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Our Daily Bread

Secret Bread Ingredient

Last night Jesus contacted me to give me an interesting article that I’m sure you’ll want to read. When you read and fully overstand this article and what it means for your health, perhaps it will make you think twice about store brought products and the role China has in our black lives.


Human Hair In Commercial Bread Under the name of “L-Cysteine and the E Number E920.”

Commercial bread contains a NON-essential amino acid called L-Cysteine which can otherwise be found under the E Number term of: E920. What is L-Cysteine/E920? A bread enhancer and a reducing agent for baked goods; a flavor enhancer in human and pet foods; and precursor in some dietary supplements!

What is L-Cysteine/E920 Made of? L-Cysteine (or E920) is a combined mixture of: Human Hair, Hog Hair, Poultry Feathers (duck and chicken), Cow Horns, Pig Bristles and Pig Hooves petroleum by-products! How is it made? Most of the hair used to make L-Cysteine is gathered from the floors of barbershops and hair salons in China, the hair is then dissolved in acid and L-Cysteine is isolated through a chemical process, then packaged and shipped off to commercial bread producers.

What does L-Cysteine/E920 go into? All Ready-made breads; Ready-made Pizza; Pizza Dough; Pastries; Biscuits! Where the “Law and Lies” come in:

It must be labelled by its “common and usual name” (i.e., “L-cysteine”) on food packages, even if present in very small amounts, as long as it has a functional effect in foods. In other cases, such as when it is used to make flavors that are in foods, it does not have to be labelled. When L-cysteine does have to be labelled, its source does not have to be specified, according to the FDA.

{source: http://ble.at/articles/2128/human-hair-in-commercial-bread}

Thanks Jesus!

Black Family,

You may get rather annoyed (or bored) with me when I go into my “herbs and natural greens, fruits and teas” posts. You may get annoyed with my “please watch what you buy at white, Arab and Asian stores” posts. You may get annoyed with my “please drink more water and less soda” posts. But what price tag can you put on your health and the health of your child?

Have you noticed that this “ready-made quick ‘n easy bread” that is laden with pig hair and duck feathers are mostly in POOR neighbourhoods? Or always “on sale” at the supermarkets? I bet my bottom dollar that white farmer’s markets get FRESH bread made daily…sans duck feathers. Homemade bread is tasty, easy and fun to make. If baking isn’t your forte, consider a bread machine where you can program it to make various delicious breads of your choice. We make breads, muffins, biscuits and pancakes from scratch and I must say, the flavour is to die for!

Most bread recipes are so simple that even kids can join in. Please be aware of what you are putting into your bodies.

The Food Industry’s Dirty Little Secret

I received so many comments on this blog (and personally) regarding blacks, food, illness and obesity, I decided to do a follow-up and go more in-depth. The food industry wants certain populations of this society terminated. And food, being the essence of life, is the perfect tool to accomplish that.

How many of you have noticed that McDonald’s has cleverly marketed the fast food giant in the direction of urban folks? Please take a look at this commercial:

This popular commercial aired in 1993 and sales soared! With a “church-sounding” band in the background and rich, famous basketball players competing for burgers, the Food Giant has subliminally convinced urban folks that the greasy, salty, high-calorie, low-in-nutrition food is “ok” for consumption. How very clever!

Even more clever…use it to promote athleticism:

This isn’t the first time the food industry has spent billions of dollars on clever strategies designed for the destruction of poor, urban people.

Along with soda, Popeye’s chicken, Red-Lobster and Burger King have all “ghettoized” their commercials with the clear purpose of attracting a younger “hipper” audience…and riddling us with cardiovascular disease and ultimately death.

Did you know that some farmers employed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture and by popular fast food groups use a synthetic hormone called oxytocin? Oxytocin is a natural hormone, “the love hormone”, produced by the pituitary gland to aid in our reproduction. When injected into cows, goats and sheep or used in a powdered form, you can produce more milk, bigger chickens and gargantuan sized tomatoes and lettuce. It is also used to expedite the growth process in vegetables when mixed with the soil. The love hormone is manufactured in India and mainland China. In bulk, it is affordable to many farmers.

This drug, once ingested can cause over time:

1. Heart palpitations


3. Migraines

4. Slurred speech and memory loss

5.  Anxiety

6. An increase of glucose ( sugar ) in the blood stream, which predisposes you for DIABETES

7. DEPRESSION ( big in the black community)

8. Excessive bleeding

9. Shallow breathing or asthma-like symptoms

10. Death

Congress passes laws that give certain farmers stipends or bonuses for the mass production of these poisonous foods. Then the Food Industry teams up with the advertisers on Wall Street on how to market these foods to their “target audience.” Hence the many commercials we see with our people enjoying this filth, of course accompanied with rap/soul/R&B /hip-hop music. Remember the “McRib” sandwich? It was modeled after the black culture’s love of barbecue ribs, especially in the south. The main ingredients in the famous sandwich?

Pink Slime:

Transglutaminase aka Meat Glue

What is pink slime?

Processed scraps of beef trimmings and fat, treated with ammonia..that’s what pink slime is, in a nutshell. It doesn’t sound appetizing, but then again, neither does most of what goes on behind-the-scenes in bringing meat to the table, including the use of synthetic hormones and antibiotics in cattle and livestock.

{Source: pink slime info.com}

What is Meat glue?

Meat glue is an enzyme called transglutaminase. Some meat glues are produced through the cultivation of bacteria, while others are made from the blood plasma of pigs and cows, specifically the coagulant that makes blood clot.

When sprinkled on a protein, such as beef, it forms cross-linked, insoluble protein polymers that essentially acts like a super-glue, binding the pieces together with near invisible seams. The glue-covered meat is rolled up in plastic film, followed by refrigeration. Some manufacturers have gotten so proficient in the practice that even an expert butcher can’t tell the difference between a piece of prime beef and one that’s been glued together with bits and pieces of scraps!

{Source: Mercola.com}

Since 15 % of AmeriKlans use food stamps due to economic hardship or senior citizenship, it’s not hard to see the pitfalls and traps that are set up for the black community. Since these techniques have gotten so advanced that even experienced butchers cannot tell between “fake” meat and real meat, how so we combat this growing and dangerous trend?

Any thoughts?

{Next…What’s in my water?}


****Addendum per Mary’s request****


My all time favourite herb is:




You cannot go wrong with this. If I were to list all the healing properties of this ancient herb, we’d be here all night. But just to give you an idea of how awesome peppermint is, it cures: Nausea, halitosis aka bad breath, helps to “dry -up” acne, circulation problems, high blood pressure, dandruff, nervousness…the list goes on and on. I grow wicked amounts of this herb and give it away to my family and friends. My mom LOVES it. My best friend eats it raw when she can’t brush her teeth right away. And as for me? Well….let’s put it this way, my brother told me the other day, “When God comes for his world and everyone is running for cover, all you care about it protecting your peppermint plant!”


Herb Iced Tea ( use any herb tea you wish. I use, what else…peppermint! )

1. Boil A large pot of water and let cool slightly

2. Use 5-7 tea bags of your choice

3. Pour warm water in a pitcher with honey and lemon slices, if you wish, and let chill overnight.

I stopped drinking juice after I found out they put aspartame in it. Aspartame, in short, is rat poison!

Since I began drinking my natural herb teas, I’m more energized and sleep better.





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