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Finish this Sentence #5

White Privilege is…

I’ll go first:

Only whites don’t “see” colour.

Having the power of creating a racial group for other people...and having them believe it:

Light skinned Spanish-speaking Africans dancing

What does “White Privilege” mean to you?

21 Harsh Truths White People Don’t Want to Hear

The year is ending. 2013 will be tumultuous for you. As the realization sets in that you, the self-entitled Supreme Being, are losing power on the planet that you stole and destroyed out of greed, you’ll implode in more ways than one. Being unable to self-reflect, you’ll take out your rage on darker-skinned peoples in ways that will shock even you. There is not one thing that you can do now to reverse the damage that you’ve caused. So please stop trying to “fix it” and listen: You are not fit to be a leader. This planet is not yours. And very soon it will return to the rightful owners. Accept it.


1. Every true African thinks you are a cold, heartless, tyrannical, lying, devious, untrustworthy, manipulative, demonic bastard.

2. Money, no matter what amount, will not make you happy.

3. No matter how much surgery you have, you’ll never compare to a black woman’s natural beauty:

Grace Jones

4. You are the only race on Earth that cannot live harmoniously with nature.

5. Your desperate attempt to be “like us” is pathetic:

6. Your low self-esteem and intense insecurity shows every time you use the word “Nigger.”

7. Dr. Bobby Wright, a genius, summed you up to a tee:


8. Deep down, the thought that you ruled over other people makes you feel proud:

9. White women, contrary to your propaganda, are not the most wanted women on Earth:

10. White men, contrary to your propaganda, are not the most masculine men on Earth:

11. Without your white skin, you’d be nothing.

12. The reason why you try to keep blacks from progressing is out of fear for our revenge.

13. You really don’t feel as guilty as you want everyone to believe you do.

14. You and your people are the sole cause of destruction on the planet.

15. You are 100% satisfied with your unearned privileges.

16. Pretending not to be aware of your White Privilege isn’t fooling anyone:

“innocent” white woman

17. You lack the true capacity to change your racist views.

18. Your forefathers sins are apart of your bloodline…forever:

Future Racist

19. If slavery was reinstated, you would no longer have the need to take anti-depressants and Viagra.

20. You are your own worst enemy:

21. You cheat, lie and manipulate your way to the top because deep down, you know you cannot compete at a level playing field with everyone else.

21 Harsh Truths Black People Don’t Want to Hear

The year is ending. 2013 will be harsh for us in more ways than one. In the Spirit of my ancestors, I will speak blinding truth about us as Africans. As talented, Spiritual and great as we are, we have a tremendous amount of work to do if we want to live. Darqbeauty, a Hebrew Israelite, has touched on a powerful point:

“There is a separation happening amongst us. Those of us that are “awake” / becoming “awake” are slowing and quietly moving away from the rest who insist on remaining asleep.”

This disjointment, which I simply call Negro Madness Disease, will either stop just in time for the revolution to begin or it will hinder us in our struggle. I hope this harsh but well-intentioned post will cause you to think, pause and ask yourselves, “Is this what the ancestors died for?”


1. Your own jealousies, competitiveness, in-fighting, unwillingness to support one another and pettiness with other black people is what’s keeping you from moving forward. (Pssssst! White people are masters at The Brown vs. Brown Game)


2. We never learn from history because we believe:

a. That white people can change

b. That things are “getting better”

c. God will help us if we just pray and do nothing to help ourselves

d. That just because we lack the capacity for evil, others lack it too.

3. Having the latest gadget, like a 50″ flat screen TV for showing off, is more important than building stronger communities.

4. Eurocentric education is by far the worst thing that has ever happened to us:


5. No matter how big your house, how fancy your car and how expensive your jewelry, whites are not EVER going to be impressed with you or have respect for you. To them, you are just another nigger.

6. Treating each other like garbage isn’t going to win you favours with whites.

7. We kill each other because we can’t kill the enemy.

8. Most other Coloureds, especially those with direct African blood, don’t want anything to do with us for they are ashamed to be labeled with us.

9. The reason why we fight each other is because we hate ourselves.

10. Identifying with white people is the foundation for our mental illness:


11. All black people are mentally ill but we don’t want to accept it.

12. We latch on to other people’s struggles as a way to get them to accept us…which they NEVER do.

13. Black men who hate black women hate themselves.

14. Black women who hate black men have no self-respect.

15. The fact that our children are being lead astray is our fault.

16. The black church is the white man’s most effective weapon.

17. Whites despise us with a blinding passion because they need something we have:

18. We are still waiting to be told how to fix “the problem with no name” because we are too passive and complacent to figure it out ourselves (https://diaryofanegress.com/2012/10/13/7-easy-steps-to-help-counter-white-supremacy/).

19. Marrying/ dating and sleeping with a white person will never change the colour of your skin. Will never gain you acceptance into the White Club and will never stop them from calling you a no-good, low-down, dirty Nigger:


20. If whites had the chance, tomorrow morning slavery would be back with a vengeance…and they would make sure it remains in existence for all eternity. Accept it.

21. We have no friends/ allies on this planet.

Brown Vs. Brown: A Losing Game

{Thank you Prince for this video}

Black people are the most hated group of people on Earth.

This may seem like a harsh statement but it’s a fact. Living in NY and being surrounded by brown-skinned peoples of all nationalities has given me a peek into the mentality of other “minority” groups. There is an unspoken, unwritten almost invisible rule of thumb amongst ALL brown peoples throughout the world. If you wish to be liked and assimilate into the White Club, you must let it be known that you hate, mock and fear Africans.

I used to befriend an Indian girl in high school. She had just come to AmeriKlan and didn’t know anyone. Mocked for her thick accent and clothing, I befriended her. She was more than happy for the company. She was shocked to discover that we ate (almost) the same foods and used the same spices. She introduced me to Ganesha, her God, and listened to my explanation of The Most High. As time wore on and she became more and more aware of just how different she was, her attitude towards herself and ultimately to me changed.

First her hair, a thick, lush black sheet that fell to her waist, became short and blonde.

Second, her brightly-coloured sari was forsaken for Jordache jeans.

