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Dear Mr. Perry…

Since you obviously hate us, I have no doubt that you’ll ignore my plea but I must try nonetheless to reach out to my black man. Mr. Perry, I hate your films. And only you and the Great Spirit know why you dress like this:

Mr. Perry, whatever happened in your past is obviously affecting you now as a grown man. I have my suspicious but will keep quiet. Since you are one of the most famous and listened to black directors / screenwriters / actors / producers in Hollywood, you have a responsibility to uphold the dignity of our African people.

You sold that dignity when you became rich.

I saw the transformation…I also noticed that after you made A Family That Preys, one of your best films, you succumbed to Hollywood rather than grow artistically. Mr. Perry, along with Spike Lee, Antoine Fuqua, The Hughes Bros and Kasi Lemmons, etc…, you make up the black elite directors/producers club. A small list in comparison to the hordes of white producers.

Therefore, Mr. Perry, the power lies within your hands to change the overt and rehearsed manipulation of our black sexuality, buffoonery, emasculation, prejudice and degradation. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news…I know it’s not fair to place all the burden on your shoulders but in AmeriKlan, one black person is a representation of ALL black persons.

I’m empathetic to your plight nonetheless. I know Harvey Weinstein and Warner Bros. stands in your way. I also know of the “contract” blacks must sign when they become famous. That’s why Spike Lee distributes, produces and markets his own films because he doesn’t want to play that game. If you and all the other black directors/ artists joined forces and financed an all-black production company, you’d be unstoppable! But of course, it can never work that way, right?

I hope you will please consider my plea to stop this humiliation of our people. We are barely out of bondage…please do not help our slave master to shackle us once again.

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