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The B.B. King Motivation

When I close my eyes, all I see is Negress.”



Did I ever tell you that I was obsessed with B.B. King?

I used to have fantasies about meeting him in person and asking him to run away with me. Of course, he said yes.

I remember in my twenties, B.B. announced that he was going to be at Madison Square Garden in NYC. I was thrilled. Tickets were 250.00 for front row seats and I was determined to get them. I had a part time job to help pay for school and needed extra money. So I began to think of ways to earn more money. I baked cookies, brownies, pecan pies and homemade candies and sold them at school for 3.00 a slice.

Each time I heard the announcement on the radio about B.B. coming in 2 weeks, my heart fluttered and a big grin spread across my face. I worked and worked at a job that I hated taking more and more overtime, as much as possible, to earn more money to see my idol.

When the big day came, I went to TicketMaster on 42nd street and purchased my ticket.

Being in that theater, listening to B.B. wail about how some woman left him for his best friend was like standing in the middle of heaven. It was all that I had hoped for.

As I grew, my childhood actions began to come back to me as I saw more and more of the Matrix called White Supremacy.

Even at my young age, 22 to be exact, I understood that seeing my favourite singer required sacrifice.

What were those sacrifices?

Toiling at a job that I hated.

Baking 3, 4, 5 times a day in a hot kitchen to sell my chocolate chip cookies.

NOT buying any fashions, lipstick, pretty silver jewelry from the African street vendors.

ALL to achieve my goal of raising 250.00 to see B.B. cry about some cheating, two-timing whore.

What is the crux of this post?

The real reason why my people are still in this sad state of affairs is because we lack real motivation to get the fuck out.

I guarantee if the motivation was there, like free money, free sex, free beer and an all you can eat chinese buffet, we’d opt to leave white supremacy a long time ago. But we stay. Why? Because life OUTSIDE this prison is so damn scary, fending for yourself and all, you choose to stay and beg Massa not to beat you too hard today.

Most of us don’t mind getting beaten up.

Just not too much, too hard, too often.

If black people really wanted to be free, you’d do what you needed to do to accomplish it.

And you wouldn’t make excuses either.

Yesterday, I decided that I needed a new winter nightgown. I refuse to buy from the chinese who, once you come into their stores, began to speak in their language. I refuse to give my money to those money hungry pedophiles joos who are the real bosses of the united snakes. And I refuse to give arabs my cash so what did I do?

I went into my shed.

Got out a bunch of fabric scraps.

Sewed them together.

And made my own damn nightgown.


What was my motivation?


That and raw, bitter hatred for The Beast.

Black People,

You need to find your own B.B. King Motivation.










7 Easy Steps to Help Counter White Supremacy

Now…I know what you’re thinking. 7 steps, eh? Only 7 measly steps and poof! Racism is over. No. Sorry. Racism will always be here. But you can take control of your actions and help to counter white supremacy. I’ve been writing a lot about what racism is and what it does and how it hurts us.

But, I’ve never given you a worthwhile possible solution to “the problem with no name.” Well, here they are:

Step One: Stop fornicating with white people

Sound easy right? No. We been brainwashed to believe in colour-blindness so we “don’t notice that someone is white”. Which is absurd. Of course we do. Colour is the FIRST thing you notice, especially if it’s different from yours. I am going to say something harsh and sorry if I hurt your feelings but it’s true:

You cannot sleep with racism and fight it at the same time. That does not exist. Mull this over…you’ll find it’s true. Still have doubts? Listen to the man who tried:

Step Two: Stop spending money in their stores and shop in ours and ours ALONE:

Black folks have nearly a trillion dollars in spending power (GNBP) and corporately, we’re still broke as a joke. What you are saying [stop giving them our money] has been said since the 1940s, even before my old butt was born—GreeneInk

{Thanks Onitaset for the links. P.S. A lot of black bloggers have done well selling their goods on their websites and on Youtube. That’s how my artist friend got the word out. Hint for new entrepreneurs: Word of mouth is still the best advertising in the world}

Step Three: Keep communication with them at an absolute minimum. 

Sound easy right? No. Blacks love to show-off. “Look what I have!” Stop talking to others about what you have and keep your mouth shut. They never tell you their business.

Step Four: Black women, Jah made you beautiful. Stop buying hair.


Asian shops (the government gives them grants to open shops in your neighbourhoods to take your money!) are in the Negro Business and yet have no respect for the majority of their customers. Love your natural locks! A co-worker in South Carolina admitted to me she spent 200.00 a month on fake hair from Korean shops and they were rude to her! Then she needed to borrow money from her sister to pay rent. *sigh*

Step Five: Turn off that damn Tell-Lie-Vision!

Why would anyone need to see a Minstrel Show?

Step Six: Learn European History

Why am I asking you to study whites? Because they don’t change their tactics…ever. They just get more technological and sophisticated. Study Hitler and Margaret Sanger and you’ll learn eugenics. Study J. Edgar Hoover and you’ll learn Marcus Garvey’s downfall. Study Albert Pike and you’ll learn how “cops” came to be. Study Sam Colt and you’ll learn why guns were made. And study the Tuskegee Experiment and you’ll understand why AIDS, Swine Flu, Bird Flu was man made.

Step Seven: Stop calling each other niggers, bitches and whatever dirty words pop out of your mouth

Do I really need to explain this?

The rest is up to you.

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