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Dear Maury…I Hate Your Show

Dear Mr. Povich,

If you are reading this, I wanted to let you know that you, along with Jerry Springer, have single-handedly caused white AmeriKlans to delve deeper into the belief of all racial stereotypes about blacks. Mr. Povich, seeing how you’re from Washington, D.C., a place with approximately 48% blacks, I find it hard to believe that every black person you’ve met has the name Jacqueshia, is obese, a high school dropout, unattractive, speaks Ebonics, lives in the ghetto, is on food stamps whilst driving a BMW, wears Baby Phat, has a TON of gold jewelry (some of which is worn in the mouth), sells crack for a living, pimps, prostitutes and has over 200 lovers by the age of 10 and needs a paternity test to determine the child’s biological father.

I know that Paramount Television pays you handsomely for telling these lies. But I implore you, what about your conscience? How do you sleep at night knowing that you, an educated white man is apart of the vicious systematic betrayal, downfall and poisoning of the black image? Being educated, and Jewish, I’ll bet my bottom dollar that you’ve had issues with AmeriKlans too. Why help them perpetuate this stereotype that just won’t die? Would you have victims of acid burning come on your show and say, ” Well ladies, next time, don’t put onions in the sauce. You know your husband hates it?”

Mr. Povich, my mother tells me, Truthbetold, love of money is the root of ALL evil! And how right she is! I know your show is meant for entertainment purposes only, but here in AmeriKlan, whites believe anything that shows blacks in a negative light. It serves as a conformation that grandpa was right about “those people.”

I also want you to know that I know( FOR A FACT) that your guests are actors. A starving actor, desperate to get his/her first big break will do just about anything to eat and pay the rent. Yes, the burden lies partially on them but more on you. You’re already rich. You should be using your money and fame to fight evil, not condone it. I’m ashamed of you. And, truthfully, you should be ashamed of yourself.




Your show blows!

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