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Random Thoughts…Part 2

I wasn’t going to post this but you need to understand something. Please do not believe everything you see on TV. The powers that be that run this country want you to be :

1. Distracted

2. Dumb

3. Dizzy

…while they plot against you.

I’m sure by now you have seen or heard about the Colorado movie shooting of the new Batman premiere. I just want to point out a few things…

1. Please look at real bomb gear:

And now look at the bomb gear of the alleged “SWAT” and “FBI” men outside this young man’s “rigged” apartment:

I may not be a Harvard grad but I know when something doesn’t seem right.

Please ask yourself a few questions:

1. How did this boy:

…get back inside the theater after he had gone outside via the exit door to retrieve his bag of death?

2. At first they claimed that there were 2 shooters…what happened to the other one?

3. So….let me get this straight. AmeriKlan, in its infinite magnificence, can put a man on the moon and devise a satellite to spy on us but they can’t defuse a bomb some 24 year old kid made?

Guys, I feel for the families…I really do…I was planning to see Batman with my best girlfriend and now we have second thoughts, but I urge you to deprogram yourself from what the controlled media is feeding you…this reeks of a set-up.

The White Woman’s Best Accessory

I can keep going but you get the idea.

Frankly, I’m sick of it. Why are black children such a “hot commodity” with white women?

1. It’s a fad.

2. It’s great way to get attention and further your career.

3. They’ll appear “less racist” by raising a black baby.

Of course this hurts the black child in more ways than one:

1. By taking away the black/brown/yellow/red child from his/her Own Peoples, you confuse the child as to where they belong in reference to their race.

2. Since all white people are apart of the system of white supremacy, they risk mentally harming the Coloured child by placing them in an unsafe environment.

3. Who will teach the child about his/her culture with HONESTY? Who will teach him/her about the role whites play in their culture with HONESTY?

4. What will you say/do when the child is called a nigger for the first time?

5. How can a white person teach a Coloured child about black/brown/red/yellow pride?

Guys, I am adamant about this fad and frankly I’m insulted by it!

We’ve always been property in one way or another. This…this is just too much for me. Yes, yes, I know that there are many of you who will cry and scream about love being the only thing that matters but this is me you’re talking to. Get real.

What are your thoughts?

Dear Mr. Perry…

Since you obviously hate us, I have no doubt that you’ll ignore my plea but I must try nonetheless to reach out to my black man. Mr. Perry, I hate your films. And only you and the Great Spirit know why you dress like this:

Mr. Perry, whatever happened in your past is obviously affecting you now as a grown man. I have my suspicious but will keep quiet. Since you are one of the most famous and listened to black directors / screenwriters / actors / producers in Hollywood, you have a responsibility to uphold the dignity of our African people.

You sold that dignity when you became rich.

I saw the transformation…I also noticed that after you made A Family That Preys, one of your best films, you succumbed to Hollywood rather than grow artistically. Mr. Perry, along with Spike Lee, Antoine Fuqua, The Hughes Bros and Kasi Lemmons, etc…, you make up the black elite directors/producers club. A small list in comparison to the hordes of white producers.

Therefore, Mr. Perry, the power lies within your hands to change the overt and rehearsed manipulation of our black sexuality, buffoonery, emasculation, prejudice and degradation. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…I know it’s not fair to place all the burden on your shoulders but in AmeriKlan, one black person is a representation of ALL black persons.

I’m empathetic to your plight nonetheless. I know Harvey Weinstein and Warner Bros. stands in your way. I also know of the “contract” blacks must sign when they become famous. That’s why Spike Lee distributes, produces and markets his own films because he doesn’t want to play that game. If you and all the other black directors/ artists joined forces and financed an all-black production company, you’d be unstoppable! But of course, it can never work that way, right?

I hope you will please consider my plea to stop this humiliation of our people. We are barely out of bondage…please do not help our slave master to shackle us once again.

10 Things Hurricane Katrina Taught Me

1. AmeriKlan doesn’t give a flying fuck about black people.

2. Bush is more dangerous, sick, evil and wicked than we realize.

3. White people will use any excuse to kill, maim, rape and abuse black people.

4. Katrina was premeditated. Look it up. (9th ward only? C’mon!)

5. If Katrina happened in my neighbourhood, my life and my family’s life would be in grave danger.

6. FEMA is a farce. ( They will help to implement martial law )

7. You CANNOT believe anything the media tells you.

8. The AmeriKlan government creates “situations” for the purpose of depopulation. Swine Flu, anyone?

9. Imagine the sickest, most deviant, evilest, vilest depraved being on earth. Racist Whites are sicker than that.

10. The media will murder any witnesses that dares to speak the truth.

What did Katrina teach/tell you?

