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The Undocumented Immigrant

I was listening to NPR the other day and a caller got my undivided attention. He told tales of how his family worked their fingers to the bone, pulled themselves up by their bootstraps, and essentially built this great nation…to have it taken away by “those illegals.” This man cursed and wailed how unfair AmeriKlan was TO WHITE PEOPLE with the loss of jobs due to employers hiring day labourers. With each sentence of how the AmeriKlan he knew and loved was gone, I began to feel rage, bile and bitterness swell within me.

When my people were brought here from West Africa, the slave masters dropped us off in the Caribbean. Sugar cane, tea and rum were hot commodities. My people, poor rural farmers, came to AmeriKlan for a “better life.” What that means today…I really do not know anymore. I actually long for home where I can spend days on my farm with my vegetables, farm animals and fruit trees. Little did we know that this “better life” would include 12 hour workdays, high electric bills, stale rancid air, garbage in the streets and a mortgage that you’ll never pay off.

You know, I’m going to tell you my most embarrassing secret…I’m a natural voyeur. Yes, you read correctly…I love to watch people. I love to sit by the window of a little coffee shop and gaze out at the passers-by. I wonder all sorts of things about them…where they are from, who they are, what lives do they lead and what ethnic origin they are. I have the ability to know when someone is “different” by their hair, nose, eyes and the cast of their skin.

I always wondered why white AmeriKlans believe themselves to be just “American” but not, say…Polish or English. After all, didn’t grandpa come here from Poland or England on a boat? Then I realized why whites living here do that. The white mind, in its infinite disease, will categorize themselves into a monolithic “white” group according to their status of “whiteness”. Whites, being DNA-inferior, must recruit as many “whites” as possible, like the Irish and the Italians, to continue their status as supreme beings. That is why all other groups of Coloured people are seen, treated and verbalized as their country of origin, i.e. Mexican, Jamaican, Samoan, etc…

What they fail to realize and acknowledge is that they are the one true illegal alien in this country.

Escaping British rule and domination, they sought freedom on a Red man’s land. The very land that they stole and committed heinous acts of genocide and perversion. But…please remember that it is because of their sick, twisted mindset, coupled with the fact that they construct all the rules using the one invention they are most proud of:

…that they have the power to call themselves “real” AmeriKlans. Please know that very little is indigenous to the Europeans as they are NOT an indigenous people. Their parasitic tendencies have been their only way of life for over 2,000 years. In fact, it is essential to their survival. Corn, wheat and even rice are all Aboriginal / African in origin. Yet they feast on these “AmeriKlan” foods with bursting pride and tall tales of their pioneering ancestors.

So let’s get back to the caller… He claimed that “illegals” are coming over here and taking away jobs from good, honest, tax-paying AmeriKlans. I thought about this…a lot…and came up with this:

When the Pilgrims arrived here unwashed, unkempt, smelly, unread, unschooled, in need of assistance, hungry, disease-ridden and terrified…the Real Americans of this Land did not reject them. They didn’t curse at them. They made no demands for them to pay taxes. They simply helped them. They taught them skills on how to fish, build homes, make clothes out of animal skins, grow maize and virtually how to survive. These undocumented immigrants in this strange new world, mastered these trades that they learned for free, they then committed genocide against the very people who helped them and forced the survivors onto reservations where they would slowly implode. These undocumented immigrants then constructed laws and rules for their own betterment and forced others that didn’t fit into their social structure into ghettos where they too would slowly implode. These undocumented immigrants then claimed this land as “theirs”, developed a monochromatic culture called: Stars and Stripes, Thanksgiving Day, The 4th of July, Americana…etc. They then claimed certain stolen foods as their own and shunned all other “exotic” peoples, foods and customs that they didn’t agree with as “different” and therefore savage. These undocumented immigrants then sought to control and close the very borders from whence they came to protect what was now “rightfully” theirs.

Buddhism calls what the Natives did for the immigrants Compassion. We call this Altruism.

So let me ask you…what name should we give to the real undocumented immigrants of this land?

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