Thirdly, she sought out a blonde, Greek white female to befriend and I was left wondering what I had done to upset her.

This phenomena has plagued me (and other blacks that I’ve spoken to) with light-skinned Portuguese/ Spanish-speaking Africans, brown-skinned Asians,  and Middle-Eastern peoples of ALL nationalities. It seems the indoctrination of the White Club forbids any association with the so-called scourges of society. It also requires you to quickly “forget” your true heritage.


The insanity of whiteness needs as many one-sided allies as possible. Whites look for any indication that you are an enemy to them. If you are able to prove that you hate their most feared competitor, they will (falsely) indoctrinate you into their circle until you no longer benefit them. Then…you’ll be terminated.

Cherokee Red Man

The Brown vs. Brown game benefits only one race: The European.

Due to the fact that whites are 10% of the population, and decreasing, they are fully aware, with utmost terror, that they are simply outnumbered on this planet. If, and I really mean if, ALL of us were to band together and toss ethnicity aside, we could very easily overthrow their terroristic regime. They are fully aware of the hidden dangers that lie in our solidarity. That’s why they pit:

Black vs. Latino

Latino vs. Indian

Red Man vs. Black

Asians vs. Black

And…Arab vs. Everyone

Their game is divide and conquer. And it works exceptionally well.

Have any of you ever experienced the Brown vs. Brown game?

The Origin of Sinterklaas

In most Europeanized cultures, there is an overweight, jolly, white man wearing a hat, who slides down your chimney to bring gifts to little ones on December 25. This pagan holiday was given importance by the Roman Catholic Bishop by simply picking a day that he deemed fit for celebration. We, as Africans, adopted this “holiday” as our own and celebrate with the European without over-standing its true origin.

Sinterklaas, a Dutch Demon, also called Pan in Germanic/ Celtic folklore:

lives in the woods. On horseback holding a spear, he and his helper Zwarte Pier or “Black Pete”, a slave in chains, seek out the potent Spirit of young children. By enticing them with gifts of fruit, they lure children into the woods to rape and absorb their pure “energy.”

In Greco-Roman times, the origin of Sinterklaas was adapted to their God, which they called Neptune:

Early AmeriKlan whites, aware that a Puritanical culture would never accept this God of the Sea as child-friendly, morphed him into a money-making, wallet-draining grandfatherly figure. By changing him into Santa Claus, a lovable, rotund, bearded character, white folklore was forever changed. On a special night, this deity who beckons children to sit on his lap and whisper their deepest desires in his ear, crawls down a long tube, which is a phallic symbol, drinks milk (mother’s milk, which symbolizes breast-feeding), eats cookies and leaves heaven-sent gifts to all the “good” girls and boys around the world.

SANTA, which is an anagram for:


is all knowing. He sees you when you’re sleeping in bed, which symbolizes child seduction, knows when you are nice and compensates you with presents for your submission.

Santa Claus, Satan’s Claws, is widely known in the Caribbean, South America and in parts of colonized Africa. This white man, an authority figure, has permeated our African consciousness and has lead us down a Mammon driven spiral. Instead of teaching our children about the Middle Passage, we urge them to embrace European madness…and wonder why they have trouble identifying themselves as African.

How many of us go broke by New Year’s trying to buy presents for our loved ones simply because “that’s what we’ve always done?” How many of us put money into the European’s wallet and leave our bank accounts dry and our children’s college funds weakened? Christmas, a white holiday, was created by the utter and insatiable greed of Demonic forces to further drive our people into poverty. And we are happy to oblige!

There is no cure for the European.

They will simply do as they must.

There is, however, a cure for African ignorance. It is educating ourselves on who and what the enemy is, how they operate on a global scale in ALL areas of life. This “holiday” season, keep your money in your wallets and start your own black-owned businesses. Band together and grow tighter than ever. We are running out of time.

Do not spend this holiday season. Now that you over-stand the Origin of Sinterklaas, you have no more excuses not to heed the warnings.

Blacks and Health: The Natural Way to Heal Part 2

The Power of Hibiscus Tea:

Blacks are prone to high blood pressure.

Stress from racism, overt and covert, gives the majority of us anger issues (me especially) and without a way to channel our pain, our bodies suffer. There are days when my urge to flee from this prison plantation comes too close to the surface and I must duck into the bathroom at work, an empty room, a closet or the safety of my car to remove myself from the vibes of my enemy. Poor eating habits are apart of our culture since Demonic forces brought us here:

And we assimilated into a mental plantation where food is our curse. Many of us simply do not know what to eat in order to heal ourselves. High blood pressure is our silent killer. It will harden your arteries making you prone to heart attacks and strokes. Hibiscus tea, rich with antioxidants, along with a NO SALT diet, will help you to reverse some of the damages.

Buying in bulk will save you money and many teas are affordable on Ebay. Aside from being fruity and delicious, this potent tea cleans your blood and helps to remove low-density lipo-proteins, which simply means: It helps to control high cholesterol. Please begin to eat to live. Not live to eat.

Next article: The Power of St. John’s Wort

It’s A Shell

A shell company, also known as a “front” organization, is any entity set up by and controlled by another organization, such as intelligence agenciesorganized crime groups, banned organizations, religious or political groups, advocacy groups, or corporations. Front organizations can act for the parent group without the actions being attributed to the parent group.

J Edgar Hoover used many shell organizations and spies to infiltrate black communities and groups. These spies, usually black like us, worked as teachers, doctors, community organizers and were our neighbours and “friends”.

Why am I telling you this?

Jah, in His infinite power, gave me a vision last night about a certain individual that is perhaps “not one of us.” Of course, I will not reveal names but this person often reads and comments on my blog. Since I began this quest to end white supremacy, I know without a shadow of a doubt that I’m being watched…very closely. According to Hoover, black women were the most “dangerous” in upsetting the delicate balance of lies that this country is built on, runs on and will be destroyed on. The black female, in her power, can organize groups, give hope and strength to her people and give birth to the next “Black Messiah”…all of which will end white rule.