Why So Few Black Women Marry White Men

*deep breath*

This will be a hard post, so being the woman that I am, I’m going to dive in with both feet.

Why are so few black women marrying white men? Is it because black women find white men unattractive? No. I don’t think so. In fact, to be brutally honest, I find this man sexy as hell:

But…as sexy as Mr. Bale is, if he was available and wanted me and was a “regular guy”, I would never marry him. Why? Fear. Simple fear.

But Truthbetold, what fear are you talking about?”

My Supposition:

1. In every black woman, whether or not she admits it or is AWARE of it, lies a deep seated fear that one day, the white man that she marries, the father of her children, the man that she built her life with, the man that celebrated her birthday, job promotion and summer home purchase, the man that held her close when she cried, the man that made sweet passionate love to her, will suddenly one day, during a heated fight, which all couples have, open his mouth and call her a nigger. And it will destroy her.

2. Black women, being the subject of the master’s rape fetish, will equate intimacy with a white man to the master’s subjugation.

3. They are not attracted to them emotionally or spiritually.

4. They fear repercussions of the supremacist system.

5. They fear repercussions and ridicule of the white man’s family and friends and their family and friends.

6. They feel they cannot “compete” with white women.

7. They genuinely love their black man and can’t see themselves with a white man.

8. They feel white men are “emotionally empty.”

9. They think white men will not desire them as “wife” material.

10. They are simply not interested.


This post hurt. A lot. It was hard to write and the comments will be brutal but…in my goal to understand and conquer white supremacy, I will never stop exploring the sickness of it.

Any thoughts?

Is Reverse Racism Real?

When I hear whites crying about their plight in this New AmeriKlan, I stop and take notice. When I hear wealthy white men and women pointing out how unfair this country is for them, I stop and listen…desperately…for them to tell me how.

“Ohhhhh…you can’t possibly understand how hard it is to be white nowadays! I’m the victim here…you know, with all this reverse racism against white folks! It’s not fair….*sobbing* ….It’s not right!”

What’s a sister to do? So I open my mouth and say…

Ummm, excuse me, sir? There’s no such thing.”

*sobbing stops and the hate stare begins*

The very system of white supremacy dictates who can and cannot be victims.

Whites, since the beginning, have self-segregated from the undesirable other. It is because of that self proclaimed privilege that they are able to oppress others, discriminate against others, scapegoat others whilst elevating themselves to supreme status. Now, with the “browning” of AmeriKlan, along with a black guy for president, whites are feeling more threatened than ever.

On the basis of race, creed and skin colour, non-whites are claiming certain privileges once reserved for whites, i.e. affirmative action. Which begs the question:

Is reverse racism real and if so how?

Open Discussion #1

Last night, after a heated discussion about one of my posts, I realized that we Coloureds need to air out our frustrations about this crazy world we’re living in. A simple topic lead to hurt feelings which is counterproductive to our struggle. We are family. All of us. If we took a DNA test, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that we are blood relations.

I personally do not like arguing with my people. I find it fruitless. So, I’m going to start an open discussion post every so often so we can talk about whatever is on our minds. Since we all live so spread out from each other…one poster isn’t even in North America, I can’t organize my people the way I’d like, so let’s do it this way. I find that talking, asking for help and seeking advise is the best way to heal from living in a supremacist society. I’ll keep this post up for a few days to let everyone have a turn.

So on this page, nothing is off limits, but there are rules:

1. No disrespect / hate of our people. NO name calling.

2. Everyone must help one another with plausible and reasonable solutions.

3. Speak honestly and openly about what’s troubling us.

4. We must promote education and spiritual healing through books, movies, documentaries( Mickey, you are awesome!!! ) and research.

Soooo……I’ll go first:

I went to main street the other day and saw this little girl, probably around 14 or 15, with low-slung pants and a thong showing above her waistband! I stopped to stare at her. I thought to myself, at that age, if I had worn that, my mama would’ve whooped my black ass.

What’s going on with our kids, people?

How AmeriKlan Manipulates Whites

Do you know someone like this? White, male, heterosexual, middle-class, employed and full of rage? And does he by any chance watch this…?

You might be thinking, “That Truthbetold sure done lost it now!”

Remember my post entitled The Plan? Well, there is another plan…but for white folks. Being invisible and a lowly Negress, no one has any expectations from me. So they never see me coming. I see right through the lies and bullshit that the media tells white folks to stir them into a racial panic. I usually write from a black perspective…brutal, raw and honest. But, being honest is a two-way street and I need to understand how white AmeriKlan comes to their conclusions, the reason why they think the way they do and why they CHOOSE to hold on to the obvious lies. So here goes.

