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The Black Anglo-Saxon

When I meet blacks who believe, with sincerity, that they are accepted within the White Club, I look at them with amazement and wonder. Look at these men and women:

What do they all have in common?

All are rich, uppercrust, black (skin only), in the public eye and prefer, exclusively, to mingle, befriend, date, marry and breed with whites. Let’s examine why:

1. When blacks in AmeriKlan have “made it”, there are rules they must follow:

a. Ignore and discard your people for whites

b. Uphold a certain kind of imagery

c. Have the utmost regard and respect for the hand that feeds you

d. Never help or bring to light the plight of your people lest your White Card be torn asunder

e. Pretend with all your might that racism is dead.

2. Self-hatred. “Why, oh why was I born in brown skin?! Why Lord?? Can’t you see I’m better suited to be with my “real” people?”

3. Money is a helluva drug.

4. Black hatred. This is big folks. REAL BIG. Yes, my lovelies, The Black Anglo-Saxon hates his brethren. He hates your brownness, your big nose, wide lips, kinky hair, your smelly food, granny’s Pecan pie and your legacy in chains. He is repulsed at the thought of his own genetic degradation and tries frantically to distance himself from that image. He shuns any talk of slavery, injustice, prejudice and discrimination. After all, if blacks really wanted to improve their situation, they would’ve done it by now. Y’all just lazy…and he refuses to be apart of your sickness!

By marrying whiteness, he too, by association, will become white. Every minute in white company will rid the Black Anglo-Saxon of his or her own blackness and be spiritually indoctrinated into the Eurocentric mindset. By breeding with whiteness, he hopes to have (almost) white children:

And they will be encouraged to marry white so their kids will be even whiter, thusly obliterating the bloodline. Is there anything that can be done about the Black Anglo-Saxon and his/her quest for Supreme Whiteness?

Any thoughts?

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