Since I’ve already seen how the story ends in my visions, I have one thing to say to the “shell” that reads my blog and other black blogs that tell raw truth:


Stockholm Syndrome: The Negro Madness Disease

“Out of the blackest part of my soul, across the zebra striping of my mind, surges this desire to be suddenly white. I wish to be acknowledged not as black but as white…who but a white woman can do this for me? By loving me she proves that I am worthy of white love. I am loved like a white man…I marry white culture, white beauty, white whiteness. When my restless hands caress those white breasts, they grasp white civilization and dignity and make them mine.”

—Franz Fanon, Black Skin, White Masks

Stockholm syndrome refers to a group of psychological symptoms that occur in some persons in a captive or hostage situation. It has received considerable media publicity in recent years because it has been used to explain the behavior of such well-known kidnapping victims as Patty Hearst (1974) and Elizabeth Smart (2002).

The term takes its name from a bank robbery in Stockholm, Sweden, in August 1973. The robber took four employees of the bank (three women and one man) into the vault with him and kept them hostage for 131 hours. After the employees were finally released, they appeared to have formed a paradoxical emotional bond with their captor; they told reporters that they saw the police as their enemy rather than the bank robber, and that they had positive feelings toward the criminal.

The syndrome was first named by Nils Bejerot (1921–1988), a medical professor who specialized in addiction research and served as a psychiatric consultant to the Swedish police during the standoff at the bank. Stockholm syndrome is also known as Survival Identification Syndrome. {source: stockholm syndrome.com}

Most blacks involved in exclusively white relationships are suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

It has been my estimation that ALL black people living in the known universe, especially those that have daily contact with Europeans, are insane…myself included.
Seem harsh?
Not really. In order to survive in this oppressive and maddennig white-dominated society where you are constantly being told you are:
1. Worthless
2. Ugly
3. Lazy
4. No-good
5. Disease-ridden
6. A scourge to all society
It is imperative to dissociate ones mind from the constant abuse and develop “coping mechanisms.” My method happens to be isolation. I simply do not communicate with whites anymore on ANY level unless absolutely necessary. I can literally pick up on their evil and aggression and somehow, without knowing it, I become ill. I feel physically sick, weakened and mentally exhausted. I first realized this in school being surrounded by hordes of white women constantly staring at me, watching me…studying me. I felt their colour arousal for me and it made me uncomfortable.
Now I’ve become so proficient at sizing them up, all it takes is a quick glance into their empty, doll-like eyes and I know to keep far, far away.
For other blacks who cannot isolate themselves depression, drug-abuse/ use, alcoholism/sex/ food /shopping abuse and suicide/homicide are common symptoms. And for the most damaged, it’s Stockholm Syndrome.
How to defeat this, you ask?
Like most illnesses, the first step is admitting that you have a problem.
Then second step is admitting what the problem is:
White supremacy.

More Random Hatred From My Fans

Here you go folks.. Apparently, I hit a nerve with the Black with Envy Post.

What a sickness you have. You are ugly, your hair is like an animal your lips look like someone just punched you in the mouth, you are ugly, it has absolutely nothing to do with white people other than they are the ones you envy so much that you hate them for being what you are not. You are sick in the head sista.  It isn’t brainwashing or any other stupid shit you say, look in the mirror, you are ugly and no one but you has to live with it.  You are the missing link that has not evolved, no one likes dating monkeys who typically act more savage than while beasts do.  You need fake hair, fake nails, fake everything to resemble humans (all other races including hispanics, asians and so on) your bodies are gross, most black chicks have disgusting fat cellulite asses with dried up wrinkled prunes for breasts just like your monkey siblings. And smell, man oh man, all those products and your dirt mixed together is enough to make a nice clean man puke at the smell of you and sight of you.  Imagine, you blaming “racism” for everyone thinking you are ugly…ha get some help king kong.

Well folks…there you have it. All from the horse’s mouth. More to come I’m sure. I like the way the word “sista” was thrown in.

PS….this is what whites use in the search engine that shows up on my site:

“i’m obsessed with black man cock”

“I need bigblack dick”

“black man rape fetish”

“little nigger girls videos”

“racist whites that fuck niggers”

“white women wholove big black dick”

Black With Envy

Are White Women Mutilating Themselves Trying to Look Black? An Analysis
By Xavier James { thank you Mr. James for a great article }
I’ve spoken to a lot of black women who had been accused (not by me of course) of trying to look white. Although the majority of them denied the allegation, the majority of them also attributed these changes to the latest style or fashion trend. But in hindsight they were directly or subconsciously imitating what white society dictated to be the standard of beauty. You’ll be surprised what people will do to belong, to get ahead or simply survive. For centuries now, black women have felt pressured to meet a European standard of beauty, style and etiquette. And for the most part black women imitated their white counterparts as a way of coping or dealing with the rigors of the white ruling class placing their white woman and anything she wore, said or did above anything else. After so much of her own culture and style was withheld, shamed or beaten out of her the only thing the black woman could do is imitate her oppressors. In doing so the black woman soon found more and more doors opening up for her.
However, beneath the black woman’s European dresses, blond hair weave, designer make-up and green contact lenses was her uniquely chiseled lips, hips, breasts and buttocks They hadn’t changed. And white women never let them forget that for a second. They teased, taunted and psychologically tormented black women so much about their non- European, non-white features and darker complexions, that some black women began bleaching their skin, getting nose jobs and starving themselves half to death hoping to lose their big, round unacceptable buttocks. These are the same Europeans who in 1810 kidnapped an African woman (Sarah Bartmaan), put her in a cage naked, and traveled around the country making fun of her big butt, lips and skin. These are the same white folks who put Ota Benga in a cage inside the Bronx Zoo to make fun of his African features as well. Then with the unilateral help of white men controlling the media (movies, television, magazines and newspapers) the lilly white image of the thin white woman was practically deified around the world but especially throughout America……UNTIL NOW!
 Beautiful images of black women began to surface and before long black women began to see themselves through their own eyes. They realized that they too were beautiful; their hair, their eyes, their noses, their lips, and their hips were perfect. Once the vale had been removed the world wanted, needed to see more. People began to look at the world around them through their own eyes instead of through the skewed blue eyes of those trying to create an alternate reality. As the world began to see more and more black women, the more they wanted to see. Big lips and big hips were all the rage. The same media that was used to degrade black women(and men) suddenly found itself in a battle to control the public thirst for more.  But they couldn’t. The women who were once worshiped by every culture and race on the planet as goddesses, were back!