Slavery was a bad thing. I think everyone, except for Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh agrees on that.

When slavery ended, poison seeped into the souls of white folks everywhere. They knew, spiritually, that what they had done was wrong. Guilt, my friends, is a motherfucker. Denial begat Guilt. Rage begat Denial. And Projection is the ultimate coping mechanism. Whites, like blacks, are sick. But their sickness does not come from the pain of loss. It comes from the emptiness of greed. In order to live with that shallow feeling in the pit of their stomachs, in order to live with that uneasiness they feel whilst looking at our brown faces, in order to sleep, live and thrive in a society built on the destruction and the rape of another man’s soul, they lied to THEMSELVES that this mess is “all our fault“. That is how White Victimhood is born. It is out of their very own need to survive in their own system of white supremacy, that the white mind becomes deviant and falls prey to supremacist propaganda.

Why does this matter in modern-day AmeriKlan? Because we, humans, are like sponges. We soak up every glance, every slight, every unkind word, every imagery, every thing that has the potential to shape who we are and what we will become. This feeling of insignificance is burned into our brains from childhood and has a direct effect on how we will function as adults. When white AmeriKlan watches Faux News or any other program designed for brainwashing them, they begin to believe:

1. All blacks are bad therefore the slaughter of blacks is justified.

2. In order for AmeriKlan to be “safe” blacks and Muslims need to leave.

3. Mexicans are taking their jobs.

4. The black man is “holding them down”.

5. The black man wants your woman.

6. Black women are ugly and useless.

7. Blacks are milking the system with welfare.

8. Obama is a racist, socialist, Muslim, anti-American born in “another exotic country”.

9. All blacks want revenge for slavery.

10. Forget that the most atrocious crimes in this country is committed by whites and focus on the suspicious “others.”

This causes a neurotransmitter called epinephrine (adrenaline) to rush to the brain causing the “flight or fight” response I simply call severe anxiety. With a pounding heart, they have now lost the ability to think, reason and rationalize. That underlying fear, which they will never admit, is that they will lose their “white privilege.” Whites are perhaps the most cowardly race on the planet. Not due to the fact that they back away from a fight, history will tell you that they DO NOT, but from the fact that admitting the truth is their worst nightmare.

Faux News is brilliant in their propaganda! Disguised as “patriotic”, they use this country’s Puritanical value system coupled with white AmeriKlan’s need to believe that they are indeed moral, to convince whites that we, blacks,  are in desperate need of extermination. Hence the anger. Hence the anxiety. Hence the paranoia. Hence the need to buy more guns. Hence the need to assassinate Obama. Hence the need to shoot an unarmed black person. Get the idea?

The thing that amuses me is, why can’t they see it? Most blacks know, almost intrinsically, that AmeriKlan is still a nation of slaves in the form of “hard-working Americans.”  That’s why no matter how many hours you work…you’re still broke. That’s why no matter how much you take your Prozac…you’re still depressed. That’s why no matter how much you’ve saved to buy that first house…you’re still paying rent. And that’s why no matter how close you think you’ve come to defeating this system of supremacy…it morphs into a new unfathomable shape.

This country has a brainwashing method I like to call: “virtual Kool-Aid” ( yes, I just made that up ). All you need to do is sit back and let others tell you what to think. And if they can use statistics to prove that it’s “the truth”…even better.

And for the record…sugar, like Kool-Aid, is a tool used to cause depression which renders deep thinkers…useless. That’s why Kool-Aid and Hi-C Fruit Punch are not permitted in my home. To defeat this system, we need clear thinkers and that’s why I no longer watch TV or read the papers.

Why Horror Movies Are Made For White People

Picture it:

It’s a dark and stormy night. You’re all alone. Perhaps your husband/boyfriend has left for that business meeting in Boston and you’ll be alone for the entire weekend. You order pizza, pop open a bottle of your favorite wine…take a nice lavender-scented bath and get ready to watch a girlish movie when….the phone rings.

Hello?“, you say. Nothing. “Hello?” Not one sound. You hang up and shrug. You pop in Thelma and Louise and the phone rings again. “Hello?” All you hear is breathing….then….”I’m coming to kill you…” in a terrifying, raspy voice. You blink, your brow furrows and you ask, “Steve? Is that you…?”

No…..it’s not Steve, dammit! It’s NEVER Steve!!! Steve wouldn’t call you from Boston and tell you that he’s going to kill you. And if he did, then you need a new boyfriend!

