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A Message From the Negress

I was listening to the COWS last night and made a mental note to keep up with the informative broadcasting of Gus T. Renegade. A black caller dialed in and openly sparred with him and Neely Fuller on topics regarding white supremacy, the plot for black destruction and the deterioration of the black family.

For every point they made, she countered that point with a demonstration of how happy she was and no such “conspiracy” exists. She claimed, “not everything on earth was about white supremacy.”

As Mr. Fuller patiently tried to explain to her that since 10% of the global population controls the other 90% of the world by force, intimidation and deceit, we are indeed at critical mass as black people. White supremacy is the driving force behind black destruction. Gus, trying to be helpful, explained to her that Europeans are masterful at pitting brown skinned people against other brown skinned people of all ethnic lines so we can eradicate each other. History has proven time and time again that this tactic is a surefire way to keep the white race supreme.

For some reason, this inflamed her.

Unsuccessful at his attempt, Gus trailed off and allowed Mr. Fuller to debate with the caller til she hung up enraged.

After the call ended, Mr. Fuller gave his usual insightful explanation on the caller’s mentality. Gus, realizing that something had to be done, then made a great comment:

“From now on, and this goes to ALL black people…if you do not feel that my radio program is constructive to your life, please find other constructive ways to spend your time. Time is of the essence. Wasting time is non-constructive. And the last thing I wish to do to black people is give them non-constructive information.”

He now says this EVERY time he starts his program.

It has come to my attention by a few conscious blacks that have contacted me privately that there are some black folks that wish to challenge this blog and my feeble, yes…feeble, attempt to destroy this oppressive system called racism.

Even Professor Griff told me point blank that not all of us are “going to make it.”  A black blogger told me himself ,”When the revolutions starts, if you have 100 bullets, the first 99 will be for traitorous blacks who work for white supremacy.” And last night, my comrade told me to “ignore” the haters that try to defy my attempt at freedom. This blog isn’t about light vs. dark, straight nose vs. big nose, Islanders vs. AmeriKlan blacks vs. African blacks, skinny vs. fat or whatever pettiness Marcus Garvey spoke so eloquently about. My goal… my only goal for beginning this blog and reaching out to my black people, WHATEVER shade, size, eye colour and country of origin they may be, is to free us from bondage and to make sure the people that put us here suffer the dire consequences for their demonism.

If I am being non constructive to your life, please refrain from commenting. Please refrain from reading my posts. Please stop disrupting those of us that are trying to learn and un-brainwash ourselves from this plantation. Please find other ways to entertain yourself. Please stop wasting time. Blacks are out of time. And I cannot waste anymore energy on those of us that want to die.

That is all.

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