White women, feeling left out and rejected, complained to their male counterparts about all the attention they were giving black women, so they of course had to come up with a plausible solution. First, to prove they were not self absorbed or materialistic, white women went out and adopted as many black babies as they could get their hands on. That would prove to the world they could be better mothers to black children then black mothers themselves could be; without the post traumatic stress that came from slavery or segregation. It was cool, trendy and attention grabbing but then the novelty wore off and they were back to square one.

Secondly, They needed to look the part. The collective subconscious mind of White women realized they weren’t just competing with black women but the onslaught of Latino women as well. Latino women were coming out of the woodwork and being lauded and applauded as the next big thing. And these Latino women came with their own lips and hips to boot. They weren’t just maids and housekeepers they were mistresses and lovers. And white men were once again sneaking out to the maids quarters- as they use to do to the slave quarters, to sleep with the hired help. In order to win back the attention of not just their white men but black men as well, white women were forced to take more extreme measures.
Tan in a can flew off the shelves. Tanning salons were booked to capacity. And you couldn’t find an empty spot on the beach where a white woman wasn’t lying there, baking in the sun, trying to get darker. Collagen became the latest craze, then Botox the greatest thing since high heels. And now butt lifts are the norm and injections are an everyday outpatient occurrence around the country. White women no longer want the flat, pancake rear ends their momma use to have, no they want the new, round, black behind; and they’ll do anything to get it. White women are getting breasts on credit and Brazilian butt lifts in the back of  shady doctor’s offices as some would be nurse administers anesthesia while looking out for the cops.

I haven’t seen a white woman on television in years with her own lips or breasts. They all look like black lip wanna bees, cartoon-ish, animated versions of real lips. The same full luscious lips white folks teased and tormented black folks for having, white women are disfiguring themselves to obtain. And now white men are describing their bigger lips as “pouty.”  And the ones that are disfigured; “trout pouts” and “duck lips.” The increase in failed medical procedures extend to Botox and botched butt-lifts. That’s right; White women are dying for black butts. Butt infections are rampant; followed by discoloration and lumps that require corrective surgery. White women are paying unlicensed providers then bending over and getting injected with substances that aren’t even meant to go inside the human body. Why? Because THEY DON’T WANT A FLAT BUTT ANYMORE! In Russia only 1 out of 4 plastic surgery procedures are successful, leaving thousands of women scarred or disfigured. American statistics are not as high but thousands die from complications none the less.
Is it self esteem, fad or overindulgence that’s fueling this self image debacle? Thousands of women mutilating themselves trying to look like something other then what they are. After seeing Lisa Rinna’s lips why would any white women still take a chance on a procedure that could leave them looking like Donatella  Versace? What’s been fueling this obsession?
Could it be the white male collective pushing white women to such drastic measures? I did a history check and found out that white men have always went to the black woman for anything of substance. When he needed his clothes ironed, he got the black woman to do it.

When he needed his house cleaned, he got the black woman to do it. When he needed his food cooked it was the black woman who fed him. The black woman even pulled out her breast and fed his children while his white wife watched. Who’s bed was he sneaking off to get into as soon as his white wife was asleep? That’s right;  the black woman.  Arnold Schwarzeneggerand Strom Thurmond are perfect examples of that. White males own and run the media. They drive the train of popular thought that creates the reality most people live in.  Could they be the architects driving this subconscious train  wreck of white female mutilations? Are they trying to make white women into the black women of their dreams? If we are to subscribe to the Freudian school of thought then the answer would be an absolute “yes.”  I laughed when I read the Psychology Today article claiming black women were less attractive. I knew it was propaganda and psychological fodder to soothe angry white women.

I’ve seen documentaries detailing chemicals in the food and drinking water changing the body structure of  white women;  giving them more shapely figures. These same chemicals  make black women develop faster however white women develop differently. Where there was no shape in the vast majority of white women ten or twenty years ago, white women are now sporting thicker, more developed bodies.
A 65 year old white woman pulled up next to me at the light the other day. Her lips were so swollen and disfigured that I thought she’d been beaten up. “Botox” my girl nudged me. I knew those weren’t her regular lips because the crows feet (wrinkles) around her eyes and mouth exposed her age. She looked animated; disfigured. And why would this old woman disfigure herself trying to get a pair of black lips? That’s when I remember what my grandma said; “black don’t crack.” But more importantly she (they) white women collectively have always wanted thick, juicy lips and child bearing hips. But since they couldn’t have them, they tormented black women because they did. That’s how envy works.
 Envy (also called invidiousness) is best defined as an emotion that “occurs when a person lacks another’s (perceived) superior quality, achievement, or possession and either desires it or wishes that the other lacked it.  –Wikipedia
Only medical science and technology has allowed this generation of white women to achieve what their parent’s could only dream of; having black features. But at what cost? And is their new, more ethnic features going to change the way they view themselves or is the solution a lot more complex then mere cosmetic surgery? I’ve noticed Hollywood has been hiring a lot of white actresses with these new and improved features and giving them roles black women should be playing. White Beauty pageant contestants are poppin’ up everywhere with these new ‘pouty’ lips. Magazines are featuring more and more white women with defined curves, and less with the old ironing board behinds; making it difficult to immediately determine what their nationality really is.
Are white women becoming the new black women and should black women be concerned?
Is it a complement to black women? Or is the aim to replicate and replace black women? Are white women stealing these black features in an attempt to maintain their white superiority status?
It’s too bad Sarah Bartmaan can’t be here to see this. Oh, and that brings me back to my original question:
Rapper Ice T went out and found a white woman and literally tried to turn her black. He changed her breasts, put implants in her butt, botox in her lips, sometimes corn rolls in her hair and demands that she maintains a deep, dark tan.

