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20 Secret Thoughts of the White Mind



1. If reasoning and logic fails, violence is the way to go.

2. Blacks are born genetically deformed. That’s why they’re always at the bottom.

3. If God wanted us to be equal, he would have made all of us look alike.

4. It’s black people’s fault that whites feel guilty about slavery.

5. Being called a racist is much worse than actually being one.

6. It’s OK to have black friends and lovers…just as long as they know their place.

7. Equality is fine…as long as whites remain on top.

8. If not for whites, Africa would’ve died a long time ago.

9. No matter how horrible life gets, at least whiteness is better.

10. Slavery really wasn’t as bad as everyone is making it out to be.

11. AmeriKlan truly is the greatest country on Earth.

12. People that hate AmeriKlan are just jealous of its superiority.

13. Racism is much worse down South than up North.

14. The Civil War wasn’t really about slavery.

15. My neighbourhood is much safer without black people.

16. Blacks never contributed anything significant to mankind.

17. Black women who marry white men are marrying up.

18. White women who marry black men are marring down.

19. No matter how much money black people have, they’ll always be niggers.

20. Black life is worth less than white life.

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