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Blacks and Health: The Natural Way to Heal #9


Is there anyone who doesn’t like the scent of dried cloves? Indigenous to Africa, the spicy, sweet buds have been used for hundreds of years as a nutritional spice for food, a preservative for meats and a remedy for a variety of health concerns.

For over 2,000 years, both Indian and Chinese traditional medicine have adopted our extensive use of clove flowers and clove essential oils. Arabic traders brought the buds to Europe in 4th century A.D., and in the seventh century, Europeans adopted our traditional medicines and cloves became wildly popular.

Cloves are high in many minerals including iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, calcium, potassium and vitamins C , K and A. They are also extremely rich in manganese and dietary fiber. The main chemical component responsible for clove’s powerful analgesic, anaesthetic, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effects, as well as its distinctive aromatic smell, is a substance called eugenol. Did you know that our ancestors used this essential oil for easing pain during surgical and dental procedures?

What are some of the things Cloves aid/ fight: 



Parasitic infections

An aphrodisiac for low sex drive


Headaches, when made into a tea

Cleans your blood

Bad breath



Cancer prevention, when made into a tea




Jah gave us the world’s first antiseptic with this aromatic bud! Please drink up to purify your body from the toxins of today’s cancer-laden foods.

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Blacks and Health: A Natural Way to Heal Part 6

Hot stuff comin’ through!

File:Capsicum frutescens.jpg

What could be more perfect than the tangy, nose-running, eye-watering Cayenne Pepper? God gave us a miracle when he created this seed. Named for the city of Cayenne located in French Guyana ( South America ), the fruit of this plant can be pulverized into a powder or baked to aid in delicious, nutritious, life-saving meals.

Cayenne Pepper is, what I like to call, “doctor in a bottle.” One teaspoon of this powder can relieve:





Ague/ Fever

Sore throat/ Cough

Painful menstruation



Heart Attacks




Common Cold


Athlete’s Foot/ Fungus

Migraine Headaches


Back pain ( when made into a paste )

Weight Loss

Yes, you are reading correctly. A 3.99 bottle of this spicy wonder can cure/help ALL those illnesses.

Sound pretty good to me. Black Family, we need to wean ourselves off of the European’s poison called Pills. Soon they will not be so readily available or affordable to us. Learn the power of herbs/roots and see just how healthy you can be.

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