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White Like Me

Skin bleaching has been around for centuries.

Would you use a cream or soap that may have the following long term side effects:

1. Skin cancer

2. Liver damage

3. Kidney damage

4. Poisoning

In the modern appearance-conscious society in which we live, there is a myth that lighter, paler complexions portray beauty, riches and success. Perhaps this also goes back to slavery where the Field Negro would toil for many hours in the scorching sun, growing darker with each day, while the House Negro, the master’s child or concubine, would be protected within the confines of his beautiful home.
This misguided belief and the need to exploit our deep self-hatred, has resulted in a huge market of skin lightening products.

What is melanin?

Melanin, is simple terms, means “black.” It is produced by melanocytes, found in skin and hair follicles, and is responsible for our pigmentation. Thusly, the more melanin we have, the darker we become. It also serves to protect us from the sun’s harmful rays. Now…

The two main chemicals found in skin bleach are:

1. Mercury, which is poisonous.

2. Hydroquinone, which is used to process pictures.

Both are cancer-forming and highly toxic. Yet they are used throughout the U.S., Caribbean, India, The Philippines, Asia and Africa. It would appear by the billion dollar industry that produces bleaching creams, that all brown-skinned people desire light skin. I have some theories. But let’s hear yours…

Any thoughts on why?

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