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The Hunger Games

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So, I’ve been busy planning for a few things and thought I’d drop by with this quick little post.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with the political world, China is no longer using the PetroDollar  and Iran has banned the Dollar in trade.

What does that mean in simple English?

America is officially fucked.

In the ass.


It’s been a long time coming though.

Call it bad timing, call it a “bubble burst”, call it the inner workings of bad decisions beginning with the Nixon Era. I simply call it KARMA. Do I really care?


I stopped caring about this shit a loooong time ago when I woke up and realized our melanin was being harvested on a Spiritual plane to keep this bestial system alive.

This needs to happen and should’ve happened a long friggin’ time ago.

But I do care about you, Black Family.

I still love you even though you piss me off sometimes and never listen, never get prepared and still write me letters asking me dumb questions.

So here’s what you NEED to do, like, yesterday, ok?

Go to the gotdamn store and buy the following things:

Bulk rice

Bulk beans

Bulk tuna

Bulk canned chicken

Potato Flakes ( the one where you add water/milk and it becomes mashed potatoes )

Canned vegetables

Bulk pasta

Ramen Noodles

A manual can opener

Sterno ( for cooking)

A 10 gallon gas container

Stabil ( for gas preservation )

A siphon pump





Some clean sewing needles ( in case you need to stitch up a gaping wound)




And some gotdamn bullets



I really don’t wanna hear your shit about:

“I don’t have the mooooneeeeey, Negress!”

You have the money to buy that can of beer though, right?

And don’t forget about that Gucci bag.

And those new fingernails from the Asian Nail Salon.

Shit is getting ready to go down and you, Black Family, are the LEAST protected people in America.

Forget about Trump and his stupid ( yet hysterically funny ) idiotic comments. It’s all a distraction so you’ll get off track. Focus on you and your family’s survival.

Get these items ASAP!!!


By the way, we’ve been getting really cold temperatures lately and I know for a fact that it’s NOT the Great Mother that’s doing it. They are messing with the weather again, delaying winter so they’ll last longer with the burning UV light that heating up this entire planet. For a bunch of “high IQ” folks, they don’t seem to know that UV rays penetrate in ALL types of weather and in water, soil, wood and metal.

I’m one FULL month behind schedule on my herbs and my potatoes with all this snow and I’m pretty angry about it (there’s that anger again). That’s a loss for me, loss of food, loss of money and loss of time. So I have a proposal to make:

How’s about this?

April 15th, there’s going to be a New Moon.

Let’s ask the Mother/ Father to send a hot, blazing, vicious heatwave this summer to blast these motherfuckers outta here. Nature has already decided their fate. Let’s speed things up a bit.

Gather up your altar tools and light your candles. On the 15th, we make things happen.

But for now, Black Family, get moving.

I mean it.

Food prices are gonna skyrocket and you don’t want to get trapped in the crossfire of hungry, desperate people.


I’ve been getting a LOT of letters from white people telling me they’re sorry. It’s not them, per se, it’s the system. It’s not race, really. It’s money. It’s those whites “over there” with money, not the average Chad Smith from over yonder.

Yeah, whatever.

You make all the rules.

You have the power to change it.

I’ve seen what you can do when your livelihood is threatened.

You’re just scared now ’cause it’s finally catching up to you.

You bought this on yourselves.

Fucking deal with it.











Stealth Combat

It’s hard to fight what you can’t see.

I remember reading something once about how to fight your enemy. It may have been The Art of War but I can’t remember. Essentially, you distance yourself from your enemy completely leaving him to wonder what’s going on. When confronted, instead of giving them an answer for your standoffish behaviour, you dance, bob and weave yourself around them til they are dizzy and even more confused.

Have you ever distanced yourself from a man or woman that you really weren’t interested in? You don’t have to say or do much, but they’ll begin to sense, almost immediately, that something isn’t quite right.

And it will drive them crazy.

A reader once told me that blacks don’t have to do anything to white people to defeat them. Just focus on bettering ourselves and loving each other. Whatever reality we create for ourselves, they will automatically be affected by it because they cannot live without our input, our ideas, our creativity and our energy.

I know for a fact that this is true.

White readers contact me all the time, begging for dialogue, asking me to respond to them, trying to show me that they’re “not like the rest” so please give them a chance. When I travel, I ignore them. Never make eye contact, never smile at them and act as if they do not exist.

