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Revelations 1:1

“Dear DOAN,


Ever since your posts, I’ve been looking at the things that have always been right in front of me. I feel silly now at how clear it has always been. I came across this and wanted to share it with you and your readers. All I have to say is, there is a serious shift happening and it’s going to be very interesting what becomes of this new awakening in the very near future. ”


— A Long Time Follower




All things on the planet are of a Transactional Nature.

When you plant seeds into the earth, you tend to it, water it and fertilize it because you want a Transaction to happen. What is the Transaction?

You need to eat. 

You use a resource because you need something from it.


All living things do this out of a need for survival.


This open “give and take” is something that even Patriarchy, in all of its misogyny, understands. Let me make this clear. ALL men seek to control the Womb. The biggest secret fear that men have is that we’ll kill them. They know that once we decide to move onward WITHOUT them, it’s over. Please look at Asian males for proof of this. The intelligent ones come to us with a gentle nature and make bargains hoping we’ll say the magic word, “Yes.”

The arrogant and not so bright ones believe that THEY are the prize.

They truly do not understand that the power is within the Life Bearer.

So they make moves and counter moves that go AGAINST themselves thinking that the rest of us won’t notice.


A commenter posted recently on Leviticus that siphoning money from the Black Woman  is the ultimate goal. I agree and would like to add one thing:

It’s not just money they wish to siphon.

It’s Maternal Energy in all forms.

When you no longer adhere to the Principles of Nature, which is a Give and Take, you become something else. Take a gander what that is.

Black Women, please guard yourselves.

They, in all forms, including those that share your race and gender, have you in their sights.

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