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Surviving While Black: 25 Tips to Help the Family

Both now and in the future, white people are going to continue to use every measure, every tool and every conceivable means to ensure that every facet of their existence either remains in the status quo or is extended to new levels in this lifetime, regardless of how we or others feel about their methods. We should develop and use similar approaches for our survival. It is not going to stay like this forever. —-Emile

I’ve been working on this post for awhile now. And as simple as it is, it’s hard to write. I wanted to keep the list as short and financially feasible as possible. I don’t know what the future holds for us in the next decade but if things continue the way they are going, we are in real trouble.

Please know that (almost) everything on the list is something that you can own/ do with minimal effort and even order on Ebay/ Amazon/ Etsy.

1. Organize a black community no matter how small:

Why is this important? Because when you need help, advise, food, a shoulder to lean on, a place to sleep, your community will be there to assist you. Pool your funds together…by funds I mean canned goods, drinking water, flashlights, batteries and money. Black people have been brainwashed to mistrust each other. This is what Evil wants. I myself keep in close touch with about 5 black bloggers. On a semi-weekly basis, we email each other, call each other, talk about black -related events, vent about work, trade business tips and basically keep each other sane. I cannot stress enough how important black communities are, even the ones on the web. My community is my very own family with a couple of close friends. It’s not the size but the quality of the group. 

2. Stock up on non-perishables:

This is a must. The AmeriKlan dollar will depreciate, that’s just a matter of time for us. We need to be smart about food. Hunger makes even the most reasonable man become unreasonable. Hint: Many companies like these:



Are the same company that the major food restaurants use.

3. If you are unable to stock up due to limited space, this may be an option:

{Thanks to Kushite Prince for the tips on dehydrated foods.} I ordered mine after Sandy hit us. UPS delivers it to your door. Keep in a dry, cool place away from pets, etc…

4. My family and I have one of these:

Product Details

If you can’t pay the electric bill, firewood is a great way to keep warm. Plus, you can cook on top of it. Just use stainless steel or a good quality Dutch Oven. I have about a full cord of wood. In farm talk that, means 8′ x 8′ x 4′, ready to burn for the winter. With the failing economy, lumberjacks are willing to give a great price just to keep their business going.

5. I obtained one of these from a yard sale:

Product Details

What’s that, you ask? An old fashioned kerosene heater. If a wood burning stove is not possible, then this little gem will keep you toasty when the lights no longer come on. Kerosene is approximately 4.00 a gallon. These heaters use about 1.5 gallons to fill it to the max. A full tank will last/ burn for roughly 9 hours on low heat. Hint: This can be taken with you in case of an emergency. Just unscrew the top, not the tank, and it travels! Added plus: Look at the top. It is made of flat steel so you can COOK on top of it! Remember to use a good quality Dutch Oven/ Stainless steel pot. Since these can be pricey especially brand new, check on Ebay and your local classifieds for deals starting at 40.00 USD.

6. Hand crank/ solar-powered generators/ radios/flashlights/phone chargers are out there:

Product Details

This little gem works from the sun! Or just wind it manually for 22 minutes of radio and light. HungLikeJesus introduced me to this company:


But if price is an issue, Ebay does sell similar models for less.

7. Solar powered battery charger:

Solar Powered Battery Charger Charges 4 D, C, AA and AAA Batteries

When electricity is gone, you’ll need help from Mother Nature. This will recharge your re-chargeable batteries in roughly 5 -8 hours.

8. A good quality mask:

Seem a little paranoid, doesn’t it? Biological and Chemical warfare has been used against us by Hitler and the medical doctors that invented Swine Flu and AIDS. Since you cannot live without air, you need one of these just to be prepared.

9. What’s that?

Life Straw! A personal water filter that you can carry for $20.00.

{Prince, you are so awesome!}

10. A hiker’s backpack:

When the time comes, you may need to move around on foot. Having a good quality hiker’s backpack with multiple compartments will help you to keep your clothes dry, medications from getting lost and food from spilling. On ebay, a good quality waterproof backpack runs for about 40.00 USD. I got mine on Ebay for 25.00! Please invest in one.

11. Travel First Aid Kit

Because when sickness happens, you need to be prepared. Walmart/ Kmart and even the Dollar Store has these starting at 3.00 USD.

12.  A good quality walkie-talkie

Be sure you don’t skimp on “savings” and get the cheap ones. You’ll need them to be long-range for communication if:

1. You have no cell phone signal

2. Your cell phone gets lost, stolen, wet or dies


13. A portable pocket chain saw:

Portable Pocket Hand Chain Saw USA Supreme Products

For 19.99 this little tool can:

1. Cut through wood

2. Cut through Rope

Or anything else that may save your life

14. A Flint Striker

15. A Mylar Blanket:

Product Details

A package of 10 costs roughly 8.00 USD. They retain heat, your body heat, to keep you warm when you need it. Hint: Wrap them inside your clothes for added warmth.

16. A siphon pump:

Product Details

Disclaimer: I am NOT telling you to steal!!! But…in the event that you need gas, oil, kerosene .. you’ll need this to help you get out of a bad situation. I use this puppy to fill up my tanks and it’s a gem for around 3.99 USD. Have 2 for backup.

17. A good quality knife:

Maxam® Hunting Knife

You never know when you may need to:

1. Kill and scale fish, birds, animals for food

2. Cut through rope

3. Stab someone for self defense

Hint: If you are unable to obtain a pistol, this will come in handy for roughly 12.00.

18. Road Flares:

Life Gear LG437 Eco-friendly Glow Emergency Road Flares, White/Red, 3-pack

This is a must! For many different reasons!

19. Glo-in-the-dark Necklace:

Item picture

Why would you need that? In case you need to move with the family/group, you can see and stay close to each other at night without making a sound. Just allow it to get sunlight in the day time and Mother Nature will do the rest…all for 5.00 USD.

20. A key chain/whistle/pill-holder:

Item picture

Let’s face it. Many of us take medications daily to keep alive. This allows us to keep it close and have an emergency whistle…just in case for 6.00 USD.

21. Oven Mittens:

Product Details

Sound crazy, right? Oven mittens, flame retardant ones, not only protect you from burning your hands off with making macaroni and cheese, but they also come in handy when you need to open gaskets for your car. If you’ve ever tried to change/ check something that’s amiss in your engine, you’ll need these on hand.

22. Liquid Nails:

Product Details

The uses for this gem are endless! Things crack, break, split, etc…and replacing it may not be an option.

23. Travel Screwdriver Set:

Product Details

This saved my life while on the road. When screws come loose in your car, electronic devices, etc…you’ll be happy you have one.

24. Gas Can:

Product Details

Sandy’s Wrath and our panic has given me a lesson I’ll never forget

25. And of course the last item if money, state laws and situation allows:

Hope that helps you out a bit.

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