Although completely void of talent, white men (and some Negroes) constantly praise and adore Kim Kardashian for nothing more then going out and getting black features.

Can you imagine having to kiss those lips?

White women are now risking their lives to look like the black women they’ve historically 
taunted and oppressed?

…And the mutilation continues

The Black Dynamic Under White Supremacy

Is this what we’ve come to? Is this why Garvey fought? Hannibal fought? Zulu fought?

A Message From the Negress

I was listening to the COWS last night and made a mental note to keep up with the informative broadcasting of Gus T. Renegade. A black caller dialed in and openly sparred with him and Neely Fuller on topics regarding white supremacy, the plot for black destruction and the deterioration of the black family.

For every point they made, she countered that point with a demonstration of how happy she was and no such “conspiracy” exists. She claimed, “not everything on earth was about white supremacy.”

As Mr. Fuller patiently tried to explain to her that since 10% of the global population controls the other 90% of the world by force, intimidation and deceit, we are indeed at critical mass as black people. White supremacy is the driving force behind black destruction. Gus, trying to be helpful, explained to her that Europeans are masterful at pitting brown skinned people against other brown skinned people of all ethnic lines so we can eradicate each other. History has proven time and time again that this tactic is a surefire way to keep the white race supreme.

For some reason, this inflamed her.

Unsuccessful at his attempt, Gus trailed off and allowed Mr. Fuller to debate with the caller til she hung up enraged.

After the call ended, Mr. Fuller gave his usual insightful explanation on the caller’s mentality. Gus, realizing that something had to be done, then made a great comment:

“From now on, and this goes to ALL black people…if you do not feel that my radio program is constructive to your life, please find other constructive ways to spend your time. Time is of the essence. Wasting time is non-constructive. And the last thing I wish to do to black people is give them non-constructive information.”

He now says this EVERY time he starts his program.

It has come to my attention by a few conscious blacks that have contacted me privately that there are some black folks that wish to challenge this blog and my feeble, yes…feeble, attempt to destroy this oppressive system called racism.

Even Professor Griff told me point blank that not all of us are “going to make it.”  A black blogger told me himself ,”When the revolutions starts, if you have 100 bullets, the first 99 will be for traitorous blacks who work for white supremacy.” And last night, my comrade told me to “ignore” the haters that try to defy my attempt at freedom. This blog isn’t about light vs. dark, straight nose vs. big nose, Islanders vs. AmeriKlan blacks vs. African blacks, skinny vs. fat or whatever pettiness Marcus Garvey spoke so eloquently about. My goal… my only goal for beginning this blog and reaching out to my black people, WHATEVER shade, size, eye colour and country of origin they may be, is to free us from bondage and to make sure the people that put us here suffer the dire consequences for their demonism.

If I am being non constructive to your life, please refrain from commenting. Please refrain from reading my posts. Please stop disrupting those of us that are trying to learn and un-brainwash ourselves from this plantation. Please find other ways to entertain yourself. Please stop wasting time. Blacks are out of time. And I cannot waste anymore energy on those of us that want to die.

That is all.

Indigenous Aetas of the Philippine Islands

“My family is mostly European and Spanish.”

That was the sentence uttered by X, a young girl working in my agency hospital. As I gazed at her brownish-yellowish red skin, full lips, thick broad nose and coarse hair, I wondered what she was trying to hide.

It has come to my attention that ALL peoples of Colour desperately try to deny and hide their Aboriginal ancestry. Perhaps the thought of grandma/ great-grandma running around half-naked with a bone through her nose, searching for bush meat to eat brings back feelings of shame in this white dominated slave plantation. How unfortunate since it was the Natives who taught the Europeans life skills, language and farming.

When I decided to search a part of  my own ancestry, I found this:

The Igbo peoples of Nigeria. Not much difference, eh?

The indigenous peoples of the Philippines consist of a large number of Aboriginals that are the Original Peoples of the island. These inhabitants, called Negritos, have managed to resist centuries of European and Chinese colonization and in the process, have retained their customs and traditions.

Currently, they make up approximately 3% of the population. They displayed a variety of social organizations, cultural expressions and artistic skills such as bowls and basket weaving, weapons and spoons making. Their main farms consist of rice, which we all know is of African ancestry. Aetas, having dark skin with distinct features, are shunned and mocked by the lighter-skinned, more Eurasian-looking inhabitants.

The Negritos formerly dominated the highlands throughout the islands for thousands of years, but have been reduced to a small population due to genocide and European and Chinese conquest and sexual exploitation. Today, the Aeta homelands are, in many areas, inhabited by NPA (National Peoples Army) guerrillas but Aetas never became involved with them.

Aetas were famous as jungle fighters and survivors fighting for the Allies in World War II. Having such a fierce reputation, the Aetas nevertheless used passive resistance with NPA guerrillas which the guerrillas in turn respected. Forced to leave their reservation, they now live in the cities as beggars where child exploitation is a main component of life.

My Conversation With Neely Fuller

Anyone who is classified as black in this world knows that I do not exaggerate when I say being black in a white supremacist world is the hardest job you’ll ever have. So today, when I woke up angry and confused, wanting to hurt someone for this prison I was born into, confused as to why things were spinning out of my control, my Spirit told me to pick up the phone and call Neely Fuller.

For those of you that do not know him, this is he:

And for those of you that do not know of his book:

Please RUN to the bookstore and buy it, study it, talk it over and digest it. Then read it again.

I decided to call this scholar due to the fact that my insanity was coming too close to the surface and I got nervous. I prepared myself to be calm and as intellectual as possible. I told myself that no matter what, I will not give in to my emotions and start crying on the phone to this man I admired so much. At the sound of his deep Southern drawl and the way he asked me what was the matter, I was rendered a slobbering fool, crying out about my utter helplessness regarding:

1. My job

2. My upbringing in AmeriKlan around whites…especially white females

3. My decision to no longer have white friends

4. My anger

5. My hatred

6. My depression

7. My decision to leave medicine

8. My thoughts of leaving AmeriKlan forever

9. The Willie Lynch Mentality

10. My powerlessness to fight this system

He listened to it ALL.

