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Renta Dread

(Thanks Charmaine for telling me about this!)

Hey Mon!

Are you brown? Are you from the islands? Do you have an accent?

If so, most AmeriKlans think you’re Jamaican.

Since ignorance and misinformation is the foundation of AmeriKlan values, they tend to group all islanders with an accent into the ganja-smoking, Rastafarian, curry-eating Jamaican Creole. Since the Caribbean Islands make up countries from Puerto Rico to Grenada to Haiti to Nevis, and its inhabitants speak French, English, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese and broken Afrikaans, it’s absurd to think islanders speak, look and act like him:

In fact, according to my cousins and aunties, the Caribbean and Africa is looking more like this:

Ignorance is such a terrible disease. It actually hurts other countries and their culture and customs when they are lumped into one monolithic category. And the stereotype of the machete-carrying black man who chews raw sugar cane and has 15 jobs is quite tired. Remember this:


Of course it doesn’t help the stereotype that perhaps our most famous and influential leader was from Jamaica:

And our new track legend:

And one of the few island movies for families:

Why do you think this fallacy exists?

And moreover, do you think it fuels the petty animosity that islanders have against each other?

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