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Just Say No

{ Can you tell by Trump’s expression that he knows this new declaration is a crock of shit?}



America’s president has officially declared the growing deaths of white citizens by prescriptions drugs a National Health Crisis. Massive efforts will be made, like building more methadone clinics, to help curb white America’s need to dull the pain.

Yesterday, as I was winding down from a very busy day, I flipped on the TV to see what scary movie was on for Halloween. In the span of one hour, I counted eight “help me get off drugs” commercials and this:


{ Forget about doing the right and moral thing to clear your karma. Just face your bed east and you’ll be pregnant in a jiffy }


After my chuckle, I wondered several things:


After the FBI openly admitted to planting drugs and gangs in black neighbourhoods to kill, imprison us and gentrify our neighbourhoods, why wasn’t there a National Health Crisis  Declaration to help us get back on track?


Why wasn’t there mass arrests of Merck CEO’s?


Why wasn’t there a public apology?


Where was the lawsuit for our stolen lives and the lives of our children and families?


I seem to remember the answer being to build more prisons to lock us up and throw away the key.


Related image

“I’m soooo happy these foolish Negros are buying my $500.00 sneakers so I can invest in more privatized prisons.”


Now that Karma has come full blast to Caucasians and they are dying off at their OWN HANDS, it’s a National Crisis and they need our help and our $$$ to help them live.

Black Family, please continue to do our meditation sessions and speak your thoughts aloud to the Ancestors. They are hearing us and acting accordingly.

As for this new and “very serious” crisis affecting the white community that needs to be taken very, very seriously…


What else is on TV?


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