I ranted like a derelict, making unintelligible sentences, unable to hold back. I complained and complained…and wondered why blacks were so passive. Why can’t we just band together and conquer this poisonous system once and for all.

Then, in his careful Southern drawl, he spoke:

“Miss Truthbetold…may I ask the young lady a question? Whites have no regard for each other. In fact, the only time they come together is to practice white supremacy. So why would you think they would extend some regard for you?”

I suddenly got so quiet, I heard the ticking of the clock in my kitchen.

He waited for my response but I was rendered a mute.

Then he took over.

“A white supremacist will study a grain of sand. Why? Because all things created on Earth have a purpose. Even a grain of sand. The white supremacist knows this. So he studies it. Watches it. For days, weeks, months, years…until he figures out what purpose the grain of sand has.

And when he figures it out, he finds a way to use that grain of sand for his own supremacist advantage. This is true for everything he touches, sees, hears, smells and tastes. Including human beings. Now, some might say, “Hey Joe, what are you doing with that grain of sand”? But Joe, the white supremacist, will respond, “It’s here, ain’t it? It must be here for a reason. And I’m not gonna stop til I figure out what that reason is and how it can be used.”

His Grain Of Sand analogy was so simple. So direct and so basic, I had trouble processing it. “Why? Why would anyone do that? Why study a grain of sand? Why waste the time?”, I wanted to know.

“Because the system of white supremacy depends on him being ahead of everyone, including those that look like him.”

I felt a funny sensation akin to horror wash over me. I wanted to understand this need to “be ahead” but could not. I wanted to wrap my mind around this but it made no sense at all. Why not pool all of your resources together? That’s what our ancestors did.  I desperately wanted to understand why. Why? That was my question. Why? That makes no sense! You’ll have a greater chance of survival if you all share. He chuckled then spoke.

“You cannot explain insanity to the sane. You cannot make an insane person sane again. One of two things will happen. Either you must go insane to understand their reasoning or you’ll walk away with no resolution. Racism is insanity.”

I then remembered one of my favourite books The Psychopathic Racial Personality by Bobby E. Wright. I told him about it and he agreed with Dr. Wright’s theory. He advised me watch “white movies”, study the characters, listen to their dialogue, the way they play with words…words are very important to the supremacist. Especially the way they twist rhetoric and use “codified” language to speak to each other right in front of us. Example: I’m going to a picnic. Pic-Nic…Pick-a-nigger for lynching. We use their own words designed to mock us and they laugh at our ignorance. I was once again rendered speechless.

Were all of our words “codified?” Was anything real? Even the sports we love to play like pool and football have dual meanings.

“Whites make up language that only they can understand with each other…they do it all the time in public, at work, in presidential speeches, etc…you just have to know what to look for” he said.

My mind was reeling. He wanted me to watch Casablanca. He told me whites are mindful of their time…always doing something with their time…like playing chess, reading, crossword puzzles, etc.

“Why is that, Mr. Fuller?”

“”Because time is never wasted with the white supremacist. Their ability to reason and think ahead is their best asset. Blacks live for now…the Supremacist thinks 20 years ahead. I fired a question at him that been on my mind for ages.

“Mr. Fuller, do you think whites want to kill us off?” He thought for a while then spoke.

“No. If they wanted to do that, they could’ve killed us off a long time ago. Whites need us. For capital, for the prison systems and for their massive egos. We are their ego trip. Whenever they look at us, it gives them an ego boost because they know where we come from. And they’ll never let us forget it.”

I was overloaded. He told me to think this over…re-read the book. Write down any and all questions I had and call him again…I thank him for his time and before we hung up he spoke again in his drawl.

“Once you begin to realize that you’ve been imprisoned and now you’re trying to free yourself, you’ll never look at the world in the same way again.”

Boy, was he right. I felt tormented afterwards. I wanted to think about this, but couldn’t. I wanted to write down my feelings but couldn’t. I felt confused. Angry. Relieved. I needed some air. But…I was happy that someone understood. I was totally exhausted. We’d been on the phone for nearly 3 hours. I went right to sleep.

Family, there is so much about us, as black folks, that we don’t know or understand. So much as been kept hidden from us on purpose. My conversation with Neely Fuller needs to be shared with the black family. We need to talk this over and come to a greater mental consciousness.

This consciousness is what The Fear is all about. Can you imagine what would happen if we step outside of our mental plantations and came together? Schools would close for they could not even begin to teach us. The white economy would be destroyed without us spending money every 15 minutes.  Whites would go mad. The world, without us playing into the game, would never be the same.

This very question is what keeps the white racist up All.  Night.  Long.

Video Game Violence & the Effect on Black Children

When I was growing up, my friends and I would jump rope, play hopscotch and roller skate to entertain ourselves. We talked about boys we had crushes on, teachers we didn’t like and what we wanted to be when we grew up. We bonded through communication. We looked at each other, listened to the sound and tone of voices and communicated via facial expression.

TV was minimal. But that was then. This is now.

Perhaps Atari is to be blamed for the breakdown of conversation. Or maybe we just changed with the times and no longer need mental stimulation but the adrenaline rush of blowing someones head into pieces. I first began to notice that something was changing when the video games I knew as a small child began to change, ever so slowly, into increasingly violent and provocative fantasies for children.

Women were being beaten, cursed out and raped. Then the dialogue came into play and it was destructive, disrespectful and down right nasty. Then came the games for a certain popluation…we all know who…that depicted black males robbing people, stealing cars and killing each other with guns. Those flew off the shelves overnight. In fact, putting a “M” on the cover guaranteed multibillion dollar sales annually. But what did that do to our kids and the perception of Coloureds in the country? And moreover, what did that do to our ability to communicate when all we do now is push buttons on a hard piece of plastic?

My Supposition:

1. Since we live in a supremacist society that is rooted in perception, designing video games that depict violence with a black male lead only reinforces the stereotype of the Black Brute.

2. Mental stimulation in the form of discussion, like the one you and I are having now on this blog, teaches us to un-learn the brainwashing, rewire our thought processes and grow educationally and spiritually. Video games (not all are bad, some are quite educational but aren’t as popular) diminishes that. It lowers our verbal and reasoning skills thusly giving in, albeit unknowingly, to the traps that plagues this society.