Words cannot describe how many of them go out of their way to get my attention. And the more they seek it, the more they are ignored. Especially white males who cannot fathom why a black woman would not want them with all their money, land, classic cars and nice jobs.

Whites have a CODE:


Never tell on other whites when they are practicing racism.

Act like you don’t see or know what’s going on.

Pretend that the victim of racism is “just imagining things.”

Make light of ALL situations involving injustice unless it concerns them DIRECTLY

Simply turn their backs and go on with life


This CODE is the life force behind white supremacy and I’m telling you that it will never end.



Here’s where we get caught up in the mess.


Black DO NOT practice a code of our own in which we navigate ourselves in their racist society. We cannot expect the schoolyard bully to come to his senses and recognize the error of his ways. This takes some Spiritual awareness and the white collective has demonstrated they have none. Til this day, they are blaming their quickly diminishing demographic on Black Lives Matter, immigration and coloured folks taking their jobs.  This is like a dying squirrel population blaming the increasing moose population for their extinction. Never once has Divine Karma entered their minds. So we must be the driving force for our own change.


I’m going to list a few codes that we can ALL do that are apart of Stealth Combat and you, Black Family, must come up with the rest.

Practice them daily. It will take much work and discipline but if you wish to fight, it must be done along with our meditation sessions. Our ancestors are here to help us but we must also help ourselves.

And do not worry that they’ll read this. It’s non-violent and there’s nothing that they can document to PROVE anything.


  1. Stop smiling with them. I know that this sounds comical but a serious faced black person causes whites much anxiety.
  2. Do not attend any functions with them unless it is work related and mandatory, like an office luncheon. A white man that I knew from work invited me over to his farm for beers and a barbecue. I told him with a straight face but a POLITE tone ( remember to avoid confrontation ) that I couldn’t attend. His face fell into China.
  3. Stop complementing them. ON EVERYTHING. ESPECIALLY WHITE FEMALES. I never knew how much of their self esteem is reliant on our feedback til I observed just how fragile they are when it comes to us telling them how special, how cute, how pretty, how clever, how awesome they are. Refrain from giving them positive feedback and watch them slowly self destruct.


What others can you think of?


Did you notice that sex with them didn’t make my short list? Why?

If you are still sleeping with your enemy despite ALL that they do and the fact that your lover ISN’T fighting for you, you deserve anything you get.


Must See Video

An email from my reader:

“Negress, have you seen this? I know you’re busy but black people need to know about this asap.”


Ok….here you go.


Black Family,


We are alone in this fight. Katrina showed us that not one person will come to our aid.

Start preparing now.



More Budget Survival Tips



It may not feel like it, but summer is almost over. Soon, you’ll be searching your closets for that thick blanket and flannel pajamas. One of the things I’ve learned about “Dropping Out” is you NEVER stop working. Summer is the time to prep for winter and winter is the time to plan for summer planting. Right now, firewood, LOTS OF IT, is on my daily agenda. So is picking up brambles and twigs to store for easy lighting.

If you choose to get a wood burning stove, make sure it has burners:



Like this gem. Then you can cook right on top of it when they turn off the lights. On Craigslist, I found a similar model for 75.00.  Not bad for cast iron.

In this post, instead of focusing on large gardens with big pieces of land, I’ll focus on tiny spaces, budget ideas and maintaining food supply through the winter season. Up top are just a few pics from my veranda.  As you can see, herbs play a large role in my diet. Not just for cooking, but for tea or to chew on when I need a quick and delicious pick me up. I grow mass amounts of herbs and sell them, as much as I can, to local buyers like nurseries, food shanties (also called ‘dives’ in the US) and to people looking to go organic at the farmer’s markets. I make sure that by October, they are washed, dried and ready to be store in containers.

Patio planting is a great and cheap way to grow food even for beginners. I highly recommend the staple foods, like herbs, tomatoes, beans and potatoes. Yes, potatoes:



This is called a Potato Grow Sac but you can build a Tater Box with simple plywood and two by fours. To save even more money, use discarded pallets.

This box is just the right size for your patio or deck and looks like a bench when closed. To insulate the box and grow potatoes even until December, paint the box black to absorb heat. Then wrap the box with a large wool or flannel blanket.



This is a simple yet effective Lard Fat Candle.

I make about 5 or so dozen of them to keep on hand for dire emergencies. Lard is simply pig fat. Us country folks render down the fat from any butchered animal and use the fat for candles and soap. Fresh lard from a healthy pig DOESN’T smell bad but I add droplets of lavender essential oil for a pleasing and light fragrance. Simply melt the lard til it’s runny then pour into a heat safe container along with your wicks. Allow to harden and your done. Store in a cool dry place or in the refrigerator til needed.

