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For the Love of Black Coffee


In 2014, a former co-worker wrote in a Facebook post that she wished Hylton was still in the store to help her translate for customers who only spoke Spanish 




I wasn’t gonna even do this but my phone blew up over the last 2 days so here goes.


Are we surprised?

Are we shocked that it’s…


Are we surprised that black people will still go there and support this company?

Are we shocked…I’ll stop now.


Black people,

Black power isn’t a raised fist.

It’s intra-racial buying power.

When we finally learn this, they’ll go away.

When we spend our (current) TWO TRILLION dollars on each other, they’ll go away.

When we bypass them and look for us, they’ll go away.

When we stop asking them to love us and learn to love ourselves, they’ll go away.

When we channel our energy towards each other in a loving way and stop throwing it away to everyone else, they’ll go away.


Boycott these companies and watch them fail like H&M.


Pass this on and spread the info.




In case you think whites give a fuck about your feelings:


Police officers monitor activity outside as protesters demonstrate inside the Starbucks store where the two men were arrested last Thursday


Faithfully guarding their own.







The Caucasoid’s Self Induced Problem: How Trump Exposed White America’s Racism

Picture it:

Your demographic is quickly diminishing.

Your level of income is quickly decreasing.

You go to bed hungry and have no job prospects.

How do you cope in a manufactured reality that no longer tolerates you?


You go against your own best interest and vote for a man who ran a campaign based on raw, bitter, angry, vile hatred. You vote for a man who told you if you vote for him, he’ll make it OK for you to be as racist as possible and get away with it.


I think this backlash is a good thing:

  1. Black people will now have no choice but to open their eyes that white people DESPISE them
  2. White people CANNOT pretend any longer that they are “innocent” of racism





Whites love to pretend that this is a post-racial nation in the age of Obama.

Whites love to pretend that America wasn’t founded on raw, bitter hatred of blacks.

Whites love to pretend that they don’t really “understand” what black people have been complaining about for the last 500 years.


After the man that they voted for won and they now have no choice but to view the visceral opposing reaction of their chosen one, they are now going to pretend:

  1. That they did not vote for him
  2. That they are willing to “work hard to unify people not divide them”


What black people WILL NOT understand is that NO white person on this planet wants to end racism. Racism is apart of their DNA. Racism is apart of their language concept. Racism is in their blood. Racism is in their entire blood-filled history. Racism is apart of the world they created for their betterment and finally, racism is the only benefit to being white.

Why would you give up the one thing that defines and benefits you?

What whites fear most from this selected outcome isn’t backlash.


Like any crawling, slithering, slimy pestilence, whites fear being exposed for the sick, demented, psychopathic, subhueman creatures that they are. Why? Because then they can no longer feign INNOCENCE.


Last night, after my phone blew up, I went to bed feeling an odd sense of satisfaction. Trump has opened Pandora’s Box and once opened, it cannot be closed again. What black people need to do now is acquire a permit to carry a concealed weapon.

If guns make you uncomfortable, get comfortable with being uncomfortable because you’re NEVER going to be comfortable in a system of white supremacy.

Whites will die first before they choose peace.


White Grand Wizard and Sick Demon in Subhueman Flesh

Whites will die first before they choose Nature.


White will die first before they choose huemanity.




For one reason and one reason only.

You cannot take a person’s Nature away from them simply by changing their environment.


The white race has chosen death over life and they are hell bent on taking us with them.

Will you join them?

Or will you fight back?

I say:

Fuck America and Fuck White people.

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