3. Sitting all day, on the couch, puttering away on some piece of plastic increases our risk for obesity and all other obesity-related illnesses.

4. Money is taken out of your pockets and is pumped into an already wealthy company like: Nintendo, Sony and Sega…all Japanese based mega-corps.

Now…here’s my question:

Does the violence our black children learn by playing video games “prep” them for a life of crime? Can children be taught that killing, maiming and raping others is a socially acceptable behaviour? And who bears the brunt of the responsibility for this violent trend? The company or the parents?

Forget Prayer, Get a Shrink

{This post is based on the Essence article which I linked here : http://www.theroot.com/buzz/you-dont-need-prayer-you-need-therapist}

An Excerpt:

I’m a firm believer in the power of prayer. I’ve seen not only the joy of receiving God’s answer — even if it didn’t show up the way the person doing the praying thought it would or should — but also the cathartic process of connecting with the Lord and hashing out the emotions that go along with those deep, sincere, pleading-for-a-change kind of invocations. I’m also a firm believer, however, in the anointed calling that God has placed on some people to be therapists, psychologists and licensed counselors to help heal others much like neurosurgeons and cardiologists do.

One out of every 20 adults experiences some form of depression in any given two-week period. Hypothetically, that means in your office, your sorority, even your congregation, at least one person is struggling right now with symptoms that may be too deeply rooted to just be prayed away. Depression is the leading cause of disability in the country, particularly for women in their 30s. To complicate the issue, as if it needed more complexity, somatization — which, in the language of everyman, is physical ailment that crops up because of mental health problems — shows up at a rate of 15 percent in our community compared to only 9 percent among White folks. There’s a trickle down affect that proves what goes on in our heads has a direct impact on the rest of our bodies. Since we already have a higher rate of just about every disease under the sun, that makes our holistic health that much more serious.


Do you believe this hypothesis?

Why should blacks trust any mental health professional, especially a white one, with their troubles?

{Thanks again to HunglikeJesus for a great topic}

Black vs. Black…Male Against Female Part 2.

*deep breath…again*

Last time we explored the female dynamic and how she relates to black men. Now we must explore the reverse. When I was in South Carolina on assignment, I met a young black man who worked in the transportation department. He was built rather slim and reminded me of Spike Lee. When he found out I loved Otis Redding, we become fast friends. One night whilst working the graveyard shift, he came down to drop off a patient who needed to use the restroom immediately. While I waited for her to be done, he began to open up to me.

His eyes roamed my face, stopping briefly on my lips, then continued to look at me with such intensity, I began to feel uneasy. Then he spoke.

You know…you’re light-skinned enough and all but black women just don’t do it for me.”

I looked at him quizzically. I knew to be insulted by his callous remark but curiosity won over. I never had a man, any man, especially a black one, tell me that my colouring offended him. Plus, I was taken and he knew this. I wondered why he felt the need to tell me this. So I asked, ” Ok…ummm…first, you know I’m off the market, right?”

“Yeah…it’s just that I’m not into black girls.”

I was stunned. I’ve never had a black man tell me this to my face.

“Why? What’s wrong with us?” Now the insult had sunk in.

“No offense or nuthin’ but black women are just too much work for me.” He said this matter-of-factly. Self-assuredly. Like black women are a monolithic group like on Maury.

I felt like I’d been punched in the gut. Too much work? How? Since when is a woman “work”? He went on to tell me that black women are argumentative and stubborn. They never do as they are told and are too demanding sexually. White women are happy just to have a man and will do anything to hang on to him. In the bedroom, he’s in charge. And she never objects. For the first time in my life, I. Was. Speechless.

In a daze, never noticed my patient was finished in the bathroom and was ready for her pre-surgical procedure. This man never showed shame or remorse  for his callous comment of the Original Woman. He said this so casually, I wondered where this misconception came from. Then my friend told me about this:

It seems that black women have been at center of scorn, racial animus, envy, buffoonery, abuse, rejection, rape and degradation from day one. We’ve been told not just by white society that we are worthless, but by our own men who would rather be with any other race other than us. Why?

1. Since Miss Becky lured Willie from the corn fields into her bedroom, the game has been played and over-played ad nauseum:

2. White women bring a sense of accomplishment to the injured black male ego.

3. Black women are only out for a black man’s money.

4. Black women will not produce pretty spawn with “good hair” and pleasing features.

5. Black women are loud, argumentative, stubborn, out for revenge and petty.

6. You cannot climb into high society with a black woman, especially if she’s dark skinned.

7. Internalized racism and societal brainwashing clouds the judgment of black men.

8. Dark-skinned women are out of the question but “high-yellow” types are passable:

9. Black women are underserving of love and affection so whatever happens to them is justified:

10. Black men are simply not attracted to black women.

11. Latina women are a pleasing “buffer” to appease the black man’s ego while giving him a “distant sense of Africa”:

12. If all else fails, an Asian woman will provide you with an utmost sense of masculinity:

Now, now….before y’all get riled up, I know darn well that this is but a myth. In fact, the majority of black men would rather befriend, date, marry and spawn with black women. But…for every black man that “appears” to hate his woman, he gives ALL black men a bad name. And for some reason, the stereotype sticks.

Since this post will probably be just as heated as Female Vs. Male Part 1, all I ask for is mature responses.

Inflammatory Language




When you speak, do you use the word Nigger? How? In greeting? In jest? In regular conversation? And…since rappers say it ALL THE TIME, whites want to know why they can’t say it.

From the Latin word, “Niger” it meant, literally, black. How “nigger” came to be the epithet that it became…no one really knows. There are speculations that it was used as a nickname of the original word Nigrum/Negra/Noir and then used as an insult circa 1920-1930’s as the word we all know today.

Never has a word in the English language sparked such raw emotions and lead to heated debates, passionate violence, the Civil Rights Movement and affection towards the black family.

