severe lack of respect (and knowledge) that we display towards each other.  When you speak to another black person with these SpellCasting Words using Yurugu’s Satanic Language, what you are doing is:

Reinforcing your manufactured inferiority

Creating a self inflicting helplessness on oneself

Condoning your own mistreatment

Setting a poor example for your children on how to speak to other blacks

Draining yourself of your own Spiritual Awareness

Not only is the other person’s aura drained due to your lack of respect, you are also drained by the vibration you have created!!

You’ll never show love to yourself by disrespecting others.

Perhaps this is the underlying reason why our enemies live in a state of perpetual despair, unhappiness, paranoia and hopelessness.

I advise all of you to study the dictionary and learn what words really mean.

And maybe we should stop calling black women “Queens”= Consort=Whore/ Prostitue

Darkness Matters

“Research Melano-Tan Injections.”


“Melano-Tan. You need to see this. Whites are gearing up for the next stage in their desire for blackness and their war against us. It is very real. Why do you think we’re being kidnapped?”

European man injecting Blackness

That was the advice uttered to me by Dr. Yaffa Bey. I called her to ask for business advice since opening my little shop and we spent an easy hour on the phone discussing the power of words and their ability to cast spells, our mis-education system, the term “black“, which really means “white“, our Spiritual enslavement through European demonism, the curse of Ham, which isn’t real, The Khazars who claim to be Jew-ish, why we can’t “snap out of it” and what the future holds for melanin-rich peoples on Earth.

She gave me so much information, my head spun and I was instantly taken back to the first time Neely Fuller and I conversed. Dr. Bey explained why whites have so much aggression, anger and hatred towards us and how they are planning to wipe us clean off the map. What I’m about to say is going to shock you. In the words of Booker T. Coleman, “Don’t believe anything I say. Do your own research. I could be lying to you.” Whites are kidnapping us, melting down our organs, cutting open our skulls and eating our pineal gland in order to become “powerful” and injecting our melanin into themselves.

What is Melanotan ll ? 

Melanotan II is a hormone that stimulates your body’s own melanin production, giving you a deep and natural tan without  the dangers of harmful natural sun exposure or excessive use of tanning beds.

Melanotan ll was developed by researchers at the University of Arizona many years ago. They discovered that one of the best defenses against skin cancer is a natural tan. It was found that by making a way to make the skin’s tanning cells (melanocytes) produce more tanning pigment (melanin). By using Melanotan ll the risks associated with skin damage would be eradicated and a beautiful and natural tan could be achieved.


Melanotan 2tanning injections is a research peptide and so we have no way of knowing how each individual will react, if at all. We know Melanotan ll works naturally with your body making everyone’s experience and results different. We know that certain skin types groups will usually get very similar results.


  • Females: 30 mg package
    (Very fair skinned may need the 50 mg package.)
  • Males: 50 mg package
    (Again, very fair skinned may need the 50 mg package plus a 30 mg package.)

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Melanotan ll has short-term side effects. You may experience varying degrees of  nausea, loss of appetite, facial flushing, increased blood pressure, aching limbs and increased libido with the first few injections. Side effects will subside  after about a week. Take your Melanotan ll with food.You may also experience an increase in color of existing moles and the appearance of new moles. Once you have stopped taking Melanotan 2 the moles will disappear and/or go back to their usual appearance. { taken from melanotan magic.com }

Now that you’ve read this, now that you know, now that you understand why you are hunted and feared, now that you know why the white man hates you, desires you and wants to be you, will this new knowledge empower you to open your eyes to who and what you really are? Or, will you continue to be mislead?


Look at this word:


What does it mean?

Unamification is the process of unifying certain species of fowl to make one new fowl. Here it is in a sentence:

Through unamification, I created my new fowl, Chickster.

Now, I know what you are thinking. Truthbetold has lost her mind!

If I were a white supremacist and I decided the word” Unamifiaction” would be a “real” word, not only would it be included in our vernacular, it would be included in the dictionary. That my family is power.

The next time you see a word, write or speak a word, please ask yourself where that word came from. Ask yourself who put it there. Ask yourself why you are using it and why it means what it means.

Then you will begin to understand the power of whiteness.

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