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Famine on the Horizon

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If you’ve been watching California burn, ( a planned event, by the way ) and you know that California, like Florida, gives us produce, you’ll surmise what will happen next. There is a clandestine plan to destroy huemanity called Agenda 21. This is real and no, I’m not a follower of Alex Jones.

The French Prime Minster just made a bone chilling speech about how African girls/ women are simply having too many children and how proper education is needed for them. Funny…when whites were able to reproduce, not one word was ever said about them having too many offspring.

But I digress.

With California on fire and the air quality being worse than China, what will happen to farmland?

It will cease to exist.

As many of you know, my background is soil.

Growing food and animal husbandry is what makes my world go ’round. If the PH balance is off, no food grows. If the water quality is bad, no food grows. If the animals are gone ( especially bees, butterflies and earthworms), no food grows. In 2019, we will experience a MASS food shortage. What will be the outcome?


Then chaos.

Expect to pay more for milk, honey, bread ( bread is made from wheat ) and all forms of protein.

Expect the water to turn brown like in Flint, Michigan.

Expect your electric bill to skyrocket. Rothschild controls it ALL.

Expect to get sick.

Yes, sick.

Air travels so those in neighboring states will feel the pain.

Ever see a hungry man?

He’s not happy. And unhappiness makes people do crazy things. With the growing racial tensions, blacks will be especially vulnerable.


Have you been following my warning and stocking up on food?


I hope so.





Open Discussion #14

Guys, I need the next few days off. I’m working on a few things. I’ve decided to get back into my crafting: Home made Thank You Cards

I’m making handmade “Thank You” cards for my customers who buy my products. I feel that a personal touch makes the world of difference! I used to LOVE arts and crafts as a child, cutting out paper snowflakes, making origami and homemade birthday cards. Isn’t it funny how we fall away from things as we get older and life becomes “serious?” I urge you to get back to your creativity. It is very soothing.

Since, I no longer watch TV or movies (unless someone really recommends something), my garden, cooking, shop, (soon-to-be) canning and other things, besides family, of course, takes up A LOT of my time.

I’ve been getting into fights lately with the critters that LOVE my garden. You know, I wonder if it’s my aura that draws them in? Yesterday, a bird cursed me out when I told her to step away from my blueberry bush:


The flowers, they become the fruit, are already beginning to pop out and I think she can smell them. Last year, my family and I were salivating thinking about fresh blueberry buttermilk pancakes. The bird called her entire family over to my yard and ate the whole thing!! She left me one stinking blueberry then had the nerve to come back for my spinach. Well, I really let her have it while my mom laughed at me.

My peppermint, you know I gotta have my mint, right, is coming up NICELY!


Hmmmmm…..I can almost taste fresh iced peppermint tea with a lemon wedge now! *sigh* My brother steals it, by the way, and pretends he “doesn’t know what happened.” Two weeks ago, a rabbit caught sight of my spinach.


This hoochie mama brought her children over and tried to climb my steps to feast on my budding spinach! I grow it in big containers to keep the deer and wild turkey away, but noooooooooooo…..she had to take it one step further. I yelled and waved my shovel at her and she just looked at me like I was crazy. Isn’t it a crying shame that I can’t enjoy the fruits of my labour because of Bugs Bunny? Anyways, I have a lot of work to do with my gardening and crafts…and trying to keep critters away from my food.

Enjoy this open thread.

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