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How to “Fix” the Problem




A private letter from a reader:


“Dear Sis Truth,

I’ve been a long time follower for a few years and I’ve noticed the change in your message. I have a real serious question. How do we fix this issue between the BM and the BW? Is it too late for us? And if it is, weill we no longer exist?”


My Response:


Dear “X”


This gender war has been going on long before our time and will continue as long as the black male, the Original Father of all Hueman Beings, continues to uphold, praise, love and worship the image of another man’s daughter over the image of his own Mother.


The Spirits are growing more and more enraged and The Great Backlash is coming. The Great Mother’s Vengeance will be a sight to be witnessed. My advice to you may seem a bit simple:

Focus on yourself, stop begging and pleading and pandering and step out of the way. Don’t march, cry and donate money to any black male cause. Don’t buy any merchandise from them. Don’t care when 2021-2030 arrives and the Great Culling is in full effect. Stop giving birth to their children. Become as UNINVOLVED as possible. Save your energy and mental prowess for yourself.

Until the Black Woman, the Creator of all hueman life has been properly restored to her original status, no peace will be on this planet.

Hope this helps.



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