You know why horror movie producers, writers, directors and casting agents employ predominately white actors? Because if that was a black girl, she’d get the fuck out the house already! There wouldn’t be a movie! She’d check her caller ID, dial *69 and know better than to ass-u-me that Steve is playing a prank from Boston.

Ever see Scream with the Drew Barrymore character? Why was she talking to him? Why are you answering a total stranger and telling him that you are alone in the house? But really, folks, why do horror movie writers make white women stupid, helpless, big-breasted damsels who always fall down during a tense chasing scene? Even Jamie Lee Curtis fell whilst Michael Meyers was chasing her…and she outsmarted him!

One possibility is white women being terrorized, beaten and violated adheres to the White Male Fantasy. Remember I Spit On Your Grave? A vile film but it shows my point. A woman being subjugated to the whims of a group of derelicts. A fantasy of utter control. Another possibility is since whites are the default in AmeriKlan, all they hope to see being represented in the movies is themselves. Plus, the imagery of a beautiful, blonde, voluptuous damsel in distress( Hitchcock anyone? ) makes you root for her. While a black woman being terrorized makes you root for her killer ( Scream 2 with Mrs. Pinkett-Smith ). Sympathy for the white woman is a big box office draw….Look at Jodie Foster in The Accused. Everyone was rooting for her rapists to get nailed by the court system. Do you think if the Jodie Foster character was played by the well-toned Angela Bassett, people would empathize and want justice? I think not. I believe the word is called apathy.

You see it all the time. Countless movies with white women who have overcome all odds with a mysterious stranger wanting to kill her and the audience walks away feeling good. “Wow! That was a great movie! I must tell Susan to go see it!” But when it’s us getting murdered…”Hmmmmm???…Oh, yeah…well….it’s just a movie.”

How Elvis Got Famous

Look at Bo Diddley:

And Chuck Berry:

And Little Richard

Now look at this:


Please watch BOTH videos and tell me your thoughts…

****In order to keep this short and sweet, I left out a few pertinent singers/songwriters/fancy-foot shakers…like James Brown.****

Young White Rage

When the Columbine massacre occurred, white AmeriKlan sat back in horrified wonder at how something so heinous could happen in their quiet community. In a country, like this one, that actually believes its own magnificence, you have those that feel safe and secure in their middle class suburban communities…for white supremacy teaches ALL OF US that bad things do not happen with others that look like you. Fear comes from the “exotic”, the unknown and the different.

When you have the media, a supremacist tool used for brainwashing, that preaches the innocence of images that resemble your own, you become open, lackadaisical and trusting of that image, thusly creating an illusion that is surely destined for failure. Blacks intimately know this system called “supremacist terror” because we are the beneficiaries of it. Therefore we can easily judge most situations that are potentially dangerous, learn how to avoid it and teach our children to recognize its “warning signs”. Those that belong to the system of terror, in simple terms, cannot. Supremacy teaches whites that anyone and everyone who “isn’t like them” is to be regarded with utmost suspicion. Which bring me to the crux of my supposition.

If a young black boy went to Home Depot to buy “certain ingredients”, the cashier would automatically be “suspicious” of why he wanted them. Case in point…I was sick recently and needed some Sudafed. Did you know that the popular cough syrup is used to make a homemade drug called “meth?” I didn’t. In fact, living in my little rural farming community, I’m lost when it comes to many things of this nature. I was questioned, extensively, on why I needed the syrup…”Ummmm…I’m sick?” The manager was called to confirm the purchase and I left with yet another confirmation that in AmeriKlan, something was surely amiss.

The Columbine boys in question look, well…normal. Don’t they?

In fact, they look like average boys you would see walking the streets of Central Park. But then came the diaries they kept…OUT IN THE OPEN! Diaries about anger, killing and “exacting revenge on the world.” Then came a school report…ON NAZISM, and not one teacher blinked, got that “funny feeling in the pit of her stomach” and sought immediately to meet and question the parents. Then came the court ordered anger management classes after they were caught breaking into a van in 1998. Then came the detailed explanation of how he would destroy others…with the date 4/20, (which by the way, WAS HITLER’S BIRTHDAY) written on his calendar, and his own dad claims he never knew about it! Not one person at school…no teacher, no administrator, not one person looked at these kids and went, “Hmmmm…” Ok…sooooooo, let me get this straight:

You live in the same house with a teenage boy, who has obvious anger problems, who has written a manifesto about murdering people, who has researched Hitler and has a police record and to you, the father, the boy is just experiencing normal teen angst? If that was a black boy, believe me, there’d be some ass-whooping going on. And the teacher, who would have had that “funny feeling” from the moment she laid eyes on him, would have alerted the school principal…at once!

