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I Had a Dream

“The Dream” that proved to be just that.

Yesterday the Spirit commanded me to get some sun. I obeyed. Walking beneath the intense orb perched in the sky made my senses tingle. The hairs on the nape of my neck stood erect as my brain absorbed details that would later be revealed to me. Awhile later, I came inside, made some tea and settled in my couch next to the fireplace. The gentle crackling of the wood and the smell of cedar lulled me into a deep sleep.

My dream consisted of a faceless man who told me of our fate on this planet. I was still and silent as he explained to me that Carbon, the life force that keeps the universe “alive” is what’s keeping us alive. The horde of bullets, bombs, missiles, poisons and diseases that lay awaiting the human population will soon be unleashed but I should have no fear. Through the chaos, suffering and death, we shall arise through the dense fog of smoke and broken bodies and be One with the Universe.

He drifted off and I was awakened by a noise that I could not identify.

Now more than ever, the Ancestors have been communicating with some of us that are able “see” and “listen”. There are no such things as coincidences on this planet. The stars are aligned for our revival and it is happening all over the world as Africans are feeling the exact same thing…at the exact same time…and speaking the exact same words all the while never having seen each other. My Grandmother, a Divine Force in my life, has been present with me from birth til her physical death. She lives in my house, sleeps in my bed, sits in my chair, travels with me to work and has never, not once, has left my side. She is my constant rock who reminds me that death is just the beginning of your life as the Original Peoples on earth. Black Family, no matter what changes take place, and they will be happening soon, have faith that our legacy will continue forever.

Carbon never dies.

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