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A Message To the Family

Since researching European history and our forced interaction with them, I’ve decided I need a mental break from dealing with them. Last night whilst digging into our past in bondage, I came across a page in a slave diary. It was written by a young girl whose purpose was to be a “breeder.” She chronicled how her entire life was forever changed from her first menstrual cycle (when Massa determined she was “ready”) to the mountains of children she produced with various slaves, including her father.

Since channeling my ancestors, I’ve somehow teleported myself into that time and can feel, hear, smell and see our flesh burning as we swung from trees…our skin peeling from the crack of the whip and my 4th great-grandmother’s screams of terror.

African DNA is the most expensive and priceless gem on earth.

The European knows this better than we ever could. That’s why we are forever hunted.

The time of our “awakening” is coming soon. My Spirit tells me that secrets will be revealed as to who and what we, Carbon Peoples, really are. And why the European is doing everything in his power to keep it hidden from us.

In order to save my sanity, for the remainder of the week, I’ll post articles on black mental health, chakras, nature, food and my second love…music.

Thanks for understanding


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