I remember the day I watched the news and saw with horror, the videotape with those handsome boys carrying guns and wearing a backwards hat( a symbol of “thuggery” in the black community yet with whites, it’s a fashion statement ). I winced at what the parents were going through. Then my friend from the mid-west called me. She is, perhaps, one of the quickest young women I’ve ever met. I said, “Yeah, I can’t imagine what the moms and dads are feeling right now.” She said ever so quietly…

“Truthbetold, I’m not shocked. Whites are the original terrorists. We know that. Everyone around the world knows that. The only people who doesn’t seem to know that…is them.” At her sharp yet powerful statement, I inhaled. We talked for a while and when I hung up, I realized that she was right. White supremacy, doesn’t just cause terror to brown folks. We are the beneficiaries of their hatred. But the mental strain caused by their own intrinsic terror is what perpetuates these crimes. History doesn’t lie. We know it…They…do not.

Extra, Extra…Read All About It..

“SANFORD, Fla. (AP) — George Zimmerman has returned to Florida and will turn himself in to authorities by Sunday’s deadline after a judge revoked his bond in the Trayvon Martin case, an attorney said.

Attorney Mark O’Mara announced Zimmerman’s return on his website Sunday, saying Zimmerman arrived late Saturday evening. Zimmerman, who is charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of the 17-year-old Martin, was ordered by a judge Friday to return to jail.

The press release on the website said the deadline for his surrender is 2:30 p.m. Sunday.

The judge revoked Zimmerman’s bond, suggesting he and his wife had not been honest about their finances. During a bond hearing in April, the couple had indicated they had limited funds. But prosecutors say Zimmerman had raised thousands through a website he had set up for his legal defense.

Zimmerman’s legal team said Sunday that they will ask for a new bond hearing to address those concerns, and that they hope Zimmerman’s voluntary surrender will show he is not a flight risk. Furthermore, the money Zimmerman has raised is in an independent trust and cannot be directly accessed by Zimmerman or his attorneys, according to the press release.

Zimmerman has pleaded not guilty to the second-degree murder charge. He maintains he shot Martin in self-defense under Florida’s so-called “stand your ground” law because the teen, who was unarmed, was beating him up after confronting Zimmerman about following him in a gated community outside Orlando.

Zimmerman’s credibility could become an issue at trial, legal experts said, noting the case hinges on jurors believing Zimmerman’s account of what happened the night in February that Martin was killed.”

Source: Yahoo News

Guys, I don’t believe anything the news tells me, except the time and date. But let me ask a serious question…

If Mr. Zimmerman was a black man who LIED about his finances, wouldn’t his credibility be destroyed from the moment everyone found out he lied? Honest answers folks…

Rap, Hip-Hop and All That Jazz

Look at Jay Z:

One can not deny this man is a genius in his own right.

Growing up in my family with soul music all around me, my family played classic R&B like Ben E. King, Percy Sledge, Al Green and Sam Cooke. I grew up knowing all the words to “Kiss and Say Goodbye” by the time I was 8. When Michael Jackson broke down barriers on MTV, we went nuts. The hypnotic sounds of Billie Jean moonwalked across the TV sets of AmeriKlan and set it on fire! Suddenly everyone, black and white, wanted to be M.J. Jheri curls were found on the heads of New Kids on the Block as well as most of black AmeriKlan.

Black soul music, especially Motown, said all the things we couldn’t say. We knew how Marvin felt when he asked, “What’s Going On?” And when Jim Brown dared us to be “Black and Proud” we screamed, Hell yes, brother!! The difference between music back then and music now isn’t what you believe it to be. We didn’t get more violent and full of self-hatred over night. What changed is the PRODUCTION studios that paid us to bear our souls. Berry Gordy told his musicians, singers and songwriters to “be real”. Give the black audience what they want. Smooth sounds, raw sounds, honest sounds and sounds that reflected the times we were facing in AmeriKlan.

Black owned studios controlled black music. Therefore what was put out to the black population was for us, by us. Well…that all changed when whites wanted a piece of black music. Before you ask, How does Truthbetold know that? Well, let’s say that traveling around the United States has given me a once in a lifetime opportunity to meet ALL kinds of people. Artists, fashion designers, painters, poets, writers and musicians, especially when I was in downtown Chicago. I heard stories of how “good it was when WE controlled our shit” and how black artists are PAID to “ghetto-ize their shit for white audiences.”

