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My Predictions For The Next President

(She knows something we don’t know)

Bait and Switch: The ploy of offering a person something desirable (Donald Trump)  to gain favor (as political support) then thwarting expectations with something less desirable (Hillary Clinton).

Do not be fooled.

Hillary has been selected for this moment since her husband was in office. Donald’s job in his game of “fool ’em then fuck ’em” is to be so PUBLICLY over the top in his racism and xenophobia that Hillary will win by default…you know, ’cause she’s the more “sane” choice.

My visions come in pieces so sometimes I must make out what I can by putting pieces together in a puzzle. I had a flash of the future and saw Hillary. I could, of course, be wrong but I feel that we are being played like a violin.

Black Family,

IF  you truly wish to take a stand and empower yourself, STAY HOME on election day and refrain from taking part in this Satanic Theater. Your voice in Yuruguan politics DOES NOT matter for the system was never BUILT FOR YOU. It was built by EVIL to support EVIL by using YOU as a SLAVE. Once you were used up, they simply:

Discarded you

Locked you up and threw away the key

Killed you by deception (poison water, food, medicine, Chemtrails, man-made diseases etc.)

Nothing you do, including voting and marching, will change things so simply stop doing it and focus on our own personal empowerment. When the next president is SELECTED, whites will be even more irate as they see their pensions, social security benefits, food stamps and privileges go down the drain. Who will they blame?

Black people



Anyone “dark” and “foreign”

NEVER will they blame THEMSELVES for creating an unfair system based on greed. NEVER will they blame THEMSELVES for allowing criminals to gain even more power through the banking system. And NEVER will they blame their Jooish masters for duping them and discarding them like yesterday’s trash. They will blame US.

What will you do? How will you live if supplies dwindle? Look at Flint Michigan and know that this is no joke.

They are coming for us.

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