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Buying Land and “Living Off the Grid”



“Dear Sis Truth,

Not to be nosy but how do you spend your time in your farming community? Do you work all day every day or just when your planting? How do you divide your time to properly drop out of the system? How did you acquire land? Where do you find time to do all that stuff and sell your goods? Thanks in advance!”


A letter from “X”, my reader


For those of you that truly wish to “drop out” (as much as you can), there’s a short list of things that you will need to do. Before I begin, I must stress that this type of lifestyle is not for everyone. Country life is HARD WORK and requires commitment, discipline and dedication. It may sound romantic to heat one’s home with firewood and fall asleep next to a roaring, crackling fire but are you willing to do the work that’s required? Are you willing to freeze a bit til your home properly heats up with wood or kerosene? Are you willing to put out the energy to sustain that life so you can have (some) freedom? Before you run out and attempt to do this, know that dropping out of this system is a “relative” term. No one truly “drops out”…the system is designed to have you engaged in some way shape or form.What you are really doing is disengaging yourself as much a possible.




A. Look for FORECLOSURES/ SHORT SALES/ FOR SALE BY OWNER on Realtor.com, Zillow. com and Auction.com. These websites are the best way to acquire land CHEAPLY. Some auctions begin at $1,000! The down side? Many of them need work, have poorly working septic tanks, termites and poor water conditions. And that costs MONEY. You will need to get a home inspection, around 600.00 in most areas, to tell you what’s wrong with the house/ land lot.

These few items are NOT negotiable:

Bad foundation…money

Bad septic…money up to 20,000

Bad water…forget it

Infertile Land/ Poor Soil…not worth it!


These items are insignificant:

Bad room design…who cares? Knock down walls and have an open floor plan

Ugly walls…who cares?

Ugly carpet…rip it up and lay down tile, laminate, vinyl, etc..

Ugly floors…refinish them, around 1,500

Tiny rooms…get used to living smaller and getting rid of too much stuff

Broken windows…can be fixed starting at 200.00

Mold…depending on how bad it is….Remediation will do the trick

Bugs…depending on how bad the infestation…call Terminex


Only focus on the BIG things, not how pretty the house/ lot is.

Is it close to a hospital? What if you get sick? How will you travel in 5 feet of snow? Do you have reliable transportation? Can you survive if trees knock down power lines and there’s no electricity? If you have children, you really should ask yourself if homeschooling is right for you verses putting them in an “indoctrination camp.”


It is very possible to grow absurd amounts of food on as little as 1/2 acre. How do I know? I’ve done it.

Planning is key.

Locate your zone at any nursery to find out what plants/ trees are suitable for your area. Plant only EDIBLE gardens. Instead of pretty shrubs, plant blueberry bushes and lemongrass. Instead of a weeping willow, plant walnut, apple and pear trees. That way, you’ll have food and fresh medicine at all times. Chickens and rabbits are a must!!!!! That means learning how to kill, de-feather, de-bone and cook them. Chopping wood…which is HARD work and tough on your back and shoulders, will be something you’ll do ALL summer long to prepare for the winter season.  You will need some way to cook your meals WHEN the supermarkets shut their doors or the delivery trucks stop coming.

I recommend:


Tasty and delicious

I love mesquite smoked fish and vegetables



This saved our lives during Hurricane Sandy. I highly recommend getting a kerosene stove



For those of you not familiar with firewood and kerosene, I recommend:


Pop your cut up chicken, fish, potatoes and vegetables in the wonderful item, leave it out in the Sun and in 4 hours, dinner is ready!


Planting begins around May for cold climates and I highly recommend investing in a greenhouse. Even a tiny one:

This 8 x8 sells for around 200.00


An old fashioned outhouse:



Or a composting toilet:


Will be a requirement! Waste management is a must to keep disease at a minimum.


And do not forget about a compost pile:


We throw banana skins, coffee grounds, tea leaves, leaves, grass clippings, old newspapers, cardboard and all vegetable peels with water into this tiny mound. Mix well with a rake and in 6-9 months you’ll have black gold!



Are you willing to do these things? If the answer is “no”, then YOU ARE NOT READY. 



How do I spend my days?

I get up rather early most mornings and begin working in the yard. Planting herbs, seeds, watering my blueberry bushes, drying out my tomatoes (sun dried) and my lemongrass and making my products for the farmer’s markets.

I take breaks and naps to refuel and continue til around 6 pm. Dinner is cooked outside on the grill most days with The Temptations playing on my solar powered radio, a quick shower to unwind, some tea, a good book or…I watch a movie that I’m lead to by the Most High and take clues. Bedtime is NEVER later than 10 pm and I’m up again around 7 to do it all over again. Weekends are my busiest, up at 3 am and out the door at 4 am.

Farmer’s Markets are quite wonderful and give me ample opportunity to “see” people and learn things. I’m home around 4 in the afternoon and in bed by 7 pm. This continues all weekend long and I allow myself to sleep late on Monday mornings.

During sunny days, I sit outside on my porch and quietly meditate or think about all sorts of things. This is when things “come to my line of vision” and I can make out what to do next. I pull up weeds from my peppermint planters and boil them to make salves, teas and medicines. On days that I feel strongest, bees and butterflies fly over my hair and deer come out of nowhere to peek at my activities. TV  is not something I invest in but I will flip the channels to see what’s new in the Land of Indoctrination.

No stimulus is allow in the bedroom. No radio, TV, phone…nothing! It’s a calming and soothing place to unwind after a day outside.

Black Family,

My “dropping out” wasn’t all at once.

It took YEARS of deprogramming and HARD training to do this. It began with not eating anymore Chinese Food and continued with making my own clothing. Then it snowballed…

No white “friends”/ company

Eating my own food that I grow myself

Using herbs and tinctures as my medicines

Not buying their music

Not watching their TV shows

Not spending money watching their movies

Not allowing myself to become “involved” in their issues/ problems/ causes

Stop talking so much and learning to WATCH MY WORDS around them…something that ALL black people struggle with

Reading more black books by black authors, like Chancellor Williams

Leaving people alone that are bad for me…even my own family

And most importantly:

RElearning to love my black self…ALL of it. The good and the bad.



This is VERY hard work but also very worth it. By consciously CHOOSING who, what, where, when and why, I no longer put myself in a position to be:



Abused (a huge deal in the system of white supremacy)


I am in control. Not them. When I CHOOSE to say, “No thanks. I’ve got work to do”, when my white neighbours ask me to have drinks with them when the farmer’s market is over, I save myself from being VAMPIRIZED and potentially harmed. NEVER DRINK ALCOHOL IN THE PRESENCE OF CAUCASIANS.

When a white male hits on me at the flea market and I very politely say, “I’m happily married” and move on, I avoid conflict and being lead on and potentially SEDUCED by their (fake) glamour.

When a past “friend” calls me and says, “Let’s have lunch, girlfriend, and catch up!” and I say, “Sorry, now’s a bad time for me”, I avoid being Spiritually raped by her negative energies.

See what I mean?

It’s all about taking control of YOUR OWN ACTIONS.


If you find this post constructive, please pass it on. Someone out there may be looking for answers on how to “drop out” and perhaps this will help them.







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