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Finish This Sentence #6

Zimmerman Loses Bid to Delay Trial (ABC News)

Only in AmeriKlan…”
I’ll go first:
Only in AmeriKlan, can you kill an unharmed black person on tape and have the crime covered up, supported and defended by white supremacy.
Your turn…

White AmeriKlan’s Religious Foundation

Albert Pike, the founder of White AmeriKlan’s Christian Organization, has two simple doctrines:

1. Jesus ( a white, Nordic, emaciated man dripping blood) will save you

2. God will allow and condone the killing of as many niggers as possible

For those of you unfamiliar with this “Godly” Freemason, this is he:

This religious sect, at its peak, had as many as 1 million members in its congregation across the Divided States of AmeriKlan, including women and children. Made up of police, judges, bailiffs, teachers, farmers, politicians and businessmen, this sect was powerful and influenced many people through religious terrorism.

Cleverly disguised as “Puritanical”, this sect joyfully murdered all peoples, including their own, who did not abide by their laws and views. The chattel slavery of my ancestors was a Godly and justified affair due to the biblical misnomer called The Curse of Ham. Even though the Curse did not fall upon Ham but Canaan is of no significance in the system of white supremacy. Please note that this biblical tale is what white Jews use, til this day, as an explanation why blacks are subhuman and inferior beings.

Since Jesus was indeed a black man who became white through European trickery, I can only surmise that their religious sect is but a mockery of black death. When examining the belief systems of white AmeriKlans and their blatant refusal to abide by their own Doctrines in The Good Book, I can theorize that they use the bible whenever and however it suits them.

This religious sect, popularly known as the Ku Klux Klan, was glorified by a wildly popular film called Birth of a Nation in 1915. In this film, the Knights rescued all innocent whites, especially white females, from the sexual machinations of the black savage. Please watch this short clip:

As you can see, the white female’s virginity is always in great peril by the blackface brute. D.W. Griffith masterfully gave AmeriKlan audiences their first taste of what would be known today as the “White Woman Chase Scene” that millions of movie directors would later emulate in some form. (Thank you Mr. Fuller for opening my eyes) Truth and Justice was their motto. Coincidentally, that motto, along with the addition of “The Ameriklan Way”, was mimicked by a popular white American superhero:

When I began to study this nation’s religious and racial history, the imagery became blinding and obvious.

Any thoughts to this religion?

One Flag, One Nation, Under Evil

One Doctrine of Oppression rules the entire world. They are one and the same.


The Swiss Flag who aided the Nazi Party:

The Flag of the KKK

Which began with the crest of the Knights Templar, an evil Masonic brotherhood:

The American “Eagle” which is really a Phoenix a bird born of fire:

The Nazi “Eagle”:

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