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I Was Wrong



The great and humbling thing about life is recognizing when you are wrong and openly admitting it. I’ve spent years upon years blaming the white male for his evil ways and his unfair policies. What I’ve come to realize upon learning how this system operates is:

The system of white domination is ruled by white males by proxy. 


He may appear to be the king of lies, the sultan of disharmony and the emperor of chaos.

But he is not.

He acts out of his desire to appease his female mirror image.


He understands the very delicate and subtle nuances of rulership. Something that black people STILL do not fully understand.

You must appease, honour, worship and cater to the womb that gave you life. It is the only way that white life has any meaning and the only way to reinforce your male dominance.


I have gotten perhaps 50 or more letters by white males over the years telling me (privately) that they utterly despise the white woman they married, sexed, had children with and the white in-laws that live in their fully finished basement apartments with the expensive Berber carpets.

They tell me tales of how:

She emasculates them in front of his children and in public

She treats him like “a walking ATM machine”

She compares his lovemaking skills to her past lovers

She can’t cook

She’s  a “cold fish in bed”

She’s very dumb and can’t speak well in public

She follows him around the house and nags him


One white man who has given up on all white American females told me how SHE instigates arguments with him in hopes that he’ll strike her and she can call the police, file for divorce and go after his business.

For those of you that will misinterpret this post, please don’t. I’m NOT giving white men a pass on anything. The universe has spoken and both he and his woman will be dealt with accordingly.

This post is for me to admit I was wrong about who is really in charge.

When I saw this tape, it made me think of Emmett Till and how easy it is for black life to be snuffed out by the lies of a deranged white female. It made me think of the countless blacks who are now dead because a white woman “said so.”


As sad and very frightening as the world has become, I’m glad that social media is revealing to THE ENTIRE WORLD what black people have been saying for centuries.


One more thing to my white male readers…


Those of you that will fight for justice in the future ( because your lives are gonna depend on it ), maybe now is the time for you to reel in your woman. ‘Cause she’s gonna get you killed as well.

If you understand what I’m saying.





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