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The Audio Tape Black People Need to Hear

I have the most wonderful readers and blogger buddies that help to keep me informed of current events.

Thank you all for helping me to gain further understanding of the fight ahead of us.


For those of you that missed it, another white female revealed herself.

They dubbed her South Park Susan.


Here’s the first video:







Nothing new here.


But grab a pen and paper and take notes of the audio tape to Police Dispatch.



This, black people, is what really goes on in white america.


This, black people, is what your black children are up against.


This, black people, is the real reason why so many blacks are incarcerated worldwide.


This, black people, is the underlying reason why many blacks are unemployed, under-employed, scared to go back to work and prefer to “hustle” to make ends meet. This example is especially true for me and a wonderful black friend of mine that now suffers from severe anxiety.


This needs discussion and serious understanding if you wish to survive the next 20 years.


Pass this on and be educated.

What White Americans Just Don’t Understand

Image result for white man looking confused


I’ve watched news clips on and off since Trump’s selection into the White House. I’ve also listened to various commentaries on the changing face of America and how it affects the white race. After all, in this realm, only white thoughts matter.

The thing that astounds me still, especially given the notion that whites love to throw in our faces their absurdly high I.Q., is how clueless they are about how fascism works and how it operates.


Whatever Powerful Whites perfect on black people, they will eventually do to everyone else. 


We’ve been busy not only fighting for ourselves, but fighting for everyone else too. Gays use us. In fact, Obama was their white knight. Hispanics use us. They loooove using the Brown Card and the “I speak another Language” Card when it suits them, then they resume to tell us to fuck ourselves when the dust settles.

But the one group that has used us the most is her:


Related image


The white female is the Empress of Users.


(I’d like to thank all the white males that tell me secrets about what life is really like with this pale female. )


Right now, in the climate that we’re in, whites feel more empowered and emboldened than ever. They finally have a white guy, who APPEARS wealthy, who says all the things they can only dream of OUT LOUD with zero consequence.


Something they don’t understand is this:

They may share the same colouring, but they do NOT share the bloodlines, the bank accounts, the friends in high places and the demonic Freemason Jesuit religion.

These demonically possessed whites, who are your real owners, don’t give a fuck about you.

They couldn’t care less if you’re struggling to pay your rent, have heat for the winter, go to bed hungry or have an opioid addiction. They use you as a low-level warden in this prison system to keep an eye on blacks and snitch on us while they fuck you sideways.


While they take your pensions.

While they rob your Medicare.

While they poison your children.

While they push MORE drugs into your tiny communities.

While they build prisons for your “troubled” teenage sons and daughters.

While automation puts you from the assembly line to sitting at home staring at the walls you can’t afford


And you’ll be as happy as a pig in shit.


“At least I ain’t a nigger!”


As we speed into 2019, you, white man/ white woman, will come to a realization that blacks in America and throughout the diaspora, no longer give a fuck about you, your imagery, your lifestyle, your foods, your feelings, your movies and what you have to say.

We’re ready to move on.


When the harsh reality hits you that you’re living in a fascist state where you’ll need a passport to fly from California to New York City, where Ford lays you off with no pension, where your precious strawberries cost 30.00 per bundle, where your gas tank is too expensive to keep full, where you’re dying in your living room of preventable diseases, where your in vitro fertilization fails for the last time…

…you’ll turn to black people for help.

And we won’t be there.

Not this time.

In 2019, we’ll be busy working on ourselves and putting ourselves back together as a small and tentative community. We’ll be busy homeschooling our children to keep them away from your children who can’t keep their hands off daddy’s shotgun.

The rift between black men and women will slowly mend as we realize we’re all we have and you, white people, will be left:


In despair





And chaotic.


And you’ll have not one person to blame but yourselves.

A few black males have confided in me that they were toying with the idea of dating a white female at work but with the recent 911 phone calls by white women, they decided to “forget about it.”

Yes, the Me Too Movement, which is mainly about white females being “tired” of white men, will make MORE men of ALL races leave you home dateless and sexless on Friday night.



Oh, by the way, please forget about returning to Europe.

They can’t stand your ass.




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