I listened to X, an older Mississippi born musician, in downtown Chicago, in a blues club called Buddy Guy Legends ( it’s on Wabash Ave if you’re interested ) on how when his band was in its prime, they sold out tickets within 3 days. I heard tales of how he starved and sold his most prized possession, a black and white TV set, to buy a saxophone. He knew that blues music was his calling from God. When they finally found financing, it was a white gentleman, a Jew, who told him to “nigger-ize” his music. Sing about being poorer, more downtrodden, beaten up, say you’re a drinker( he wasn’t) give the audience a sense of your pain and suffering and they’ll “eat it up and we’ll grow rich.” Well he didn’t grow rich. The Jew did. Musicians back in the day were paid a whopping 3% for their talent. The PRODUCTIONS STUDIOS became rich. Musicians struggled to pay the rent.

Why am I telling you this?

Because rap, hip-hop and yes, jazz is very seldom being produced and financed by blacks anymore. It’s a white business now. It is geared towards reinforcing the nigger stereotype, cleverly hidden by good riffs and a harsh, raspy, sexy, black voice…(think Ja Rule) and of course…making money. Now, do I believe that all black owned studios are innocent? No. Of course not. They too play a big part in the “hood waiting to rape your (white)daughter” imagery. But how many black-owned production studios are there in comparison to white ones? ( Yes, I know Roc-A-Fella is huge. Bad Boy Records no longer counts as Lucian Grainge is CEO ). And ultimately who controls what is played, and how often it is played, and on what channel it is played? Answer?

1. Harvey Weinstein

2. Sumner Redstone

3. Phillipe Dauman

4. Warners Bros.

5. Walt Disney (his descendents)

6. MGM ( various siblings since they split up, like Tony Goldwyn, the bad guy from Ghost.)

7. Rupert Murdoch

I’m sure there are more…but they merge, split up and change names constantly.

What’s my point? Untill we blacks can take back the control over our music and our films, all we have to listen to are verbal and lyrical testimonies on how:

1. Cops need to be shot

2. All women are bitches

3. Black life sucks

4. I was raised in the ghetto

5. I smoke crack with my welfare money

6. I went to prison, like, 1000 times

7. I got shot by a rival gang

8. I love to rape girls

9. I can not speak proper English

10. The movie “Precious” is real. I hate that motherfucking film! Sorry, Mr. Daniels. And Gabby, if you are reading this…AmeriKlan will NEVER let you live this down.

The punchline to my post?….wait for it……………………..

The biggest consumers of the grimiest, nastiest, dirtiest rap music are white middle-class boys.

Why I No Longer Keep White Friends

I grew up with diversity all around me. My first crush was on a Guyanese boy of Indian Descent. I had friends calling our house of all nationalities and races. I never knew the difference between them. I wasn’t raised that way. We were just kids going to the arcade to play Mrs. Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, listening to Michael Jackson’s new album, Bad, and trying to fit in. I never realized until I got older that white people were different from me.

I come from humble beginnings. We worked hard with no excuses. If you wanted to eat, you had to work. There were times when we struggled…and I mean hard…but God always provides for tomorrow. I learned at an early age from watching the one woman in my family who would serve as my ultimate inspiration, my mom. She was strong, capable, unyielding, tough as nails and loving to a fault. I, being a black woman, also had to be tough and determined. I too had to swallow bitter tears. No one was going to coddle me, protect me from the evils of the world, give me things I didn’t earn and make me feel as if I’m a precious specimen to be adored. I am black. I can’t afford to be naive.

When I entered high school, I began to befriend various white women. They flocked to me. In fact, EVERY relationship I had with a white girl, she was the instigator. She complimented me on my bone structure, my lips, my frame…the curliness of my hair, the softness of my skin…she wanted to know what foods I ate and what music I listened to. She inquired on where I’m from, on how I “spoke so well” and where I learned to speak proper English. She watched the way I walked, the way my lips moved when I spoke, the whiteness of my teeth against my skin and how she could tan “just like me.”

It never occurred to me to be offended…at all. I was young and never knew the difference. College was another story. I grew my hair long. Being of mixed ancestry from both parents but especially my mom and grandparents, my hair took on a beautiful wave when long. I was told that I had the kind of hair black women envied. I shrugged it off. I didn’t care, I had boys on the mind.

White boys began to notice me. A lot. Then my relationship with white women began to unravel. Suddenly, the smiles stopped and the scowls began. The compliments on the pretty blouse I had worn, turned into criticisms that I shopped at consignment stores. They eyed me suspiciously and made the most horrific remarks about how ugly all black women were. How fat, how smelly, how unkempt …and how no self-respecting white man would date, let alone marry, “one of us.”

