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For Black Women


Over the weekend, I had a very sobering conversation with a blogger buddy located in NY about a variety of things from the Flint Water Poisoning, to the lack of black support in black owned businesses and finally the devastating level of disrespect and utter hatred of the black female by ALL peoples across the world.

Her: What I’m saying is, we’re gonna have to do this by ourselves. Just us. We’re gonna have to tap into Nature and figure a way out of this mess.

Me: What about our men? We need them too.

Her: Do you think Mother Nature waits for permission when she decides to send rain or snow? Do you think she hesitates when a hurricane is needed to cleanse Her world? She acts accordingly as she sees fit and the world bends to her wishes.


After we hung up, I thought about her words all night and decided to write this post.

This post is for Black Women who wish to fight for our liberation and end this planetary demonic occupation. 

There is a powerful force, a certain kind of electricity present when black women are together and focused on a common goal. It defies words and definition but it’s so strong and so powerful you can literally feel the atmosphere changing depending on her mood.

Have you ever felt the entire room change when a strong, fierce black female walks into it?

Have you ever felt the discomfort of the people around you when she looks directly into the eyes of her enemy?

Have you ever seen someone in a “higher” position slowly crumble when they realize that she will not bend or succumb to their demands?

I have.

And what I asking all of you is…

Will you please help?

Will you please put aside our small, insignificant, petty differences and join a MASSIVE, sun-filled meditation ritual?

Why do you think the moon is based on our menstrual cycle?

Why do you think Africa, before European rule, was ENTIRELY matriarchal?

Why do you think when you get married in the Eurocentric world the priest/ reverend/ pastor proclaims:

“I now join you in Holy MATRIMONY.”

Because the universe bends to the will of the woman.

My Black Sisters,

How long will you await a white Jesus to come and save you? How long will you accept your fate as the lowest creature on the planet not worthy of love, protection and support? How long will you die off and be reborn hoping for something to change and it never does? Aren’t you tired of seeing our people die unjustly? What about your children? Have you ever thought about what kind of world they’ll inherit?

If you’re ready for change you know what has to happen.

Toussaint L’ouverture

This man fought and killed his oppressors by using the help of the Spirit Force.

Is that wrong?

Well, let me ask you something…

If a burglar broke into your house with the intention of raping and killing you, wouldn’t you fight back and attempt to kill him if you could? Would you let him kill your children? What about your elderly mother and father? What if he threatened to kill every member of each household on your block?

Is fighting back wrong? Is it against Nature?

If the answers you’ve come up with is “No”, then this post is for you.

What you’ll need are 3 things:

The Sun’s Magnetic Energy

An altar made just for Mother Nature

And yourself in a focused frame of mind

When you go outside and absorb the Sun’s Rays, you must concentrate on what you wish to accomplish. Meditate on how it feels to have the powerful Sun envelop you.




When you take in the Sun’s Rays, you have the ability to PROJECT it outward any way you see fit! Yes, any way! You can emit rays towards your garden to help your flower bed grow more abundant or you can use it to vanquish your enemy.

Now that you know this, I must ask the burning question:

Do we even need guns?

Black Sisters, We must act now before they plan another:


Or another:


Or another:



Or another:



Or another:






They only call themselves different names to CONFUSE you.

Are you confused? Or are you awake? Because right now, if you’re still sleeping, you’re not gonna make it.


  1. Begin your fight for justice with a warm, cleansing shower or bath. Remember to wash the soles of your feet.
  2. Soak up the Rays of the Sun of God.
  3. Meditate on the complete absorption of the Sun.
  4. Construct your Spiritual Altar or Private Space.
  5. Call upon the Earth Mother and ask HER for help.
  6. Tell her that you need HER to help you vanquish Demons from HER planet before they plot another demonic plan.
  7. Ask HER to open your Third EYE so you can concentrate on what it is that you need to do.
  8. Remember to give her a small gift as it is YOU that needs help, not the other way around.
  9. Await instructions. They will come in various forms but you need to be aware that it is SHE that’s talking to you.


Since I’ve begun Sun worshiping and learned to emit the Sun’s Rays, various conformations have taken place. Last year, 3 different Yurugus have told me that they’ve had lesions extracted from their chins, noses and necks. Of course, I played the fool and asked if they were cancerous. “Yes…and it was spreading…” was the answer I received.

My vegetable garden flourished last year and honey bees made themselves comfortable around my wildflowers with zero threat to me or my family. A wild deer and I made comfortable friends so much so that she felt at ease eating out of my hand.

This is not only possible but EXPECTED when you bow to the POWER of NATURE and ask HER for help. It is my wish by the year 2020, ALL of the Evil that permeates this planet will be vanquished. It can be done if we are willing warriors bent on producing justice not only for ourselves and our children but the entire planet.


Won’t you please help?


Pass this around to as many Blacks as possible and begin today.



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