Listen to this:

Now this:

Knowing the origin of the word why do some blacks refer to themselves as niggers? Do you feel that it’s politically correct to use the phrase “the N word” to sugarcoat the vileness of the actual written word? Why is this word so important to AmeriKlan and thusly the world? And why does it spark rage, violence and brotherhood? If the power was removed from the word, do you think it would still have the same effect?

And, what is the difference between nigga and nigger? Don’t they basically mean the same thing? Moreover, who exactly would you consider a “nigger”?

Any thoughts?

The Whitetification of Gabby Douglas

Dear Black People,

As much as I love you dearly, sometimes you piss me off and get on my nerves! Instead of being proud of this black child who lead her gymnastics team to gold in one of the most electrifying routines ever seen on television, you criticized her hair. HER HAIR!!! You tore down a black girl who worked hard her whole life, whose mother sacrificed everything so her child could pursue her dreams and made her feel like worthless dung because of the kinky hair that God gave her. Since when is superficiality more important than merit and integrity? Since when do we trash a child who represents us rather than love and support her?

You know damn well at the tender age of 16, Gabby is recognizing her womanhood and sense of self. For her to adorn a dead animal on her head to stifle her harshest critics, black folks, is shameful and disheartening. What happened to us? Why did we become so callous, so unfeeling and so empty? Why put hatred into her mind about her African features and dark skin, the same darkness that fights disease and protects her from the sun’s harmful rays? A hateful heart is an empty heart. And all of you that influenced this child to change her appearance should be ashamed of yourselves! Since when is black beauty an oxymoron? And why didn’t you curse Lolo Jones for having “messy hair?” What’s the difference between Lolo’s out-of-place locks and Gabby’s locks?

NOTHING!!!!! The only reason you pick on this child is because she’s dark! Yet you find nothing wrong with this: Yes….she’s been reduced into an object. The caramel flesh of this Mulatto was on display for the world to see since 2009. Of course Ms. Jones courted the media with revelations of her virginity. Some claim that her prowess is tame in comparison to her teammate but yet she shines! You do know that this plays into the hands of a white supremacist system, right? Doting over a Mulatto that some consider mediocre whilst criticizing an obvious black woman is damaging to both women’s psyche. One gets inflated and the other becomes deflated…both by their skin colour, so both are losers. And you wonder why light-skinned Negroes and dark-skinned Negroes have always had animosity. Of course, Gabby and Lolo chose to go down this road…but it begs the question:

Did outside influences tap into the fears and insecurities of both women? Was the relentless pressure to be blamed? Remember the animosity between Joe Frazier and Muhammed Ali? Not one person can deny that Colourism played a role in the heated exchanges between the two athletes.  And why did we allow ourselves to fall prey to this madness? Being a mixed woman with caramel skin, I’ve heard many folks, including my own sisters, cry about the “unfairness” of being born with darker colouring. Frankly, I’m sick of this shit. And I want it to be over. I just haven’t got a clue as to how. I’m pretty mad right now. I’ll take the weekend off from writing to cool down my nerves.

Black Vs Black…Female Against Male Part 1.

*deep breath*

(The comments will be a bloody nightmare but let’s just do this.)

Truth, I’m done with black men.” That was the statement uttered with certainty and utmost calm by my black co-worker. She, like myself, is an educated professional woman in medicine. She is a Chief Echocardiographer, no easy feat for a black woman; Ultra schooled, upper-middle class, owns her own home outright, confident and so damn attractive, you can’t help but stare at her, she’s quite a sight.

“Why?” I wanted to chuckle but seriousness of her tone told me to keep quiet. “What did they do?”

Are you freakin’ kidding me? Look at them! No job. No ambition. Still living at home. And let’s be honest. Finding a black man on my level is going to be next to impossible. ”

I nodded slowly not knowing how to respond. What should I say? X, you’re being ridiculous? Black men have it twice as hard as we do so cut the brothers some slack? You’re a snob and your job and title has gone to your head? Black men with an education and position do exist because I’ve met them. Shut up now…you’re making all black women look bad?

“Besides”, she continued “Most educated black men have white women as girlfriends and wives.”

*deep sigh*


Here we go…

The dynamic between black man and black woman has been rooted in passionate love, domestic violence, self-realization, self-hate, fatherlessness, the euphoria of education and success, drug abuse, the Civil Rights Movement, moving into the status of “middle class” from the ghettoes, abandonment, childbirth/ child rearing, a white Jesus, the MEDIA and the black church ever since we came here from that little boat ride. That’s a lot to deal with! When all was said and done, we did the absolute unthinkable; we turned on each other.

Black men, propagandazied as monkeys, criminals, worthless, animals, unkempt and unfaithful, began to fall victim to the worst slavery of all…mental slavery. This is not an excuse for bad behaviour, but a study in why certain behaviours occur within our community.

In the recent decades, black women have risen in different areas of  education. Today, black women are in fields that were traditionally made for white males. Since I do not believe anything written about us by whites, I will not quote statistics on college education and employment by gender. Not only does the black woman make the bread and butter but she is the matriach of her family. She tends to the kids homework, attends PTA meetings, cooks, does laundry and sexually services her man. Without her, the family unit suffers.

The black man, on the other hand, scrutinized and made to be “suspicious”, is often denied work no matter how qualified. Stereotyped as lazy and driven out of the workforce under the clever guise of a lay-off, he is under immense pressure. Implosion comes, unfortunately, when he finds no release for his angst, depression and anger.

Remember this?

This broke my heart. And made me weep when I heard sisters use this as an excuse to give up on our men.

This is my supposition as to why:

1. Black men are too damaged and not worth “fixing.”

2. They’re broke.

3. White men will wine and dine; black men are clueless when it comes to romance. For them is all about sex.

4. Her education/position/status brainwashes her into believing he’s not good enough for her.

5. She wants to elevate herself into middle / upper class status and a black man “won’t do it for her.”

6. He wants her to take care of him.

7. He’s abusive.

8. Other black men have failed her consistently and she’s not willing to try again.

9. She’s a golddigger and the fastest way to get to the top is with a white man at her side.

10. She’s happy with work, friends, God, hobbies  and family and doesn’t need / want / care to be bothered.

Any thoughts? Do you agree/disagree? Why?

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