Then came the job world where I would constantly be bombarded with stupid motherfucking questions about why blacks:

Dressed, ate, danced, fucked, talked and lived “the way they do.” But, you see, do not be offended because you’re not like the “rest of them.” Then the questions came about my:

Hair, clothing, skin, freckles, lips, buttocks, waist to hip ratio, nipple colour (in the RN’s locker room) and if black men’s penises were really that much bigger. But, you see, do not be offended because you’re not like the “rest of them.” Then the questions came on why blacks:

Are prone to raping people, killing people, fucking up their own neighbourhoods, stealing, doing drugs, joining a gang, spraying graffiti, being more racist than “any white person they’ve ever met” and just being a no-good, low down, dirty, rotten, stinking drain on society. But, you see, do not be offended because you’re not like the “rest of them.”

Then came the men…

Who would stare that cautious but lustful gaze riddled with guilt with comments on how he’d always wanted to “try a black girl to see if the rumours were true”. Who would have the expectation that because you are black, you’re not a REAL woman and should be used as an instrument of sexual relief for a hard day at work. Who would grow angry with righteous indignation that you would REJECT him due to the fact that you should be grateful that he even looked at you in the first place. Who would have the expectation that your complexion is an invitation for promiscuity because that’s what “pa said“.

So after explaining with great and excruciating detail on why blacks in AmeriKlan are scapegoats to keep the racial flames burning, after explaining that the term “African-American” or any other hyphenated ethnicity was a political tool to divide the nation and get more votes, after explaining that all people commit crimes but the media airs the black ones more frequently and at primetime between the hours of 4-9 pm due to Nielsen Ratings, after explaining to them that the concept of race is a white invention and no other species on earth does that, after explaining to them that the Department of Justice and the FBI embellishes their numbers to keep minorities at the bottom, after explaining to them that all politicians are bought and paid for by Wall Street, after explaining the history of slavery in this Puritanical country and having them nod and say “Ohhhhhhh….right, Ok….I see…yes, yes, yes” and then say the same stupid ass bullshit comments over and over again to my face with a smile…I finally said:

FUCK IT! I’m done!

Why White Women Keep Silent When Michelle Obama is Being Attacked

When I hear Rush Limbaugh spewing hatred at my favorite lady, I wait patiently to see the barrage of white democratic women who call themselves feminists who will no doubt come to her rescue.


Maybe they’re all waiting for the right time to strike down Mr. Limbaugh. After all, in AmeriKlan, girls are a minority too. Any moment now…..



Perhaps the reason why they keep silent is because they’re happy to see her verbally assaulted.

History Lesson:

Not only are white women oppressed (being a woman means they’re a minority) but being white means that they can be racists but don’t have to own up to it the way a man would. See, white women, being the ****cough**** delicate creatures that they are, are shielded from any wrongdoing, blame, evilness and accountability.

Their only purpose, historically, is to be the decorative ornament to appease the white man, sexually (if his slave was unavailable) and politically (as a trophy wife; Donald Trump knows about this quite a bit).

The slave stole all the master’s time and affections. The master would leave his perfectly adorned wife, in her pretty nightgown, to fornicate with his slaves. After many, many copulations, he spawned a brood of young ‘uns that needed even more of his time. The neglected wife, in her rage and vengefulness, would copulate with the biggest, strongest, blackest Field Negro she could find.

This passive-aggressive act was done to hurt her man, hurt the concubine (for she bedded her man) and to show her power. That being said….

When Michelle Obama is being attacked and NOT ONE white woman opens her mouth to say, “But…”, that too is a passive-aggressive act done out of vengefulness. Add to the fact that defending a black woman who isn’t worthy of being defended may hurt her husband’s chances of political victory. When the Limbaugh/Fluke fiasco occurred, women and men jumped from far and away to defend Ms. Fluke’s right for conception. Women lambasted Rush and his sponsors fled, fearing political backlash and claims of misogyny. When Nancy Reagan told AmeriKlan’s to “Just Say NO!”, AmeriKlans applauded her gutsy speeches, her fierceness for wanting to tackle AmeriKlan’s problem with drugs pushers. ( Actually, Ameriklan wouldn’t have a problem with drug pushers if they didn’t need to take drugs…but why tell them that? After all, this country was built on Puritanical beliefs.***cough, cough***)

How dare Mrs. Obama, with her stunning good looks and Ivy League education dare say a word about kids eating more vegetables? How dare she try to grow a vegetable garden? And less soda? Are you kidding me? Sarah, I-love-to-kill-moose, Palin says, ” Let them eat S’mores!” What does she know? A black woman telling white AmeriKlan how to eat properly? She’s only married to some African guy with an ordinary job.

Who is she? Oh…yeah…a black woman.

