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Stop Complaining If You Are Complicit

So a friend of mine called me yesterday to ask me if I’d heard about Colin Kaepernick being “the face” of Nike. He also asked me if I’d heard about Ben & Jerry’s new ice cream flavour:


Image result for ben and jerry's pecan resist


I told him not really.

He said a mouthful about big name companies using blacks for profit and how these same companies spit in our faces, never hire blacks to work in positions of power and how he’s sick and tired of how they pander to the black community just to take our money.

I listened to it all.

Then I asked him a question.

“What are we going to do about it?’



“Boycott them and hurt their wallets.”

Then I said, “And then what?”

“Then what what?”

I replied, “Then what do we do? Boycott them, for a little while, you know as well as I do black people can’t stick to anything,  then go right back to the beginning? Or play the game right along with them and every other race that sees us a weak and defenseless?’




You know, right now in America, farm land is going belly up. White farmers are walking away from their properties because of the high taxes, the immigrant laws that are cutting their labour force, the drug crisis killing them by the hundreds each day, and pure despair and desperation. A little known fact that they don’t want out is their children are too lazy and uptight to get up a 4 am to feed cows.


Why aren’t blacks swooping in to buy up these EMPTY lots and growing corn, potatoes, peas, herbs, bulbs and raising chickens?


A short story…


A few years back, I traveled to Philly to sit at an “open” auction. I’d seen auctions on TV but never in real life. Empty lots and abandoned building were everywhere. The auctioneer shuffled his papers and began speaking on “Lot 124”, the square footage, if it was zoned as commercial, etc…

What was Lot 124 selling for?

1,000.00 USD.

Then another space popped up. Then a building. Over 20,000 sq. feet. What was that going for? Around 10,000 USD.

I had a female friend who talked incessantly about buying property and opening up a black owned mall where black artists can sell and display their goods to the community. After hearing her go on and on, I took a chance and pitched a business deal to her about buying land and having an organic “urban” farm with me as the main gardener and silent partner. Shes’s more outgoing and would be better suited to deal with the public.

I was ready with a lawyer to iron out the details and had CASH to make this happen. Over lunch one day on Spring Street, I sat with a detailed plan of costs, labour, advertising for artists and a 5 years plan of how to grow and expand.

When the reality hit her of how much work was ahead and how intense it was going to be JUST to get started, she quietly backed out with an embarrassed look and a meek excuse that “something” came up.

That was pretty much the end of our friendship.

For those that are curious, downtown Philly is currently being gentrified and these abandoned buildings are now ultra posh hang-out spots, tea shops equipped with free WiFi and upscale mini apartments with juice bars in the lobby.


Every race on this planet studies us.

That’s why you have Chinese buffets that offer Soul Food along with Shrimp Fried Rice. You now have East Indians that open Jamaican Restaurants that sell us our very own food for a higher price than that of our own race!

You see them EVERYWHERE selling dashikis, fake hair, powder foundation for women in all shades of brown and, perhaps my favourite insult, white women teaching Afrikan Dance in their posh downtown lofts. So here’s the question:


Why aren’t we opening up:

Coffee shops

Dog Salons

Pet Clothing Stores

Bicycle Shops


Tanning Salons

Anti-Aging Cosmetic Clinics




What excuse do we have for not playing the same game????


I’ll tell you.


It’s because we don’t give a fuck.

Playing the game is hard work and requires a certain amount of critical thinking skills, extreme planning and working together. Three things the black race severely lacks. We’d rather complain til our throats are dry about how hard we have it while skipping to the store to buy Nike’s newest 300.00 sneakers.

The black community is now a PERMANENT UNDERCLASS IN AMERICA and we have no one to blame at this point but ourselves. Dr Anderson warned us over 50 years ago.

Please stop writing letters to me about how the Arabs are opening up gas stations in your neighbourhoods and how the Chinese/ Koreans monopolize the hair care businesses. I really don’t give a shit about how your Polish mechanic is ripping you off.

Why aren’t you in trade school learning how to fix engines yourself?

I’ve written dozens of posts on things we need to learn how to do to be a TINY bit competitive in this new system where immigrants are going to blow you out of the water. The other day, a new Slavic Bank opened in my area. These people can barely speak English but they managed to open up a legal bank.

I would be surprised in the least if Ben and Jerry’s stock exploded with a picture of a black woman on the label.


Not one bit.







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