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Dear Black Women…

…new lock downs are coming soon and word on the street is, there’s going to be stricter rules. I’ve been talking to a few people behind the scenes and they’ve been telling me some things that are frightful.

Entitlement programs will be cut in 2021.

That includes WIC, subsidized rent, heat, electricity and Food Stamps. The Moratorium is ending swiftly, if it hasn’t already, and other “perks” that only a struggling single mother knows about will also be ending under Biden-Harris.

I don’t know if you’ve been keeping up with the Vaccine Mandate and the new I.D. / Driver’s Licenses that will be issued nationwide next year but you should. Make it your business to know what is happening because you have no one coming to rescue you. Also, due to the rioting and propaganda, blacks will not be allowed in certain minority neighbourhoods if the shit hits the fan. Mexicans and whites are putting the word out quietly amongst themselves and getting prepared to defend their homes, shops, community pharmacies and whatever they deem fit.

You need to think about all of this. And I do mean think real hard.

On another note…

Truth Teller Films would like to thank those that participated in her eye- opening Docu-series and would like to give something back! She’s going to be donating 50% of the proceeds to a black woman who needs help. After researching Charities, she decided to give it DIRECTLY to our female community. “C” has decided to begin a small initiative called: For Sisters By Sisters. FSBS will be a small grassroots organization where we help each other out with economics. Since we are on our own, the only person we have to count on is us.

She had hoped that more women would’ve participated and supported her project but the results were slim. Therefore, the amount to be donated will be 100.00 USD. Here are her rules to make sure that a black woman is indeed the recipient:

  1. You MUST submit a short video of YOURSELF so she can see that you a black woman. THIS RULE IS NON NEGOTIABLE.
  2. Please let her know how you intend to use her funds. Example: I need to buy diapers, canned goods, a Metro Card for the NYC subway, etc.
  3. Cash app is preferred. But…she is willing to work with you on other electronic methods.
  4. You DO NOT have to be in America. This is for the entire Diaspora of black women. ( Yes! I love this aspect so much! )
  5. DEADLINE: Dec 31, 2020

I, along with fellow Youtubers, contributed to her cause and hope you will too.

She wanted me to let you know that she doesn’t keep any personal information about you so your video will be erased when a woman is chosen. This initiative will begin again hopefully if more women submit videos and support her cause.

Here is where you can submit your short video as proof: truthtellerfilms13 (at) g mail (dot) c o m.

Here is where you can buy her Docu-Series:

Part one: https://bentbox.co/video?JNNnbvSB

Part Two: https://bentbox.co/video?jQmE7KOv

And finally, a word from me:

Many of you are still holding out hope that things will change and get better. It won’t. Things are going to get WORSE for the black woman in America. Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself. You must begin making SILENT MOVES to rid yourself of excess waste or get caught in the line of fire.

You have no one coming to save you. You must begin saving yourself.

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