Wicks can be made out of tiny, skinny pieces of old cotton cloth if money is tight or you simply wish to “do for self.”



Did you know that dishwashing detergent washes laundry clothes super clean?

For roughly .99 you can stock up on dishwashing liquid and store them away for emergencies.


I make my own laundry soap from my own recipe:



When liquid is added, it gets thick and gelatinous. A tiny scoop will wash your entire load on a budget. My 5 gallon bucket of laundry soap lasts for about 4-6 months depending on load size and frequency.




Alfalfa Sprouts are not just great for eating, it absorbs toxins in water!

Simply place a handful in your ALREADY boiled water and leave overnight. When finished, your water is cleaner and safer for drinking. Discard the sprouts in your compost pile.


Did you know that Collard Greens come back each year?


This awesome super food is rich in vitamins and grows back each year by itself. In the islands, we grow and eat its “cousin”, callaloo:


We literally lived on this African Water Spinach! Great tasting, easily cooked and makes a great callaloo sandwich with coco bread, this was a staple part of our “poor man’s diet”.


I highly recommend this nourishing leafy green.


P.S. Squirrels, chipmunks, skunks, birds and deer LOVE this and will fight you for it. Put up easy chicken wire to ward them off.


When I found out how easy it was to make homemade crackers:



I make them now almost weekly. Easy as 1,2,3 and tastes MUCH better than the store, this goes great in soup, salads, as a snack or with peanut butter. Store in an airtight container and these will last. Make a lot by doubling the recipe and freeze unbaked dough. Then you’ll always have snacks on hand.


Prepare now, Black Family…

If you have anymore ideas, please list them here.

The more you prep, the LESS afraid and anxiety-stricken you’ll be. Those that panic won’t make it and Evil is hoping that you’ll panic.






Surviving the Storm: 10 Simple Things Black People Need to Have Readily Available Right Now

So I got a letter from a reader asking me what should she buy RIGHT NOW to prepare for the up and coming storm. For those of you that are wondering the same things, here’s a short, compact but efficient list. Most items are available in stores now or can be ordered through Ebay or Amazon. If you’re on a budget, try flea markets, Craigslist and yard sales.



A. A really good tent that can sleep 4-6 people (don’t skimp on price, get the good kind) and a sleeping bag that has removable thinsulate lining.





For those that live in colder climates, when they shut off your heat to spite you, you will freeze to death. When we had the blizzard this past winter, NYC was divided. Upper class whites had their power on the next day, street cleanings were back in full force and farmer’s markets were OPEN for business. My buddy told me that he saw whites walking their dogs sipping gourmet coffee like it was any other day. In the lower income neighbourhoods, blacks had trash on the streets for 3 weeks with ZERO electricity in their apartments. My friend, who lives in Queens, told me she slept in her winter coat, scarf, hat and mittens to keep warm. A good tent will act as a barrier for the cold and the sleeping bag will keep you warm. Don’t forget long underwear.



B. A kerosene cook stove.


Why do I keep on bringing this up?

Because it saved our lives during Hurricane Sandy. Cooking outside on the grill will draw ATTENTION to yourselves when discretion is needed. Remember, if you are hungry and looking for food, others will be too. No need to alert them that you have supplies on hand. I cooked full meals in my own kitchen on this thing and once filled with kerosene, it lasts for up to 2 weeks with HEAVY cooking! Plus you can boil your water safely to kill bacteria. Don’t forget to buy a safe, portable kerosene can/ drum/ holder, preferably one with a spout.



C. Water, water, and more water.


Dehydration will KILL you. You need 1 gallon, per person, per day and that DOES NOT include bathing and cooking. Store your water in here:

And don’t forget the siphon pump.


D. A gun. And bullets. Lots of them. And you must learn how to use it.

This is a .22 Ruger. It’s compact, light and easily hidden. For those that aren’t gun savvy, this is a nice “starter” gun. Ladies, this is up your alley.




E. Plastic forks, knives, spoons and paper napkins. LOTS OF THEM.



You DO NOT want to waste your precious water on washing dishes. Restaurant Supply Stores have large quantities, up to 5,000! for a great deal. Or…..you can take a few extra forks from your restaurant of choice and SLOWLY increase your supply for FREE.



