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Big Tobacco’s Dirty Little Secret

Behold the power of advertising. Or as I call it: Subliminal Messages. Here’s Joe Camel chilling at the beach with white girls.

Look at these images and let’s have a chat.

Of course Menthol cigarettes are aimed at the black community. And playing pool? Hmmm…I wonder who loves that? Notice how the font on the box “Fire it up!” looks like graffiti? Now…Look at the black manish- creature with big red lips in this one. Notice the top hat. Who does that remind you of? Give up….?

Look at Uncle Sam’s hat…White supremacy is EVERYWHERE!

Teaching our black kids to kill…

Profiting from The Black Power mantra. Notice how almost regal and statuesque the box looks?

Oral sex with white women:

Child porn fellatio:

 During the 60’s with the Black Power Movement. Notice his right hand almost looks like the power fist, but whilst holding a cigarette?

Hmmmm…Black is Powerful and Sexy! Look at the interweaving of the initials…remind you of anything…?

How about a popular movie? No? Well how ’bout this?

Tony Montana’s signature chair from Scarface…Gangster Glorification. There are NO coincidences.

Now…back to Joe Camel.

Look how they darkened his complexion…notice the HUGE penis protruding from the sheets. Look who his TWO bed partners are:

Now look at Joe’s face. Look real good.

Notice how the camels body almost resembles a human exo-skeleton?

What have we learned boys and girls?

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