Scary Clothing

Listen, I wasn’t going to be bothered with this…it’s ridiculous…but it just won’t stop. So here goes…and, Mr. Rivera, if you happen to be reading this, pay close attention.

1. No article of clothing is an invitation for death. That’s like saying a woman in a short dress is deserving of violation.

2. A black man in a hoodie is no more or less “suspicious” than a white man in a hoodie. Please educate yourself with my photos:


3. The 600lb elephant in the room is RACE. Fucking admit it!

4. AmeriKlan has no empathy, sympathy or understanding of black life. Because we are less than human. I believe 3/5ths was the term. Thank you James Wilson.

5. When you try to explain why someone deserved to be killed due to their clothes, you make AmeriKlan look even stupider than we already look to the rest of the world.

6. Even if Mr. Martin was wearing a suit from the cover of GQ magazine, whites would still classify him as a nigger.

And most importantly….

The fact that this country of fighting for the justice of George Zimmerman tells me that we, as a nation comprised of immigrants, are one of the most fucked-up, sickest, in denial assholes around. I’m ashamed. And you should be too.

A Day in the Life of a White Republican

7:00am: Wake up and curse Obama

7:30am: Eat breakfast whilst downloading interracial porn

8:00am: Call publicist and arrange press meeting

8:20am: Kiss wife, which you’ve lost all desire for, on the cheek and leave

8:30am: Swing by newspaper stand to pick up Black Tail magazine

8:40am: Sit in yet another meeting where you dream of crushing Obama

9:40am: Fabricate lies to spew at press meeting

10:00am: Ignore calls from the wife. She has all your money so what more can she want?

10:15am: Strategize with publicist on blacks, the unemployed, Latinos, gays, senior citizens, women, birth control, Occupy Wall Street, students, Laws for more guns on campus, the reinstatement of slavery, social security, black crime rates and anything that shows minorities in a shitty light.

12:30pm: Have lunch with team and call the leader of the Republican party, Rush Limbaugh

1:30pm: Have press meeting at Faux News studio where you tell everyone if Obama wins again, the Earth will collapse and monsters will eat their children

3:30pm: Call Glenn Beck’s show and spread a rumor that you found Obama’s real birth certificate

3:45pm: Swing by movie rental place to buy a copy of Mandingo

4:30pm: Accept call from your black mistress and arrange to meet at that secret love shack, Camp Niggerhead.

7:45pm: Go home and eat a boring, monotonous meal with your wife whilst reminiscing about your tryst with your black mistress

8:30pm: Retire to your office with a vintage Cognac and download more interracial porn

10:00pm: Order Roots on Pay-per-view and reminisce about the good old days

11:30pm: Crawl into bed when sure the wife is fast asleep and banish all feelings of guilt by rationalizing that Obama should have known better than to run for president in the first place

Dear Maury…I Hate Your Show

Dear Mr. Povich,

If you are reading this, I wanted to let you know that you, along with Jerry Springer, have single-handedly caused white AmeriKlans to delve deeper into the belief of all racial stereotypes about blacks. Mr. Povich, seeing how you’re from Washington, D.C., a place with approximately 48% blacks, I find it hard to believe that every black person you’ve met has the name Jacqueshia, is obese, a high school dropout, unattractive, speaks Ebonics, lives in the ghetto, is on food stamps whilst driving a BMW, wears Baby Phat, has a TON of gold jewelry (some of which is worn in the mouth), sells crack for a living, pimps, prostitutes and has over 200 lovers by the age of 10 and needs a paternity test to determine the child’s biological father.

I know that Paramount Television pays you handsomely for telling these lies. But I implore you, what about your conscience? How do you sleep at night knowing that you, an educated white man is apart of the vicious systematic betrayal, downfall and poisoning of the black image? Being educated, and Jewish, I’ll bet my bottom dollar that you’ve had issues with AmeriKlans too. Why help them perpetuate this stereotype that just won’t die? Would you have victims of acid burning come on your show and say, ” Well ladies, next time, don’t put onions in the sauce. You know your husband hates it?”

Mr. Povich, my mother tells me, Truthbetold, love of money is the root of ALL evil! And how right she is! I know your show is meant for entertainment purposes only, but here in AmeriKlan, whites believe anything that shows blacks in a negative light. It serves as a conformation that grandpa was right about “those people.”

I also want you to know that I know( FOR A FACT) that your guests are actors. A starving actor, desperate to get his/her first big break will do just about anything to eat and pay the rent. Yes, the burden lies partially on them but more on you. You’re already rich. You should be using your money and fame to fight evil, not condone it. I’m ashamed of you. And, truthfully, you should be ashamed of yourself.




Your show blows!

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