F. A porta potty and lots of garbage bags.


60.00 on Ebay!



Solid Waste causes illness and you’ll need a place to go…for every member of your household. Don’t forget the kitty litter, baking soda and sawdust. Up here, I use sawdust and empty it out in a deep hole away from my house. Leaves and dried twigs are thrown in and in about one year, Nature breaks it down completely and we have awesome fertilizer.


P.S. This is a pop up cabana:



For those that live in the country, this can be your porta potty outhouse/ shower-bathing area. This sells for around 15.00 on Ebay. Or…you can win a “bid” for as cheap as 5.00!!



G. Iodine.



Not only great for purifying water, it’s a MUST have for cuts and bruises. A few drops per gallon of boiled water and it’s safe for drinking.



H. Solar Powered Weather Radio:


OR… a HAM Radio




You’ll need some way of keeping alert to what’s happening. Hurricane Sandy taught me how important it is to know if services are running, if the eye of the storm is near and who’s out there. Don’t skimp on price. Get the GOOD model.


I. Personal Items:



Let’s face it.

Cleanliness is gonna be a top priority when things go bad. You will need to find some way to keep clean, as much as possible, to keep the spread of bacteria at a minimum. Ladies….stock up now on your items. Men, if you also need, ahem, personal items, get them asap. Buy in bulk to save money.



J. Pasta, Rice, Peanut Butter, Crackers and Beans:





Shoprite and Foodtown ALWAYS have back to school and holiday sales. You can get cans of beans starting at .50 per can. Pasta by the tub, 30 lbs or more, is cheaper than buying by the box and peanut butter can be kept for up to 1 year in a cool, dry place. Rice is a MUST. Cheap, easy to cook and filling, it’s a life saver and can be put into soups, salads or just eaten by itself.

White rice is cheaper than brown rice but wild rice is best and the most filling. A tiny 1/2 cup of wild rice will fill you up like a full meal. When we were growing up, we boiled our brown rice in coconut milk, nutmeg and vanilla and made homemade rice pudding for snacks and dessert.

Rice and beans are called “the poor man’s food” but it was an essential part of our almost vegetarian diet. I highly recommend stocking up on these staple “survival” foods.




Don’t wait, Black Family, for things to go bad.

Stock up now.







I was told today by a lumberjack-farming family that next year the government will spike taxes on farmers and reduce subsidies (money paid by the government for a company to remain in business by  keeping prices low. Think Walmart SuperCenter where you can get 10 pounds of potatoes for 2.99) with other farmers driving them out of business.

Their plan is to ELIMINATE the farming industry altogether, the ones they have no control over…yet, and have you and I and EVERY other person on a form of Nutritional WELFARE where you will have to go to them to get food and supplies.

I asked him, the lumberjack, if this was just “backyard gossip” or if it was already set to happen. He pointed to the barren corn field up the street and told me, “Bill (not real name) refused to sell GMO corn and soy so they slapped him with a fine and shut down his operation.”

Black Family,

This is very real.

For those of you that have a backyard, PLEASE begin growing and canning and storing food. A tiny do-it-yourself root cellar should be on your TOP TO-DO priority list!!!!





This man simply dug a hole and filled it with food. Plastic jugs can be found at your local hardware store.




This family used an old ice chest.



This man used a simple trash can!!! Cheap and effective. Plus it looks, once closed, like a compost pile.


For those of you that have physical limitations, ask your family for help digging or hire a bulldozer. They run from 300.00-750.00 per hour. I know this is lot of money, but it will be worth it. Remember to place your root cellar in a place that is easily reachable and doesn’t draw ATTENTION from nosy neighbours.



For those that are apartment bound…this can get tricky.


A stand alone closet can be used for food.



Attach shelves on your doors…all of them.



This wise female turned her entire WALK-IN closet into a giant food pantry!!!



Under the bed!



With a wooden bed riser so she can fit bigger cans…


I’m feeling a bit burned out again so I will go on a break. During my hiatus, I urge you not to wait for the last minute when food prices get so sky high you won’t be able to afford it. The election is in November so please don’t wait to “see what will happen next.” You already know that this country doesn’t want or care a damn about your welfare. Hurricane Katrina was more than proof of this FACT.

It’s up to YOU to care about you.

Remember to stock up on water. And medicines for cuts and bruises like alcohol, witch hazel and peroxide.  Whilst taking your grocery bags out of the car, put them in trash bags so you don’t draw attention to yourself.



I love you all.

Be well, Black Family.





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