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A Simple Way to Eliminate the Remaining 5 Percent of Demons


For those of you that have meditated with me in the past, this post is for you.


Did you know that melanin can emit “sunrays” from your body?

Melanin is nothing but a solid form of sunlight. We, Melanin Peoples, have the ability to absorb AND emit the sun AT WILL in any way we wish. When I became aware of my power, I consumed book after book on how to channel my SunPower to my advantage. My crops grew, birds and butterflies began to fly over my head and my dreams became more vivid. The more aware I became, the more powerful I felt. Coupled with my intense fasting and meditation rituals, I learned that I can make things happen.

If you’re serious about this planetary issue called White Supremacy and you fully understand what’s at stake, you’ll understand why this must be done.

First: You must drink water, water and more water. And it must be clean water.

Second: A 24 hour fast must be done. For those of you that need to eat due to illness like diabetes, a small bowl of oatmeal, cornmeal or buckwheat will suffice but NO SOLID FOODS. Or you can make a smoothie.

Third: You must meditate on your goal so your intent is there. You must think about this intent. Picture it. Picture the outcome in your mind.

Fourth: With the intent still clear in your mind, go outside and stand under the sun. This needs to be done when the sun is highest and most potent in the around 11 am – 3 pm. Stand DIRECTLY under the sun and allow the sun to penetrate you. Picture it absorbing into your skin, your hair, your feet, your hands and your eyes.

Fifth: When you feel you are ready, go amongst your enemy and walk. Be amongst them while thinking WITH INTENT:

“I am emitting the sun’s rays.”  “I am projecting the sun’s rays.”

Think this over and over and over.

You may focus your eyes on any one person in particular or a group of people.  At the marketplace, I picture myself emitting my SunPower to everyone that is not Melanin Rich.

You do not need to say anything to anybody.

Just think it.

You will have results in very little time.

I did this to a former racist co-worker that tormented me almost to the point of homicide. A nice tumor grew in his neck and he was out of work for damn near 5 weeks much to my satisfaction.

This, Black Family, is how you fight The Beast.

Not with protesting.

Not with begging.

For that is useless to a group of soulless un-Peoples.

You fight by eliminating them the fuck off this planet.

Show them the same kind of mercy that they have shown you, your family and our ancestors.


Please pass this on and SHARE this post to everyone that wishes to fight back.




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