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Let the Round Up Begin

Black Family,


Allow me to translate from Whitespeak to Common English:

“I’m gonna come after all blacks who smoke Herb and lock ’em up and throw away the key. While my KKKops are at it, I’ll make sure they throw in a rape allegation. My Wall street partners and I have invested too much damn money building multi-BILLION dollar prisons to let it go to waste!

We need more and more black bodies to fill up those empty cells and by God…er…I’m mean Lucifer, we’re not gonna stop till each one is full!”

Black Family,

If you do “recreational” things, do it AT HOME.

At the end of your workday, go HOME.

Stop hanging out.

Beer tastes just as good in your HOME.


Tell your friends, the ones that will listen, to go HOME.

Stay away from Bars and Clubs as they will be heavily monitored.

You are being targeted.


Invest in a good stereo sound system and watch your movies at HOME.

Stop hanging out.

Stop showing off.

No one cares about your new sneakers.


They are coming after you.

Summer is around the corner and you’ll want to go out.

Get your items, make sure you get the RECEIPT, then go HOME.


You were warned.







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